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led tube T5 internal driver replacement of T5 fluorescent tubes

LED Tube Light

CRI>90 140lm/w with internal driver LED T5 tubes ideal replacement of traditional fluorescent tubes. 3~5 years warranty. IES files and Dialux design service are available.

led panel light 2ft*2ft 6060

LED Panel Light

Elegant appearance and soft light output make people comfortable. 120lm/w, CRI>80 and UGR<19. Triac, 0~10V, Dali and 2.4GHz dimming. 3~5 years warranty.

led high bay light replacement of warehouse light

LED High Bay Light

Bridgelux LED and Meanwell power supply. Lumen efficiency 115lm/w~125lm/w. 5 years warranty. IES files and Dialux design service are available.

ip66 100w led floodlight

LED Flood Light

Bridgelux LED and Meanwell power supply. Lumen efficiency 115lm/w~125lm/w. 5 years warranty. IES files and Dialux design service are available.

About Us

Being in the LED lighting industry for 5 years, we have the experience necessary to bring newer and innovative technologies to the table. Plus, we rank among the very few who have a comprehensive line of mechanical, thermal, photometric LED solutions to help LED manufacturers overcome various obstacles when it comes to designing challenges and ensure product quality for end users.

Before becoming one of the leading LED lamp manufacturers, the owner of VST gained a considerable insight into numerous complications in China’s LED industry. There were many manufacturers who indulged in using outdated technology and bad components to make lights that were less durable and very poor in quality.

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Our Happy Clients

Most of our overseas customers are happy and feel easy to work with us. Why? Because we always deliver the high quality products, response email/phone/message fast, understand and answer the questions rightly, meet requirements as much as we can. We rarely bring problems to customers, even there is, we solve it soon. Our commitment is to make customer easy and happy work on purchasing LEDs. Below are the real voices.

Jamie from Ireland

Mr. Jamie Sharpe from Ireland

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Freddy from Belgium

Mr. Freddy Decaigny from Belgium

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

Paola from Italy

Mrs. Paola Patrucco from Italy

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

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