7 Most Popular Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Types of Outdoor lighting fixtures might be hard to decide, given the plenty of options available in the market. Different people look for various factors while choosing the right type of outdoor lighting fixture. For some, the design might be the main factor, while others want the perfect lighting.

Different types of outdoor lighting fixtures are vital to a home’s value and final look. They provide the perfect look to your place and illuminate it simultaneously. The correct type of outdoor lighting fixture for your open space makes the outdoor spaces accessible. This article contains information about the top types of outdoor lighting fixtures and recommended ones for energy-saving and high-quality performance.

What Do Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Mean?

As the name portrays the outdoor lighting device, an outdoor light fixture is used to provide illumination. The outdoor lighting fixtures may be temporary, while most are permanent. They are normally used in every commercial building, house, and commercial area for decoration as well as illumination. It consists of a light unit of lamps designed to provide lighting. The connection of the lamps is with the main power supply, which, when turned on, provides LightLight. Any type of outdoor lighting fixture that works accurately in the open environment is an outdoor fixture.

A few applications of different types of outdoor lighting fixtures are:

  • Street lighting
  • Sports lighting
  • Spotlighting
  • Buildings illumination
  • Landscape Lighting

As different types of outdoor lighting fixtures are designed according to the intensity requirement. The outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to withstand high and low temperatures, extreme weather conditions, heat, etc. Different lights are manufactured to cover other types of spaces.

Most types of outdoor lighting fixtures are made of sturdy materials such as metal, steel, or brass, depending on the area of application. The outdoor lighting fixtures are designed according to their mounting surfaces. They are weather resistant and provide the architectural details to the building or places they are applicated.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Plenty of options and styles make it easy for you to find the appropriate types of outdoor lighting fixtures that go with your style. The variations of each type of outdoor lighting fixture are available depending on the intended application. By working with professional designers, you might have the best possible lighting coverage in your commercial space at a low cost. A list of 7 popular types of outdoor lighting fixtures is mentioned below.

1. Flood Lights:

Floodlight fixtures are somewhat similar to that spotlights. However, the main difference is the adjustable base of a floodlight fixture, which allows the LightLight to be projected at a place’s specific object and features. These types of outdoor lighting fixtures are commonly used for sports, allowing extra nighttime visibility. Floodlights are very useful in commercial and industrial settings where machinery is used. The amount of coverage depends on the size of the beam and the application of the fixture. A focused beam is required in concerts and related applications. A floodlight covers more area for less money.

Flood Light
A Flood Light

 2. Wall pack lights:

This type of outdoor lighting fixture is self-contained and designed to be directly installed on a wall without the need for a pole. These are mainly of two types

  • Full cutoff wall pack fixtures: These fixtures project the Light in a narrow-styled beam in a downward direction.
  • Semi-cutoff wall pack fixtures: These fixtures project Light sidewise.

They are used to provide illumination around the circumference of a building. This type of outdoor lighting fixture is ideal for any public or commercial property.

Wall pack Light
A Wall pack Light

3. Canopy lighting:

Canopy light fixtures are manufactured and designed to be installed at the bottom of a roof or the underside. The areas that have wet weather, this type of outdoor lighting fixture is ideal for that space. Most are used in high-traffic areas such as parking, gas, drive-thru areas of restaurants, banks, and many other highlighted applications. The mounting height must be kept in mind while selecting the shape and intensity of the canopy light.

Canopy light
A Canopy light

4. Spotlights:

Spotlight can become a part of another type of outdoor Lighting depending on its placement. However, the main purpose of spotlight fixtures is to highlight a certain spot. The area they cover and the intensity may vary. The most common use of these fixtures is to highlight a plant, patios, walls, buildings, special monuments, statues, etc. The Light provides illumination in a single direction.

A Spotlight

5. Pole-Mounted Lighting:

This type of outdoor lighting fixture is commonly used on streets and parking areas are mostly pole mounted. These outdoor lighting fixtures are used in most parking lots for enhanced lighting as they cover a large extent. The pole-mounted light fixtures are designed with a high-intensity beam light. The Light angle should be appropriate as it can be disturbing if someone glares at it directly.

Pole-mounted light
A Pole-mounted light

6. Bollard lighting:

These types of outdoor lighting fixtures provide a luxurious look and are used on the sidewalks of entrances. The LED bollards are designed to provide lighting in the walkways and a beautiful effect on the area. Plenty of designs are available to choose from, depending on the aesthetics of a place or space they are to be applied. They are also called pathway lighting fixtures.

Bollard Lights
Bollard Lights

7. Linear lights:

The lights with narrow and elongated structures are called linear light fixtures. The common applications of this type of outdoor lighting fixture are parking lots, basements, and go-downs. The construction of this Light keeps it protected from all kinds of insects and dust. Mainly fluorescent tubes are used in linear light fixtures; however, now, LED lights are designed the same way as fluorescent tubes to fit in the same places to promote energy efficiency.

Linear Light
A Linear Light

Importance of Good Outdoor Lighting

The exterior lighting is as essential as interior lighting. It has to be functional, decorative, relaxing as well as safe. As for commercial spaces, the proper type of outdoor lighting fixtures is crucial for the business as it attracts customers and clients. A variety of outdoor lighting fixtures should be used to create a balance between the lighting on the building VS the lighting around it, such as pathways and parking areas. Types of outdoor lighting selected play a crucial part in the broadening of business as well as customer satisfaction.

A few tips and tricks to enhance outdoor lighting are mentioned below:

  • Adds Value:

Outdoor lighting adds great value to the space. Enhancing the main areas using different types of outdoor lighting fixtures makes the place welcoming and attractive.

  • Choosing the correct type of outdoor lighting fixture:

To make the exterior of a place stand out, one must choose the appropriate types of outdoor lighting fixtures design and intensity of the Light. Every site is different regarding lighting due to various construction features.

  • Energy efficient choices:

Choosing an energy-efficient option is way better than opting for an old-fashioned, cheap type of outdoor lighting fixture that works with old technology. The old technology does not provide maximum efficiency anymore.

  • Adequate types of outdoor lighting fixtures:

While choosing the light fixture, do your research to find the best type of outdoor lighting fixture depending on all factors. The pathways should be illuminated well enough to ensure the safety of both people and objects when the sun goes down. Do look into the maintenance of a fixture before buying it; opt for high-quality, durable outdoor lighting fixtures to eliminate the constant stress of maintenance and replacements.

Outdoor Lighting Market Size

The market of different types of outdoor lighting fixtures will experience a positive global expansion in the next few years. As the city population grows, the requirement for good lighting in public areas, streets, and roads increases. Due to environmental concerns, the government emphasizes producing and using sustainable options to benefit society.

LED lights have increased as the other lights, and it also cuts down the maintenance cost. As the LED Is cheaper and minimizes the price, it is expected to provide a growth spurt in the outdoor lighting market.

The transformations in the market are quite visible and related to cost efficiency and energy-preserving technologies. Through these transitions, the tradesperson will be more attentive to the customers’ needs and switch to such technologies. The increased crime rate as robberies, street thefts, and physical and sexual assaults, have made it alarming to increase the light output in public areas.

According to Technavio’s latest market research analysis, the outdoor lighting market will rise to 664.88 million USD from 2021 to 2026. The report further foreshadows the market’s development at a CAGR of 5.53% in the given forecast timespan.

Technavio Lighting Market Analysis 2022-2026
Technavio Lighting Market Analysis 2022-2026

What Colors Are Better for Outdoor Lighting

Color temperature is an evaluation of the Light tint or shade. If the white Light is a yellowish or bluish tint, the high color temperatures are bluish, while low color temperatures are somewhat yellow. The difference might be small and not very visible until the lights are placed side by side.

The difference in color temperatures lays down an impact on psychological and environmental factors. However, color selection is a personal choice depending on the aesthetics of a person and the place. The intensity and temperature of Light are expressed in Kelvin.

The most common color temperatures description of kelvin temperature are the following:

  1. 2200K is an exceedingly warm white. As Yellowish as a light can be. Past that, all lights will be considered yellow.
  2. 2700K provides a warm glow.
  3. 3000K is not as warm as 2700K but gives a warming effect.
  4. 3500K is cool lighting, eliminating the slightest yellow shades. The first step into cooler light tones.
  5. 5000K and onwards are considered as cool and bright as daylight.
  6. The temperatures higher than 6500K emerge into blue tones gradually.

However, the normal indications of color temperatures you might hear in everyday life are:

  • Cool white
  • Natural white
  • Warm white
  • Very warm white

There are several color tones, and each has its function. The best one would be hard to tell for the outdoor lighting as it depends on the place, environment, personal aesthetics, and functionality. The main factor is that all the outdoor lighting fixtures should match in color and somehow be synchronized with the interior lighting to create a balancing effect. There is no fixed color for the outdoor lighting.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a massive factor in the overall look of a place, may it be a home, a workshop, a commercial plaza, or anything else. Finding the best option for your outdoor space might be tricky as plenty of options are available. You must focus on your required functionality while choosing the correct type of outdoor lighting fixture. Have a look below to get to know some tips for selecting the right types of outdoor lighting fixtures.

Calculate the cost:

Before opting for the types of outdoor lighting fixtures, you should know the amount of lighting needed in your outdoor area. Take the estimate of the overall required lighting by calculating the space. The function you want the lights to serve, the decorative elements, and the cost you can invest in should be calculated beforehand.

Keeping Security in mind:

The ambiance is very important in an outdoor space, but something far more important than that is security. The outdoor lighting helps you secure your outdoor as well as indoor spaces by adding proper intensities and fixtures. Installing wall lights or lanterns all around might be a good option to illuminate all sides. Ensure all the entrance areas are well equipped with lights to help notice any unnecessary movement. Motion sensors can also be installed in the lighting circuit for enhanced security.

Look for durable fixtures:

If you want hassle-free outdoor lighting, invest in high-quality, durable types of outdoor lighting fixtures that do not require much maintenance. Most outdoor lights are made water-resistant to withstand weather changes. Depending on your environment, you should look for all the factors before selecting the fixture. Poor installment, however, can also cut down the lifespan of lights.

Using LED lighting fixtures:

LED lighting uses less energy than incandescent, halogen, or other types. The lights are very low maintenance as well as long-lasting. There are quite a few color ranges available which you can select from. The three main types of intensities used are:

  1. Warm white (2700K)
  2. Natural white (3000K)
  3. Cool white (4000K)

Warm white tones create a relaxing and comfortable feeling, while brighter white tones give a sense of security and functionality.


Knowing what you want out of your lights is a big advantage in choosing the correct type of outdoor lighting. The main lights selected depending on their functionality are bollard lights, security lighting, floodlights, and wall lights. The type of outdoor lighting fixture should serve the function as well as the decorative element. Be mindful of what your space requires to give out a perfect look.

Prevent pollution outdoors:

Not to doubt the increased use due to the power and cost efficiency of the LED fixtures, taking advantage of it and using too many lights might not be a good idea. It can create several problems, one of which is light pollution and its effects on plants and insects. Beware of what you are selecting, keeping in mind all the factors related to the environment.

High intensity in high-traffic areas:

As pathways, garages, steps, and entrances are the most used areas outdoors, whether, in a home or a commercial building, the Light should be bright and considerable of the requirements. Spread the Light in such a manner that it does not look too much but at the same time illuminates the outdoor space well enough to make it look great. The outdoor lighting fixtures should be subtle and generously shining without giving off a feeling of overlighting.

Following is a link to a video that might be useful for you to understand some outdoor lighting tips:

Top 10 Best Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers in China

China has grown prominently in the lighting industry, becoming renowned globally as the best lighting manufacturer. As the demand for outdoor lighting increases, the production expands too. To learn about the top 10 best outdoor lighting manufacturers in China, have a look below!

1. Guangzhou RC Lighting Company, Ltd.

Company type: types of outdoor Lighting Fixtures Manufacturer

Main Products: underground LED LightLight, commercial lighting, linear lights, LED Bollard light, LED wall lights, etc.

About the company:

RC lighting is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of lighting used for outdoor areas. They have customers, both local and international. The factory checks each type of outdoor Light fixture before sending it out to the buyers, due to which their clients trust them completely. The outdoor lighting they offer ranges from delicacy to tough fixtures, depending on the customer’s needs. The engineering team of RC is constantly working on new techniques and overall product characteristics. They also provide installation and free guidance.

2. Outdoor Light Plus

Company type: Types of outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturing

Main Products: Bollard LED lights, street light fixtures, wall lights, LED outdoor lights, LED industrial lights, and roof lighting.

About the company:

Outdoor Light Plus Company is located in Guangdong, China, and was established in 2011. They have more than 10 years of experience with a very skilled team working on the quality of their fixtures. The main production of this company is outdoor lighting fixturess with a wide variety. Their goal is to satisfy their customers with exceptional quality and long-lasting fixtures. Outdoor Light Plus has customers from more than 30 countries and exports its lighting products to those countries. One of the best advantages of selecting them is the 3-year warranty on all their products.

3. Unilumin Lighting Company

Company type: outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturer

Main Products: flood lights, sports lighting, streets light, industrial and commercial lights.

About the company:

The Unilumin Company has been providing LED lighting solutions for the past 15+ years. They are one of the greatest suppliers in China. The production ranges are increasing with time, making it possible for them to invest in manufacturing new lighting products. They have plenty of options for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Their outdoor lighting fixtures are waterproof and resistant to other factors that might risk the working of various types of outdoor lighting fixtures.

4. Zhongsan Odeer Electronics Lighting Company, Ltd.

Company type: lighting fixtures manufacturer

Main Products: ceiling lighting, smart lights, downlights, latest technology exhaust fans with LED lighting.

About the company:

Zhongsan Odeer Electronics lighting was established in 2001, 21 years ago. It is one of the best light manufacturing companies in China. Their proficient team makes it possible to bring the latest innovation to life and be up to date with the market. Their products are certified with worldwide standards. They provide different types of outdoor lighting fixtures depending on designs and intensity. The products of this company are used in big projects such as the Beijing Olympic Stadium. The customer service of ODEER is something they should be praised for, and it has made their relationship strong with their loyal customers.

5. Dianming Lighting Company

Company type: LED lighting manufacturer

Main Products: LED high bay lights, LED Flood lights, LED tunnel lights, Street lights (LED and smart)

About the company:

The company has gained popularity with time in the lighting industry due to its professional management. Their featured lighting products include tunnel lights. One of the greatest pros of this company is their customization of products for their dear customers according to their requirements. They have more than 50 engineers working with them to bring new, latest ideas to life. Dianming, with its LED accessories, also provides a vast range of outdoor lighting solutions.

6. Bopin Optoelectronic

Company type: LED Lighting fixtures manufacturer

Main Products: LED Street lights, flood lights, canopy lights, solar lights, etc.

About the company:

Bopin is a great option if you are looking for high-power LED lights. It has been a prominent outdoor lighting producer since 2008 and is now exporting its products to 60+ countries worldwide. Their research and development team is highly skilled in the electrical department. They work towards producing an eco-friendly environment by manufacturing products that are good for the environment and cost-efficient.

7. Yuyao New Concept Electrical Appliance Company, Ltd.

Company type: lighting manufacturer

Main Products: stainless steel lights, LED lights, outdoor lights, spotlights, indoor lighting, linear lighting, underwater lights, etc.

About the company:

Yuyao came to life in 2009. Their specialty is various types of outdoor lighting fixtures, and they produce each Light under supervision. Yuyao New Concept, an Electrical Appliance company, is equipped with high-quality machinery for manufacturing lights. They have plenty of options for you to choose from. Their teams look at the latest trends and ideas to manufacture up-to-date products, keeping up with the market.

8. LED Rhythm Lighting Company

Company type: Manufacturer of lighting fixtures

Main Products: public outdoor and indoor lighting, transformers, marine lights, commercial lighting, sports lights, etc.

About the company:

LED RHYTHM uses innovative technologies to produce high-quality lighting products. Due to their ISO certifications, in a little time, they have made their place in the top companies of the lighting industry. They also have laboratory testing for customer satisfaction, which is their primary goal. The company is also based in Malaysia and the Philippines and has a good number of clients worldwide. The crew of LED Rhythm is proficient, and they invest in high-quality machinery for the production, sampling, testing, and delivery of the products.

9. TECHNON Lighting

Company type: types of outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturing

Main Products: LED Linear lighting, LED display lights, LED spotlights, etc.

About the company:

Technon is widely known for its durable lights and diverse technologies.

They offer complete customization as per your requirements and functionality. The colors, intensity, material, size, everything according to you! Their team is equipped with highly skilled and talented members who oversee the manufacturing and handling of types of outdoor lighting fixtures. The products manufactured are all certified at the global level. Choosing them for various types of outdoor lighting fixtures is a great idea to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

10. Ningbo LED Lighting Company, Ltd.

Company type: outdoor lighting fixtures manufacturing

Main Products: LED Lamps, solar lights, linear lights, floodlights, spotlights, step lights, bollard lights, etc.

About the company:

Ningbo LED Lighting Company is located in a large town called Sanqishi Town, Zhejiang, China. It has been in the market for over 10 years and has gained quite some popularity. The company is known for its energy-efficient strategies and remarkable durability. Each fixture is designed to enhance the lighting and ambiance of a place. They focus on safe and environmentally friendly technologies to ensure effective working without negatively impacting the environment.


Outdoor lighting can be used in many different ways.
For example, A walking path or trail can be constructed in parks or on golf courses with the help of this technology. It is also used for showcasing assets such as a lawn, water features, and fountains with outdoor lighting. if you want hassle-free outdoor lighting, Make sure you purchase high-quality, durable outdoor lighting fixtures that do not require a lot of maintenance. So, Hope this article helps you find the best outdoor light solutions.




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