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Being in the LED lighting industry for 10 years, we have the experience necessary to bring newer and innovative technologies to the table. Plus, we rank among the very few who have a comprehensive line of mechanical, thermal, photometric LED solutions to help LED light factories overcome various obstacles when it comes to designing challenges and ensure product quality for end-users.

Before becoming one of the leading LED light factories, the owner of VST gained considerable insight into numerous complications in China’s LED industry. There were many manufacturers who indulged in using outdated technology and bad components to make lights that were less durable and very poor in quality.

These companies made promises they couldn’t keep, gave no warranty after the product was delivered, and manufactured unstable products. This causes a general disturbance when it comes to retaining customers. Overseas buyers have to continuously look for other companies that can promise them what they need and require.

And this is not an isolated problem; the complications of the industry plague the entire LED field. But that is where we come in. At VST, we commit to fulfilling our promises no matter what and we are proud to state that our R&D department is entirely committed to researching high-quality, durable, and cost-effective LED products that truly meet our client’s demands and requirements.

Realizing the true potential of LED lights in the market, we expanded our product line and innovatively developed LED applications for commercial use as well – such as tube LEDs. Through careful and diligent diversification, we manage to supply our products to both businesses and industrials.

Being one of the most reputable LED light factories our modus operandi includes ensuring the use of current and stable technologies for production, using high-grade components for maximizing durability and boosting product quality, having a thorough product processing method – not to mention we have long-lasting ties with some of the best components suppliers in the market.

VST then gradually expanded to manufacturing and selling flat LED panels, outdoor LED flood lights, and LED high bay lights – and we give it the same approach and got great results.

Although, there is no shortage of LED companies around, however, you have to realize that LED lights are extremely complex products, comprising of many intricate components, which absolutely have to be well researched and selected. And most companies don’t invest in research and development to cut costs and make a bad end product. This is why VST is a top choice for commercial and industrial LED applications.

We exist to make things easier for you guys. With thoroughly described products and a wide variety of LED products, VST as a renowned LED light factory, is your one-stop-shop for LED supplies for both industrial clients and business owners.

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Advanced LED Light Manufacturing

VST has advanced LED light factory equipment including automatic SMT machines, automatic reflow soldering machines, automatic PCB board cutting machines, and high-performance soldering stations.

There are a strong quality check and quality assurance team to secure the quality. Various types of testing equipment are also applied during the quality processes. We stick to deliver only high-quality products to market.

Highly Trained Team to Support Your Business

The management team of VST LED light factory has a very high view over the market and a strong background in this LED lighting industry. They always lead the cooperation to long success.

The sales team has strong communication skills so they can quickly understand what do the customers need. Strong service awareness makes sure it’s very easy to work with them.

The production team is very stable and full of LED lights production experience. They attend the training courses periodically to improve the capabilities and sense of responsibility.

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Be Happy Customers Like Other Clients

We have tens of customers who work with us for almost 10 years. They continue to work with us as we have the same value and we create the value for each other. It’s always win-win solutions between VST and their customers. Join us to be another happy customer like other client, choose VST, choose the best LED light factory.

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