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Custom LED lights are available in a range of structures, functions, colors and sizes, etc, and VST can custom manufacture them to your specifications. The custom LED lights are produced in various forms such as colored LED lights, rechargeable LED lights, outdoor floodlights, and other customized LED lights

Custom LED lights like LED strip RGB are applicable for festivals, celebrations, gardens, landscapes, interior, outdoor, hotel, and street decorating.

VST offers you LED lights custom colors in blue, red, green, yellow, and a number of other colors.

To generate bespoke lighting settings, custom LED light colors can be controlled by computer software or a basic controller with pre-programmed DMX control.

The electrical engineers at VST can assist you with the gadget’s design, lighting effect, software, and debugging. You can also request LED custom colors according to your requirements.

Wholesalers and electrical contractors are invited to purchase large-scale custom LED lights from VST today!

VST, The Best Distributor of Custom LED in China

Another type of available custom LED light is rechargeable lights. This category uses rechargeable batteries as a power source.

With the usage of LED technology, rechargeable custom lights are a great replacement for halogen bulbs and can save end users up to 90% on electricity expenditures.

You can buy IP65 rated customizable LED lights. The waterproof coating on the lights could be a wonderful selling factor if you’re a wholesaler or an electrical contractor. An IP65-rated covering protects lighting from water damage. In rainy and dusty situations, the lights are safe to use, especially the outdoor types.

You can as well get high-power and high-wattage LED customizable LED lights. This type varies from 50w to 1000w and is suitable for commercial and industrial use. You can request custom LED lighting with up to 10000 lumens capacity. A high-wattage LED light with a high-quality LED chip delivers ultra-high performance and pinpoint illumination.

VST manufactures custom-made LED lights with a white color tone of 2800K-3500K and the daylight color tone of 6000K-6500K. The beam angle ranges from 10° to 120° with a CRI of 85+.

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdowns which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of a breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

The Industry Leading Supplier Custom Design LED Lights

You can request the production of custom design LED lights with a PIR or photocell system.  This lighting is manufactured by VST for use in security applications and parking lots to offer perfect brightness as needed. The light sensor detects a body in close proximity and activates the light to provide appropriate illumination.

If you sell lightning wholesale or work as an electrical contractor, you are sure to get 3-5 years warranty on the purchase.

VST always offers good prices. With over 10 years of production, we give you top quality. All our lighting products are done according to standard procedures. You are sure to have all  LED custom lights, a UL listing and RoHS and CE certification.

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Some Custom Made LED Lights

Custom LED Light – FAQs Guide

Have you ever seen custom LED lights in restaurants that blend entirely with their interior?

Lights create a mesmerizing impact in any space. In this write-up, you will get to know how and where to get customized LED lights.

Read further to know what features can be customized and where you can use them.

Let’s dive in!

Table of Content

  1. How Is a Custom LED Light Different Than a Standard Light?
  2. Why Do We Need Custom LED Lights?
  3. What Businesses Benefit from Customized LED Lights?
  4. Where Can I Use Custom Design LED Lights?
  5. What Are the Various Features Can I Add to My LED Custom Lights?
  6. What Is the Lead Time of LED Custom Lights?
  7. Are LED Custom Lights Expensive?
  8. Can I Get Linear Customized LED Lighting Fixtures?
  9. What Are the Different Types of Customizable LED Lights Can I Get?
  10. Does Manufacturer Provide Order Flexibility for Custom Made LED Lights?
  11. How Can I Find an Authentic Custom Design LED Lights Manufacturer?
  12. Who Is the Best Custom LED Light Manufacturer in China?
  13. What Is the Manufacturing Process of Customised LED Lighting?
  14. How Can I Place an Order for Custom LED Lights?
  15. Does VST-Lighting Source Customized LED Lights to My Country?

1. How Is a Custom LED Light Different Than a Standard Light?

The significant difference between the two types is that the manufacturers design and create the standard lights according to their R&D team’s creations.

On the other hand, custom LED lights are designed according to your choice. You can tell the engineers about your requirements, and they will create the best innovative designs for you.

Moreover, customized LED lights and standard LED lights are different in many ways. Like:

  • Prices
  • Versatility in technology
  • Versatility in design
Custom LED Lights with Motion Sensor
Custom LED Lights with Motion Sensor


Standard LED lights are available at prices set by the manufacturer. In comparison, you enjoy the flexibility of costs with customized LED lights.


For example, if you add features to your customised LED light, the cost will increase. Similarly, excluding the components may result in minimizing the total cost.

Versatility in Technology

Standard LED lights comprise a typical lens, LED chips, heat sink, driver, base, and housing.

On the other hand, you can choose the type of material you want for the housing of your LED light. Or choose the base to replace the pre-existing lighting fixture.

You can also select the LED chip configuration and the type of driver you want to install in your custom LED lighting.

Versatility in Designs

You can get standard LED lights in sizes, colors, and mounting styles the manufacturer offers you.

Customized LED lighting provides you the flexibility to design an LED light for your customized space.

For instance, you can get a sleek vertical panel light to install on a pillar of your room. It might be 5” in width and 24” in length.

It is a unique size that you cannot get in standard LED lights.

Similarly, you have a wide choice of colors while creating custom-made LED lights.

Sleek Frameless Custom LED Panel Lights
Sleek Frameless Custom LED Panel Lights

2. Why Do We Need Custom LED Lights?

When there are millions of designs available for standard LED lights, what is the need for making custom LED lights?

Let’s find out the reasons you need to have LED custom lights.

To Expand Business

The attractive and innovative designs in your lighting showroom bring more foot traffic to your business.

People love to have unique designs for their lighting projects. So, a brand providing the customers with distinctive designs tends to flourish more.

You can give more ideas to your customers by providing them with customised solutions for their lighting projects.

So, it add value to your business, you can provide lighting fixtures as well as designing for their facilities.

Project Flexibility

If you provide the facility of customization, your clients get more flexibility in designing their new projects.

They can avail flexibility in the choice of colors, material, sizes, mounting styles, base, and housings.

Moreover, if one of your clients is renovating a commercial building, he can get customizable LED lights to replace the existing fixtures.

To Make the Brand Stronger

You can build your brand’s unique identity with signature custom LED lights. For example, if you sell pentagonal panel lights in your shop, it will become a signature style of your time.

It is because the pentagon is not a standard light shape provided by the manufacturers. People prefer purchasing from brands. The reason is that brands provide high-quality with customised lighting solutions.

You can make a signature style of your brand by starting selling customised designs of your LED lights.

Start working on it today, VST-Lighting is at your back to support you at every step.

Pentagonal LED Lights
Pentagonal LED Lights

To Get Unique Designs

Another reason why you need custom design LED lights is to showcase unique articles in your shop.

Unique designs attract more customers and give the customer more ideas to construct in their facilities.

To Control Costs

Customizations also help you to control the cost of your lighting project. For example, you can balance out the lighting costs by playing with low and high-voltage LED lights.

You can get custom-made designs in your desired voltages.

Moreover, lighting manufacturers can also customize the housing and chipboard configurations according to your budget. You can get similar designs at comparatively low costs.

Retrofitting Fixtures

Another important factor where you need to have custom LED lighting is retrofitting. Renovating an industry, commercial area, or home has never been so easy.

LED lighting manufacturers facilitate you with custom bases for LED lights. You don’t need to change the whole lighting structure. Just order the lights according to pre-existing fixtures.

It will save you time, money, and labor costs. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your quotation right now for the LED custom colors and designs.

Custom Retrofitting Fixtures
Custom Retrofitting Fixtures

3. What Businesses Benefit from Customized LED Lights?

Various businesspersons benefit from custom-made LED lights. Like:

  • Designer
  • Contractor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler


Designers built mesmerizing effects with customised LED lights. If you are a designer, your business can boost with custom LED lightings.

Designer LED Lighting Project
Designer LED Lighting Project

Brighten up hard-to-reach areas, give a magical look to a place, and bring imaginative ideas to reality with your custom lighting projects.


Whether you are a lighting contractor or an electrical contractor, LED light customization can benefit your business in many.

Like providing out-of-the-world solutions for your clients, managing costs, retrofitting and establishing yourself as a unique designer.


As a distributor, you can work with an LED lighting manufacturer and supplier company. For example, VST-Lighting supports its distributors worldwide.

You can contact our team to know more about attaining the distributorship.


As a retailer, customizable LED lights play a vital role. Your shop looks beautiful and trendy with unique designs and multi-colored LED lights.

You tend to get more foot traffic. People love to see imaginative designs, variable sizes, and cost-effective solutions for their homes.

LED Light Retailer
LED Light Retailer


Wholesalers also benefit from custom LED lighting. Your customer gets happy when you show unique designs (besides standard designs) at flexible prices.

So whatever business you are doing, related to lighting, LED custom lights indeed cater to all industries.

Your customers get contended by getting decorative styles in utility lights.

4. Where Can I Use Custom Design LED Lights?

You can use custom design LED lights in numerous places. It is essential to understand (before customizations) that where and why you need a custom LED light.

For example, LED lights needed for an outdoor facility must be water-proof and weather-resistant.

So, firstly you need to ensure the needs of a place. The lighting needs of a site are determined by:

  • The room size
  • It’s interior theme/décor
  • Purpose of the room

Moreover, the need of the environment determines the types of features you need in your LED light. Like:

  • The materials you need in the housing of your LED light
  • The internal system of the fixture
  • Can lights withstand shock, water, and harsh weather conditions
  • IP ratings
  • Amount of illumination needed
  • Color temperatures and CRI
Customized LED light
Customized LED light

Keeping these features in mind, you can use your customized LED lights in:

  • Home interior décor
  • Outdoor illumination
  • Hallways
  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Commercial facilities
  • Street lights
  • Stadium lights
  • Museums
LED Light in Hospitals
LED Light in Hospitals

5. What Are the Various Features Can I Add to My LED Custom Lights?

You can conveniently add, remove, or replace a feature from your LED light. You can show a sample to the lighting manufacturer or talk to them about the LED light you need.

You can also reveal the mounting style you need for your project. PCB design, customized colors, lamp shapes, optical designs, new installation ways, new functions, etc.

Whatever you dream for, reveal it, and leave the rest on VST-Lighting.

Optical Design

You can skyrocket your lighting business with LED custom colors and wavelengths. For example, if you are a lighting contractor, you can play with different colors and wavelengths to suit the workplace.

Form Factor

You can select the number of LED chips you want to add to the board. Then, by changing the configuration of LED chips, you can get the desired brightness.

For example, by adding compactly packed LED chips, you’ll get more brightness. You can also get a printed circuit board as an added feature.

You can get countless designs when it comes to custom-made LED lights.

Printed Circuit Board
Printed Circuit Board

Thermal Management

It means that you can get the cooling solution of your choice depending on the light’s application.

For example, if you need air or water as a cooling agent in your project, you can get a customized solution for this purpose.

Electronic Design

You can add additional sensors to your customized LED lighting. For example, LED lighting manufacturers can add remote controllers, motion sensors, dimmers, and a WiFi connection to your custom LED lights.

Engineering Expertise

By adding an LED light base of your choice or a custom housing, you can replace the existing lights. VST-Lighting also provides you with plug-and-play solutions that require zero wirings.

Plug and Play LED Lights
Plug and Play LED Lights

6. What Is the Lead Time of LED Custom Lights?

When delivering LED lights to your facility, the leading LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers provide you fast service.

VST-Lighting has long-term raw material suppliers and delivery teams. The engineers and technicians at VST-Lighting work effortlessly to provide on-time deliveries to our valuable customers like you.

However, the factors that determine the estimated lead time are:

  • Standard LED lights take less manufacturing time as compared to customized LED lights.
  • Draughts for standard LED lights are already available in the factory. On the other hand, for custom LED lighting, engineers need to make new schematics.
  • The excessive raw material is available in the factory premises. However, sometimes your customizations need unique components.
  • The amount of order also determines the total manufacturing time. Understandably, small orders take less time to finish than bulk orders.
  • Another factor affecting the lead time is the place where you live. Nearby countries get shipments earlier than faraway lands.
  • VST-Lighting serves in sequence. If your order is on top of the list, it gets prepared early compared to other orders in the pipeline.
  • Sometimes national and international holidays and special events affect the lead time.

So, all these factors collectively determine the total lead time of your LED custom lights.

Shipments from China
Shipments from China

7. Are LED Custom Lights Expensive?

Custom lights are known for their uniqueness. The unique look makes them look expensive. However, not all customized LED lights cost you more.

Customization facilitates you with the flexibility of costs. You can add or replace a component to cope with your budget.

For instance, by changing the housing, replacing the chipboard, constructing a specific base, you can balance the expenses.

Take two LED light models – one having tightly packed LED chips integrated, while the other has LED chips in less quantity. Both of these lights will vary in their price.

On the contrary, adding sensors and dimmers adds to the cost. So, the prices depend on the types of customization you need.

The leading LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China want you to marvel at your business. For this reason, you can get LED lights custom in all the possible ways.

Competitive prices and high quality are the added advantages to it.

Cost-Effective Custom LED Lights
Cost-Effective Custom LED Lights

8. Can I Get Linear Customized LED Lighting Fixtures?

Yes, why not?

An authentic manufacturer can provide you with custom design LED lights in all shapes and sizes.

For example, the following is the image showing custom LED light colors. These linear lights are manufactured by VST-Lighting (on-demand) for horticulture lighting.

Custom Linear Horticulture Lighting
Custom Linear Horticulture Lighting

Similarly, you can see the LED tube lights for mining and fishing. These are waterproof custom tube lights.

You can also get the custom color and base according to your requirement.

Custom LED Light Color
Custom LED Light Color

No matter what shape light you need, linear, round, triangular, or pentagonal VST-Lighting has all the solutions to cater to your business.

9. What Are the Different Types of Customizable LED Lights Can I Get?

You can get three types of customizations:

  • Simple product customization
  • Advanced product design
  • Complete product design and engineering

Simple customization means making small changes like changes in color, size, design, or lumen power.

These changes do not take much time or effort. You can conveniently get a customised LED light in the estimated lead time from VST-Lighting.

Advance customization means CNC designs, power management, and circuit designs. In addition, complete product designing includes mechanical and electrical engineering tasks.

It needs a complete and unique design that is not previously manufactured.

It means, for you, the LED lighting manufacturer like VST-Lighting, creates a unique and original custom light.

 Customizable LED Lighting
Customizable LED Lighting

10. Does Manufacturer Provide Order Flexibility for Custom Made LED Lights?

An authentic manufacturer never puts you in difficulty. For example, VST-Lighting provides you the order flexibility.

If you are new to industry, or have a limited budget, VST-Lighting provides you the facility of small MOQ.

You can order in small quantity and once you get settled in your business we welcome you to take in bulks from us.

VST-Lighting’s long-term and happy customers enjoy order flexibility along with discounted prices.

For more details contact our customer services team and get you quotation right now.

LED Light - Order Flexibility
LED Light – Order Flexibility

11. How Can I Find an Authentic Custom Design LED Lights Manufacturer?

It is a crucial step to find an authentic manufacturer. Let’s make it easier. You can find a custom design LED lights manufacturer in three different ways:

  • Web browsing
  • International trade shows
  • Visit China

Web Browsing

Internet is the most intelligent and easiest way to search. Nowadays, businesspersons promote their business by developing their official websites, social media pages and making themselves available for online meetings.

You can search the web conveniently with the names of the light you want. For example, you can type the keywords if you want a custom LED tube light or LED street light.

The search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will show hundreds of related search results. Pick the top results and get to know about them.

Besides the official websites, social media also plays a vital role in finding the appropriate manufacturers.

Web Browsing
Web Browsing

You can find them on FacebookYouTubeLinkedin, and Instagram.

Trading sites like Alibaba and Aliexpress are also making it easier for you to find genuine manufacturers in China.

You can search the product, compare the prices, and read the reviews to get a better idea.

International Trade Shows

International trade shows are a hub for manufacturers to showcase their innovative and high-grade LED lights.

These shows are conducted worldwide. You can visit China for such shows or visit a country near you if it doesn’t occur in your country.

In these shows, manufacturers from all over the world participate and promote their company’s capabilities.

It is the best place to compare the quality, designs, and prices of multiple suppliers.

Visit China

The most authentic and reliable way is to go to China and visit the factories and wholesale markets personally. Nothing is as genuine as experiencing it by yourself.

Visit multiple factories, see their manufacturing procedures, compare the prices and make a decision.

In China, 90% of the LED lighting manufacturing business takes place in the southeast coastal area. It comprises Guangdong province, Fujian province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, and Shanghai.

Each area is famous for its specified field. For example, Shanghai is renowned for outdoor lighting fixtures.

VST-lighting is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Guangdong is famous for interior lighting fixtures and decorative lights like LED track lights.

So, visit China, visit the industrial clusters and their wholesale markets to find the best custom LED lighting manufacturer for your business.

Official Trip to China
Official Trip to China

12. Who Is the Best Custom LED Light Manufacturer in China?

Finding the best is not an easy task. You can acknowledge an LED lighting manufacturing company as the best one by setting specific parameters.

The company that fits in all the criteria deserves to be the best. VST-Lighting is one of China’s leading LED lighting manufacturing companies.

We manufacture standard and custom LED lightings. Here are specific points to support our claim.

Business History

It all started 11 years back. Since then, VST-Lighting is providing top-notch LED lighting to the world.

VST-Lighting’s happy and satisfied customers from all over the world trust us. We are a reliable source to provide you with customised LED lighting solutions to uplift your business.

VST-Lighting is a reputed and established company with long-term partners supporting us at every step.

Worldwide Shipping

Another factor that makes VST-Lighting among the best is our long-term international clients. VST-Lighting provides bulk orders regularly worldwide.

Wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, designers, and distributors from all over the world trust VST-Lighting. They enjoy the order flexibility and on-time deliveries.



VST-Lighting is certified by many national and international companies. It shows the high-quality manufacturing abilities of VST-Lighting.

All the products we create are up to international safety standards. some of the certificates that belong to VST-Lighting are:

  • CE
  • VDE
  • GS
  • UL,
  • ETL
  • CSA
  • DLC
  • PSE
  • RoHS

Competitive Costs

Authentic manufacturers put your investments in high esteem. For this reason, VST-Lighting offers high-quality products at competitive prices.

Wholesalers and distributors tend to get customised LED lights from VST-Lighting at 50% fewer prices than in your local market.

It gives you a huge profit margin. VST-Lighting believes in the you-and-I relationship. So, let’s grow together!

Sample Provision

VST-Lighting provides you samples of all the products you select. For your LED custom lights, VST-Lighting offers you a sample for approval. Once you verify it, the production starts.

VST-Lighting’s quality control team ensures that all the lights are identical to the sample provided.

Good Communication

VST-Lighting’s customer services team is available 24/7 for you. You can contact us anytime for your queries.

Whether you visit VST-Lighting’s facility or contact us on the phone, we always welcome you open-heartily.

Lead Time & Shipping Costs

VST-Lighting facilitates you with shipping services. You place your order and leave the rest on VST-Lighting.

VST-Lighting will take care of the production, verification, and shipment until it reaches your facility on time.

Best Manufacturer in China
Best Manufacturer in China

13. What Is the Manufacturing Process of Customised LED Lighting?

VST-Lighting follows a specified manufacturing process to create high-grade custom-made LED lights.

The process includes:

  • Custom designing
  • Gathering raw material
  • Precise assembly
  • Quality control
  • Factory testing
  • After-sales services

Custom Designing

First of all, VST-Lighting is all ears to hear your demand. Show us a sample, a draught, or reveal the details verbally.

The highly qualified engineers and technicians will get your idea. The engineers then finalize up-to-date and innovative ideas, along with your requirements.

Custom Designed Frameless LED Light
Custom Designed Frameless LED Light

Gathering Raw Material

After the finalization of LED lights custom design, all the necessary raw material from the world’s best manufacturers is gathered.

According to your customizable LED lighting design, VST-Lighting gets the raw material. The quality control team verifies its quality and approves for manufacturing.

Precise Assembly

After the approval, the technicians start the assembly procedure. Every component of the light is precisely put together.

At every step, quality is inspected and controlled. The technicians ensure the correct precision with accurate working.

Custom LED light colors, designs, and sizes are calculated adequately to fulfill your demands.

Quality Control

The specified QA/QC team of engineers checks the manufacturing process at every step. Without their verification, no process proceeds.

High-quality raw material, precise assembly, and quality check are all VST-Lighting famous for.

No doubt VST-Lighting is one of the best LED lights custom manufacturer and supplier in China.

Quality Control Team
Quality Control Team

Factory Testing

Once the assembly is completed, the engineers test each light in their factory workshops. Defected lights are disposed of.

The factory test validates that high-quality custom-made LED lights are packed and ready for shipment.

After-Sales Services

Besides the pre-sale procedures, VST-Lighting also offers excellent after-sales services. Every custom LED light enjoys 3 – 7 years of warranty time.

If you find a defected or damaged light at the time of unpacking or in the warranty period, VST-Lighting will provide you with an identical replacement.

You can also enjoy the facility of DIAlux light designing services. VST-Lighting can help you if you don’t know how to distribute the lighting fixtures in the room to attain uniform brightness.

VST-Lighting is here to help you out regarding your lighting project.

After-Sales Services
After-Sales Services

14. How Can I Place an Order for Custom LED Light?

VST-Lighting accepts an order in multiple ways. It is to facilitate those customers who cannot visit China most often.

The ways are:

  • Online meeting
  • Hire a third party
  • Visit China by yourself

Online Meeting

According to the world’s current situation, moving around from country to country is not as easy as it was.

To compensate for this, companies have started accepting online orders. Online meeting through various online meeting app has made it very convenient.

You can also have a look at the manufacturing process (on demand) through a video call. Contacting through landline numbers, cell phones, and online calling is all you can avail to place orders at VST-Lighting.

Online Meetings
Online Meetings

Hire a Third Party

You can also hire a trusted party on your behalf to visit the facility. They will visit the factory, see the manufacturing process, and ask all the valid questions in your support.

As your representative, they will provide the custom designs, details, and requirements. After your trusted partners’ approval, you can get the quotation from VST-Lighting online.

Visit China by Yourself

The best of all is to visit China in person. It is the best way to observe the manufacturing process, tell us your requirements regarding LED custom lights, and place an order.

15. Does VST-Lighting Source Customized LED Lights to My Country?

VST-Lighting delivers custom LED lighting in more than 100 countries. In continents like Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, VST-Lighting provides top-quality customizable LED lights.

So, in whatever country you live, our shipment teams will reach out and deliver your consignment at your facility.

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