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Custom light fixtures include but are not limited to any of the T-series lighting fixtures(  T5, T8, and T12 series). Other common fixtures are ceiling mounted fixture, wall-mounted fixture, recessed fixtures, downlights, track light, and table lamp lighting fixtures to name a few.

Custom light fixtures available in a variety of sizes, including 4ft, 5ft, and other sizes. Custom light fixtures with LED technology are ideal to replace fluorescent, halogen or halide light fixtures of identical sizes.

You may buy custom lighting fixtures in any size and quantity if you’re a wholesaler or an electrical contractor. Custom production service enables you to meet specific requirements in terms of design, shape, size, type, and capacity of a fixture.

You can purchase in huge quantities ranging from 100 to 1000 or more.

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Custom lighting fixtures work perfectly in offices, supermarkets, and parking lots, generating an ambient glow of light with a 270° beam angle and a daylight color tone.

You can buy custom-made lights as they come in a variety of color tones and glows. The CRI of each custom-made light is higher than 80. These custom-made light fixtures have brilliant bulbs and can illuminate a place while also ensuring that items reflect true color, making them particularly useful in supermarkets.

The custom-made light fixtures are available in 2700, 4100, 5000, and 6000 Kelvin for maximum clarity. You can get any color tone you want based on your preferences. There are no flickers and light distribution is even.

The custom-made lights come with well-engineered LED bulbs as a selling factor for your franchise or project. We’ve mastered LED technology after ten years of consistent LED lighting production. Each of the custom-made lights has an energy-saving LED. LED bulbs use less electricity and produce less heat because of their energy-saving capabilities. It does not generate excessive heat in the area where it is utilized.

 You’d be pleased to know that the custom lighting is made with long-lasting and sturdy components. They have over 50,000 hours of runtime. And they can last up to ten years after purchase.

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Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdowns which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.


Custom Lighting Solutions made by the industry’s Leading Manufacturer; VST

When purchasing custom lighting solutions in quantity, you will benefit from a quick and flexible delivery service. Our delivery time is faster than the industry average, and we’re willing to work with you to reach your deadline.

VST encourages you to make purchases and take advantage of the warranty offerings as a wholesaler or electrical contractor. A 3-5-year warranty is included with all bulk orders.

Each custom light fixture has a UL listing and RoHS and CE certification. If you have any questions, our team is always available to assist you.

Order custom fixtures from our online store today! Send in your project specifications and our engineers are on hand to get your orders ready!

Some Custom Made Light Fixtures

Custom Light Fixtures – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Welcome to the FAQ page of custom light fixtures.

Here you will find all the necessary information regarding lighting fixtures, their installation, and types.

You can get standard-sized lighting fixtures for your upcoming project or get customized sizes to relate your on-going project.

Let’s get in to it for further details.

Table of Content

  1. What Are Custom Light Fixtures?
  2. What Are the Advantages of Custom Lighting Solutions?
  3. What Are the Different Types of Custom Made Lights?
  4. What Features Can I Get in Custom Made Lights?
  5. What Is the Difference Between Custom Made Light Fixtures and Traditional Lighting?
  6. Can I Use Custom Made Lights for Retrofitting?
  7. What Is the Application of Custom Lighting Fixtures?
  8. Are Custom Made Light Fixtures Cost-Effective?
  9. Who Is the Best Custom Light Fixture Manufacturer in China?
  10. What Is the Importance of Custom Light Fixtures UL Listing?
  11. What Is the Difference Between UL Certified and UL Listed?
  12. What Is the Lead Time of Custom Made Light Fixtures?
  13. Do Custom Light Fixtures Enjoy Warranty Period?

1. What Are Custom Light Fixtures?

Custom made light fixtures are the ideal choice for customers who love to have something unique and trendy.

By custom lighting fixtures we mean the small changes we make in your lighting fixtures that are not available in standard lighting fixtures.

These changes might not always be small, you might ask for totally new custom made lights for your project.

Custom Lighting Fixtures
Custom Lighting Fixtures

These changes may include:

  • Change in the number of lighting bulbs on the fixture
  • Customization in the shape of the lighting fixture
  • Changed mounting style
  • Adding a small switch to the fixture
  • Change in the color or housing of the fixture

In short, all you need to do is, think about the lighting fixture you need and tell the lighting manufacturer about your requirements.

Authentic and well-established custom light fixture manufacturers provide you with your dream lighting fixtures.

Custom Made Lights
Custom Made Lights

2. What Are the Advantages of Custom Lighting Solutions?

When you can get multiple standard lighting fixtures in the market, what is the need of getting custom lighting solutions?

It is a common question that might trigger your thoughts. Let’s see how custom made light fixtures are beneficial for your business.

  • If you are a lighting contractor and working for a client who wants one-of-a-kind lights, custom lighting solutions are your business boosters.
  • You can utilize custom lighting fixtures to match with your project’s theme.
  • Custom made lights attract more customers. People love to have unique designs for their homes and businesses.
  • You can choose a special design and style for your brand. In this way, a unique lighting style becomes the identity of your brand.
  • Custom made light fixtures provide you the flexibility in cost. By changing the components or material you can make your lights budget-friendly.
  • As a lighting contractor, you may enjoy more flexibility in your project with custom lighting fixtures.
  • Custom lighting solutions provide you the opportunity of a fast ROI. As the customers prefer purchasing unique designs from brands that provide warranty, it brings more profits in less time.
Fast ROI
Fast ROI

3. What Are the Different Types of Custom Made Lights?

You can get numerous solutions for custom made lights. Whether it is for a home or for a commercial facility, you can enjoy the customizations according to your need.

Here are certain examples of LED lights that you can customize. Like:

Whichever light your need, you can change its, housing, driver, chip board style, mounting style, size, shape, color, and much more.

You can get color temperatures and CRI of your choice. To enjoy a smart living, you can add VPN connections, remote controller, or motion sensors.

Feel free to reveal your requirements. VST-Lighting is among the leading custom light fixture manufacturers in China who can fulfil all your demands.

Custom Pendant Lights
Custom Pendant Lights

4. What Features Can I Get in Custom Made Lights?

You can customize the size, color, shape, and all electrical and mechanical components of the LED lighting fixture.

To make it short, all the features, you can think of, are customizable. For example:


The most common customization is regarding the fixture size. Mostly customers ask for unique sizes.

Sometimes a customer, at your shop, falls for a chandelier. He asks you whether you have a similar design in a small size.

In such situations, custom made light fixtures help you out. You can immediately provide them with a solution if you have one, or ask them to place an order.

Similarly, people may ask you for variable dimensions. For example, they may ask you about custom panel lights or custom track lights.


You can get a square panel light in hexagon or pentagon shape. With a little change in shape, you can give a unique look to a standard light.

Lights not only brighten up the space but also act as a decorative tool.

 Customized Shapes
Customized Shapes


Another way to customize your LED light is to change the standard housing. You can change the color of the housing to match the interior of the project.

Or, you can change the housing’s material to cope up with your budget. For example, a similar design with aluminum housing differs from the fixture with PVC housing.


CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. You can ask your custom light fixture manufacturers to change the CRI of your specific lighting fixture.

CRI rating determines the clarity of vision. Lighting fixtures with high CRI rating tend to facilitate you with clear vision.

CRI rating above 80 are considered good, whereas the CRI rating above 90 are rated high CRI.

For example, while taking out socks from your closet you cannot differentiate between navy blue and black it means your light doesn’t have high CRI rating.

So, ask your custom light fixture manufacturer to make your custom light fixture high CRI rated.

High CRI Rating
High CRI Rating

Color Temperature

The color temperature scale is wider than 1000 – 10,000K. The most commonly used color temperature used in LED lights ranges from 2500 – 6500K.

You can choose the color temperature of your choice. Choose a warm white color or cool white color for your custom made lights.


Like all other features, you can choose the appropriate driver for your custom lighting fixtures.

Keeping in account the needs of your light, added sensors, power needed, you must choose a cost-effective and high-quality driver.

Lumen Efficiency

According to the space, you can change the luminous efficiency of your custom lighting solutions.

For example, for illuminating an indoor facility, you can get a recessed light with less luminous efficiency.

Similarly, for high bay, flood lights, or stadium lights, you can ask your custom light fixture manufacturers to increase the lumen efficiency.


The base of the lighting fixture not only helps to support the light but also helps in heat dissipation.

Different back plates or base materials are used in variable lighting fixtures. You can change the material to PVC, metal, or aluminum as per your choice.

Custom LED Light Fixture Base
Custom LED Light Fixture Base

Add Sensors

Another amazing feature that you can add in your custom lighting fixtures is the sensors. You can add various sensors like auto dimmers, motion sensors, individual LED control, VPN connection, etc.

These features look good, saves energy, and provides you comfortable living.


If you are handling a renovation project that requires retrofitting, for this purpose, custom made lights are an ideal choice.

You can give the details of the pre-existing lighting fixtures and get similar lights. It will save your time and money.

All you need to do is add LED lamps and custom fixtures to the existing electrical wiring.

Mounting style

You can also customize the mounting style of your custom made light fixtures. For example, usually tube lights are mounted on walls, but you can get pendant tube lights on demand.

Similarly, you can get track lights with variable mounting styles.


When it comes to the PCB, you can get it customized. Its material, number of LED chips, lumen efficiency, CRI, and color temperature, everything can be customized.

So, talk to your custom light fixture manufacturer and give all the details regarding your custom made lights and lit the world with style!

Custom Made LED Lights
Custom Made LED Lights

5. What Is the Difference Between Custom Made Light Fixtures and Traditional Lighting?

The custom made light fixtures are different than traditional lights in numerous ways. Such as:

  • They are specifically designed according to your need and requirements.
  • You can show the samples, images, or explain verbally to get required custom made light fixtures.
  • You can add or replace an existing feature.
  • In custom made lights you can manage your budget. Custom light fixtures provide you the cost flexibility.
  • Customized light fixtures also provide you with project flexibility.
  • With custom light fixtures, your customers enjoy unique variety of designs.
  • Unlike traditional lights, you can change the housings, base, lumen efficiency, CRI, size, shape, and everything of custom made light fixtures.
Traditional VS. Custom Lighting Solutions
Traditional VS. Custom Lighting Solutions

6. Can I Use Custom Made Lights for Retrofitting?

Yes, why not?

Custom made lights are an ideal solution for retrofitting. If you are handling a project that requires renovation, custom light fixtures help you there in many ways.

You can order the lights that are compatible with the pre-existing electrical wiring. The plug-and-play solutions speed up your work with less labor and material cost.

You can replace unique LED custom made lights with the existing traditional lights to save the electricity bills, reduce maintenance, and provide an eco-friendly lighting solution to your space.

Retrofitting also benefits you in many ways. You can add custom made lights with zero wiring. As a result, you can finish the project in low budget.

Retrofitting Lighting Projects
Retrofitting Lighting Projects

7. What Is the Application of Custom Lighting Fixtures?

Wherever a lighting fixture is needed, you can utilize custom lighting fixtures. By custom made lights we mean the lights that are manufactured according to your needs.

Customization not always means a totally changed shape and design. It can also be a small modification like adding a small On/Off switch at the back of the lighting fixture.

So, you can use custom made light fixtures in:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Beauty parlors
  • Banquet halls
  • Showrooms
  • Museums
  • Super markets
  • Homes
  • Hallways
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial facilities
Custom Made Lights in Hotels
Custom Made Lights in Hotels

8. Are Custom Made Light Fixtures Cost-Effective?

As compared to traditional light fixtures, LED lights have high upfront cost. However, they are cost effective due to the long life span and low maintenance.

It is a common thought that custom made lights are more expensive than standard lights. It is not right.

You can manage your budgets conveniently with custom lighting solutions. You have got complete cost flexibility – increase it or minimize it!

For example, if you ask for a wooden housing for your custom made tube lights it will cost you more than a tube light with PVC housing.

Similarly, a panel light with aluminum base plate may cost you more than a metal base plate.

By adding numerous sensors, additional LED chips, and RGB options you can increase the price of your LED light.

So, it is not an ultimate statement that custom made lights are expensive. You can control your budget by adding or removing various features.

Custom Light Fixture in Museums
Custom Light Fixture in Museums

9. Who Is the Best Custom Light Fixture Manufacturers in China?

When it comes to the custom light fixture manufacturers and suppliers in China you must go for VST-Lighting.

For the past 11 years, VST-Lighting is illuminating the world with high quality custom lighting solutions.

The highly qualified team of engineers along with the experienced technicians is working round the clock to create unique and original LED lights for you.

Distributors, retailers, and contractors from all over the world get their custom lighting fixtures from VST-Lighting.

We have got over 100 stable clients that trust VST-Lighting for high quality LED lights in competitive prices.

You can contact our customer services team 24/7 to get answers for all your queries. Or, you can stay updated with our products and services by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.

VST-Lighting uses top quality raw material to manufacture your custom lighting solutions. The research and development team works hard to bring out innovations and unique designs.

The R&D team keeps upgrading the manufacturing techniques to cope up with the trending market.

The quality assurance and quality control team at VST-Lighting ensures that your custom lighting fixtures are up to the international safety standards.

Custom Light Fixture Manufacturers
Custom Light Fixture Manufacturers


Numerous national and international certifications awarded to VST-Lighting are a proof of our up-to-the-mark manufacturing procedures.

The certifications awarded to VST-Lighting are:

  • CEV
  • DE
  • GS
  • UL
  • ETL
  • CSA
  • DLC
  • PSE
  • RoHS

These certifications comply with numerous markets. So, you can conveniently take VST-Lighting’s custom light fixtures to your country and boost your business.

Every component of your custom lighting fixtures is compiled skillfully under the supervision of QA/QC team.

Each light is tested by the engineers in the factory workshop before final packaging.

Before confirming the order, VST-Lighting provides you with a sample. Whether you place an order online, on a phone call, or in a one-to-one meeting, VST-Lighting always provides you with the same products as shown in the sample.

Our long term shipping partners deliver your consignments on time. Another benefit that VST-Lighting gives to its customers is that, you have the order flexibility.

It means that you have the choice to place a bulk order or a small MOQ. It is beneficial for those customers who are new to the LED market or have a small budget.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the after-sales services with VST-Lighting. Every custom made light has a specified warranty period.

You can also take guidance from VST-Lighting about the distribution of custom lighting fixtures in your facility.

With the help of DIAlux designing software we can help you out to count the number of lighting fixtures.

So, enjoy the benefits that VST-Lighting provides you and grow with consistence because VST-Lighting is always at your back to support you!

10. What Is the Importance of Custom Light Fixtures UL Listing?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. It is an organization that is concerned with the public safety regarding multiple products.

Here we are specifically talking about the custom lighting solutions.

So, what is UL listing?

UL listing means that the lighting fixture is rated safe to be used in specific areas. Lighting fixtures having a UL rated imprint on them are certified and safe to use.

There are three types of UL listings:

  • Custom light fixtures UL listing for dry locations
  • Custom light fixtures UL listing for wet locations
  • Custom light fixtures UL listing for damp locations

As the name suggest, all three listings are specified for particular locations. For example, the UL rated custom light fixtures for dry locations must be used in areas with no moisture.

However, if the area has a proper ventilation, little dampness is not hazardous to light.

Similarly, lights that are UL rated for damp locations are suitable for areas with moisture, but avoid the direct contact of water with the lighting fixture.

For areas like swimming pools, enclosed showers, and patios UL rated custom lighting fixtures for wet location are ideal.

UL Listings
UL Listings

11. What Is the Difference Between UL Certified and UL Listed?

UL listed and UL certified are both the ways of testing the custom lighting fixtures. They both determine that the lights are safe for public use and are up to the international safety standards.

However, the main difference between the two is that UL listings are more precise and include more detailed testing as compared to UL certified seals.

UL certified LED lights are 100% up to the international safety standard – this is established after thorough and multiple testing.

The authorities check that the wires used in the custom made lights are compatible with the electricity as mentioned on the bulbs.

The raw material and components used in the making are eco-friendly and adequately installed.

Sometimes the UL authorities inspect the manufacturing process by themselves and sometimes leave it to the authentic custom light fixture manufacturers.

However, they keep a regular follow-up to ensure that the manufacturers are taking care of all the guidelines.

Always ensure to buy custom light fixtures with UL listings to stay safe.

UL Listed and UL Certified
UL Listed and UL Certified

12. What Is the Lead Time of Custom Made Light Fixtures?

VST-Lighting has excessive raw material in the factory to fulfill your order on time. The long term raw material suppliers and shipping partners provide fast and efficient services to VST-Lighting.

The estimated lead time of VST-Lighting is 30 – 45 days. Before finalizing the deal, make sure to talk about the lead time.

13. Do Custom Light Fixtures Enjoy Warranty Period?

Every light at VST-Lighting enjoys a 3 – 7 year warranty time. It means, your investments are safe and secure at VST-Lighting.

In case, you find a damaged light or a light that is malfunctioning, you can inform VST-Lighting immediately.

Your damaged light will be replaced with a brand new similar light.

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