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At VST, we simply tell you to send your custom lighting design concept, and our skilled engineers will work out the structure, choose the materials, and provide detailed shop drawings for your approval before beginning any custom lighting production.

You can be sure pieces of the custom lighting fixtures are assembled strictly according to standard operating procedures and the production of our trained staff. A number of tests for 100 percent order quantity will be conducted, including a minimum of 24 hours aging and wattage testing for all custom lighting products, as well as slope testing for all table and floor lights.

At VST, you can request custom lightings such as downlight, track lighting, LED ceiling light, pendant lighting, LED wall light, lighting housing, outdoor lighting, lighting accessories, floodlights, and other long lists of commercial and residential lighting.

We understand that you simply need the quantity specified in your project request. When you choose us, you won’t have to worry about minimum order quantities (MOQs), because we’re incredibly flexible and can provide any amount of custom lighting you need for your project.

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VST, The Manufacturer Of Top Quality Custom Light

To ensure that the quality of our custom lighting meets or surpasses your expectations, our firm employs a thorough quality control system. We begin our quality control approach by selecting the best and most appropriate raw materials for your demands, followed by material inspection and quality control during production.

All custom lights are delivered on schedule to allow wholesalers and electrical contractors to meet their project deadlines. As a result, we keep your project deadline in mind during the entire production process, and we take full responsibility for delivering all projects on time and in excellent quality. For the installation of custom lights, we have a team of field engineers. With their experience and expertise in the lighting field, you can install on a large scale without complications.

As renowned custom lighting manufacturers,  we’ve worked with some of the world’s most prominent brands and businesses to design customized lights. Whether it’s for interior designers, purchasing groups, or brands working on restaurants, guest rooms, or public places, we’ve assisted in delivering custom lighting that was expected, as well as exceeding expectations.

You can always be sure of top quality because we focus on the development and production of high-quality customized lights and developed thousands of interior and exterior lighting fixtures, including all types of led downlights, led wall lights, track lights, and pendant lights, we can provide you with a one-stop custom light solution.

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Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of a breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

Custom made Lighting from the one of Best Custom Lighting Companies

VST offers a 3-5 years warranty on all custom lighting. You can as well get engravings and other personalized features on each custom light purchased.

VST pledges to give you the best and market-oriented prices. With over 10 years of experience in lighting production, we keep improving our methods and designs to give you the best of custom lighting at all times.

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Custom Lighting – FAQs Guide

Are you looking for LED lighting manufacturers to provide you high-quality lighting solutions to replace the existing fixtures of your lighting project?

Or a manufacturer who can think out of the box for your business?

Someone who can provide you with unique and innovative lighting solutions to boost your wholesale business?

You are in the right place. We are here to guide you about finding, approaching, and getting the best-customized lights from China.

Let’s get started.

  1. What Is the Importance of Custom Made Lighting?
  2. What Features a Custom Light May Possess?
  3. What Type of Custom Lighting Can I Get?
  4. How to Find the Appropriate Custom Lighting Manufacturers?
  5. Where Can I Find the Best Custom Lighting Companies in China?
  6. Where Can I Get High-Grade Customized Lights?
  7. How Can I Place an Order for Custom Lights?
  8. What Is the Manufacturing Process of a Custom Light?
  9. How Can I Source Customized Lights from China?
  10. What Is the Lead Time of Custom Made Lights?
  11. Customized Lights Are Beneficial for Whom?
  12. What Are the Applications of Customised Lights?
  13. How to Calculate Area for Custom Lighting?
  14. Does Custom Lighting Manufacturers Provide After-Sales Services?

1. What Is the Importance of Custom Made Lighting?

Customized lights bring numerous improvements to your business. Besides standard LED lights, custom-made lighting brings more foot traffic to your LED lighting business.

Let’s see how customized lights are essential in your business?

Expanding the Market Share

Providing unique and innovative ideas to your clients expands the market share of your business.

What else a client wants if he gets high-quality LED lights in desired designs and shapes?

Providing lights that meet the decorative styles make the clients happy and satisfied. So, custom lighting brings more clients to your business.

Building a Brand Name

Brands are known for their customized and signature styles. Showcasing custom-made lights in your shop or providing them on-demand increase your brand’s popularity.

People prefer buying LED lights from big brands because they ensure high-quality products. You can make a signature style for your brand that will become your brand’s identity.

Customized Lights
Customized Lights

Enlarging an Existing Business

With customized lights, you tend to expand your existing business.


You are targeting the customers who want unique styles along with standard lights buyers. In this way, the number of your clients increases, and you are targeting a more comprehensive range of buyers and providing a signature style to your brand.

Cost Flexibility

Another importance of customized lights is that you are flexible in the costs while customizing the lights.

You can make a cost-effective solution as well as make light in a higher price range. It all depends on your client’s choice of which type of light he wants to buy.

You can add some expensive features or replace a comparatively cheaper component. You have got the flexibility to adjust the prices.


The most important thing is that the customized lights bring a unique impression to your brand. Customers know your brand’s name by the uniqueness it offers to them.

Also, custom lights help you to differentiate your brand from the competitors. For example, if  VST-Lighting provides triangular panel lights, it becomes their custom style.

Wherever you see a triangular light, you will automatically relate it to VST-Lighting.

Unique LED Lights
Unique LED Lights

Fits the Area

Custom-made lighting provides you the ultimate solution to fit in any area. For example, you cannot find an appropriate solution for corners. With custom lights, you can conveniently brighten up space with your required features.

Whether it is about size, shape, lumen efficiency, or added sensors, customized lights are the appropriate solution for all your needs.

2. What Features a Custom Light May Possess?

There are countless features you can add to make your lights customized. Some most commonly used custom features are:

Optical Design

You can play with color temperatures and wavelengths when it comes to custom lights. The authentic LED light manufacturers and suppliers in China, like VST-Lighting, provide you with hundreds of possible optical designs.

If you are a lighting contractor, you can select various color temperatures or wavelengths that meet the decorative style of your project.

Colors play a vital role in decorating and creating a charismatic effect in any space. Let your lighting projects boom with the customized lights VST-Lighting can provide you.

Optical Design
Optical Design

Form Factor

Another feature that you can get in your customized lights is the flexibility in their LED chip assembly.

According to the requirement, you can get tightly placed LED chips arranged in a complex pattern.

Closely packed LED chips help brighten up spaces more effectively. Similarly, you can select the number of LED chips you want to mount on your custom-made lighting, thanks to the COB LED technology.

Thermal Factor

You can also choose the cooling solution for your LED lights, depending on the application. If you are handling a project that needs air or liquid as cooling agents, VST-Lighting can provide you with a customized solution for this project.

Additional Sensor and Electronic Designs

For your convenience, VST-Lighting offers you the flexibility to add variable sensors to your custom lights.

Motion sensors, remote controllers, smart LED lights all these solutions can be customized according to your needs.

LED Light with Motion Sensor
LED Light with Motion Sensor

Printed Circuit Boards

You can add a printed circuit board to your customized light. It will give a unique and distinguished look to your facility (if you are a lighting contractor).

In a wholesale business, you can attract more retailers and customers to buy your printed circuit board LED lights that are unique and stylish in their particular way.

Plug-and-Play Lighting Kits

VST-Lighting facilitates you with zero wiring solutions. You can replace an existing lighting fixture or get a plug-and-play solution for your ease.

Plug and play light is a cost-effective solution that saves your electrician’s and wiring’s costs.

So, it is a quicker and faster way to illuminate your facility with customized plug-and-play lights.

Plug-and-Play LED Light Bar Kit
Plug-and-Play LED Light Bar Kit

Lighting Fixture Designs

VST-Lighting can provide you with countless designing solutions when it comes to customization. You can also bring your custom designs that suit your project.

Our highly qualified engineers and staff will bring your requirements into reality.

Fabrication of Lighting Fixtures

VST-Lighting’s in-house advance CNC machines, die-casting, and extrusion capabilities can provide you variations in fabricating the lighting fixtures.

Battery Powered LED Lighting Solutions

Custom lighting companies provide you with electricity-powered lights, but you can also get battery-powered LED lights.

Custom Retail Lights

In the retail industry, custom lights play a vital role in getting more customers and profits. Retailers prefer using accent lights to highlight important areas in their facilities.

For example, the brand’s name, decorative corners, and specific products, when highlighted, draw more attention.

So, get the customized lights to skyrocket your retail business right now.

Custom Electrical/Mechanical Designs

You can get all sorts of electrical and mechanical custom solutions at VST-Lighting. According to your premises requirement, project demands, and client’s desires, you can ask VST-Lighting to design a customized solution.

Our experienced staff will provide you the best possible solution with innovative designs and up-to-date components within no time.

Custom Mechanical Designs
Custom Mechanical Designs

3. What Type of Custom Lighting Can I Get?

You can get three types of customizations at VST-Lighting:

  1. Simple product customization
  2. Advanced product design
  3. Full product design and engineering

Simple Product Customization

It means simple changes in color, design, size, or lumen power. In this type of customization, no heavy mechanical or electrical changes are required. For example, T8 tube lights usually come with a G13 base.

Here is a picture of the G5 custom-made T8 LED tube light by VST-Lighting.

Or, you can get customized colors according to the requirement and many other features like that.

Customized T8 LED Tube Light
Customized T8 LED Tube Light

Advanced Product Design

Besides simple customizations, VST-Lighting also offers you advanced customized designs for your lights.

For example, heat and power management, circuit designs, and CNC designs to support the OEM services.

Complete Product Design & Engineering

On top of all, the best facility VST-Lighting provides you is the 100% natural and original custom light.

In this type, you can give an image of what you want, or simply reveal the details by talking to the engineers.

You can give us your demands, and our engineers and staff will bring into reality your product idea.

Complete Product Design
Complete Product Design

4. How to Find the Appropriate Custom Lighting Manufacturers?

You can get top-quality customized lights only when you find an authentic and reliable custom lighting manufacturer.

Here are some specific ways to find the appropriate custom lighting companies. These are:

Web Browsing

The most convenient way to find the LED lighting manufacturer and supplier is to search the web. Authentic and developed LED lighting companies focus on developing their official websites with complete product details and descriptions.

These websites educate and inform the clients entirely about the product range and their specifications.

Moreover, on social media websites, you can find their links. Companies provide details about the product launch ceremonies, promotional sales, and upcoming events to attract more customers.

You can gather the information and compare the specifications and variety of products from their websites.

Trading companies like Alibaba and Aliexpress also serve millions of LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers. You can visit these trading web pages to know more about the most authentic and high-quality lighting providers.

Web Browsing
Web Browsing

International Trade Shows

Another way to find the right company for your business is to visit international trade shows and exhibitions.

Trade shows are conducted globally. You can select a country near you to see the latest trends and market demands.

Manufacturers from all over the world take part in these trade shows. They showcase the products they create.

You can find many exciting and, out of the world, custom-made lighting solutions in these exhibitions.

In China every year LED lighting exhibitions take place. It is the best time for all the manufacturers and suppliers to show the world their abilities.

Visit China

The recommended way to select authentic custom lighting manufacturers is to visit China personally. Visiting multiple companies and factories, watching their manufacturing procedures, and dealing with employees make the selection easier for you.

In the industrial clusters, factories producing similar products are located. You can visit multiple factories to compare the costs, quality, and customer services.

Besides visiting the factories, you can also visit the wholesale markets. Suppliers showcase all their products in the markets.

By visiting the market, you can have a better idea of the type of products available in the factories of China and what type of customization you can get from the manufacturers.

From the variable manufacturers, you can choose the appropriate one for your business in the wholesale market.

 Business Trip to China
Business Trip to China

5. Where Can I Find the Best Custom Lighting Companies in China?

China is famous for manufacturing high-quality and low-cost LED lights. However, if we divide China geographically, 90% of factories are located in five significant areas depending on the industrial clusters. These are:

  • Guangdong Province
  • Fujian Province
  • Zhejiang Province
  • Jiangsu Province
  • Shanghai

These areas are located in the southeast part of China. Each province is famous for its specific type of lighting production.

For example, Fujian province is famous for high-end LED bulbs and LED chip packaging. Zhejiang province is known for its OEM services, and Guangdong province is the hub of LED lighting manufacturers.

You can find numerous factories manufacturing high            h-quality LED lights. VST-Lighting is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

It is one of the best custom lighting manufacturers in China.

LED Manufacturers on the Map of China
LED Manufacturers on the Map of China

6. Where Can I Get High-Grade Customized Lights?

On visiting China, among many others, you will find VST-Lighting, the best-LED custom lighting manufacturer.

The advanced machines, trained staff, and qualified engineers collectively provide you with high-grade lighting solutions.

The high-grade raw material is attained from state-owned companies. Highly efficient machines are used to assemble the components. Quality control teams are assigned to inspect the manufacturing process. The quality is assured according to the international safety standards.

The R&D team works round the clock to provide trendy designs and up-to-date innovations.

Whether you want a standard LED light or need a custom-made lighting solution, VST-Lighting is always there to listen to your demands and requirements.

According to the specifications and features you demand, our experienced engineers create custom designs.


Our long-term international clients place bulk orders and get customized solutions as per customer’s demands.

The fast and reliable shipping services of VST-Lighting facilitate hundreds of customers worldwide.

All the products at VST-Lighting are certified. Many national and international certifications are awarded to our products showing that the products are up to international standards.

You can get samples before confirming your order. Trust VST-Lighting, we will provide you with equal efficiency and the same quality as shown in the sample.

High-grade material, cost-effective solutions, customized lights, and fast deliveries are all provided at VST-Lighting.

7. How Can I Place an Order for Custom Lights?

Contacting a custom lighting company is not a big deal. Developed factories have made it convenient for the clients to approach them.

They are available on their official websites and social media websites. You can visit them in person or hire someone on your behalf.

Personal Visit

It is recommended to visit the custom lighting companies by yourself. You can see the raw material used, manufacturing procedures, and working environment.

Revealing your demands to the engineers is better in one-to-one meetings. Long-distance calls sometimes end up in confusion.

Phone Calls

You can communicate with a custom lighting manufacturer on the phone. If you can’t meet in person, make a phone call or get a quotation online.

All the contact information is provided on the official websites and social media websites. Like Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Business Deal on Phone Calls
Business Deal on Phone Calls

Plan an Online Meeting

If, for any reason, you cannot go to the manufacturer’s premises, you can arrange an online meeting with them.

For example, in the time of the pandemic, it has become difficult for businesspersons to travel. You can conveniently talk about every detail you want to know.

Verify all the details before placing an order.

Someone on Your Behalf

Another possible way is to ask someone to visit the factory on your behalf. They can witness the manufacturing procedures and communicate with the engineers.

The third (trusted) party can ask all the questions you wanted to know and give your customized lighting designs.

Once verified, then you can place the order on phone or online meeting.

8. What Is the Manufacturing Process of a Custom Light?

VST-Lighting uses a reliable and high-quality manufacturing process to get excellent output. The manufacturing process includes:

  • Custom designing
  • Gathering raw material
  • Precise assembly
  • Quality control
  • Factory testing
  • After-sales services

Custom Designing

The first step of manufacturing LED lights is the design you want. Besides the standards strategies VST-Lighting creates, you can talk to our specialist team of engineers about the custom lights you need.

Our mechanical and electrical engineering team collectively brings out a unique solution for your LED lights.

Depending on the customizations you require, we design the lights. No matter how simple or complicated the design you want, we can conveniently provide you with all the customizations.

Custom Made Lights
Custom Made Lights

Gathering Raw Material

The second step is to gather the specific raw material. Long-term partners of VST-Lighting provide us high-grade raw material.

All the components required for your custom lights are gathered from the best manufacturers and suppliers.

High-grade material results in a high-quality end product.

Precise Assembly

Our engineers ensure the precise assembly of all the components of your customized lights. Whether it is automatically done or hand-assembled, quality is never compromised.

Every component is assembled carefully so that you get high-quality custom lights.

Quality Control

Thanks to the QA/QC team at VST-Lighting, every step is inspected thoroughly. The procedure cannot proceed without the verification of the quality inspector.

From raw material gathering to final packaging, every single step is inspected precisely. For this reason, all our LED lights are CE-certified.

Not only this but many national and international certifications prove the high-quality production at VST-Lighting.

Some certificates are:

  • CE
  • VDE
  • GS
  • UL,
  • ETL
  • CSA
  • DLC
  • PSE
  • RoHS
Quality Control
Quality Control

Factory Testing

Once the lights are completely assembled, the factory tests each light to ensure stable and efficient working.

We conduct thorough testing so that you can get 100% efficient lights at your facility. We keep your trust in VST-Lighting, in high esteem.

After-Sales Services

VST-Lighting is with you even after delivering the shipment. Every LED light enjoys 3 – 7 years, the warranty period.

You can get guidance related to the designing of your lighting project. For example, if you want to calculate the number of lighting fixtures needed for your project, we can facilitate you with the DIAlux designing services.

Moreover, our efficient customer services team is available 24/7. Contact us for more details and inquiries. Get your quotation right now to boost your business with VST-Lighting.

9. How Can I Source Customized Lights from China?

Once you have selected the custom lighting manufacturers, now is the time to place an order and source the lights in your country.

You can adopt three ways to source the lights, these are:

  • Import the lights by yourself
  • Hire a Chinese freight forwarding company
  • Let VST-Lighting do the job for you

Whatever way you choose there are three possible routes to transport custom lights from China to your country.

These are shown in the image below.

Shipment Ways
Shipment Ways

Import the Lights by Yourself

One way to take customized lights to your country is to import them by yourself. For this, you need to know all the necessary documents and procedures required.

It is recommended not to indulge in complicated procedures unless you have a complete understanding of them.

Hire a Chinese Freight Forwarding Company

If you are not aware of the import procedures, hire a freight forwarding company in China. There are different Incoterms used in trading.

Choose the one that best suits you. Ensure that you make everything clear before finalizing the contract.

Let VST-Lighting Do the Job for You

The easiest way is to select VST-Lighting, choose products, place an order, and leave the rest on us.

We’ll manufacture the high-grade custom-made lighting on time, verify the quality, pack them, and source them to your doorstep.

You can place bulk orders as well as small MOQs depending on your budget and requirement.

VST-Lighting ships the customized lights in more than 100 countries worldwide. In Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, wherever you are located you can conveniently get the shipments from us.

10. What Is the Lead Time of Custom Made Lights?

VST-Lighting’s long-term trusted partners quickly source the shipments and ensure on-time deliveries.

Our reliable and experienced engineers and staff work round the clock to get your order ready on time. The advanced machines we have at VST-Lighting work effortlessly to minimize the lead time.

However, standard orders take less time as compared to customized lights. It also depends on the type of customizations you need.

Calculated Lead Time
Calculated Lead Time

Small changes like changing the size or color temperature may not take much time. But creating a new design with entirely new engineering techniques may take a little longer.

A slight delay does not matter as long as high-quality, and cost-effective results are concerned.

Lead time also depends on the area you live in. Faraway countries get the shipments later than nearby areas.

Moreover, VST-Lighting serves based on a first-come, first-serve. We complete the orders according to the order placement sequence.

So, if there are hundreds of orders in the pipeline before your order, we humbly request you to wait for the high-grade solutions coming on your way.

11. Customized Lights Are Beneficial for Whom?

Custom lights are beneficial for multiple businesses. Here is the list of businesspersons who benefit from custom lighting. These are:

  • Designer
  • Contractor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler


Whether you are a lighting designer or interior decorator, custom-made lighting benefits you in many ways.

You can satisfy your customer’s demands by selecting unique designs. You can choose the color, sizes, mounting styles, and brightness according to space and theme.

You can also facilitate your clients with up-to-date smart LED lights by adding sensors to them.

Your designing business gets a boost with high-quality custom lights that can be controlled by mobile phones, tabs, or PC.

Let’s explore the customized LED lighting potential of VST-Lighting.

Designer’s LED Lighting Project
Designer’s LED Lighting Project


Whether you are a lighting contractor or an electrical contractor, whether you are handling a new project or renovating an existing facility, VST-Lighting is here to serve you in every condition.

You can get customized lights to fulfill your projects. Your business is backed by VST-Lighting, no matter what type of lights you need.

For example, the image shown below is a custom triangular panel light. Usually, panel lights are available in square or circular fixtures.

We are always ready to provide you, out of the box, solutions for your business.

Triangular LED Panel Light
Triangular LED Panel Light


VST-Lighting’s distributors are working globally. Customers all over the world admire the customized lights we make.

Special and unique designs get customer’s attention more quickly than standard designs.


As a retailer, you know customers have different choices, demands, and requirements. Standard LED lights do not always fulfill the needs.

For customers who want something unconventional and unusual, custom lights are the best0 solution.


To boost your business, adding customized lights to your LED lighting stock is a good option.

VST-Lighting wants your business to flourish. For this reason, it provides you the flexibility of order quantity and LED lighting designs.

Customized LED Lights
Customized LED Lights

12. What Are the Applications of Customised Lights?

You can use customized lights in countless spaces. The customizations depend on the type of the decor, size of the space, and the purpose of the room.

For example:

  • Home interior and exterior lighting
  • Hallways
  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Resturaunts
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Commercial facilities
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Shelf lighting
  • Street lights
  • Stadium lights
  • Museums
Custom Lighting in Museums
Custom Lighting in Museums

13. How to Calculate Area for Custom Lighting?

A lighting contractor must know how to calculate the lighting area before ordering the custom-made lighting.

The important things to consider while calculating the area are:

  • Calculate the level of the lights
  • Calculate the number of lumens needed per feet
  • Use DIAlux designing software

Besides calculations, you need to know what type of light you need for your project. For highlighting, you need spotlights and accent lights. For decorative purposes, you may have pendant lights or track lights.

So, you must calculate the lighting spots and their division accordingly. You must calculate the size of the lighting fixtures, lumen efficiency, color, and type of everything before placing an order.

DIAlux Designing Software
DIAlux Designing Software

14. Does Custom Lighting Manufacturers Provide After-Sales Services?

Definitely, yes!

Authentic custom lighting manufacturers in China facilitate their valuable customers with attractive after-sales services.

For example:


All the standard and customized lights from VST-Lighting enjoy 3 – 7 years warranty time. In this period you can claim the damage and get a new article.

Replace and Claim

Suppose you find any damaged LED light while unpacking the consignment. Or, any of the LED lights malfunction, you can report to VST-Lighting.

We will replace the damaged light with a similar new one in no time.

DIAlux Software

Another facility VST-Lighting offers to you is assistance in designing. DIAlux is a designing software with the help of calculating the number of lighting fixtures you need in your project.

If you are new to the LED world, we are here to guide you in your project so that you can fulfill your customer’s demands.

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