Glowing Excellence: China's Leading LED Corn Light Manufacturer

Your Trusted Source for LED Corn Light Manufacturer Since 2013: VST Lighting. With a track record of delivering over 43,000+ units to 190+ satisfied clients in 35+ countries since 2021, our excellence is defined by the following:

🔸  VST offers a wide range of over 1400+ varient requirements.
🔸  We pride ourselves on fully automated production
🔸  Base: E27, E26 , E39, E40
🔸  We stand by our products with a 3-5 year warranty.
🔸  LED Chips: SMD2835
🔸  Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS, LM80, TM21

Choose VST Lighting for high-quality, customizable LED corn light solutions tailored to perfectly match your distinct requirements.

China's Premier LED Corn Light Supplier with 10+ Years of Experience

VST Lighting, a trusted LED corn bulb supplier, leverages over a decade of experience in the industry. Our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has firmly established them as a premier supplier of LED corn-related products. They provide a comprehensive selection of LED corn lights and accessories, including LED corn bulbs and corn light fixtures. These products are meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology, delivering energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination.

Catering to both businesses in need of custom lighting solutions and homeowners looking to enhance their spaces, VST Lighting places a strong emphasis on meeting individual requirements and offering tailored solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a proven track record, they welcome you to explore their extensive range of LED corn bulb products and experience the outstanding quality of China’s top led corn bulb wholesaler, brightening your surroundings with brilliance and style.

We are Based in Shenzhen China, we specialize as an LED corn light manufacturer or LED corn bulb manufacturer. Our primary priority revolves around safety and functionality. We are dedicated to creating top notch lighting solutions that seamlessly blend into diverse environments. Our products are meticulously engineered to maximize spatial efficiency while adding architectural smoothness, striking a perfect equilibrium between safety and aesthetic appeal.

The Importance of Choosing the Right LED Corn Light Manufacturer

LED corn light china
LED Corn Light China

🔘. Quality Assurance: Opt for a manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality LED corn lights. Quality is paramount to ensure long-lasting and reliable lighting solutions.

🔘. Reliability: Choose a manufacturer known for the reliability of its products. This reduces the risk of premature failures and ensures consistent performance.

🔘. Price vs. Quality Balance: While cost is a factor, it’s essential to strike a balance between price and quality. Extremely low prices may indicate compromises in product quality, so aim for the best value for your investment.

🔘. Warranty Coverage: A robust warranty signifies the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. It’s crucial to ensure that the warranty covers a reasonable period and relevant issues, offering peace of mind and support in case of problems.

🔘. Customization and Support: Consider whether the manufacturer offers customization options to meet your specific needs. Responsive customer support and communication are also essential for a successful partnership.

VST offers Variety of Corn Bulb to Suit Different Lighting Needs.

VST’s diverse range of LED corn bulbs is designed to meet a wide array of lighting needs. High-wattage corn bulbs are perfect for high-intensity lighting in warehouses, sports fields, and parking lots, including hazardous locations like refineries. Dimmable options offer customizable atmospheres in homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Motion sensor bulbs provide energy-efficient security and outdoor lighting. Photocell bulbs automatically adapt to daylight changes, ideal for outdoor spaces.

Smart corn bulbs can be remotely controlled for homes and businesses. Color-changing bulbs set the stage for festive events. Weatherproof outdoor corn bulbs illuminate patios, decks, and landscapes. Hazardous location bulbs endure extreme conditions in challenging environments. Solar corn bulbs, powered by the sun, work brilliantly off the grid. Explore our comprehensive corn bulb selection to find the perfect lighting solution for your unique needs.

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LED Corn Light By Series

30W LED Corn Light

Ω. Lumens: 3,373lm – 17,946lm
Ω. Chips: SMD 2835, 5730
Ω. Base: E27, E26, E40, E39
Ω. Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Ω. Dimming Compatible: YES
Ω. Color Temperature: 4000K – 5700K
Ω. IP Rating: IP44, IP64, IP65
Ω. Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS

60W LED Corn Light

Ω. Lumens: 3,373lm – 17,946lm
Ω. Chips: SMD 2835, 5730
Ω. Base: E27, E26, E40, E39
Ω. Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Ω. Dimming Compatible: No
Ω. Color Temperature: 4000K – 5700K
Ω. IP Rating: IP44, IP64, IP65
Ω. Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS

80W LED Corn Light

Ω. Lumens: 3,373lm – 17,946lm
Ω. Chips: SMD 2835, 5730
Ω. Base: E27, E26, E40, E39
Ω. Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Ω. Dimming Compatible: YES
Ω. Color Temperature: 4000K – 5700K
Ω. IP Rating: IP44, IP64, IP65
Ω. Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS

100W LED Corn Light

Ω. Lumens: 3,373lm – 17,946lm
Ω. Chips: SMD 2835, 5730
Ω. Base: E27, E26, E40, E39
Ω. Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Ω. Dimming Compatible: YES
Ω. Color Temperature: 4000K – 5700K
Ω. IP Rating: IP44, IP64, IP65
Ω. Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS

120W LED Corn Light

Ω. Lumens: 3,373lm – 17,946lm
Ω. Chips: SMD 2835, 5730
Ω. Base: E27, E26, E40, E39
Ω. Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Ω. Dimming Compatible: No
Ω. Color Temperature: 4000K – 5700K
Ω. IP Rating: IP44, IP64, IP65
Ω. Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS

150W LED Corn Light

Ω. Lumens: 3,373lm – 17,946lm
Ω. Chips: SMD 2835, 5730
Ω. Base: E27, E26, E40, E39
Ω. Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Ω. Dimming Compatible: YES
Ω. Color Temperature: 4000K – 5700K
Ω. IP Rating: IP44, IP64, IP65
Ω. Certifications: DLC, UL, CE, RoHS

Which Types Of LED Corn Light We Manufacturer in Our Factory? (11)

  • 27W LED Corn Bulb

    This 27W LED corn light offers a versatile lighting solution with an adjustable lumen output of 3000-4000 lumens and a 5000K daylight white color temperature.

  • 30W LED Corn Light

    VST 30W LED corn light delivers adjustable brightness ranging from 3300 to 4200 lumens and features a 5000K daylight white color temperature. With a 120-degree beam angle, IP65 weatherproof rating.

  • 36W LED Corn Light

    With a wide 120-degree beam angle, IP65 weatherproof rating, and compatibility with E26 or E39 bases, it ensures long-lasting illumination for various applications with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

  • 40W LED Corn Light

    40W LED corn light provides 5000-6000 lumens, 5000K color temperature, 120-degree beam angle, IP65 weatherproof rating, and E26/E39 bases for dependable illumination lasting 50,000 hours.

  • 45W LED Corn Bulb

    VST 45W LED corn light delivers 5500-6500 lumens with a 5000K daylight white color temperature, offering weatherproof lighting for various applications.

  • 54W LED Corn Bulb

    Our 54W LED corn light produces 6400-7500 lumens of bright, daylight white illumination with an IP65 rating and compatibility with E26 or E39 bases, ensuring a long-lasting lighting solution.

  • 60W High Bay LED Corn Light

    The 60W High Bay LED Corn Light provides 7200-8400 lumens of daylight white illumination, making it an energy-efficient and weatherproof lighting solution.

  • 80w LED Corn Bulb

    The 80W High Bay LED Corn Light offers 9600-11200 lumens of bright, weatherproof lighting with a 5000K color temperature, designed for extended 50,000-hour lifespan.

  • 100w LED Corn Bulb

    With 100W of power, the High Bay LED Corn Light delivers 12000-14000 lumens of daylight white light, ensuring a durable, energy-efficient lighting solution for various applications.

  • 120W LED Corn Light

    The 120W High Bay LED Corn Light emits 14400-16800 lumens of bright, weatherproof illumination with a 5000K color temperature, built to last with a 50,000-hour lifespan.

  • 150W LED Corn Bulb

    This 150W High Bay LED Corn Light produces 18000-21000 lumens of daylight white light, offering a durable and energy-efficient lighting solution suitable for high bay applications.

Our Main Variety of LED Corn Light manufacturer In Our Factory (6)

  • Motion Sensor LED Corn Bulb

    Motion sensor LED corn bulbs offer versatile lighting solutions by automatically activating in response to motion, enhancing outdoor safety and security while saving energy indoors.

  • E26 LED Corn Bulb

    E26 LED corn bulbs offer energy savings of up to 85% and a long 50,000-hour lifespan, making them a durable and eco-friendly lighting choice for various applications.

  • E27 LED Corn Bulb

    E27 LED corn bulbs feature a standard international screw base, ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting, offering a range of wattages, lumens, and color temperatures for versatile lighting solutions.

  • E39 LED Corn Bulb

    E39 LED corn bulbs, featuring a mogul base, offer exceptional energy efficiency and durability, making them an ideal choice for high-wattage industrial and outdoor lighting applications.

  • E40 LED Corn Bulb

    E40 LED corn bulbs, with their mogul base, deliver energy efficiency and ruggedness for high-wattage industrial and outdoor lighting, featuring a 50,000-hour lifespan and high lumen output.

  • G24 LED Corn Bulb

    G24 LED corn bulbs, ideal for replacing G24 fluorescent bulbs, are commonly used in high-bay lighting, offering an eco-friendly alternative without mercury or toxic materials.

Outstanding Features of VST Lighting

Great Services
Great Services

Our dedicated support team is ready at all hours to assist you in finding the best lighting solution for your project.

Highest Standards
Highest Standards

Staying updated on country-specific standards, like DLC, UL, CE, and RoHS, is essential as we consistently uphold the highest quality.

Professional Team
Professional Team

Our Professional design support team, Ready to develop high-quality Corn bulb and applications as you needs.

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

When you choose VST as your supplier for LED Corn Lights and opt for bulk purchases, you’ll benefit from our competitive wholesale pricing.

LED Corn Light Housing

The choice of housing material in VST Corn Lights significantly impacts their performance and durability.

VST Corn Lights predominantly opt for aluminum housing due to its remarkable heat dissipation capabilities, safeguarding LED chip longevity by preventing overheating. Its robustness withstands harsh conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.The lightweight nature of aluminum eases handling, particularly in larger corn lights.

On the other hand, plastic, while cost-effective, is less common in VST Corn Light housings. It is better suited for low-wattage applications due to its affordability and moldability, yet it falls short in high-wattage scenarios where aluminum excels due to its reduced heat dissipation and impact resistance.

LED Corn Light Housing
LED Corn Light Driver

High-Grade Corn Light Driver

A top-notch LED driver is the main part of LED corn light quality, dictating the bulbs’ longevity. Our standard practice involves exclusively employing renowned LED driver brands like Meanwell, Osram, and Philips. Corn lights fitted with these drivers are eligible for substantial 5 to 7-year warranties, assuring reliability.

However, for cost-conscious projects, we offer budget-friendly yet well-regarded alternatives such as Lifud and Sosen. These LED drivers still maintain their global reputation and can provide warranties spanning 3 to 5 years, catering to a broad spectrum of project needs while ensuring dependable performance for LED corn lights.

Leading Brand LED Chips

Exceptional lumen efficiency in LED corn lights hinges on selecting the right LED chips. Our preference leans toward the industry’s leading LED chip brands, including Bridgelux, Cree, and Nichia, ensuring top-tier performance.

For projects with stringent budget constraints, we offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality, featuring renowned 2nd class but globally recognized brands like Philips, Osram, and Epistar.

Quality isn’t our sole focus; quantity matters too. Extensive experimentation guides us in striking the right balance between lumen efficiency, LED current (a crucial factor for longevity), and cost-effectiveness, guaranteeing the optimal performance and value of LED corn lights.

LED Corn Light Chips

Videos of VST and Satisfying Customers

VST lighting office
china led light manufacturer review

For over a decade, VST has stood as our foremost choice in the realm of neon light manufacturing. Our enduring partnerships with contractors and wholesalers have played a pivotal role in the success and progress of diverse projects.

Our relentless commitment to delivering high-quality products, on-time deliveries, and exceptional customer support has earned us acclaim and contented clients. As a leading neon light manufacturer, VST shines brightly as the preferred collaborator, clearly reflected in the satisfaction expressed by our valued customers.

We extend an invitation to explore our video presentations, providing insights into our manufacturing processes and featuring testimonials from our esteemed clients. Should you have any inquiries, we encourage you to reach out and become part of our global community of elated customers in the neon light manufacturing industry.

Our Standard LED Corn Bulb Base And Heat sinks Manufacture in Our Factory

LED corn bulb base

The LED corn light base is a vital component that links the lamp to the power source, providing a sturdy foundation for the entire fixture. Usually constructed from robust metals like aluminum, it ensures efficient electrical conduction and withstands the heat generated by LED chips. Comprising thermal pottants for heat dissipation and an encapsulant for protection, this base prevents overheating and extends the lamp’s lifespan.

Various base types cater to diverse applications, from the small E10 for miniature lamps to the larger E39 and E40 for high-wattage industrial use. Identifying the correct base involves checking the existing fixture or referring to the manufacturer’s specifications, with the base type denoted by the “E” prefix and a number indicating the base diameter in millimeters.

Corn bulb Heat sinks

The heat sink in an LED corn lamp is a vital component responsible for dissipating heat generated by the LED chips, crucial for preventing overheating and ensuring the lamp’s longevity.

Typically made of high thermal conductivity metals like aluminum, it efficiently transfers heat away from the LED chips. This is essential because, while LED corn lamps are highly efficient, they still generate heat during operation, which can compromise LED chip integrity.

The heat sink increases the lamp’s surface area, facilitating effective heat dissipation. Factors affecting heat sink performance include surface area, material thermal conductivity, and airflow. Overall, the heat sink is indispensable for maintaining optimal LED corn lamp performance by safeguarding against heat-related issues.

Applications Scenarios for LED Corn Light

Street Corn Lighting

Transform your city’s street lighting with the brilliance of LED corn lights. These cutting-edge luminaires are the perfect choice for illuminating streets and roadways, delivering unparalleled visibility and unmatched energy efficiency. Experience enhanced safety and security as LED corn lights bathe your surroundings in powerful, uniform illumination. Energy-draining lighting solutions and to a greener, cost-effective future. Make the eco-conscious choice today and watch your city shine brighter, while saving on energy expenses. Upgrade to LED corn lights and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.


Corn Light Parking Lots

For optimal parking lot illumination, trust in the exceptional performance of LED corn bulbs. These versatile lighting solutions are widely embraced for their ability to effectively cover expansive parking areas. Harness their powerful illumination to enhance safety and security for both vehicles and pedestrians. LED corn bulbs not only brighten your parking lots but also reduce energy expenses, making them the perfect choice for cost-conscious businesses. Illuminate large spaces with precision, minimize maintenance, and maximize energy savings by switching to LED corn bulbs today, ensuring a well-lit, eco-friendly parking environment for all.

Warehouses Corn Lighting

Optimize your high-bay warehouses with the brilliance of LED corn lights, providing uniform, radiant illumination for your valuable storage and workspace areas. Elevate productivity and safety within your storage facilities with these high-performance lighting solutions. LED corn lights are your key to an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and well-lit warehousing environment. Unlock the potential of your high-bay spaces with these advanced luminaires, ensuring a brilliantly lit future.

Outdoor Area Corn Lighting

Elevate your outdoor spaces to new heights with advanced area lighting. These lights are your gateway to transforming gardens, parks, and pathways into enchanting, safe, and inviting areas. Whether for leisurely strolls, vibrant gatherings, or nighttime escapades, outdoor area lighting enhances the ambiance, guides the way, and adds a touch of magic to your surroundings. Embrace the power of innovative outdoor lighting solutions and create an unforgettable outdoor experience for all, one that’s both energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Corn Retail Stores Lighting

Illuminate your retail stores with a cutting-edge lighting solution that exudes crisp, vibrant brightness, ensuring your products take center stage in the most captivating way. LED corn lights offer an unbeatable display, captivating customers with their premium, showroom-quality lighting. Elevate your retail space to an entirely new level, creating a shopping experience that’s immersive and memorable. With these advanced lighting fixtures, you’ll showcase your merchandise effectively, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor and enhancing sales.

Sports Fields led corn light

Sports fields, stadiums, and sports facilities demand nothing less than the exceptional performance of LED corn lights. These luminaires ensure high-quality, consistent lighting for sporting events, guaranteeing every moment is captured in brilliant detail. Let LED corn lights transform your sports arena into a world-class venue, providing an unparalleled atmosphere for players and spectators alike. Say goodbye to inconsistent lighting and welcome a future where your sports events shine brighter than ever before, thanks to these top-tier lighting solutions.

Billboards and Signage Corn lighting

Illuminate billboards, signs, and outdoor advertising displays with the brilliance of advanced lighting solutions. Billboards and signage lighting is key to capturing attention, delivering messages effectively, and making a lasting impression. These cutting-edge fixtures provide a dazzling display, ensuring your outdoor advertisements shine as bright as your ideas. Elevate your marketing efforts with powerful, energy-efficient lighting that sets your message aglow, day and night.

Gyms and Fitness Centers Corn lighting

Elevate your fitness journey in gyms and fitness centers with the superior performance of LED corn lights. These luminaires ensure your workout space is flooded with bright, consistent lighting, empowering you to achieve your fitness goals. Experience workouts like never before with well-lit facilities that boost motivation and safety. LED corn lights provide the energy-efficient solution you need to create an inspiring fitness environment, ensuring every rep and every step is illuminated, helping you shine in your fitness journey.

Restaurants and Cafes Corn Lighting

Set the perfect ambiance in restaurants and cafes with advanced lighting solutions that blend both task and ambient lighting seamlessly. These lights are your recipe for creating an inviting, cozy atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner or a casual brunch, these fixtures provide the ideal lighting backdrop, making your culinary journey a memorable one. Elevate your dining establishment with lighting that accentuates the flavors and aesthetics, ensuring your guests leave with an unforgettable dining experience.

Hotels and Hospitality corn Lighting

Welcome guests to a world of hospitality in hotels and resorts, with LED corn lights that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These luminaires contribute to the overall guest experience, making every stay memorable and enjoyable. Set the stage for relaxation, comfort, and luxury with lighting that exudes elegance and sophistication. LED corn lights enhance the aesthetics of your hospitality spaces, ensuring that every guest feels like a VIP, and every moment is illuminated with warmth and style. Make your hotel or resort a true beacon of hospitality with these exceptional lighting solutions.

led corn light bulbs manufacturer

Premier Producer of Top-Quality LED Corn Light Factory and Supplier Based in China.

We provide our Neon lights accessible IES files, containing crucial data on light distribution and intensity. These files are invaluable for designing lighting systems and simulating fixture performance in specific spaces.

Standard Models from Trusted Corn Light Factory

Color Temperature(CCT) 5000K (Daylight)
Input Voltage(V) AC 85-265V
Place of Origin Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Brand Name VST Lighting
Lamp Body Material Aluminum+plastic
Base Type E27, E26, E39, E40
CRI (Ra>) 80-90
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 150
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm) 1800-18000
Warranty(Year) 5-Year
Working Lifetime(Hour) 50000
Working Temperature(℃) -35 – 40
Color Rendering Index(Ra) 80
Type Corn Lights
Certification PSE, RoHS, CE, FCC, UL
Power Supply AC
Light Source LED
Switch Mode Sensor, wifi, bluetooth, Manual Button
Support Dimmer Yes
Lighting solutions service Lighting and circuitry design
Lifespan (hours) 50000
Working Time (hours) 50000
Product Weight(kg) 0.5
Product Name Led Corn Bulb
Material Aluminum+plastic
LED Light Source SMD2835
Beam angle 360degree
Usage Indoor/Outdoor LED Lighting
IP Rating IP64
Support OEM.ODM

Corn Lights Installations

  • Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “From 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdowns which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of a breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

    Mr. Freddy Decaigny from Belgium
  • This electrical contractor firm has been our trusted partner since 2013, consistently sourcing LED products like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube Lights. Their recent orders now include our LED Linear Lights, LED High Bay Lights, LED Flood Lights, Emergency Lights and Street Lights, hinting at a potential expansion in our collaboration involving LED aluminum profiles.

    Mrs. Paola Patrucco from Italy
  • We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, an 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

    Mr. Jamie Sharpe from Ireland
1. Where are you located?

Our corn light production facility is strategically located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. This advantageous position places us at the heart of the corn light industry, facilitating streamlined operations and fostering important partnerships with key metropolitan areas like Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Foshan.

2. Can I get samples before bulk order?

YES, it is a standard procedure for corn light wholesalers working with Chinese suppliers to request samples before finalizing significant orders. This well-established approach enables wholesalers to evaluate the quality, performance, and appropriateness of corn light products for their particular project needs.

3. What is the MOQ For LED Corn Lights manufacture China?

As a manufacturer specializing in corn light products, we employ a versatile approach to accommodate a broad range of order quantities. We are delighted to receive orders starting from as few as one unit, which is particularly convenient for those seeking samples. For more substantial bulk orders, we usually recommend a minimum quantity of 100 pieces. Our capacity to adapt to varying order volumes complements your corn light wholesale operations, offering tailored solutions that perfectly match your distinct requirements.

4. What is the general lead time for Corn Light Manufacturer?

For sample orders, the usual lead time generally falls within the 3 to 5-day range. However, when handling larger production quantities of corn light products, the timeline may fluctuate, spanning from one to four weeks. The precise production duration is contingent on the order’s size and complications.

5. How to arrange shipment and when can I receive my goods?

When it comes to the shipping logistics for corn light orders, we provide two primary options. For smaller orders, we propose express or air delivery, typically resulting in delivery times of approximately 5 to 10 days.

On the other hand, for larger orders involving substantial quantities, we recommend opting for sea cargo transportation. Shipping durations can vary, spanning from 5 to 45 days, depending on the destination from China. Our services encompass both port-to-port and door-to-door delivery alternatives, and we offer flexibility in choosing duty payment methods for both air and sea shipments. This approach ensures efficient and tailored shipping solutions for your corn light orders.

6. What is your warranty policy and how to claim it?

Our warranty policy covers our corn light products, typically ranging from 3 to 7 years, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In the event of any issues or malfunctions, please provide us with photos and videos showcasing the concerns related to the corn light product in question. Once the problem is verified, we will swiftly send out free replacements, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our corn light products. This emphasizes our unwavering commitment to ensuring your utmost contentment with what we provide.

7. What is the payment term?

When it comes to payment arrangements for our corn light products, we are dedicated to offering flexibility and convenience to our valued customers:

Sample Orders:
For samples, we kindly request full upfront payment. To cater to your preferences, we provide a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, Western Union, and more.

Bulk Orders:
For larger bulk orders, production begins upon receipt of a 30% deposit. The remaining balance of 70% is to be settled before shipment. Bank transfers stand as our preferred payment method for bulk orders, ensuring a secure and streamlined transaction process.

Our main goal is to simplify the payment process, ensuring accessibility and efficiency for both sample and bulk orders. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we are fully committed to facilitating smooth and hassle-free transactions for your convenience.

8. I don't know how many Corn Lights should I use for my project, can you suggest?

If you find yourself uncertain about the quantity of corn light products needed for your project, count on our expertise. As a leading corn light product supplier based in China, we provide a range of services, including ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), and customized lighting solutions for various projects. Our skilled team employs advanced lighting simulation software to accurately calculate the necessary quantity and optimal placement of corn light products. Simply share your project details with us, and we’ll create customized solutions that precisely align with your unique requirements.

9. How should I initiate an order for Corn Lights?

Initiating a corn light order is a straightforward process. You can start by reaching out to us through our preferred communication channels, which could include email, phone, or our online platform. Share the specifics of your order, including the quantity, specifications, and any customization requirements you may have.

Once we receive your initial request, our team will guide you through the necessary steps. This typically involves providing a detailed quotation based on your requirements, discussing payment terms, and confirming shipping details.

Whether you’re looking for a small sample order or planning a larger bulk purchase, our goal is to make the ordering process smooth and tailored to your needs. Feel free to let us know if you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like assistance with regarding your corn light order.

VST’S LED Corn Light Manufacturer & Supplier FAQ Guide

VST-Lighting, a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED corn lights, specializing in environmentally friendly and highly efficient lighting solutions. Our LED corn lights feature a sustainable design with no harmful emissions, ensuring exceptional durability while providing ample illumination and minimizing energy consumption. Switching to VST’s LED corn lights can result in significant energy cost savings, exceeding 80%.

Whether you’re considering bulk orders or seeking insights into the operation and applications of LED corn lights, this FAQ guide provides comprehensive information on various aspects of our products. VST is your trusted LED corn light manufacturer and supplier, dedicated to delivering environmentally responsible and cost-effective lighting solutions. As an LED corn light manufacturer, LED corn bulb supplier, and custom LED corn light provider, we cater to a wide range of lighting needs.

1. What is an LED corn light?
2. What are the benefits of using LED corn lights?
3. What are the different types base of LED corn lights?
4. What are the different color temperatures of LED corn lights?
5. What are the different beam angles of LED corn lights?
6. What is the IP rating of an LED corn light?
7. What is the difference between E26 and E39?
Base Type E26 (Medium Edison Screw) E39 (Mogul Edison Screw)
Diameter 26 mm 39 mm
Common Usage Standard base for most household bulbs. Typically used in industrial and commercial settings.
Voltage Standard 120-volt bulbs (residential). Varied voltage, often used with high-wattage bulbs.
Typical Wattage Up to 100 watts (incandescent, CFL, LED). 150 watts HID and higher (e.g., factories, warehouses).
Applications Residential lighting, lamps, fixtures. Industrial, commercial, street lighting, large areas.
Size Smaller and common in homes. Larger and used in industrial and high-output settings.
8. How do I install an LED corn light?
9. How do I maintain an LED corn light?
10. Can LED corn lights be used in both AC and DC applications?
11. Are your LED corn lights compatible with standard dimmers?
12. Can LED corn lights be used in damp or wet locations?
13. Can LED corn lights be used in enclosed fixtures?
14. How can I choose the right LED corn light for my application?
15. How can I find a reputable LED corn light manufacturer or supplier?
16. How can I ensure that my LED corn lights are compatible with my existing lighting fixtures?
17. How can I install LED corn lights in my existing fixtures?
18. What tools and equipment are needed for the installation of LED corn lights?
19. How can I troubleshoot problems with my LED corn lights?
20. Do you provide technical support or guidance for DIY installations?
21. What are the different certifications for LED corn lights?
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