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    A Vast Collection of Different Lighting Categories For Large Scale Projects and Businesses.

    With a decade of practice, we are a LED lighting factory capable of a wide range of products encompassing all types of lights. We are a manufacturer and supplier of top-notch LED lighting for commercial and residential purposes. Our LED light factory in China manufactures customized lighting. You can send in your specifications to have your large order customized in a name of choice. We as well provide tests reports on all products to certify the excellent performance of each.

    As you browse through our array of LED lightings available, be assured of top-notch functionality as all are made of high-grade materials. To ensure the efficiency of LED products, we go into a series of research to innovatively produce lasting, durable, and distinctly bright types to help our partners deliver the best quality. As a LED lighting factory, our exterior and interior well-engineered LED high lights are energy-efficient and function as a great source of lighting in open spaces and small compartments.  We offer discounted prices to our partners and customers who run recreational centers,  industrial centers, and other commercial settings.

    Mr. Freddy Decaigny from Belgium:

    Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

    Mr. Jamie Sharpe from Ireland:

    We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

    Mrs. Paola Patrucco from Italy:

    Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

    VST: The Ultimate Source of Genuine LED Light Factory in China

    We offer a warranty on all large scales and types of reputable light LED lighting to signify the quality we stand for.

    Send inquiries to us to obtain LED lights in large quantities and have them delivered promptly.

    In Our years of experience in the production of lightings, our team at VST has perfected the build of all types of lightings which may be rechargeable lights; the batteries charge fast, it illuminates distinctly, and don’t run out fast.

    We’ve built a reputation you can trust. We keep producing quality over the years, and we intend to keep that trust intact. More so, our principle of operation centers around delivery quality to all our customers.

    We at VST, dedicate time, experience, expertise, and testing to ascertain all products are suitably coupled and functional.  As a top choice, emergency light supplier and go-to manufacturer of light fittings contact us to enjoy a hassle-free delivery system.

     Contact us to purchase emergency LED lights in bulk. You can be sure of prompt and excellent service delivery.

    Some Custom Made LED Tube Lights

    LED Lighting Factory – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

    In the world of LED lighting, every day, new features and innovative designs are created. All this happens in the LED lighting factory.

    Engineers along with the R&D team bring original and unconventional LED lighting designs. Businesspersons worldwide acknowledge the inventions and boost their business by getting them to their countries.

    In this article, you will find information regarding the best LED light factory in China. How it manufactures the high-grade lights and what benefits you can get from it.

    Let’s get started.

    Table of Content

    1. What Is the Difference Between Purchasing from a LED Light Factory and a Wholesaler?
    2. Why Choose a LED Light Factory in China?
    3. How Can I Find an Authentic LED Lighting Factory?
    4. What Is the Geographical Division of the LED Light Factory in China?
    5. What Are the Ways to Contact a LED Lighting Factory?
    6. What Are the Advantages of Visiting a LED Light Factory Personally?
    7. What Qualities Does a Good LED Light Factory Possess?
    8. What Type of Businesses Benefits from a LED Light Factory?
    9. Which Is the Best LED Light Factory in China?
    10. How Can I Believe That the LED Light Factory Is Offering Reasonable Prices?
    11. What Type of LED Lights Are Recommended to Purchase from a LED Light Factory?
    12. Does LED Light Factory Accept Small Orders?
    13. What Are the Ways to Import from a LED Light Factory in China?
    14. Does LED Lighting Factory Offer After-Sales Services?

    1. What Is the Difference Between Purchasing from a LED Light Factory and a Wholesaler?

    When it comes to purchasing LED lights for your business, the main question that comes to mind is where to buy LED lights?

    Why should I go overseas when I get LED lights from my homeland?

    We have specific reasons why it is recommended to purchase from a LED lighting factory than a wholesaler.

    • An LED lighting factory provides you cost-effective solutions. You can enjoy rebates and attractive discounts while dealing with a manufacturer. On the other hand, the wholesalers cannot give you the same values.
    • A LED light manufacturer provides you high-quality lights with consistency. On the contrary, a wholesaler may get lights from multiple suppliers. It may lead to high and low-quality products in one place.
    • An LED lighting manufacturer can provide you with customized lighting solutions. At the same time, a wholesaler can only give you the standard lights available in the shop.
    • You enjoy the order flexibility while dealing with a LED lighting factory. They facilitate you with small MOQs also. On the other hand, a wholesaler doesn’t provide you with much flexibility. They have fixed amounts and fixed prices for you.
    • An LED light manufacturer provides you the efficient customer and after-sales services. A wholesaler usually doesn’t facilitate you with these services.


    LEd wholesale market
    LEd wholesale market

    2. Why Choose a LED Light Factory in China?

    Many countries are manufacturing LED lights worldwide. They supply their lights globally.

    Then why do we always prefer to buy LED lights from China?

    Why do we always think to trade with a Chinese LED lighting factory?

    There must be some good reasons. Let me elaborate on a few of them for you.

    Advanced Infrastructure

    One of the important reasons to contact a LED light factory in China is their developed and advanced infrastructure.

    The raw material supply chains work correctly and efficiently. It is the reason you can trust a Chinese factory for on-time deliveries.

    Even though advance and up-to-date machines are installed, the R&D team is continuously working for innovations and imaginative additions.

    Moreover, the developed shipment services ensure on-time deliveries at competitive prices.

    Imaginative & Original Designs

    LED lighting factories keep bringing new ideas to their designs. The team of specialists in the research and development department work round the clock for inspiring solutions.

    You can conveniently get stylish and original designs of LED lights. The best thing about purchasing from China is that you get high-grade LED lights at a low cost.


    Imaginative Designs
    Imaginative Designs


    LED lights are known for their low energy consumption and long life spans. The LED lights have a high upfront cost as compared to other standard lights.

    In the long run, you will acknowledge that the low maintenance cost and less energy consumption ultimately make LED lights cost-effective than other lighting solutions.

    Moreover, buying from a LED light factory saves you up to 150%, including shipment and custom charges.

    On the other hand, the western factories sell the LED lights to you at a higher rate.

    Fast ROI

    Purchasing at low prices increases the chances to sell at reasonable rates. LED lights are more in demand nowadays. So, you have got maximum chances of fast ROI.

    You can sell LED lights in your local market at reasonable prices and get good profits.

    Order Flexibility

    LED lighting factories facilitate flexibility in your orders. If you are a new business person, you can enjoy the small MOQ services.

    MOQ here stands for Minimum Order Quantity. Once you get to hold on to things in your local market, increase the order quantity.

    Chinese factories always support you and stand at your back in developing your business. Whether you have a small budget or new to the industry, please don’t feel shy. We are here to support you in all possible ways.

    High-Quality Raw Material

    A businessperson always wants to provide high-quality products at competitive prices in their local market.

    It is the reason LED lighting factory in China is a recommendation. The Chinese factories use high-quality raw materials to manufacture LED lights.


    High-Quality Raw Material
    High-Quality Raw Material

    Attractive Features

    Everyday products with new features launch to facilitate you. For example, remote controllers, motion sensors, color-changing options, fire and water resistance, and lights with dimmers.

    These attractive features attract more businesspersons to China for trading.

    3. How Can I Find an Authentic LED Lighting Factory?

    The first and most authentic way to find the right factory is to visit China by yourself. However, it is not an easy task generally. Ecommerce has made things comparatively easier.

    You can search on the internet for the best-LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China. Know about their factories and products and get a quotation right away.

    Following are the ideal ways to find your dream LED light factory in China.

    • Search the web
    • Visit international exhibitions and tradeshows
    • Plan a personal visit

    Search the Web

    The internet has made the world a global village. By sitting on your couch, you can get information about every corner of the world.

    Note down multiple factories, research well, compare the specifications, and select the best one for your business.

    Here are the easiest and authentic ways to search for a LED lighting factory.

    • Trading websites
    • Social media websites
    • Web browsers


    Search the Web
    Search the Web

    Trading Websites

    Among many, some successful trading websites like AlibabaAliexpress, and Made-in-China are serving globally.

    These websites give you the knowledge of factories and manufacturers. They also provide a complete product range with product descriptions and reviews.

    You can select top-ranking factories from such websites. Later on, pick out the best of the best with further research.

    Social Media Websites

    Social media is a powerful source to showcase your existence. Companies, manufacturers, and suppliers develop social media web pages to let the world know about their product launches.

    You can find all the product details, their specifications, and sometimes attractive packages and deals on these websites.

    For example, VST-Lighting has made accessibility convenient for you. You can contact us through FacebookLinkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

    Web Browsers

    Searching the web is not a big deal unless you know how to search for your desired LED lights. For example, type LED downlights on the search bar, and thousands of related results will come up on your computer screen.

    It is recommended to go through at least the top 20 search results thoroughly. By comparing and contrasting different factories, you will be able to find the perfect one.

    Yahoo, Bing, and Google are some best browsers to go with.

    Visit International Exhibitions and Tradeshows

    Every year international trade shows are conducted in many countries of the world. The reason for this is to facilitate the businesspersons to buy and sell their products.

    These exhibitions and tradeshows are a platform for both the manufacturers and buyers to meet, know, and participate in the rapidly growing LED lighting business.

    If the exhibitions don’t occur in your country, you can visit a neighboring country and see the trending and upcoming products.

    In such tradeshows, you can meet companies from all over the world. So, it becomes easier for you to compare the quality and cost every country offers to you.

    Besides, in China, every year, many trade shows take place. The top 5 trade shows are Canton Fair, Yiwu Trade Fair, Beijing Auto Show, Bauma Fair, and Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair.


    International Exhibitions
    International Exhibitions

    Plan a Personal Visit

    Visiting China personally is the most authentic and recommended way to find a LED lighting company of your choice.

    You can attend the trade shows, exhibitions, visit the factories, meet the manufacturers, and see Chinese wholesale markets.

    You will get a clear idea of what type of lights you need for your business and the best manufacturers for the specific LED light.

    Read further to know, where in China can you find the industrial clusters of LED lights?

    4. What Is the Geographical Division of the LED Light Factory in China?

    If we divide China geographically, we will know that there are three central provinces where major production of LED lights is taking place.

    It would be best if you visit all the provinces. If not possible, try to see as many factories as you can.

    Let’s reveal the province names and their specialties regarding the LED lights to make the visit easier for you.

    • Guangdong Province
    • Fujian Province
    • Zhejiang Province

    Guangdong Province

    Guangdong – formerly known as Canton, based on which the Canton Fair is named. It is located in Southeast China.

    This province is a hub of LED lighting industries. You can find innovative and original decorative LED lights in this province.

    Shenzhen is a famous city in Guangdong province. Here numerous factories are working on advanced LED lighting technology.

    VST-Lighting, one of China’s leading LED lighting factory is also located in Shenzhen – Guangdong province.


    Guangdong China
    Guangdong China

    Fujian Province

    Fujian province is also located on the Southeast coast of China near the Guangdong province. It is famous for various competitive LED lighting factories.

    This area is famous for the production of high-end LED bulbs and LED chip packaging.

    Zhejiang Province

    Zhejiang is the eastern coastal province of China. It is the focal point when it comes to OEM services for many LED lighting brands.

    Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu are well known for low-end LED lights. You can enjoy high-quality products with low pricing here.

    5. What Are the Ways to Contact a LED Lighting Factory?

    Now is the time to contact the selected LED lighting factory. Whether you have chosen it online, by attending a trade show, or by visiting the factory, again there are three ways to contact them.

    • Contact through telecommunication
    • One-to-one meeting
    • Engage a Third Party

    Contact through Telecommunication

    Not necessarily that you have searched the factory online, so you must order online too. Sometimes businesspersons visit China, go back to their countries, finalize the manufacturer, and contact online.

    So, landline numbers, official websites, online meetings, and social media websites are the best options to get a quotation from your selected manufacturer and supplier.

    One-to-One Meeting

    Personal visits and meetings are always recommended. If you can, you must!

    Face-to-face meetings always have a positive effect on the relationship and ultimately on the business.

    You can visit multiple cities, see the factories and their manufacturing process, and select the best suited for you.

    In this way, you can better understand what raw material the factories are using, their way of working, and their relationship with their employees.


    One-to-One Meetings
    One-to-One Meetings

    Engage a Third Party

    Another way to contact the LED lighting factory is to ask a trusted party to visit the factory for you. The party can observe and ask all the related questions on your behalf.

    Once you get the details, you can finalize the factory for your business.

    6. What Are the Advantages of Visiting a LED Light Factory Personally?

    Even though you can find and contact a LED light factory in China in many ways, the best way is to visit them personally.

    The benefits of personal visit over online research are as follows:

    • Managing a social media website or official website is different than working in factories. You might find attractive websites, but in reality, the quality of their products might not be up to international standards.
    • A personal visit ensures that the LED lighting factory exists and is not dealing with a trading company.
    • When you visit an LED lighting company, you understand how the manufacturing process is taking place.
    • Visiting a LED lighting factory is helpful for you to promote the LED lights of your business. The reason is, when you see the manufacturing process, you understand it better.
    • People like you operate all the websites. Why not shake hands and finalize the deal rather than finishing it behind the computer screens?
    • With a personal meeting, you tend to strengthen the relationship with the manufacturer stronger.
    • Another benefit of personal meetings over online dealing is that you get the chance to negotiate prices.
    • Similarly, personal presence helps you to emphasize fast delivery. You can openly and frankly talk to a manufacturer in their factory rather than on telephone calls.
    • Types of raw material used and its assemblage helps you to understand the tricks and techniques. In this way, you can also reveal your ideas and get customized LED lights.
    • A personal visit to multiple factories enables you to compare their working conditions, cleanliness, and their behavior with the employees.

    7. What Qualities Does a Good LED Light Factory Possess?

    In this article, until now, you have read about the ways to find an appropriate LED light factory in China.

    What are the standards to measure the authenticity of a factory?

    How would you know that who is the best and who is not?

    So, here are few factors you must consider while choosing an LED lighting factory for your business. Whether you are choosing it online or paying a personal visit, these factors will help you in either way.

    • Business record
    • International dealing
    • Certifications
    • Reasonable prices
    • Efficient customer services
    • Sample testing
    • Delivery time and cost

    Business Record

    While selecting an LED lighting factory, you must see the history of that particular company. The working experience and years of successful manufacturing ensure high-quality and reliable production.

    A successful factory deals with wholesalers and distributors from all over the world. Their happy customers give positive reviews about them.

    Moreover, if a company has long-term clients, it has a good reputation and customer service.

    International Dealing

    A factory supplying their products globally shows that their LED lights are durable and of good quality.

    A businessperson placing a bulk order from a faraway country guarantees that the manufacturer is reliable.


    Another way to judge a LED light manufacturing company is the national and international certifications awarded to it.

    Certifications show that the factory produces LED lights according to international standards. So, you can trust the factory.


    National and International Certifications
    National and International Certifications

    Reasonable Prices

    Price is an essential factor to consider while making a choice. It is a critical choice. Many factories offer you low prices, but please remember that low prices may end up purchasing low-quality LED lights.

    LED lights have a high upfront cost. But the fantastic features they offer with long life spans and low energy consumption ultimately saves money.

    So, never compromise on the quality and choose an LED light factory in China wisely.

    Efficient Customer Services

    An authentic LED light factory provides you all the information you want. They facilitate you with the type of product you want and offer you a custom solution for your demands.

    On the other hand, unverified suppliers tend to sell the standard LED lights and cannot provide you the technical details about the product.

    So, you can judge the authenticity by experiencing the customer service the factory provides you. Authentic factories provide 24/7, efficient, and helpful customer service.

    Sample Testing

    The genuine LED light manufacturers provide you with samples whether you ask for one or not. It shows their confidence in the top-quality products they manufacture.

    You can trust your selected bona fide LED light factory in China that they will provide you with the same high-quality LED lights as shown in the sample.


    Sample Testing
    Sample Testing

    Delivery Time and Cost

    Verified and undisputed factories have developed delivery services. For example, VST-Lighting has long-term and reliable supply partners that provide the raw material on time.

    The efficient team of engineers and workers work effortlessly and provide you deliveries as per your demand.

    The cost for on-time shipment delivery an authentic manufacturer charge is also very minimal.

    8. What Type of Businesses Benefits from a LED Light Factory?

    A LED light factory in China supplies the lights to different types of businesspersons. Like:

    • Wholesalers
    • Distributors
    • Lighting contractors
    • Electricity contractors
    • Retailers


    An LED lighting factory like VST-Lighting supplies high-quality LED lights to wholesalers worldwide. If you are new to the industry and have a low budget, you can order in a small MOQ.

    As you get settled in your business, you can conveniently place bulk orders. VST-Lighting is always there to support you and help you to skyrocket your business.


    If you are willing to work as a regional agent for VST-Lighting, we welcome you to join our team. We support our distributors, and they are working globally for VST-Lighting.

    For more details about the distributorship, you can contact our team 24/7.

    Lighting Contractors

    To boost your lighting contracts, an authentic LED lighting factory is always at your back. Here you can get all types of LED lights, like:

    • Indoor LED lights
    • Outdoor LED lights
    • High-voltage LED lights
    • Low-voltage LED lights

    For instance, get a quotation from VST-Lighting right now and satisfy your customer’s demand with innovative and high-quality LED lights.


    Lighting Contractors
    Lighting Contractors

    Electricity Contractors

    Whether you are a line contractor, inside electrical contractor, IBS, or VDV electrical contractor, you can benefit from an LED light factory in China.

    We have all indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for you. For example, electrical contractors from all over the world purchase from VST-Lighting.


    If you are a retailer, you can also benefit from a LED lighting factory. LED light manufacturers create variable lights like:

    So, it is a wide range. You can search your local market, select the most trending lights and get them from a LED light factory from China.

    9. Which Is the Best LED Light Factory in China?

    Talking about high-quality, cost-effective, and durable LED lights, VST-Lighting is one of China’s best LED light factories.

    Here you can find a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. Our highly qualified engineers and trained technicians work effortlessly to provide you with world-class products.

    The whole manufacturing process takes place under the guidance of VST-Lighting’s specialized QA/QC team.

    The R&D team brings innovative designs and trending technologies to the factory to create new and original LED lights.



    Your demands are our priorities. You can give us your requirements, and VST-Lighting will provide you with the best solutions for your business.

    VST-Lighting offers a 3-7 years warranty period for all the lights. You can order in small MOQs and bulk also.

    The national and international certification VST-Lighting has shown that the lights are highly graded. You can trust VST-Lighting as all the LED lights are manufactured up to international safety standards.

    10. How Can I Believe That the LED Light Factory Is Offering Reasonable Prices?

    You can judge only by dealing and negotiating with multiple LED lighting manufacturers. You can get quotations from various factories.

    Comparing the prices, manufacturing procedures, and the raw material they use, you can differentiate between a professional and an amateur.


    Competitive Prices
    Competitive Prices

    11. What Type of LED Lights Are Recommended to Purchase from a LED Light Factory?

    It would help if you went for the trending LED lights. The hot-selling LED lights in your local market gain more profits.

    For example, if you are dealing in indoor LED lights, you must observe whether the customer demands downlights, pendant lights, track lights, or tube lights.

    It is recommended to survey your local market thoroughly before dealing with a LED lighting factory.

    Moreover, a LED light factory in China has various types of lighting solutions. High cost and low cost, you must start your business with cost-effective lighting solutions.

    Customers prefer buying high-quality products at a low cost. You can boost your business by dealing with a LED lighting factory that offers you cost-effective solutions.

    Hot Selling LED Lights
    Hot Selling LED Lights

    12. Does LED Light Factory Accept Small Orders?

    Yes, why not?

    We give you the flexibility to place orders in small MOQs or bulk. According to your customer’s demands and budget, you can choose the amount of LED lights.

    An authentic LED lighting factory always provides you the facility to choose the amount of LED lights.

    Bonafide LED lighting factories accept small orders because they want you to settle your business successfully.

    You can increase the order quantity as soon as you set your feet in the market. Later on, you can enjoy a long-term relationship with attractive discounts and firm support.

    13. What Are the Ways to Import from a LED Light Factory in China?

    You can source LED lights from China in three different ways.

    You can choose the way that best suits you. It is recommended that whatever way you choose, you must settle all the payment methods beforehand.

    You must decide the shipment cost, shipping routes, and shipping time in advance. Three different ways are used for shipping the deliveries.


     Delivery by Ship
    Delivery by Ship
    • Air
    • Sea
    • Land

    The most commonly used way is by sea. Ships take deliveries all over the world from China. It is the most cost-effective way.

    It almost takes 30 – 45 days to deliver the shipment. However, due to some reasons, the shipments may take a little more time.

    For example, faraway countries tend to receive the shipments in more time as compared to nearby areas.

    Bulk orders take more time than small MOQs. Special events and holidays may also affect the working days.

    Similarly, the shipping cost may vary depending on the type of LED light you have ordered. Customized lights are expensive than standard lights.

    Bulk orders enjoy a special discounted price as compared to small MOQs. However, all in all, an authentic LED lighting factory, like VST-Lighting, provides you with LED lights at competitive prices.

    14. Does LED Lighting Factory Offer After-Sales Services?

    An authentic LED light factory offers after-sales services.

    For example, VST-Lighting offers 3 – 7 years of warranty on every LED light. We also give you the facility to replace any defective piece you find after unpacking the shipment.

    VST-Lighting offers you the services of designing. If you want to design a specific lighting area, we can do it on DIAlux lighting design services.

    It can help to calculate the area and amount of lighting fixtures needed.


    After-Sales Services
    After-Sales Services
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