The Renowned LED Lighting Supplier in china

The Renowned LED Lighting Supplier

VST produces and supplies high-quality and standard products for you. You come first, and as a top and reliable led light supplier in China, we deliver the quality you deserve.

All LED lights manufactured by the VST team works to produce an excellent glow of light and function efficiently. You can partner with us as a regional sales outlet and sell LED lights at your establishment.

We invite you to visit our online store or contact us to purchase industry-leading LED lights in bulk. You can be sure of prompt and excellent service delivery.

VST manufactures a wide range of LED fittings for use both indoors and outdoors. The manufactured LED lights are ergonomically built and well-engineered for the quality illumination of large spaces and small compartments. The versatile LED light system has a varying degree of brightness adjustable to the need of each user. All the LED light panels are produced in several sizes based on your want and scope of use. Standard sizes like 300x300mm (1x1ft) / 600x600mm (2x2ft) etc. The LED lights supplied also come in varied capacities which indicates the brightness level for each product.

VST is your go-to LED manufacturer in China for the standard bulk delivery of superior quality LED-powered lighting

As masters of  LED lighting designs, we aim to make your demands available as desired at all times. All categories of LED lighting are manufactured with the best materials and appropriately assembled to function for many years of use. At VST, your bulk purchases come with a warranty that ranges between 3-5 years depending on the agreed years at the point of purchase.

Reach out to VST and enjoy the many applications of LED lighting fixtures. We deliver in large numbers across different regions and do so promptly and accurately. Since we ensure a uniform quality of all LED lights, all orders are shipped correctly.  For dealers in other countries of the world, we are a china LED supplier that exports lighting across borders.

One of our unique and outstanding services as a LED light supplier in China is to deliver customized LED lighting to our partners who request special writing or design on the lights.

VST supplies you with the very best LED lighting for various applications. Industrial lighting, supermarket lighting, spotlights, emergency indoor lights, and a host of different lighting.

All LED lights and fixtures are of standard quality and certified for the market. The high-grade quality of each makes it fit for use in professional and home settings.

VST satisfies your purchases with prompt and accurate delivery services. Our delivery system ensures all ordered lighting is delivered as required. We are the LED light supplier who puts quality service ahead of other things and works hard to give our clients value for money.

Mr. Freddy Decaigny from Belgium:

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

Mr. Jamie Sharpe from Ireland:

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Mrs. Paola Patrucco from Italy:

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

VST supplies you with the very best LED lighting for various applications.

Industrial lighting, supermarket lighting, spotlights, emergency indoor lights, and a host of different lighting.

All LED lights and fixtures are of standard quality and certified for the market. The high-grade quality of each makes it fit for use in professional and home settings.

VST satisfies your purchases with prompt and accurate delivery services. Our delivery system ensures all ordered lighting is delivered as required. We are the LED light supplier who puts quality service ahead of other things and works hard to give our clients value for money.

Some Custom LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting Supplier – FAQs Guide

Welcome to the FAQs page of LED lighting suppliers in China. In this write up you will get to know everything about a good LED light supplier.

Please scroll down to find out the qualities of the best supplier, ways to find them, contact them, and purchase quality products from them.

Let’s get started.

Table of Content:

  1. What is the difference between working with a LED lighting supplier or a trading company?
  2. What Are the Reasons to Choose a LED Light Supplier in China?
  3. How to Find China LED Supplier?
  4. Where in China can I find the best LED light suppliers?
  5. How Can I Contact a LED Lighting Supplier in China?
  6. What are the benefits of visiting LED lighting supplier manufacturing premises?
  7. What Are the Qualities of an Exemplary LED Lighting Supplier?
  8. Who Benefits from a LED Light Supplier in China?
  9. Who Is the Best LED Lighting Supplier in China?
  10. How to judge whether the LED lighting supplier is offering you reasonable prices?
  11. What Type of Products Shall I Buy from China LED Supplier?
  12. Can I Order in a Small Quantity from a LED Lighting Supplier?
  13. How Can I Source from a China LED Supplier?
  14. Do LED Lighting Suppliers Offer After-Sales Services?
LED Light Supplier in China
LED Light Supplier in China

1. What Is the Difference Between Working with a LED Lighting Supplier or a Trading Company?

First of all, you need to know the difference between a manufacturer and a trading company.

A manufacturer makes the product and supplies it. Whereas a trading company buys and provides variable products to many countries.

Working with both of them is different.


Working with a LED lighting supplier has many advantages as compared to a trading company. These are:

  • A LED lighting supplier facilitates you with competitive prices. You can get up to a 20% rebate. Moreover, regular clients get amazing discounts on bulk purchases.
  • A LED lighting supplier provides you with high-quality lights with consistency. You can trust that you will get the same quality product as shown in the sample.
  • Dealing with a trading company takes more delivery time than a LED light supplier in China.
  • Direct communication with the supplier tends to have less chance of misunderstandings. On the contrary, dealing with a trading company requires a lot of contact with the mediators.
  • You tend to get unique and original products by dealing with a LED light manufacturer. On the other hand, many companies are involved in working with a trading company, and the chance of stealing your idea increases.
  • You can develop a better relationship with the manufacturer and get benefits from them.
  • LED lighting suppliers and manufacturers provide you with efficient customer services. In contrast, an online trading company deals with multiple customers at a time. There is a chance that you don’t get the attention that you deserve.

2. What Are the Reasons to Choose a LED Light Supplier in China?

It is a common thought that why shall I import from a distant country when I can get high-grade LED lights from a local supplier?

Or, why only China? There are many other countries that manufacture and supply LED lights.

China LED suppliers are the best. To support this statement, here are specific reasons.

Accessible Fundamentals

One of the most significant factors to choose China LED supplier is China’s developed infrastructure and easily accessible fundamentals.

Raw material supply chains and shipments services are well developed. There are minimal chances of delayed or canceled orders.

Businesspersons and wholesalers prefer buying from an LED light supplier in China because of the developed supply chains and loyal workforce.


Accessible Fundamentals
Accessible Fundamentals

State of the Art Designs

Another good reason to source your LED lights from a Chinese supplier is the innovative and original designs they offer you.

You can find unique and original designs with high-quality material at a low cost.


One other good reason to purchase from a LED lighting supplier in China is their competitive prices.

You can save up to 150% by dealing with a Chinese supplier. It includes product cost, shipment charges, and customs duties.

In comparison, the local and western suppliers cost you more.

Great Profits

You have increased chances of getting profits by purchasing from a Chinese LED supplier. China LED suppliers to attract more business persons by offering low prices.

It provides you the chance to get more profits by selling LED lights at reasonable rates in your local market.


Great Profits
Great Profits

Bulk or Small MOQs

LED lighting suppliers in China facilitate you to place an order according to your budget and requirement.

For instance, if you are new to the industry, you can place a small MOQ. Later on, with increasing demand, you can increase the order quantity.

Not all countries and suppliers provide you with this flexibility in order quantity.

High-Grade Material

LED light supplier in China is a wise choice. The raw material Chinese manufacturers and suppliers selected for the making of LED lights is high-grade.

You may get a warranty period of 3 – 7 years. The life span of a standard LED light ranges from 50,000 – 70,000 hours.

It is an attractive life span and warranty time that attracts more foot traffic. So, the high-quality raw material guarantees good performance, a long lifespan, and low energy consumption.


High-Grade Material
High-Grade Material

3. How to Find China LED Supplier?

Finding the best and authentic suppliers is a nut to crack. Not everyone can easily go to China and visit the market places or industries.

There are many other ways to find the appropriate LED light supplier. This write-up is all about finding an authentic supplier. You can find them:

  • On internet
  • Attend international exhibitions and trade shows
  • Personally visit markets and industries

Finding LED Light Supplier on the Internet

Through the internet, you can find thousands of LED lighting suppliers. With detailed research, you can pick out the authentic and verified suppliers conveniently.

There are different ways you can find a LED light supplier on the internet.

Search Engines

You can search through various search engines. Like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Companies with developed infrastructure and regular customers establish their websites.

They update the sites with news about their product launches and new deals. You can quickly get product details and contact information on the company’s website.

Type the desired keyword in the search bar, and you will get hundreds of results related to that keyword. For example, you can type LED tube lightsLED street lightsLED downlights, etc.

Social Media Websites

You can find authentic and reliable LED light suppliers in China on social media websites. Developed companies make social media accounts and pages to make their accessibility easier.

These accounts help them to showcase their product launches, latest deals, and updates.

For example, you can find VST-Lighting on various social media websites like FacebookLinkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

Social Media Websites
Social Media Websites

Trade Websites for B2B Companies

Many successful and authentic websites are working globally to connect B2B companies. Some of these are AlibabaAliexpress, and Made-in-China.

You can visit these websites to find the most successful and authentic LED lighting suppliers.

Attend International Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are arranged globally every year. Companies from all over the world participate in these exhibitions to showcase their products.

If the exhibition doesn’t take place in your country, you can visit a country near your area. In these shows, it becomes easier to know about new products and their manufacturers and suppliers.

Besides, in China, every year, exhibitions and trade shows are conducted like canton fair. If you want, you can visit China to find your desired LED lighting supplier.

Personally Visit Markets and Industries

Another way to find the best LED light supplier is to visit China. You can plan a tour to China, visit multiple manufacturers and suppliers, stop by the wholesale markets, and choose the best-suited supplier for your business.

It is the highly recommended way to find a LED light supplier in China. Read the following question to know, wherein China shall you visit?

Markets in China
Markets in China

4. Where in China Can I Find the Best LED Light Suppliers?

China is famous for the high-quality and cost-effective LED lights. However, 90% of the LED light business is concentrated in three major areas of China. These are:

  • Guangdong Province
  • Fujian Province
  • Zhejiang Province

Let’s see the details of what type of LED lighting suppliers and manufacturers you can find there.

Guangdong Province

In this area, most of China’s LED suppliers are located. If you are looking for decorative LED lights, this area must be the best choice.

Shenzhen is an excellent place to find LED lighting suppliers. Here you can find advanced lighting technologies.

VST-Lighting is also located in Shenzhen, China.

Fujian Province

Fujian Province is well known for its numerous competitive LED light suppliers. You can find the best high-end LED bulbs and LED chips packaging here.

Zhejiang Province

This province is famous for OEM supplier of many known brands. Here you can find low-end LED lights at competitive prices.

Areas Showing China LED Suppliers
Areas Showing China LED Suppliers

5. How Can I Contact a LED Lighting Supplier in China?

After finalizing the LED light supplier in China, now is the time to contact and approach them. The different ways to get to them are:

  • Visit them personally
  • Contact online
  • Ask a trusted person to do it for you

Personal Visit

You can personally visit multiple LED lighting suppliers in China. Meet them, see the LED lights, and talk to them about all the details.

We recommend you meet multiple suppliers to get a better vision, and it becomes easier for you to select the best one for your business.

You must plan a tour, talk about your plan to the supplier, set a time that is most suitable for both of you, and meet.

Before leaving for China, make sure you have all the contact details and addresses. Arrange your stay and transportation in advance. These preparatory measures will save time.

Contact Online

If you are unable to visit China personally, you can contact your selected LED lighting supplier online.

You can contact them through telephone or can arrange an online meeting. Authentic suppliers always provide you with quality LED lights regardless you visit them personally or get a quotation online.

Online Meetings
Online Meetings

Ask a Third Party

Another way to contact the China LED supplier is to ask a trusted person or party to visit and meet the suppliers on your behalf.

They can see the factory, meet the suppliers, and get all the information you need. After that, you can finalize the deal.

6. What Are the Benefits of Visiting LED Lighting Supplier Manufacturing Premises?

We have told you all the ways to find a perfect LED light supplier for your business. However, the best way we recommend is to visit the LED lighting supplier premises by yourself.


There are many good reasons to support this recommendation. These are:

  • An online search can show you websites that are very attractive and up-to-date. You can attain an accurate picture of a China LED supplier by visiting the factory or an exhibition.
  • Visiting the manufacturing premises ensures that the company you are dealing with is an actual LED light supplier and not a trading company.
  • Visiting a manufacturing company gives you a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process of LED lights.
  • When you see and understand how efficiently and diligently the engineers and technicians are working, you can confidently promote the lights in your country.
  • Behind all the social media and trading websites exist, humans, the same as you. Visiting and meeting personally with the business persons results in long-term relationship building.
  • Personal meetings help you to negotiate the prices better. You cannot do it in online purchasing.
LED Lighting Supplier Premises
LED Lighting Supplier Premises
  • When you see the raw materials and manufacturing procedures, you better understand how it is done. It triggers your creative mind. You can have customized LED lights by revealing your innovative ideas.
  • Your visit to an industrial cluster benefits you to have a look at multiple LED lighting suppliers. In this way, you can compare the manufacturing processes, materials, and prices conveniently.
  • Another advantage of visiting the supplier’s factory is to find out the working conditions. You can notice whether they work in a neat and clean environment, treat their workers decently, and follow the international safety standards.
  • You can talk to your LED light supplier in China more openly than in your country. Physical presence helps you to emphasize getting on-time fast deliveries.

7. What Are the Qualities of an Exemplary LED Lighting Supplier?

Whether you visit the LED lighting supplier, search online, or hire a trusted party, here are specific factors you must consider.

These factors will help you to choose the best-LED light supplier in China. If you don’t pay attention, you might end up buying low-quality LED lights.

These factors are:

  • Business history
  • Global dealing
  • Certified
  • Competitive prices
  • Good communication
  • Sample testing
  • Delivery time and cost

Business History

It is one of the main factors you must consider while selecting the LED light supplier in China.

Successful years of manufacturing and supplying LED lights to the world ensure that the supplier has a good reputation and provides high-quality products.

You can see the feedback and reviews from the regular customers of the particular LED lighting supplier.

It will help you to build your opinion.

Global Dealing

Another factor is the international trading and dealing of the supplier. Authentic LED light suppliers to deliver their products worldwide.

Wholesalers and distributors worldwide place orders due to the trust and quality of the LED lights.


Certifications play a vital role in developing trust between you and the supplier. Trusted suppliers deal with certified products.

Competitive Prices

We recommend that you must compare the prices of multiple LED light suppliers. However, never compromise on the costs when it comes to quality.

Low prices may result in low-quality LED lights. In contrast, the high upfront cost may end up in long-lasting LED lights of good quality.

So, remember, choose a supplier smartly when it comes to prices.

Good Communication

An authentic and exemplary LED light supplier in China listens to your demands. You can give them your requirements, talk to them about the type of LED lights you want, and they will provide you the desired products.

The customer service is open 24/7 to answer all your queries. Good communication proves the authenticity of the supplier.

Sample Testing

Another factor that shows the validity of the LED lighting supplier is that they always provide you with samples.

You can test the samples before confirming your order. They ensure you that you will get the same product in the shipment as shown in the sample.

Delivery Time and Cost

Always ask for the estimated lead time and final cost, including delivery charges. Authentic suppliers have developed shipment and delivery systems.

They take minimum time to deliver your consignments. Moreover, exemplary suppliers consistently deliver shipments on time.


Delivery Time & Cost
Delivery Time & Cost

8. Who Benefits from a LED Light Supplier in China?

A LED light supplier in China serves many businesses. These are:

  • Electricity contractor
  • Light contractor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler

Electricity Contractor

Whether you deal with indoor or outdoor LED lights, a LED light supplier can provide you the best solutions in both ways.

You can get high-quality LED lights to serve your client. Line contractors, inside electrical contractors, IBS, and VDV electrical contractors, everyone benefits from an authentic LED lighting supplier.

Light Contractor

China LED suppliers are beneficial for light contractors. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor, high voltage or low voltage LED light, you can get all types at the LED lighting supplier.

You can satisfy your customers with the high-quality LED lights VST-Lighting manufactures and supplies to you.


Lighting Contractors
Lighting Contractors


VST-Lighting welcomes distributors from all over the world. You can contact our team for complete information about the distributorship agreement.

We support our distributors, and you can work as a regional agent for VST-Lighting. LED lighting suppliers and distributors are working globally for VST-Lighting.


If you are a retailer, you can get all the advantages from VST-Lighting. You can get all sorts of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

You can get bulk orders or place small MOQs for your convenience. We have got variable sizes, types, and specifications of LED lights so that you can serve every customer that stops at your shop.


Same as the retailers, the wholesalers also benefit from the LED light supplier in China. If you are new to the industry, you can order small MOQs.

With time as you get settled, you can place bulk orders. VST-Lighting wants you to excel in your business and stands with you at every step of your business.

Wholesalers enjoy the competitive prices we offer to them. The high profit margin they get from VST-Lighting boosts their business. Ultimately our relation with you gets stronger.



9. Who Is the Best LED Lighting Supplier in China?

VST-Lighting is serving the world for more than ten years. Our team of highly qualified engineers and staff work effortlessly to provide you with high-grade LED lights at competitive prices.

We claim that we are among the best-LED lighting suppliers and manufacturers. To prove our statement, the following are specific reasons.

Highly Qualified Engineer

At VST-Lighting, we have got highly qualified engineers and technical staff working round the clock.

A specific R&D team brings innovative ideas to keep the team up to date about the latest trends.

Our QA/QC team inspects every step on production and supply to facilitate you with high-quality and error-free LED lights.

Your Dreams Our Innovations

You can talk to our team of experts and reveal your dreams. We will provide you with the best possible solutions to your ideas.

You will be amazed to see your dreams come true. We value your requirements and do the utmost to fulfill them.


Innovative Designs
Innovative Designs

Global Services

VST-Lighting is serving globally. Distributors, retailers, and wholesalers from every part of the world purchase LED lights from VST-Lighting.

The trust between you and VST-Lighting boosts us to work and serve you better.

Advantages for You

VST-Lighting not only manufactures and supplies LED lights but also facilitates you with several benefits like:

  • All LED lights enjoy a 3 – 7 year warranty time
  • Cost-effective LED lights
  • Discounted rates on bulk orders
  • Small MOQs
  • Customer & after-sales services
  • Fast shipments and on-time deliveries
  • Availability of customized LED lights


VST-Lighting has got many national and international certifications. These certificates are a solid reason for you to trust VST-Lighting.

These certificates include:

  • CE certificate
  • VDE
  • GS
  • UL
  • ETL
  • CSA
  • DLC
  • PSE
  • RoHS

Wide Range of Products

VST-Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lights and supplies a wide range of indoor and outdoor lights.

Whether it is a stadium light, street light, sports light, or commercial light, you can contact VST-Lighting – the ultimate LED light supplier in China.

We have LED tube lights, corn bulbs, high voltage, low voltage track lights, downlights, and various commercial lighting solutions for indoor lights.

So, you can trust VST-Lighting and choose us as your LED lighting supplier.


Wide Range of LED Lights
Wide Range of LED Lights

10. How to Judge Whether the LED Lighting Supplier Is Offering You Reasonable Prices?

It is recommended that you compare the prices of LED lights from various LED lighting suppliers.

You can get the product detail from different suppliers. Check the raw material they are using and their manufacturing procedures.

After that, you may get quotations from different suppliers. While negotiating, you can get the idea of whether you are dealing with a professional supplier or not.

You can judge whether you are sitting in front of a business person willing to start a business with you or just an amateur.

Note: Low prices may lead you to low-quality LED lights. You must not compromise on the quality of the LED lights. A high upfront cost may end up in long-lasting high-grade LED lights.

Cost-Effective LED Lights
Cost-Effective LED Lights

11. What Type of Products Shall I Buy from China LED Supplier?

Selecting the correct type of products plays a vital role in a successful business. Usually, LED lighting suppliers sell the lights at a 50% less rate than your local market rates.

It gives you the chance to gain more profits. So, select the products wisely to get more foot traffic.

Hot Selling and Trending Lights

You must purchase hot selling and in-demand LED lights from your LED light supplier. For this, you need to search your local market and know well about your targeted customer.

If you are interested in outdoor lighting solutions, you must know your target customer wants solar-powered lights, LED lights with motion sensors, remote-controlled lights, or what else.

Similarly, for indoor lighting solutions, you need to research well your local market demand.

Your client wants low voltage or high voltage LED lights, embedded or pendant lights, or spotlights.

In-demand LED lights bring more foot traffic to your business and hence, more profit.

Budget-Friendly LED Lights

One other factor you must consider while selecting the Led lights for your business is their cost.

Usually, customers prefer purchasing high-quality lights at competitive prices. VST-Lighting facilitates you with cost-effective lighting solutions.

You can get good profit margins by purchasing in bulk from VST-Lighting, China’s leading LED light supplier.

Best LED Lights
Best LED Lights

12. Can I Order in a Small Quantity from a LED Lighting Supplier?

Yes, why not?

VST-Lighting is always ready to support developed and new-to-market businesses. We are flexible in providing you with bulk orders or small MOQs.

For example, if you are now in the LED lighting business, you can conveniently order a small MOQ.

We support you if you have a low budget. Try out with small MOQs. With success, you can increase the order quantity.

Small MOQs
Small MOQs

13. How Can I Source from a China LED Supplier?

To source LED lights from a China LED supplier, there are three different ways. These are:

We recommend you select the way that best suits you. You must know all the details before finalizing the shipping method.

Shipping Routes

Shipments from China are taken from three routes:

  • By sea (ships)
  • By air
  • By land (train)

Your shipments are charged by weighing them. By air shipments cost you more than by land or by sea.

By land, the shipments might take more time than by ship. The most commonly used trading route is by ship.

By Sea Shipments
By Sea Shipments

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs include product cost and the Incoterm you finalize with the LED lighting supplier.

The LED light cost may vary depending on the type of order. For example, standard LED light designs to cost less than customized LED lights.

Bulk orders cost less and enjoy discounts as compared to small orders.

Shipping Time

VST-Lighting has developed and long-term shipping services. We facilitate our valuable customers with fast shipments and on-time deliveries.

However, we believe in a first-come, first-serve. Bulk orders take more time than small orders. Faraway countries receive shipments in comparatively more time than nearby areas.

By Air Shipments
By Air Shipments

14. Do LED Lighting Suppliers Offer After-Sales Services?

VST-Lighting provides you with attractive after-sales services. It includes:

  • Warranty
  • Lighting Design Services
  • Repair, Replace, and Upgrade


VST-Lighting offers a 3 – 7 years warranty time on every LED light. Warranty time helps to build a trusted relationship between you and VST-Lighting.

You can contact us if you find damaged or malfunctioned lights in the delivered package.

Lighting Design Services

VST-Lighting facilitates you with lighting design services. If you are an electrical contractor or a lighting contractor, we can provide DIAlux lighting design services.

It is helpful to calculate the correct amount of light and lighting fixtures you might need for your project.

DIAlux Lighting Design Services
DIAlux Lighting Design Services

Repair, Replace, and Upgrade

VST-Lighting, your best-LED light supplier in China, stands with you. Whenever you need us, we are here to support you.

If you find a damaged piece, we can replace it immediately. We are here to provide you with innovative and upgraded lighting solutions for your business.

Feel free to contact our team right now and get a quotation. We guarantee you that your business is secure by dealing with China’s leading LED lighting manufacturer.

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