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Welcome to VST! We sell LED lights wholesale to electrical contractors and wholesalers. We use LED technology in the design of all our lighting for improved performance and increased efficiency.

The host of LED lighting available to you on our online store is built to consume less energy allowing users to save on electricity bills. VST is one of the best-LED light wholesalers with a facility that produces thousands of LED light fixtures. This production scale allows you to obtain hundreds or thousands of bulk units.

Reach out to us today! We are always available to respond to all requests. We attend fast and provide any detail you may need regarding our LED lights, the delivery system, and purchase price.

The Best State-of-the-art LED Light Wholesalers and Suppliers in China

You can make LED lighting wholesale purchases at VST depending on a wide range of applications. VST manufactures LED for indoor and outdoor use. Usually, the outdoor types are coated for waterproof protection; IP65, IP67, or IP68. However, all our LEDs share similarities in terms of CRI capacity and Lumens efficiency. All of the LED lights sold by VST have a CRI of 80+, enabling objects in the area of use to reflect accurate colors. The lumens though vary in capacity perform brilliantly to emit crystal clear lighting.

LED light wholesalers can obtain various types of LED lighting fixtures for residential and commercial use. For commercial use, VST designs top-quality industrial and warehouse lighting which includes tube lights, high bay lighting, recessed lighting, and more. For multipurpose use, you can purchase LED tube lights in the form of T8, T5, T12, and more types of fixtures available.

A LED lighting wholesaler or an electrical contractor can as well purchase the RGB LED lights, strip lights, and spotlights amongst others.

These LED lights are ideal for retrofits and all forms of old fluorescent light replacement. The components of the LED lights are safe materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable. LED technology is likewise safe and free of mercury which is harmful to health. The LED lights we sell wholesale are manufactured to turn on instantly without flickering, last for 50,000 hours of use, remain bright despite years of use, and are resistant to color fade.

As the LED lights come in different color tones ranging from 5500K, 4500K, and 6000K, they are available in different sizes also.

We invite you as LED light wholesalers or electrical contractors to request customized LED lights designs.

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdowns which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.


The Best LED Lighting wholesalers in China

At VST we offer prompt and accurate delivery service to all our customers. All LED lighting fixtures requested are delivered without defects and faster than the conventional industry delivery timeline. All lighting products obtained from VST are certified by RoHS & CE and all carry the UL marking.

Reach out to us to get good and market-oriented prices on all your LED Light Wholesale purchases.

Some Custom Made LED Lights

LED Light Wholesalers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you finding an authentic LED light wholesaler?

The following write-up contains all the necessary information regarding LED light manufacturers and wholesalers.

You may learn how to find and approach an authentic LED lighting wholesaler in China. Let’s get started!

Table of Content

  1. Why to Choose a LED Light Wholesaler in China?
  2. Who Benefits from LED Light Wholesalers in China?
  3. What Are the Advantages of Purchasing LED Lights in Wholesale?
  4. How to Search for the Best LED Light Wholesaler in China?
  5. What Factors Shall I Consider While Choosing the LED Lighting Wholesaler in China?
  6. What Is the Geographical Division of the LED Lighting Wholesalers in China?
  7. How to Approach an Authentic LED Wholesaler in China?
  8. What Are the Advantages of Meeting a LED Light Wholesaler Personally?
  9. Which Is the Best LED Lighting Wholesaler in China?
  10. How Can I Believe That the LED Light Wholesaler Is Offering Reasonable Prices?
  11. What Products Shall I Choose from the LED Light Wholesaler?
  12. How Can I Import from a LED Lighting Wholesaler?
  13. How Much Quantity Can I Order from LED Lighting Wholesaler?
  14. Do the LED Lighting Wholesalers Offer After-Sales Services?
  15. What Is the Difference Between Purchasing from a LED Light Wholesaler and a Retailer?

1. Why to Choose a LED Light Wholesaler in China?

It is a common thought that why shall we choose Chinese wholesalers when we can get the same thing in the local market.

There are many reasons to choose China as your LED light supplying destination. Let’s proceed to know more.

Developed Infrastructure

China is an advanced country with developed infrastructure. Raw material supply chains and delivery chains help to deliver orders on time.

Trusted and highly qualified engineers and staff work efficiently to give you innovative and unique LED lights.

Your investments are safe while dealing with an LED lighting wholesaler in China. This is why most business persons prefer buying LED lights from China.

Chinese Infrastructure
Chinese Infrastructure

Imaginative Designs

Another reason to choose Chinese wholesalers is there unique and innovative designs. You can get trendy and attractive designs that might not be available in your local market.

High-quality raw material, cost-effective solutions, along unique designs are the best pick for business persons from all over the world.


The best thing about purchasing from LED light wholesale market is that they offer low prices. Purchasing from a LED lighting wholesaler benefits you with high profit margins.

In this way, you can save up to 30%. In comparison, purchasing from your local market may cost you more.

What would you prefer to get high-grade LED lights at a low price or at high rates?

Great Profits

You can get customized LED lights of your choice from LED light wholesalers. Customizations help you to manage your budget. For example, by changing the housings, drivers, or light base you can increase or decrease the total cost.

So, it brings you great profits by getting your customized LED lights from a manufacturer who creates lights at a low cost.

Order Flexibility

Chinese LED lighting wholesalers facilitate you with order flexibility. It means that there is no fixed order quantity.

You can place the order in bulk or in small quantity as per your budget and requirement. It is very convenient for new businesspersons or people having low budgets.

As soon as you make a good profile in the market and gain good foot traffic you can increase the order quantity.

Small MOQ
Small MOQ

High-Grade Raw Material

Along with low costs and on-time deliveries, the best thing about purchasing from LED light wholesaler in China is that they use high-grade raw material.

Quality control teams inspect the manufacturing process and the components to ensure long life of your LED lights.

Moreover, each light enjoys a 3 – 7 years warranty time. In this way your investments are safe with Chinese LED lighting wholesalers.

2. Who Benefits from LED Light Wholesalers in China?

Lighting contractors, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors boost their businesses by purchasing from LED light wholesalers.

Let’s see what benefits can they get?

Electricity Contractors

If you deal with commercial or domestic electrical projects LED lights are a best pick for you.

Whether you are a line contractor, IBS, VDV, or indoor electrical contractor you can benefit from LED light wholesalers.

The wide variety in the lumen efficiency, volts, and wattages helps you to serve every facility.

Lighting Contractors

If you are a lighting contractor or interior designer you can brighten up your project with variable-sized LED lights.

Authentic LED lighting wholesalers like VST-Lighting provide you with countless LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor facilities.

Customized LED lights with added features not only illuminate the area but also serve as a decorative agent.

Customized LED Lights
Customized LED Lights


Retailers get LED lights from wholesalers at low cost and get a good profit margin in their local market.

As a retailer, you can skyrocket your business by selling standard and customized LED lights.


VST-Lighting supports its distributors globally. You can get the details and distributorship agreement by contacting our customer services team.

You can work as a regional agent for VST-Lighting. VST-Lighting has got many distributors and suppliers selling trendy LED lights globally.

LED Lighting Wholesale Market in China
LED Lighting Wholesale Market in China

3. What Are the Advantages of Purchasing LED Lights in Wholesale?

You might have good LED lighting retailers in your area but purchasing from a wholesaler is different in many ways.


  • Difference in cost
  • High-grade LED lights
  • Customized solutions
  • Variety in products
  • Availability in bulk

Difference in Cost

Purchasing LED lighting in wholesale makes a huge difference in total cost. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers facilitate you with at least 50% less cost as compared to your local market.

If you buy a similar light from a retailer you may pay 50% more price. Moreover, when you purchase in bulk you get discounted prices from authentic wholesalers.

Low Costs
Low Costs

High-Grade LED Lights

An authentic LED lighting wholesaler provides you with high-grade LED lights with consistency.

No matter how big is your order, you may get each article with similar efficiency and life span.

The average life span of a LED light is 50,000 – 70,000 hours.

Customized Solutions

LED lighting wholesalers and suppliers facilitate you with customizing facilities. You can get LED lights of your choice with variable colors, shapes, and sizes.

You can also get your brand’s name on the products in bulk. It is not possible when you purchase form a retailer.


Wholesalers make it possible for you to get your damaged LED light repaired or replaced within the warranty time.

Each light enjoys a 3 – 7 years warranty time. It means that your investments are safe with VST-Lighting.

You and your customers may send the damaged lights back to VST-Lighting and get a new similar one in return.

Variety in Products

Another advantage of purchasing from a LED light wholesaler is that you can choose from a wide range of products.

Whether you want indoor lights or outdoor, low voltage or high voltage, pendant or recessed, you can get all types of LED lights from a wholesaler.

Variety of LED Lights
Variety of LED Lights

Availability in Bulk

One major benefit that you can get is the flexibility in the quantity of LED lights. You can get LED light in bulk from a wholesaler. On the other hand, a retailer cannot provide you with hundreds of similar lights at one time.

So, to boost your business and get LED lights of your choice you may contact a LED lighting wholesaler.

4. How to Search for the Best LED Light Wholesaler in China?

It is important to know that the wholesaler that you select for your business provides you with high-grade LED lights and offers you competitive prices.

How to select?

For this purpose, you can search the web thoroughly.

Search the Web

Authentic suppliers and wholesalers have official websites. You can visit their websites to know more about their products and technical specifications.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are among the best browsers. Write the keyword in the search bar. For example, if you want to buy a light to brighten up a sports arena, type LED sports light and you will get the desired results.

Go through the top search results. By comparing the LED lights, their specifications, features, and costs you can choose an appropriate wholesaler for your business.

Similarly, on social media websites you can find the pages of authentic LED lighting wholesalers.

For example, wholesalers typically post latest updates of their products on FacebookLinkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

Social Media Websites
Social Media Websites

Or, you can visit the trading websites like AlibabaAliexpress, and Made-in-China. These websites are a hub for businesspersons globally.

Wholesalers and manufacturers from all over the world sell their products online through these trading websites.

You can visit and compare multiple wholesalers and choose the one that best suits you.

International Trade Shows

Besides online trading websites, you can also attend trade fairs. Many countries conduct international trade shows.

These fairs provide opportunity to the manufacturers to showcase their products to the world. You may also compare the LED lights from a Chinese manufacturer to the manufacturers from other countries.

You can go to China to attend the fairs or visit a nearby country. The famous trade fair in China is canton fair.

International Trade Shows
International Trade Shows

Visit China

If you are going to China to attend a trade fair, why not visit the manufacturing company or the LED light wholesale market personally?

It will give you a better idea of how they manufacture the lights and the raw material they use.

In the southeast coastal area of China there are LED lighting industrial clusters. You may visit multiple factories.

Compare their features and choose the one for your business. Multiple manufacturers sell their LED lights in the wholesale market.

5. What Factors Shall I Consider While Choosing the LED Lighting Wholesaler in China?

Whether you pick an authentic wholesaler online, in trade shows, or by a personal visit, there are specific factors that make the wholesaler authentic.

These factors are:

Business History

The history proves the authenticity of the chosen LED lighting wholesaler. You may ask about the regular clients or see the reviews to judge the wholesaler.

Stable clients with regular purchasing history show that the supplier and wholesaler provide on-time services and competitive prices.


The authorities inspect the manufacturing process and approve the wholesaler. For example, VST-Lighting has got many national and international certificates.

These certificates show that VST-Lighting manufactures LED lights according to international safety standards.

Moreover, these certifications allow you to sell the lights in your local market.

CE Certified
CE Certified

International Clients

Another factor that determines the authenticity of a LED light wholesaler is that they have international clients.

A businessperson from a faraway country places order only when he has trust in the quality and pricing.

VST-Lighting has got more than hundred international clients. These happy and stable customers trust VST-Lighting.

Discounted Prices

While choosing an authentic LED lighting wholesaler you may consider the prices they offer. You must compare the prices from variable wholesalers.

However, it is not compulsory that the wholesaler who is offering low prices is better. Sometimes you need to choose between quality and price.

Always focusing on low costs may end up purchasing low quality LED lights. So, it is recommended to compare prices, but it would be best if you don’t compromise on the quality.

A high upfront cost results in ultimate advantages and savings.

Discounted Prices
Discounted Prices

Sample Provision

When you ask for a sample, an authentic LED lighting wholesaler gives you the desired sample.

It is one of the factors to consider while selecting the wholesaler. Fake suppliers avoid providing samples.

Moreover, you can trust the bona fide wholesalers that they will provide you with similar LED lights as shown in the sample.

Customer Services

You can judge a wholesaler by the dealing and the customer services they provide. You can freely ask details and questions regarding all your concerns.

They don’t hesitate to answer your queries. On the other hand, spurious wholesalers avoid your questioning.

Customer Services
Customer Services

6. What Is the Geographical Division of the LED Lighting Wholesalers in China?

China is one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers in the world. In China, you can find most of the LED lighting factories in the southeast coastal areas.

Provinces like Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang are famous for high quality LED light manufacturers.

Here you can get high-grade lights in low costs. In the province of Guangdong, a city named Shenzhen has world’s best LED lighting manufacturers.

VST-Lighting is also situated in Shenzhen. Each province is known for specific LED lights. For example, Shenzhen is famous for downlights and LED decorative lights.

In China you can find huge LED light wholesale markets. Such as:

  • Guzhen Town Wholesale Market
  • Guangzhou Lighting Wholesale Market
  • Oriental LED Wholesale Market
  • Shihao LED Wholesale Market
  • Yongwei LED Wholesale Market

You can visit the markets to have a better idea of how LED lighting manufacturers are bringing innovations in LED lights.

China LED Wholesale Market
China LED Wholesale Market

7. How to Approach an Authentic LED Wholesaler in China?

You can find the contact details of LED lighting wholesalers on their official websites. Authentic and well-known manufacturers and wholesalers have their phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses mentioned on their web pages.

The other ways you can adopt are:

  • You can visit the facility and arrange a one-to-one meeting with your wholesaler.
  • Online meetings are trending due to restricted air travel.
  • If you find it feasible, you can send someone as your representative. He will ask all the questions and place an order on your behalf.

8. What Are the Advantages of Meeting a LED Light Wholesaler Personally?

One-to-one meetings are always recommended when it comes to business meetings. Face-to-face meetings leave a positive impact on both the parties.

Let’s see the advantages it has:

Scammers, Stay Away!

Meeting the administrators personally and visiting the facility saves you from scammers. Fake wholesalers don’t want you to visit them in person.

It is also a way to check the authenticity of the wholesaler.

No Scammers!
No Scammers!


Personal meeting gives you the chance to negotiate the lead time and final cost conveniently. It is difficult to discuss these details on a phone call or through email.


You get a clear understanding of the wholesaler’s managerial skills. You can also see the behavior of authorities with their employees.


By visiting the facility and watching the variety of products, you may get ideas. You can see the designs and order a customized LED light according to your requirement.


When you visit the LED lighting wholesaler and see the manufacturing process and raw material you get the idea of the high quality.

It helps you to promote the LED lights in front of your customers.

High-Grade LED Lights
High-Grade LED Lights

9. Which Is the Best LED Lighting Wholesaler in China?

China has got numerous LED light wholesalers in town. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and demands.

VST-Lighting is one of the leading LED lighting wholesalers in China. In the province of Guangdong and in the premises of Shenzhen city is located the exemplary factory of VST-Lighting.

For the past 11 years, VST-Lighting is serving the world with high-grade LED lights. Our long-term and trusted raw material suppliers bring high-quality raw material on time.

The quality control team inspects each component before the manufacturing process starts. Trained and experienced technicians work effortlessly to assemble the LED lights.

QC engineers inspect the process at every step. After the assembly the factory tests each lighting fixture.

Your customized LED lights are specifically designed and manufactured. After the final testing, the team ensures to pack the LED lights in a secure way.

The R&D team works round the clock to bring unique and innovative designs. VST-Lighting is awarded with many national and international certifications.

Authentic LED Light Wholesaler
Authentic LED Light Wholesaler

All the lighting fixtures by VST-Lighting are UL listed. It means your safety is our priority. We manufacture each light according to international safety standards.

VST-Lighting gives you after-sales services and provides warranty time for each light. Your investments are secure with VST-Lighting.

You can contact our customer services team 24/7.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your quotation right now and have faith that VST-Lighting is always there to support you.

10. How Can I Believe That the LED Light Wholesaler Is Offering Reasonable Prices?

Personal dealing and your experience help you to differentiate between an amateur and a businessperson.

You can judge a wholesaler by price negotiations, raw material used, manufacturing process, and customer service.

Low prices do not mean good business. In fact, getting high-grade LED lights in competitive prices is all you need for your growing business.

11. What Products Shall I Choose from the LED Light Wholesaler?

You can choose your desired LED lights. LED lights are available for indoor and outdoor facilities.

Here are some indoor lighting fixtures:

LED Corn Bulb
LED Corn Bulb

The outdoor lighting fixtures that you can get from VST-Lighting are:

You can choose the lights that your customers want or the ones that your client needs. If you have an outlet related to indoor lighting solutions, you can go for indoor lighting fixtures.

On the contrary, if your project is related to outdoor plan, like stadium lighting or sports lighting, you can go for outdoor LED lights.

Moreover, you can also get your LED lights customized. Customize the appropriate features according to your project.

For example, it you are working on a facility that requires water-resistant lights, make sure to get the one for your project.

LED Stadium Lights
LED Stadium Lights

12. How Can I Import from a LED Lighting Wholesaler?

There are three ways to import from LED lighting wholesaler in China. You can:

  • Import the lights by yourself
  • Ask a Chinese freight forwarder
  • Let VST-Lighting do it for you

Import the consignment only when you know the technicalities involved in the process. Otherwise, it is safe to hire a freight forwarder.

You must talk about the technical details with the freight forwarder before finalizing the deal. The technical term used for payment methods is Incoterm. Choose the Incoterm that best suits you.

Or if, you choose VST-lighting to deliver the lights to your facility, we can do it happily. Our long term shipping partners deliver the consignments quickly.

Shipping Routes

  • By air
  • By land
  • By sea

These are the three routes used to import LED lights from China. The most commonly used way is by sea. It is also the most cost-effective way to import LED lights.

Shipping Ways
Shipping Ways

13. How Much Quantity Can I Order from LED Lighting Wholesaler?

You are not restricted to the order quantity. It depends on your requirement and budget.

You can place order in small MOQ or get LED lights in bulk.

This flexibility is for those clients who are new to the lighting business or for some reason have small budgets.

However, clients who place bulk orders enjoy the discounted prices. VST-Lighting serves its regular clients with various facilities.

14. Do the LED Lighting Wholesalers Offer After-Sales Services?

Yes, definitely!

VST-Lighting provides 3 – 7 years warranty time with each light. You can claim the damage anytime during the warranty.

Moreover, for your project support VST-Lighting provides the facility of DIAlux designing software.

In case, you don’t have the idea of how many lighting fixtures are needed for your project, VST-Lighting can help you to design and calculate the lighting fixtures.

Enjoy the designing and your business dealing with VST-Lighting.

DIAlux Designing Software
DIAlux Designing Software

15. What Is the Difference Between Purchasing from a LED Light Wholesaler and a Retailer?

You can also get LED lights from your local LED lighting retailer. But there buying from a retailer is different than a wholesaler.


Let’s find out!

  • A wholesaler gives your high-quality LED lights in low prices as compared to a retailer.
  • You cannot get as much versatility and variety in the retailer shop as in the LED lighting wholesale market.
  • LED lighting wholesalers provide you with warranty and designing facilities which LED retailers usually don’t.
  • Wholesalers have an expanded business. They deal with international clients and serve only with high-grade and durable LED lights. On the other hand, retailers sell LED lights only in the local market.
  • LED lighting wholesale companies have a wide variety of LED lights. You can choose the lights of your choice. On the contrary, retailers have a local market and a specific targeted customer. They bring only those lights which are in demand.
  • A wholesaler can fulfil your demands regarding customizations. Whereas, retailers cannot manufacture LED lights.
  • You can get LED lights in bulk from LED lighting wholesalers but retailers cannot provide you with bulk orders.
LED Lighting Wholesale Market
LED Lighting Wholesale Market
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