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LED Office Lighting Fixtures Designed for interior Lightning of Office Space with Efficient Led Bulbs

Modern office lighting fixtures manufactured and supplied by VST for offices are the epitome of quality desired in workplaces. The office lighting fixture is engineered to illuminate at maximum brightness to give distinct clarity and enhance work performance as research on well-lit work areas shows.

As LED office lighting fixtures, the capacity of the LED bulbs aids in sharp brightening with less energy consumption and functions at a cool temperature; an ideal feature for office lighting fixtures. For example, our suspended LED office lighting extends to the right height for profound impact and an elegant look.

VST invites you to take full advantage of these office lighting solutions as they come in varying designs.

China's #1 Unbeatable Office Lighting Manufacturers and a Reputable Office Lighting Supplier of Premium Quality

VST has inputs her years of experience in light system production to manufacture superior light sources, and commercial LED office lighting is one such. By including LED and no flicker system in the office lighting, you have deep brightness without flickers that affects visibility.

As a wholesaler, contractor, or company, purchase large quantities of these LED office lighting and enjoy an all-around and uniform quality on all purchases. These LED office lighting fixtures come in different forms. You purchase the suspended LED office lighting, LED linear office lighting, and surface mounted LED office lighting. Depending on the type of layout of an office space being designed, these types of commercial LED office lighting are suitable for use. Our office lighting solutions can be employed in office rooms, stairwells, kitchen, recess room, and other places in the office environment. All our LED office lighting fixtures are designed to be long-lasting. Additionally, due to their application in office spaces, we ensure they are aesthetically pleasing and luxurious in build. And this is true of the designs of LED linear office lighting and surface mounted LED office lighting as well.

At VST, our reputation for manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting office lighting solutions makes this product a good choice for you.

Contact VST today to purchase office lighting fixtures on a large scale and get them delivered hassle-free. Our delivery system is accurate and timely.

Product Description
Color Temperature(CCT): 3000-6000K 3000-6000K 3000-6000K 3000-6000K 3000-6000K 3000-6000K 3000-6000K
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w): 92lm/w 92lm/w 92lm/w 92lm/w 92lm/w 92lm/w 92lm/w
Color Rendering Index(Ra): 80 80 80 80 80 80 80
Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design Lighting and circuitry design Lighting and circuitry design Lighting and circuitry design Lighting and circuitry design Lighting and circuitry design Lighting and circuitry design
Application: Office, Office Office, Office Office, Office Office, Office Office, Office Office, Office Office, Office
Design Style: Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern
Lifespan (hours): 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000
Working Time (hours): 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000
Material: Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron Acrylic+Aluminum+Iron
Input Voltage(V): AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V
CRI (Ra>): 80 80 80 80 80 80 80
Warranty(Year): 3-5Year 3-5Year 3-5Year 3-5Year 3-5Year 3-5Year 3-5Year
Product name: Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light Ceiling Lighting Fixture LED Pendant Light
Installation: Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track Suspend/ Surface Mounted/ Track
Power: 20W 25W 36W 40W 45W 50W 60W
PF: >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9

VST: The Reputable and Trusted Office Lighting Supplier with a Record of Quality Service

Our goal is for you to have continued access to industry-leading designs of commercial LED office lighting. As we keep on improving the standard established, you can be sure of high-grade products at all times. We are certain of giving you the best always. In the same vein, we strive to preserve our renowned quality of excellent lighting production.

Contact VST, we are the trusted office lighting manufacturers that supply our durable products in large quantities. We guarantee all our customers prompt and excellent service delivery.

Office Lighting – The Complete FAQ Guide

 Office Lighting
Office Lighting

This faq guide contains detailed information on the commonest questions a lot of employees and employers ask about office lighting. We understand how they feel, which is why we have taken the time to research these questions and also find satisfactory answers to them.

We’d be more than happy to provide more answers to any LED office lighting-related questions (or any lighting questions) you may have for us. So, hit us up!

  1. What Is LED Office Lighting?
  2. What Is The Best Kind Of Office Lighting to Use?
  3. How Can You Mount Office Lighting Fixtures?
  4. What Is The Standard For LED Office Lighting Fixtures?
  5. What Is The Best LUX Recommendation For LED Office Lighting?
  6. What Are OSHA Office Lighting Standards?
  7. What Is The Best Office Lighting For Video Conferences?
  8. What Are LED Office Lighting Panels?
  9. What Is The Best Office Lighting Positioning?
  10. What Are The Pros Of Office Lighting?
  11. Why Should You Go With LED Tubes For Your Office Lighting?
  12. What Is The Perfect LED Office Lighting Color Temperature?
  13. What Are The Best Office Lighting Solutions?
  14. What are the best Office lights for home offices?
  15. What are the things to consider when picking an office light?
  16. What happens when you’re not using the right fixtures for your LEDs office lights
  17. How to Choose The Right Size Of office lighting Bulbs
  18. What Are The Types Of Office Lighting Available?
  19. What Is LED Linear Office Lighting?
  20. What Are The Workplace Regulations For Office Lighting?
  21. Why you should buy commercial LED office lighting
  22. What Are The Types Of Commercial Office Light Fixtures?
  23. What Is Surface Mounted LED Office Lighting?
  24. What Is Suspended LED Office Lighting?
  25. What Are The Benefits Of Suspended LED Linear Lighting?
  26. How Does Surface Mounted LED office Lighting Differ From Suspended LED Office Lighting?
  27. What Are Flush Mounted Office Lighting?
  28. What Are Full Spectrum LED Office Lighting?
  29. How Does Full Spectrum Differ From Flush Mounted Office Lighting?
  30. How Does LED Office Lighting Compare To Incandescent And Fluorescent Light Bulbs?
  31. How to make the best beam angle choice for your led office lights?
  32. How to pick the best office lighting for your office decor style?
  33. How does office lighting affect productivity?
  34. Are LED office lighting dangerous to one’s health?
  35. Are LED Office Lighting Fixtures Reparable?
  36. How To Know When You Need Better Office Lighting?
  37. How many lumens do I need per square foot for office lighting?
  38. How to Replicate Natural Lighting with Office Lighting Fixtures
  39. How Do You Calculate Office Lighting Uniformity?
  40. Is it possible to dim office lighting fixtures to reduce glare?
  41. What Causes Led Office Lights To Fail?
  42. How Often Do LED Office Lighting Fixtures Burn Out?
  43. How to Know Genuine Office Lighting Fixtures?
  44. How Best to Maintain Your LED Lighting Fixtures?
  45. How Can You Reduce Glare From Office Lighting?
  46. How to Find the best office lighting manufacturer?
  47. How Can I Buy Office Lighting Directly From A Manufacturer In China?
  48. Can You Get Custom Made Office Lightings Manufactured To Your Own Specification?
  49. How Can I Ship Office Lighting Directly From A Manufacturer In China?

1. What Is LED Office Lighting?


LED Office Lighting
LED Office Lighting

LED lighting has always been the commonest replacement for traditional light bulbs.

The energy efficiency and environmental friendliness they offer are two important things that significantly contribute to why they’re the first choice in most office space and/or commercial buildings.

The kind of lighting sources specially designed for commercial spaces are known as LED Office Lights.

This kind of lighting is known as one of the best solutions to most office illumination challenges you might have faced (or is facing) with traditional lights and there are a few reasons for this.

These reasons include low wattage, high output, lower temperature emission, durability, etc.

LED office Lighting is used in offices, conference rooms, façades, office corridors and entrances, workstations, and so on.

This is the reason you must always consider important factors like space type, cost, consumption, output, etc. before making a final decision on the particular kind of LED office lighting fixtures to buy for your office space.

2. What Is The Best Kind Of Office Lighting To Use?

The best kind of office lighting to use is the LED Office Lighting.

You might think the choice of lighting does not have any significance on what goes on in your workplace, but, for a fact, it plays a huge role in keeping your employees productive, motivated and healthy all day long.

So, when considering the best kind of  Office lighting fixtures to use, choose LED office lighting fixtures.

You must also look at some other important factors as well and these include the following:

  • Energy Efficiency: you must always look forward to how you can cut cost on your office expenditure, and one way to do this is to go for lighting types that won’t drain you.

All thanks to the ever-improving technology of LED Office Lighting, you can now save money on electricity and enjoy better lighting in your office space.

High Lumen Output: the lighting output your office has is important as well.

Is the office Lighting fixture too bright or too low that it’d affect the sight of your employees?

Will the kind of office lighting you purchase at the end of the day be enough for your office space?

Ask yourself these questions and provide practical answers to them.

Durability: for any kind of LED office lighting you purchase, durability should always be top on your list.

You want to ensure the LED office fixture you buy lasts you for long, so you can save more than enough on repairs and replacements as well.

  • Favorable Temperature: the best kinds of office lighting to use are those that emit minimal to no heat.

You want to make sure your work environment is conducive and temperature is one of the most important determinants of a conducive environment.

Another major reason LED lighting is the best kind of office lighting is the variety of designs and styles you can choose from to fit into your workspace with this lighting option.

3. How Can You Mount Office Lighting Fixtures?

Installing LED Office Lights
Installing LED Office Lights

Mounting office lighting fixtures in an office space usually requires expertise and a full understanding of such things like positioning, lighting intensity, space size and so much more.

There are different types of office lighting fixtures and you must determine the best suit for your and the best way to install them.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do the job by yourself. All you need is to understand these things individually and how they work together in making great Office Lighting possible.

  • Positioning: how do you Position your LED office lighting fixtures to serve the whole office space?
  • Space: what is the size of your office space and how many LED office lighting fixtures will you need to create a great lighting atmosphere in it?
  • Lighting Intensity: how bright is the office lighting? Too bright or too low? Is the lighting control system functional?
  • Aesthetics: how would your office space look after installation? Would the office lighting fixtures enhance the beauty and stylishness of your office or would it make it look dull?

If you’re installing Office lights where you already have existing office lighting fixtures, Installation would be an easy task that can be done by oneself even with little or no electrical experience.

You only just have to make the bypass and fit your LED office lighting replacements in place.

But, if you’re fitting into a new space, the aforementioned office Lighting criteria will help you better.

4. What Is The Standard For LED Office Lighting Fixtures?

Great lighting is an essential feature in every office space.

Not only does it make work less stressful for your employees, especially on the eye, it also makes your space very beautiful and also more accommodating to your visitors.

This is why it is a standard practice for LED office lighting to be bright enough to provide you with a clear vision, at work, for you to perform your duties smoothly while at the same time illuminating the whole area and brightening it up.

This is why, when choosing LED office lighting fixtures to fit in your office, you have to consider the following standards or requirements:

  • The amount of existing lighting you currently have in your space;
  • The amount of lighting you’d need with your LED office lighting fixture replacement;
  • The position and strength of the light sources. I.e, where you’d install your LED office lighting fixtures and how they’d run over time;
  • The kind of tasks or activities you’ll be performing in that space.

Very importantly, your office lighting has to be able to provide you with adequate lighting so you can see what you are doing clearly without having to strain your eyes.

That is why the US GSA (i.e. The United States  General Service Administration), an organization tasked with ensuring the proper functioning of federal agencies, prescribes nothing less than 500 lumens per square meter for any kind of office space—this is exactly what a 35-watt incandescent light bulb will give you in a 6″ x 6″ office cubicle.

They also suggest offices mount linear office lighting fixtures like the LED lighting fixtures that provide wider beam angles and more stable lighting than the traditional options.

5. What Is The Best LUX Recommendation For LED Office Lighting?

When it comes to office lighting measurement, a special feature to consider is LUX (lx) or luminous intensity.

This feature is captured by what is referred to as the “lux metre,” and it’s used in measuring illumination that falls on the office area.

Long before now, office lighting fixtures were designed with a high level of illumination which is what is usually needed for paper-based work, the main thing back in the day.

But today, things have considerably changed.

With this shift from paper to computer, in most offices, came a major change in the lighting levels integrated by office lighting manufacturers into the newer LED lighting fixture variants.

This is basically to ensure the optimal performance of your workers in their own office space, wherever that may be in your office building.

6. What Are OSHA Office Lighting Standards?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a company saddled with the responsibility of ensuring perfect workplace safety, and lighting is a highly important part of this.

One thing we’d all agree on is that lighting is critical to the safety of people in any setting, whether commercial or residential.

The OSHA uses the ‘foot candle’ as its standard unit of light measurement.

A foot candle is commonly used among professionals in lighting and it refers to the illuminance of one square-foot surface from a uniform source of light.

As a standard rule, it is expected that any office lighting must be evenly distributed without leaving out any area. The illumination provided ensures people can move with ease within the workplace without having to strain their eyes or use additional lighting.

Below is are the OSHA requirements for foot-candle measurements for various work types and/or activities:

  • For medical spaces, infirmaries, and the likes, you are to measure lighting at 30 foot-candles;
  • For construction plants and other related shops: 10 foot-candles;
  • Areas, where general constructions are made, are expected to have Lighting at 5 foot-candles;
  • Indoor spaces like warehouses and facades and offices: 5 foot-candles;

Employees in a properly lit workspace will be able to work better and also easily avoid eye strain or some other potential office accidents.

You’ll even find the quality of work they turn out every day under great lighting better and their level of productivity drastically improved.

A few of other OSHA requirements include the following:

  • Office Lighting should be parallel to the line sight or place of activity;
  • Supplemental lighting, like desk lighting, should also be provided to enhance the vision of workers and promote increased productivity;
  • Use blinds to minimize bright illumination;
  • Make sure computers are positioned at an angle where window lighting is at a right angle to the computer screen;
  • Make sure to use colors that minimize contrast in your office space as well.

Non-compliance with these safety measures can lead to serious problems in the office area and this is what you must try to avoid at all times.

7. What Is The Best Office Lighting For Video Conferences?

LED Office Lighting for Video Conferencing
LED Office Lighting for Video Conferencing

The world has evolved and, today, more offices and businesses are embracing virtual operations.

The recent pandemic has even contributed, largely, to this transition of work activities to the online space.

Video conferencing is now an integral part of the virtual workplace and lighting is an integral part of this as well.

At one point or another, you must have been on video calls on which, as a result of poor lighting, you found it a bit difficult to see other participants.

Often, this is because they are backlit and this creates a silhouette kind of effect hindering your vision and making it difficult to identify the other participants

In some other cases, it’s the shadows reflecting on a part of their face that makes your vision unclear.

These poor lighting conditions could be a major distraction and can also be detrimental to a person’s work experience.

And a major cause of this is excessive lighting.

So, for smooth communication, you must ensure proper office lighting is put in place before the start of all your video conferences, especially if you’re going to be meeting with key stakeholders, leading a team, hosting a company-wide event or a customer-based webinar.

Here are a few vital things you must keep in mind when considering the best office lighting for your video conferences:

  • Ensure the office lighting is dimmable, to allow you to control the lighting brightness easily and create a suitable environment that doesn’t allow for lighting glares;
  • Your LED Office Lighting fixtures should also have controllable color temperature as this gives you the option of adjusting the kelvin color to the most suitable for the best video conferencing experience.

8. What Are LED Office Lighting Panels?

LED Office Panel Lights
LED Office Panel Lights

LED office lighting panels are lighting fixtures designed to phase out the more traditional fluorescent lights.

Contrary to what you might have thought, they are not solar panels, they are flat lighting sources designed to provide good lighting and at the same time fit perfectly into your office space, wherever you might want to mount them in.

LED office lighting panels may be a fairly new technology in the LED lighting industry but it is fast gaining popularity due to its design and characteristic features.

LED office lighting panels make use of the more recent LED technology. They have lightweight aluminum frames instead of the heavy ones that come with the old lighting types.

What’s so great about these frames is that they’re made with three layers and this helps prevent light leakages as well as other externally-caused lighting issues as well.

LED panel lighting produces a smooth and flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. Their design allows for them to be easily mounted on any kind of surface.

These lighting fixtures are also popularly known for their energy efficiency and long life span.  Two important criteria in lighting technologies.

9. What Is The Best Office Lighting Positioning?

One very important thing you must give credence when making your office Lighting installation is positioning.

Where do you install your LED Office Lighting fixtures and how do you install them?

One thing you must never forget is office lightning shouldn’t be positioned in anyhow that it reflects directly into the eyes from surfaces or screens.

Rather than uniformly illuminating an office environment, you can throw light on walls and ceilings and this even makes your workspace look larger, brighter and less claustrophobic.

10. What Are The Pros Of Office Lighting?

The importance of lighting cannot be overemphasized, it is crucial to the enhancement of productivity and safety in the workplace.

An average worker spends the better part of their daytime in their workspace hence the importance of a good and functional office lighting system.

When deciding on office lighting, there is a need to pay more attention to its functionality and efficiency than just aesthetics.

Here are some pros attached to office lighting;

  • Productivity: the international labor organization estimates that proper office lighting improves productivity in the workplace by 10 percent and reduces incessant errors by 30 percent.
  • Safety: every employer should be concerned about the safety of their workers.

A well-illuminated office reduces the risk of office injuries which can result in possible litigation that can, in turn, even ruin the business at the end of the day.

  • Work Output: errors, no matter how minute they are, are costly to the progress of any business enterprise.

A properly illuminated office contributes to improved quality of work output and reduces any progress impeding errors that workers can make.

  • Creativity: the Journal of Environmental Psychology believes that moderately dim lights can have a positive effect on the creative and analytical thinking of employees.

And how can this kind of lighting be achieved? With the most appropriate LED office Lighting systems.

11. Why Should You Go With LED Tubes For Your Office Lighting?

LED Office Lighting tubes
LED Office Lighting tubes

There are so many reasons LED tubes (and lighting sources are the best option) but among them are the following:

  • Optimal Lighting Intensity: good lighting is of great importance in Office Lighting and LED Office Lighting fixtures are about the only Lighting options that can give you this.
  • Quicker & Easier Installation: LED office lights are advanced technologies that have been made to make things easier for users right from the Installation stage to the “end of the road.”
  • Optimal Lighting fixtures health: LED tubes do better than all other Lighting types when it comes to health and durability.

Compared to fluorescent tubes that have been in use in most offices right from time, LED tubes last 8–10 times longer.

Fluorescent tubes typically last about 15,000 hours while LEDs last 50,000 hours. If you were to use a fluorescent lamp 8 hours per day, it’d last you at most 5–6 years. However, LED lamps could last you up to 17  years, and that’s more than double the lifespan of fluorescent tubes.

  • Safety: Safety is of great Importance also in office Lighting and LED tubes are the best options when it comes to safety.

Unlike other lighting options, LED Office Lighting fixtures contain less toxic materials and have been certified safe by different authorized safety agencies around the world.

12. What Is The Perfect LED Office Lighting Color Temperature?

Lighting Color temperature also referred to as Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) describes the perceived color or appearance generated by a light source.

LED office lighting Color temperature is measured in Kelvins and represented with the alphabet ‘K’.

Lighting color temperatures usually range from 2700K to 5000K and in some cases can go as high as 10,000K.  The lower the number, the warmer or more yellow the color temperature, and the higher the number, the cooler or more blue the color temperature.

For Office Lighting systems, Cool lights are the most appropriate LED office lighting color temperature and this ranges between 3500k and 4000k.

13. What Are The Best Office Lighting Solutions?

If you’re experiencing lighting issues in your office, below are some solutions to help you:

  • Try as much as possible to use natural lighting only: natural lighting in your office space is a way to make your office brighter and calmer.

You’ll get artificial lights with natural lighting from your office Lighting suppliers.

This kind of lighting makes your space more accommodating to visitors such that they can sit comfortably while your workers can work away productively.

When your employees are exposed to natural lighting, they get to live a better life and this allows them to work better, and also deliver promptly on all their tasks.

  • Install lighting control systems to regulate the intensity of the lighting sources and also save energy.

Motion sensor lighting controls can be installed in rarely used areas in your office like the restrooms, corridor, etc. to give light only when you need them.

14. What Are The Best Office Lights For Home Offices?

LED home office lighting
LED home office lighting

When creating a home office, a list of things must be given serious consideration, one of which is the lighting you create in your study or home office.

Natural lighting is always the best and most suitable choice as it boosts mood and enhances productivity.

And to create the natural lighting effects in our home offices, we’d need natural lighting replicas.

Here are some of the important things you can also consider when choosing LED lighting fixtures for your home office:

  • Keep home office lighting indirect

Most people think that having every possible light directed at their work station is the perfect lighting solution, but they are wrong.

Home office lighting should be indirect to avoid glare and high contrast.

  • Using space-saving fixtures

Not everyone has the luxury of space, so when creating your home office in an area that only accommodates a work desk and a chair, it’s only wise that you mount simple light sources.

This idea of home office lighting is a great way to conserve space and reduce clutter.

LED office lighting fixtures have made this so easy for us.

Unlike traditional lighting options, LEDs have simpler designs that can fit into any space without you having to shelve some things.

  • Using a task light

Profession notwithstanding, if you’re working from home, you most likely have to deal with a lot of computer work, paper documents, and other activities that require your undivided attention.

Having a task light, in this case, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It increases the office illumination and helps reduce eye strain particularly towards the end of the day.

Modern task lights come in a wide range of designs and light outputs.

So, when making your choice, go for LED office lighting fixtures that suit the nature of your work and are perfectly appropriate for the space you have.

  • Consider accent lighting

Although ambient lighting diffuses light throughout the space and task lighting helps you to focus on particular work activities, accent and decorative lighting are another that should be given consideration.

This particular lighting can improve your home office character and give it a nice visual appeal.

Due to its decorative role in the home office, you should pay special attention to what part of your space needs to be highlighted when installing this kind of light fixture.

15. What Are The Things To Consider When Picking An Office Light?

Before purchasing an office light from your office Lighting supplier, consider the following features:

  • Office Space Size: measure your office space by square foot to determine the amount of light needed.
  • Amount of Lighting Needed: Once you’ve measured the space, you can then determine the amount of light needed based on the kind of task or activity performed in your office area.

Like we mentioned earlier, the USGSA prescribes office owners to use 500 lumens per square metre but this could be more or a little less depending on the kind of work done in each office space.

For example, paper-based works might require more directional lighting with lesser lumen output while computer-based work would require balanced or wider Lighting beams with considerably higher lumen outputs.

  • Color temperature: color temperature is good. But, at all times, it’s always good to pick only Office Lighting fixtures from your office lighting suppliers.
  • Budget: how much do you have to spend or how much can you afford to spend to create a great lighting atmosphere in your office space?

16. What Happens When You’re Not Using The Right Fixtures For Your LED Office Lights

When you’re not using the right office lighting fixtures for your LED office lights, you are only jeopardizing the safety of your workers.

You’re exposing them to possible electric shocks and the eye defects that come with light flickering, a major issue that comes with using the wrong fixtures for the LED office light sources you may purchase from your office lighting supplier.

17. How To Choose The Right Size Of Office Lighting Bulbs?

Knowing the right bulb to buy for your office lighting is not difficult.

What you have to understand is the basics like the labelling system for bulbs and sizes of the existing Office lighting fixtures you have if you’re retrofitting.

Here’s a simple way to identify the size of your preferred bulb when you buy from your LED Office Lighting supplier; office lighting manufacturers usually use 2 distinct labelling formats to show buyers like you what the bulb sizes are. These are:

  • An alphabet, which indicates the shape. The commonest are A, T & G which indicates, arbitrary (for most old Office Lighting systems), tabular (as the name implies), and globe for the globe-like shaped Lighting sources.
  • A number for indicating the size.

Once you understand this, you can then go ahead to check what you have on your existing Office lighting fixtures so you can easily make the choice when you eventually contact your office Lighting supplier for the best retrofit.

18. What Are The Types Of Office Lighting Available?

Office Lighting is usually classified as follows:

  • Regular: These are LED lighting sources built specifically as replacements for other Lighting types.

They usually have the same physical features as conventional lighting types and can easily be used as retrofits for other Lighting types.

  • LED Tubes: These are exactly like fluorescent tubes which are found in most offices.
  • Panel Light: This is another common flat-panel style lighting.

They are the best in most office settings. This Is because they incorporate both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Globe: this is the globe-like led bulbs. Built and designed exactly like the old incandescent lamps.
  • Candle Bulbs: These kinds of bulbs are majorly used for decorative purposes in corridors, facades, etc and they’re designed to look exactly like a narrow flame.
  • Smart Bulbs: these are bulbs with advanced control systems. They are so easy to control that with a few taps on your smartphone screen, you can easily dim, readjust and turn them in/off.
  • Colored LED Lighting: LED lights were initially available only in a few colors. But now, you can get more color options with some having more than one color option incorporated into their function.

19. What Is LED Linear Office Lighting?

Linear office lighting
Linear office lighting

LED Linear Office Lighting are now becoming so

we understand why you’d like to know more about this lighting type.

Essentially, LED linear office lights are like the advanced form of fluorescent tubes.

LED lighting types contain combined diodes in a long, continuous strip of connected Lighting.

Physically, this type of lighting is almost the same as CFLs.

The major difference is in their length.

20. What Are The Workplace Regulations For Office Lighting?

There are some important regulations for office lighting.

These lighting regulations determine the kind of LED office lighting fixtures to buy from your office lighting supplier and they have been established by federal agencies like the US OSHA, ANSI/IES, and the likes.

First off lighting requirements are usually classified under the following categories and these include;

For general lighting, which is commonly used in office corridors, construction sites, warehouses, hallways, etc. the measurement requirement is 5ft to 30 ft depending on the particular area the office lighting fixtures are fitted.

For focus lights are the most appropriate options for paperwork, and those working on sewing machines or doing other activities that require full focus. They prevent eye strain and other eye defects that may arise from overworking the eyes.

Emergency lights are those Lighting types meant for emergency purposes only. These lighting types are usually found in hallways, corridors, and exit-ways they are expected to provide lighting at 5 candle feet.

Below are the general lighting recommendations in commercial spaces:

  • For workspaces with minimal to no activities, like lobbies: 100–200 lux;
  • For workspaces where workers constantly perform visual tasks or those where relatively high contrast is needed: 200–500 lux;
  • Work stations, electronic assemblies, and other heavy-duty areas may require between 2,000–5,000 lux, especially because of the continuous work that’s done in the area.

21. Why Should You Buy Commercial LED Office Lighting?

There are so many reasons you need LED commercial lighting in your space.

But among these various reasons are the following:

  • Energy efficiency: led tubes provide great lighting without bingeing on your energy.
  • Reduced costs: you spend less on electricity, repair, replacements, and maintenance with LED Tubes
  • Increased productivity: when your workers have more stable lighting in their office spaces, then your company’s overall productivity rate will reduce.
  • Having LED commercial office Lighting Installed in your space can also make your office space more welcoming to visitors, especially your customers who would be willing to do business with you

22. What Are The Types Of Commercial Office Light Fixtures?

The major types of commercial LED office Lighting fixtures to include the following:

  • Recessed Troffers: These kinds of LED office lighting fixtures are fitted into spaces in the office space ceiling built for this purpose.
Recessed Troffer Lights
Recessed Troffer Lights
  • Task Lights: these kinds of Led Office Lighting fixtures are designed for particular tasks that require special attention like a computer- & paper-based activities, sewing in fashion houses, technical technological assembling, and many more.
  • Lay-in Fixtures: These types of fixtures are like recessed troffers. But, they’re designed with more functional parts like flanges and supporting hardware.
  • Desk Lamps: these provide more focused lighting and can as well be categorized under task lights.
Desk Light
Desk Light

23. What Is Surface Mounted LED Office Lighting?

Surface-mounted lights are office Lighting fixtures mounted directly on a flat surface like the office space ceiling (ceiling mounts) or the wall.

They can also be mounted on protruding flat surfaces that are fitted to the ceiling or wall of the office space.

This Lighting type is best used in places where there is a low ceiling and minimal space.

24. What Is Suspended LED Office Lighting?


suspended LED office lighting
suspended LED office lighting

Suspended LED Office lighting is office lighting fixtures held in place by hanging chains or suspenders.

The LED lamps (which are usually tube lamps) hang from the office ceiling, usually in spaces with low ceiling heights of not more than 30 ft.

25. What Are The Benefits Of Suspended LED Linear Lighting?

  • Versatility, they can be used in any setting;
  • Easy installation;
  • Provide more illumination than an average surface mounted office lighting fixture because they are hanging low.

26. How Does Surface Mounted LED Office Lighting Differ From Suspended LED Office Lighting?

Surface-mounted LED office Lighting systems differ, a great deal, from suspended LED office Lighting systems.

While surface mounted LED office Lighting is fitted on flat surfaces (usually the ceiling), suspended LED Office Lighting, instead, hangs from the surface.

Even though suspended LED office lighting fixtures are mostly used in office spaces with low ceilings, it is still possible to use them in High ceiling areas too if they have higher lumens output and longer suspenders to hold them in place.

Surface-mounted, on the other hand, can only be used in office spaces with low ceilings.

27. What Are Flush Mounted Office Lighting?

flush mounted LED office lights
flush mounted LED office lights

Flush mounted Office lighting systems are mounted directly against the office ceiling in such a way that they face down to evenly illuminate the office space.

These kinds of office lighting fixtures have dome-like Lighting sources.

They are best used in spaces with lower ceilings, as task lighting in bigger office spaces and for lighting up specific areas in an office space as well.

28. What Are Full Spectrum LED Office Lighting?

full spectrum Office Lighting systems
full spectrum Office Lighting systems

Full-spectrum LED office lighting are light types with all the visible light spectrums, and this makes them a replica of natural sunlight.

A full spectrum light office light is usually said to contain the same essential features as natural lighting and the CRI value and kelvin color are 2 of these essentials that make them full-spectrum lights close to natural daylight.

29. How Does Full Spectrum Differ From Flush Mounted Office Lighting?

While flush-mounted office Lighting are globe-like Lighting fixtures fitted to the ceiling, full-spectrum lights are Lighting types with higher CRI values and cooler color temperatures to replicate natural lighting.

30. How Does LED Office Lighting Compare To Incandescent And Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

When you compare LED office lighting to Incandescent and fluorescent lamps, you’ll find out that LED office lighting is the superior Lighting technology.

They last longer offer better Lighting, emit less heat and also do not flout any of the safety rules as established by the authorized federal agencies responsible for ensuring office safety.

When compared to fluorescent lamps, your LED lamps have a lengthier lifespan. They can serve you for an additional 10 years if used minimally on a regular basis in comparison to a fluorescent tube that can only for, at most, 6–7 years if used minimally.

For Incandescent lamps, this difference is even higher and it could go as high as a 14-year difference in comparison to the average lifetime of incandescent lights.

31. How To Make The Best Beam Angle Choice For Your LED Office Lights?


Beam angles of Office Lighting systems
Beam angles of Office Lighting systems

To choose the best beam angles for your office space, you need to be deliberate.

You need to first determine the size of your office space. Is it big or small?

Then, you would have to ask your clients the kind of activities to be conducted in the office space.

For general office lights, wider beam angles are most appropriate.

This makes it possible for your office Lighting to illuminate the whole office area and provide sufficient lighting to everyone if they’re fitted in the large office spaces.

For task lights, however, go for narrower beam angles to avoid eye strain.

32. How To Pick The Best Office Lighting For Your Office Decor Style?

When it comes to making the best choice on office lighting, function and style must come together.

And how can you do this?

By doing a few simple things like;

  1. determining the kind of work activities that would be done in the space;

For computer-based work activities, you would need daylight lighting which means you have to get general lights that offer high lumen output with wide beam angles.

Corridor lighting, on the other hand, would require Lighting with lower contrast.

So, you could go for decorative lights with lesser lumen output.

  1. measuring your space; big rooms would require bright lighter than small rooms with lower ceilings.

By choosing the best office lighting systems that combine functionality with amazing aesthetics, you are creating a soothing and welcoming atmosphere for visitors, clients and prospects.

Office space is not for work alone.

A well-lighted work area makes the work environment a fun, warm and comfortable place for the workers, too.

33. How Does Office Lighting Affect Productivity?

Office lighting and productivity
Office lighting and productivity

Lighting in any setting can significantly affect the mood and productivity of people.

Even more than what we’d like to believe.

Recent research by Philips, one of the largest and most trusted technology companies in the world, has confirmed that Lighting has a huge impact on the circadian rhythms which is otherwise known as the “built-in clocks” of humans.

This “clock” determines our “sleep cycle” and tells our body when it has to relax.

Lighting is one major element that stimulates our mental states and, in turn, dictates to us when to rest, take a nap or sleep.

A tired eye is a tired human. When you come down with headaches, migraines, and strained eyes, there’s no way you’d like to work.

However, with great Lighting in place, your workers’ mental state will be sharp which means they’d have the full capacity to work without having to strain their eyes at all.

34. Is LED Office Lighting Dangerous To One’s Health?

LED lights are not dangerous at all.

In fact, among all other Lighting types, they are the safest option to use, especially in a work environment where good lighting is needed at all times.

They’re made with less toxic materials and do not pose any health risk to the workers.

35. Are LED Office Lighting Fixtures Reparable?

Yes, LED office Lighting fixtures are repairable.

You’ll find their components anywhere in the market and they’re easy to replace as well. All you need is an understanding of how to fix the lighting components back in place and you’re good to go.

36. How To Know When You Need Better Office Lighting?

A survey by the American Society of Interior Design has indicated that about 63% of workers complain about headaches, migraines, eye strain, etc which are common symptoms of poor lighting in office environments.

But, how can you know when your office space doesn’t have adequate lighting?

Very easy…

  • When your workers find it difficult to see clearly;
  • When they complain about conditions like headaches, etc.;
  • When your workers’, as well as your overall productivity, begin to reduce drastically;

Most of the workers that participated in the survey mentioned being lazy and tired, at their workplace and this causes them to leave their work environment in a bad mood.

The negative impact of poor lighting is not limited to an individual alone, it can also cause a decline in the overall quality and accuracy of work your company delivers.

37. How Many Lumens Do I Need Per Square Foot For Office Lighting?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of activities conducted in your office space.

But, to be safe, experts advise an average of 40 lumens per square foot in office settings to avoid poor lighting.

This could, however, be more dependent on the kind of activity you carry out in your space.

38. How to Replicate Natural Lighting with Office Lighting Fixtures

The following tips will help you in replicating natural lighting in your office area:

  • Choose your office lighting fixtures carefully.

Before buying from your office lighting supplier, or directly from an office lighting manufacturer, always take your time to research the best color temperature and lumen output for your office area.

  • Use more than one Lighting fixture to create uniform lighting in your office space.
  • Use materials that bounce light around in your office.
  • Switch to LED Office lighting if you’ve not already done that.

39. How Do You Calculate Office Lighting Uniformity?

office Lighting uniformity
office Lighting uniformity

Light uniformity simply refers to how sufficient brightness is created in an office setting.

To calculate lighting uniformity, the lux meter is used to calculate the unit of illumination needed in an office space.

Formulas used are:

  • Uniformity = minimum illumination / average illumination

For example in a workshop where the  minimum lux is 300lx and the average at 500lx

Your uniformity value would then be 300/500 = 0.6U

  • Uniformity = minimum illumination / maximum illumination

Say the minimum lux here is also 300lx and the maximum lux is about 700lx, the uniformity value would be 300/700= 0.43.

40. Is It Possible To Dim Office Lighting Fixtures To Reduce Glare?

Yes, most LED office lights are dimmable.

This means you can easily reduce the brightness of your office Lighting systems if they’re too bright or way too low for you.

41. What Lighting Control Systems Come With Office Lighting Fixtures?

Below are some of the lighting control systems that most office lighting systems come with:

Basic Lighting Controls; like the power switch.

Dimmer Control; allows you to control the brightness of your lighting systems.

Motion Sensors: These are most integrated into outdoor lighting for security purposes, but you’ll also get them in office lighting systems as well. This kind of light comes on when it detects motion or movements and can be a way for your office watchman to spot intruders in your office space at night.

Occupancy Sensors: Occupancy sensors, like motion sensors, make your office Lighting systems come on immediately when someone enters a room. They also go off after some time when no motion is detected.

Networked Lighting Control Systems: you can also network your Lighting systems and control them all at once using the DALI control system or BAS.

42. What Causes LED Office Lights To Fail?

A lot could cause an LED office light to fail. But, among these are  the following:

  • Driver Failure: LED drivers are the power of LED lighting technologies. Once they fail, your LED lights would stop working. They’re however replaceable and can be purchased in stores as well.
  • Exposure to Heat: Too much exposure to heat can cause your LED lamp to fail as well.
  • LED strip Failure: If your LED office lamp fails, it could mean that your LEDs have failed and would need replacement.
  • Incompatible Fixture & Source: using the wrong fixture for your office lighting source can also cause your LED office lights to face. This is why you must ensure you purchase the lighting source that’s compatible with your old office lighting fixture.

43. How Often Do LED Office Lighting Fixtures Burn Out?

Not often. LED office Lighting can last up to 17 years if used at a minimum of 8 hours per day and if they’re not exposed to intense heat or other elements that could damage them.

44. How to Know Genuine Office Lighting Fixtures?

The best way to identify the genuineness of office lighting fixtures is to check if they’ve safety certified by authorised agencies like CE, ROHS, UL, ETL, AQI etc.

You might also want to check customers reviews on the particular product you’re buying from your office lighting manufacturer’s website.

You know products with low ratings are not quality. So, avoid buying them from your office Lighting Supplier.

You might also want to go into intricate details as the Production process of your LED office lighting manufacturer as well as the materials used in making the lighting systems, from start to finish.

Also, always buy from trusted sources like VST lighting where you can be guaranteed quality Lighting products at all times.

45. How Best to Maintain Your LED Lighting Fixtures?

Maintaining your LED office lighting fixtures is very easy.

You don’t have to do much rather than clean regularly (about 2–3 times a month) and also carry out occasional check-ups to confirm the health of the lamps.

46. How Can You Reduce Glare From Office Lighting?

The best way to reduce glare in your office area is to use natural lighting as much as possible.

Also, use dimmable office lighting systems only.

This gives you the chance to reduce Lighting from your lamp whenever you feel they’re too much for your eyes.

Do not forget to position your LED office lighting properly as well.

47. How To Find The Best Office Lighting Manufacturer?

With research, you can get the best office Lighting manufacturers you can buy from.

You can also work with office Lighting Suppliers to confirm the office Lighting products that are of high quality.

You can also go through the list of office lighting fixtures manufacturers in a directory to make a choice.

48. How Can I Buy Office Lighting Directly From A Manufacturer In China?

Before you ship your office lighting fixtures from your office Lighting manufacturer, there are a few things you must do to ensure smooth shipments:

  • Research the best Lighting product manufacturers in China
  • Contact your local customs agency to know what the shipment requirements are for your Lighting products;
  • Before the office lighting is shipped down to you, travel down to china or send someone to inspect the products on your behalf;
  • Make your deal;
  • Once you’re sure the products you’re buying are high-quality, go ahead to place your order;
  • Follow up on your order. You can deal with reliable LED Lighting Suppliers to help you in tracking your order to ensure they land safely in your location.

49. Can You Get Custom Made Office Lightings Manufactured To Your Own Specification?

Yes, absolutely! This is even the best option if you’re willing to pay a little extra to an office Lighting manufacturer.

When you do it this way, your office lighting manufacturer gets to easily integrate function and style into the production of your lighting system just so they could fit perfectly into your office style and design.

50. How Can I Ship Office Lighting Directly From A Manufacturer In China?

To ship your office lighting products, you can use either of the two methods:

  1. Through A Courier Service like DHL, UPS.
  2. Through Air/Sea Cargo. All you’d just have to do in this case is pick them up at the respective ports close to your office location.
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