The Best LED Tube Light Factory in China

10 Years Production Experience LED Tube Light Factory

Do you want to work with the best LED tube light factory? VST is a reputable LED tube light factory with over 10 years of practice. At VST we manufacture top-notch tube lights in the T-series; T5, T8, T10, and T12.

If you sell tube light wholesale or install it as an electrical contractor, VST is your choice  LED tube light factory to get lighting solutions for work areas, classrooms, health facilities, farms, parking lots, supermarkets, and a host of other facilities.

Our LED tube factory manufactures large quantities of tube lights in 100,1000, and more units. You can purchase lighting in bulk. Our factory engages in large-scale production of regular designs of tube lights. If you have a project that requires thousands of unique or custom-made tube lights, we are fully equipped to handle it as well.

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VST, the Industry-Leading LED Tube Factory

We run a LED tube factory that manufactures dimmable tube lights, RGB types, waterproof types, and integrated tube lights. If you are looking to buy in large quantities, our factory produces top-quality lighting using high-quality systems and technology.

For indoor tube lights, we use LED chips for brighter lighting. LED technology is safe compared to fluorescent light. It emits no UV rays and comes with an excellent CRI of 80+. You can also enjoy the waterproof tube light IP65/IP67 or IP68 rating based on your demand.

As a top T8/T5 led tube factory, we manufacture the T5&T8 fixtures to meet custom dimensions and capacity. For regular designs, our LED tube light factory in China produces LED tube lights to replace fluorescent lights. For example, you can buy an 18W LED tube light to replace a 36W fluorescent tube. In fact, once the tube lights are similar in size, you can purchase smaller watts of LED tubes to replace fluorescent tubes of higher watts.

VST is a LED tube light factory that works hard to employ the use of an LED system that consumes little energy. You can get more than 10 years of use on any tube light; be it the regular or custom-made types.

Our LED tube factory has the UL marking on all tube lights you buy from us.  Also, the tube light has the RoHS & CE certification. You can buy the LED tube lights wholesale and sell them to any region.

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T8 LED Tube Light Model Options

Model NO. VST-T8-300-4W VST-T8-450-7W VST-T8-600-10W VST-T8-900-14W VST-T8-1200-18W VST-T8-1500-22W VST-T8-1800-30W VST-T8-2400-40W
Watt 4w 7w 10w 14w 18w 22w / 25w 30w 40w
Size 300mm/2ft 450mm/18inch 600mm/2ft 900mm/3ft 1200mm/4ft 1500mm/5ft 1800mm/6ft 2400mm/8ft
Lumens 500~900lm 700~1000lm 1000~1800lm 1400lm~2520lm 1800lm~3240lm 2200lm~4500lm 3000~5400lm 4000~7200lm
Lumen Efficiency 100lm/w, 120lm/w, 140lm/w, 150lm/w, 160lm/w, 180lm/w for options
Conventional lamp equivalent 8W
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
PF >0.95
THD <15%
Color Temperature 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 5000~5500K, 6000~6500K, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
CRI CRI>80, CRI>90
LED Chip  SMD2835
Materials Aluminium alloy housing + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Strip/Transparent
End cap G13 rotary option, T8-G5, R17D/Fa6/Fa8 single pin
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
IP Grade IP20 / IP65 / IP67
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Warranty 3 years / 5 years
Package Foam+Carton
Carton Q’ty:60pcs
40ft HQ:90900
Carton Q’ty:60pcs
40ft HQ:64800
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:45900
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:32400pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:27000pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:19710pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:16200pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:10800pcs

T6 T5 LED Tube Light Model Options

Model NO. VST-T5-600-10W VST-T5-900-14W VST-T5-1200-18W VST-T5-1500-24W
Watt 10w 14w 18w / 22w 24w / 30w
Size 549mm/24inch/2ft 849mm/36inch/3ft 1149mm/48inch/4ft 1449mm/60inch/5ft
Lumens 1200~1500lm 1680lm~2100lm 2160lm~3300lm 2880lm~4500lm
Lumen Efficiency 120lm/w, 140lm/w, 150lm/w for options
Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
PF >0.95
THD <15%
Color Temperature 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 5000~5500K, 6000~6500K, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
CRI CRI>80, CRI>90
LED Chip Epistar SMD2835
Materials Aluminium alloy housing + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Transparent
End cap G5
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
IP Grade IP51
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Warranty 3 years / 5 years
Package Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :10368pcs
40ft :22032pcs
40ft HQ :24480pcs
Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :6480pcs
40ft :15552pcs
40ft HQ :17280pcs
Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :4464pcs
40ft :9504pcs
40ft HQ :10512pcs
Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :4464pcs
40ft :9504pcs
40ft HQ :10512pcs


LED Tube Installation Power On One Side
LED Tube Installation Power On One Side
LED Tube Installation Power On Two Side
LED Tube Installation Power On Two Side

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

VST, the LED Tube Light Factory with Over 10 Years Experience

As you look to partner with a LED tube light factory in China, think VST! We have over 10 years of experience in lighting production with an excellent team of R&D and field engineers.

You will get good prices to help you get a high ROI on your purchase. A flexible and fast delivery system further makes working with us smooth and easy. You are assured of a 3-5 years warranty on all LED tube lights we manufacture.

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LED Tube Light Factory – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whenever it relates to brightening a space, linear lighting fixtures are one of the most streamlined and bright solutions.

Keep reading to gain a thorough understanding of a reliable LED tube light factory in China.

You’ll learn about their strengths, sales and after-sales support, and customization options.

So, let’s begin!

Table of Content

  1. What are Some of the Key Features of a Genuine LED Tube Light Factory?
  2. Where to Find the Best LED Tube Factory?
  3. Why the LED Tube Light Factory in China is Better for Foreign Clients?
  4. What is the Correct Way of Connecting to a T8 LED Tube Factory?
  5. Is There Any Option of Customization Offered by LED Tube Light Factory in China?
  6. Can I Place a Bulk Order Through T5 LED Tube Factory?
  7. How One-to-One and Online Meeting is Different with LED Tube Factory Representative?
  8. Which is the Best LED Tube Light Factory?
  9. Which Other Products Can I Purchase from T5 LED Tube Factory?
  10. What is the Estimated Manufacturing and Delivery Time of the T8 LED Tube Factory?
  11. Can I Order Through Online Service of LED Tube Light Factory in China?
  12. What Types of LED Tube Lights do I Get from T5 LED Tube Factory?
  13. How Purchasing from LED Tube Factory is Beneficial than from a Retailer?
  14. Can I Get UL Listed Products from T8 LED Tube Factory?
  15. Are Small MOQs Acceptable by LED Tube Light Factory in China?

1. What are Some of the Key Features of a Genuine LED Tube Light Factory?

In order to succeed in business, you must make the correct choices at the appropriate moment. To avoid being a victim of fraud, you must find a legitimate LED tube factory.

Here are several elements to consider while judging the factory’s validity for your benefit.

  • Globally stable customers
  • Market competitive prices
  • Warranty
  • Quick customer services
  • Certified Factory
  • Delivery services

Globally Stable Customers

A genuine LED tube light factory in China delivers customers all over the world. Their track record reveals that they have a large number of satisfied and long-term consumers in other countries.

It allows you to see that the provider delivers high-quality products on schedule and at a reasonable price.

Stable Customers
Stable Customers

Market Competitive Prices

High profitability is provided by a reliable T5 LED tube factory.

They are offering LED tube lights at less cost around 30%. As compared to standard halogen bulbs, the LED tube lights have a higher initial cost.

However, because of their extended lifespans, easy maintenance, and effective performance, they are the most cost-effective of all.


An original factory’s greatest quality is how it makes you feel safe. You may buy LED tube lights in quantity without worrying about them breaking.

You could have it replaced the product if you feel is not appropriate within the warranty limit.

Quick Customer Services

You can ask any question you desire from a reliable source. You can reach out to them by phone, in person, and through their authorized social media pages.

You can definitely avail of the facility, observe the production processes, and discuss your concerns with the appropriate personnel.

Certified Factory

Several certificates are given to factories that produce LED tube lights while maintaining high safety standards.

VST Lighting, for instance, has a number of certifications, including:

  • UL certified
  • ETL
  • CE certified
  • RoHS
  • GS
  • Delivery Services

Another feature of a genuine T8 LED tube factory is it’s efficient as well as on-time shipping of consignments. All you have to do now is pick a LED light and place your order.

2. Where to Find the Best LED Tube Factory?

About 90% of the authentic LED tube light factories are present in the coastal region of the southeast of China. Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian are the primary provinces where factories are present.

A particular LED light is associated with each province. For instance, Guangdong is excellent for ornamental lights, Fujian is associated with high LED bulbs, whereas Zhejiang is known for OEM services.

You can see LED tube light factories in Jiangsu and Shanghai as well. In both these, low-end lights are more common.

For getting the best products, select your factory, and place the order as per your requirement.

3. Why the LED Tube Light Factory in China is Better for Foreign Clients?

You can benefit from the Chinese T8 LED tube factory in a number of ways, such as:

Order Flexibility

Freedom in order is a feature that you can take advantage of. You can decide the amount of your order based on your needs and budget.

Bulk orders and minimum order quantities (MOQs) are not restricted by LED tube light factory in China.

Attractive Qualities

There has to be a compelling motive to locate a certified T8 LED tube factory in a certain location.

One of several appealing reasons is the aesthetic elements that a genuine LED tube factory provides to tube lights.

Discount in Price

A T5 LED tube factory can provide tube lights at extremely inexpensive pricing.

At competitive costs, you may receive great quality, healthy life periods, and enhanced lumen efficiency, among other things.

After-Sales Service

Every LED tube light comes with 3 to 7 year insurance. If you discover a defective light, you can file a claim and receive a replacement light straight away.

When it provides you with high-quality LED tube lights, space is irrelevant.

Customized Designs

A Chinese LED tube factory can provide you with distinctive and inventive designs. A dedicated research and innovation staff is always bringing new innovations to the market.

An authorized LED tube light producer and supplier as VST-Lighting will build it for you, whether it’s a modest alteration or a completely new design.

4. What is the Correct Way of Connecting to a T8 LED Tube Factory?

T8 LED Tube Light
T8 LED Tube Light

Nowadays, finding and contacting a T5 LED tube factory is not tough. Contact information is available on official web pages and public social media networks.

You can receive a quote by contacting them. Contacting an LED tube light supplier can be done in a variety of ways.

  • In-person meeting
  • Online meeting
  • Other services
  • A dependable companion

5. Is There Any Option of Customization Offered by LED Tube Light Factory in China?


The engineering staff will develop the LED tube light based on a sample, model, or verbal description.

Customizations can be divided into three categories:

  • Simple – simply making minor adjustments to the light, such as incorporating a tweak swap.
  • Changes to the driver, luminous efficiency, housing, or other similar elements.
  • Completely fresh designs — creating a one-of-a-kind design for your company.
Customized LED Tube Light
Customized LED Tube Light

Custom-made lights increase traffic and help your brand have a distinct look.

For instance, everybody offers wall-mounted tube lights; why not offer pendant tube lights as well?

6. Can I Place a Bulk Order Through T5 LED Tube Factory?

Order flexibility is provided by an LED tube light factory in China. You are not limited in terms of quantity. Order in the dozens, thousands, or even millions, depending on your pocket and desire.

Customers are held in high regard by genuine manufacturers such as VST-Lighting. VST-Lighting is always there for you, whether you’re a newcomer to the sector or a seasoned wholesaler.

Small MOQs allow you to launch your company and build a strong reputation. You can make large bulky orders to fulfill your consumers after the system has stabilized.

Likewise, you are not obligated to choose a design. T5 LED tube lights, T8 LED tube lights, and custom tube lights are available in any quantity.

T5 LED Tube Light
T5 LED Tube Light

7. How One-to-One and Online Meeting is Different with LED Tube Factory Representative?

When you make an online purchase or go to the factory, these are the differences you will see:


Appealing websites and scheduled video conferences cannot provide you with a detailed picture of the situation like a face-to-face encounter can.

By inspecting the institution, you can determine its validity. Online meetings, may result in dealings with fraud.

Knowledge of Manufacturing Process

Touring the LED tube light factory will give you a better understanding of the production processes. It aids you in determining the efficiency with which you can manufacture fashionable tube lights.

You can look at the raw materials and components that were used to create unique designs.

You won’t be able to do this with online shopping.

Human Relationship

Rather than interacting through technology, one-on-one meetings help to create better personal relationships.

Man-to-man encounters and cordial relationships are becoming increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced world. We need to encourage one-on-one meetings over internet transactions.


When you see the plant, in reality, you can verify that the LED tube factory is operational and that you are not engaging with a consulting company.

Promotion of Brand

When you witness the industrial process in action, you will fully comprehend it. It assists you in persuading your consumers of the high caliber of LED tube lights.

As a result, one-on-one encounters are beneficial to the advertising of LED tube lights. On the other hand, you can’t be sure about the quality of an LED tube light that you buy online.


You can assess procedures, pricing, and quality by visiting multiple numbers times to T5 LED tube factory. Comparisons aid in decision-making.

Online meetings with multiple providers may not reveal the distinctions as clearly as face-to-face contact.

Creative Designs

You have the option of creating your own designs.

It may pique your interest in looks, and you may feel compelled to build a bespoke addition as a result of seeing it.

It falls short when it comes to online shopping.

Negotiation of Price and Delivery

You can easily haggle the pricing in a nice atmosphere. You can request the LED tube light factory in China produce your order on schedule.

Online meetings, however, close in a formal way. You won’t have a fair chance to discuss the cost or delivery agreements.

8. Which is the Best LED Tube Light Factory?

VST-Lighting is one of China’s top LED tube light manufacturers. VST-Lighting has been producing high-quality LED tube lights for the previous 11 years in Shenzhen and has managed to enlighten the world.

Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen, China

VST-Lighting possesses all of the criteria required to designate a company to be genuine, including:

  • Clients from around the world
  • Relationships that last
  • Prices that are reasonable
  • Services that are effective
  • Employees who are dedicated and qualified
  • Certified

Our dependable raw material providers make it a priority to assist VST-Lighting. The factory’s surplus raw material allows the experts to function nonstop and finish the job on schedule.

The R&D team is working tirelessly to create new and innovative concepts. They make unique designs to adorn your facility and include trendy elements to make it more convenient for you.

Besides the R&D department, the dedicated experts work around the clock and combine the parts to produce the LED tube lights up to the specifications.

The quality department inspects the technique throughout the entire manufacturing. VST-Lighting values your safety, so we strictly adhere to all safety regulations.

VST-LED Lighting’s tube lights both are UL approved and CE approved. These lights may be used in damp, dry, and wet environments.

Additionally, VST-Lighting allows you to order customized LED tube lighting.

The company alone has 200 loyal customers throughout the world. They put their faith in VST-Lighting and continue to expand by selling high-quality LED tube lights.

VST-Lighting not just provides excellent client care, but also offers appealing after-sales services.

Each light is covered by a 3- to 7-year guarantee. It ensures that your money is secure with VST-Lighting.

So, don’t put it off any longer. Right now, you can get a quote. Expand your business while taking advantage of VST-low Lighting’s costs.

9. Which Other Products Can I Purchase from T5 LED Tube Factory?

A reputable LED tube factory, such as VST-Lighting, will also buy more products.

Custom Products

VST Lighting can provide intricate features for you in addition to conventional goods. Custom placements are the finest, especially with regard to retrofitting.

You can make a renovation job go more smoothly if you select ideas that match your present fixtures.

In this manner, you will save money on wiring and finish the project on a tight budget.

DIAlux Design

VST-Lighting can assist you if you are a novice to the lighting industry and are unsure how several lighting bulbs and fittings you will require for a venture.

We can evaluate the number of lighting fixtures users require utilizing the DIAlux software application and produce them accordingly.

So, for any item you pick, you can figure out how much you’ll need based on its size, brightness efficiency, and room dimensions.

VST-Lighting also has a large selection of LED lights to choose from. You may, for instance, receive:

LED Flood Light
LED Flood Light

10. What is the Estimated Manufacturing and Delivery Time of the T8 LED Tube Factory?

A legitimate T8 LED tube factory’s expected lead time ranges from 30 to 45 days. You can easily make an order and expect to receive your delivery in about a month.

Authentic manufacturers work with reputable shipping companies. VST-Lighting, for instance, has long-term delivery partners.

VST-Lighting is in charge of shipping the tube lights first. As a result, we make certain that your lights are turned on time.

Factors Influencing Delivery of LED Tube Lights

These are the factors that have a direct impact on the delivery timings of modern LED tube lights:

Bulk Orders

The amount has a significant impact on the shipment and delivery time. Smaller orders are processed more rapidly than larger orders. If you purchase 1000 LED tube lights, these will arrive in less duration than if you purchase 10,000 tube lights.

Customized Order

Standard products do not require a lot of modification. The layouts are ready, the measurements are specified, the equipment is prepared, and you receive the tube lights in a shorter period of time.

Engineers at an LED tube factory, on the other hand, work on a specific design whenever you offer it to them.

They collect the raw materials and adjust the machinery to the new specifications.

It takes more time as compared to a regular LED tube light to produce.

Pending Orders

The amount of bookings in the queue is another element that influences lead time. Because of pending orders, the order may become stuck.

Your request serial number is used by genuine LED tube vendors to assist you.


The expected delivery time can be affected by special days in China and in your country. Consider the following scenario: the shipment arrives on time, in your national seaport, on your public holiday.

It will, naturally, be postponed until transportation reappears following the holiday.

11. Can I Order Through Online Service of LED Tube Light Factory in China?


Orders can be placed instantly throughout online services. VST-Lighting, a top tube light factory in China, respects your time and money.

Owing to the epidemic condition, the majority of purchases and business events are now conducted online.

As a result, if you are unable to visit China for several reasons, we take online orders.

You can rely on VST-Lighting because we treat our potential clients with the same respect as our in-person customers.

You can reach out to us by phone, over social media pages, or via email.

12. What Types of LED Tube Lights do I Get from T5 LED Tube Factory?

Once it refers to LED tube lights, VST-Lighting should be your first choice. LED tube lights are available from VST-Lighting having different styles:

If we further categorize these lights based on their characteristics, we can come up with:

VST-Lighting carries all of these items, as well as many others. You can however obtain personalized LED tube lights made to your specifications.

There are various sizes of LED tube lights, such as:

  • 300mm (1ft)
  • 600mm (2ft)
  • 900mm (3ft)
  • 1200mm (4ft)
  • 1500mm (5ft)
  • 1800mm (6ft)
  • 2400mm (8ft)

Contact VST-Lighting for bespoke sizes in addition to these regular sizes, then we will give you with said tube lights you need.

13. How Purchasing from LED Tube Factory is Beneficial than from a Retailer?

When opposed to purchasing LED tube lights via a retailer, purchasing LED tube lights from a factory offers numerous advantages. Such as:

High Profit

T8 LED tube factory provides tube lights at competitive pricing, resulting in a quick return on investment.

Buying from tube light producers might result in substantial profit margins. A retailer, might not be able to give you decreased cost LED tube lights.

High-End LED Tube Light
High-End LED Tube Light

After-Sales Service

The connection between you and VST-Lighting will not end after the delivery of the shipment.

After-sales facilities are offered by tube light producers. Every tube light comes with a guarantee period.

You have the right to claim the LED tube light that has been damaged or is not working properly. VST-Lighting can also advise you on the number of lighting fixtures you’ll need for a certain lighting project.

Product Variety

If you wish to select from a large selection of LED tube lights, you should go to an LED tube light factory.

A retailer’s facilities may have a smaller number of layouts.


As for tube light manufacturers, you may buy in quantity. On the other hand, an LED tube light retailer might not have been able to supply you with a large number of LED tube lights all at once.

14. Can I Get UL Listed Products from T8 LED Tube Factory?

Yes, of course.

All the VST-Lighting products are UL listed with the following types:

  • For wet areas
  • For dry places
  • For humid/damp areas

The UL label on an LED tube light indicates that it complies with international best practices and is suitable for use.

The authorities evaluate and verify the UL-approved and licensed LED tube lights. They verify if the wires used are compatible with the specified voltages.

They assigned personnel to evaluate the lights and certify the LED tube lights prior to export.

Its purpose is to protect you against tragedy and accidents. As a result, always purchase UL-certified LED tube lights.

15. Are Small MOQs Acceptable by LED Tube Light Factory in China?

Yes, you may take advantage of this fantastic chance at VST-Lighting. Because you do not need to be concerned about the amount.

Make a purchase based on your needs and budget. It is beneficial to persons who are new to the industry.

You may make purchases in minimal MOQs if you visit your local market. You can make large purchases once you have established consistent foot traffic.

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