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VST started to manufacture LED tube lights in 2011, so 11 years of experience yet. We are able to fulfill all your requirements for LED tubes based on very competitive prices.

  • More than 1,000 variants for different powers, sizes, functions, and requirements
  • Tailor-made solutions for electrical contractors which normally have a unique request
  • The cost advantage for wholesalers with support for branding and flexible MOQ
  • Expertise in customized LED tube light, just tell us your idea and we make it real
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    11 Years Production Experience LED Tube Light Supplier in China

    If your projects or LED tube wholesale business needs to import LED tube lights from China, then VST will be the best LED tube factory to do ODM / OEM for you.

    As one of the early LED tube light manufacturers in China, VST knows very well about every technical detail and challenge for LED tube production. We have collected the right parts, adopted the right manufacturing techniques, and accumulated an excellent production team for LED tube light manufacturing. Deeply understand how to deliver the perfect LED tube lights as per customers’ requirements.

    We help hundreds of customers to implement thousands of LED lighting projects in various types of applications such as supermarkets, schools, office buildingswarehouses, factory production lines, hospitalsparking lots, display cases, refrigerator manufacturers, livestock farms, etc.

    VST will give you the best-fit LED tube light solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team. We stick to quality first and leverage our optimized supply chain to offer the best cost-effective products to market.

    Product By Types

    T8 led tube light

    Most commonly seen and used T8 LED tube. Ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    T6 T5 led tube light

    Also called T6 LED. Builtin LED driver. Same length as traditional T5 fluorescent tubes. Replace the fluorescent light directly.

    Size options: 549mm (2ft) / 849mm (3ft) / 1149mm (4ft) / 1449mm (5ft).

    Power ranges: 5w to 30w

    Waterproof T8 Tube Lamps

    Suitable for some wet or moisture locations like butcher shops or refrigeration equipment. IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    Dimmable LED tubelight

    Dimming options: Triac, 0-10V, 1-10V, DALI.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    Emergency 18w led tube light

    Emergency LED tube light with built-in battery pack. Continue to work for 30~180mins at 30/50/100% brightness after the power cut.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    LED Tube Bulbs with Radar Sensor

    Infrared sensor, radar sensor. Smart on/off/brightness, suitable for parking lots, corridors, etc.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    Rotatable End Cap T8 LED tube

    Adjustable the light beam to a specific direction and lock, flexible lighting directions.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    Integrated LED Tube Light Bulbs

    Flexible installation without the tube fixtures. And tubes can be seamless connected in serial.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    High CRI LED Light Bulb Tube

    Some locations need high Color Rendering Index like gallery or printing industry. We can customize CRI90 or even CRI95 for you.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    High Lumen LED Tube Lamp

    If you are looking for LED tube with ultra-high lumen efficiency, we can make up to 200lm/w for you.

    Size options: 300mm (1ft) / 600mm (2ft) / 900mm (3ft) / 1200mm (4ft) / 1500mm (5ft) / 1800mm (6ft) / 2400mm (8ft)

    Power ranges: 3w to 60w

    Custom Made RGB t8 18w led tube light

    Custom sizes like 450mm, 970mm;

    Custom end cap like T8-G5 pins;

    Custom beam angles like 270 degrees;

    Custom colors like RGB, or mixed color wavelength for your specific applications like grow light.


    Product By Sizes (7)

    High Lighted Features for LED Tube Lights

    super reliability
    Super Reliablity

    Our LED tubes for supermarket projects in 2011 are still working well.

    regulation compliance
    Regulations Compliance

    LED tubes are designed and produced to comply with regulations of targeted markets.

    high lumen efficiency
    High Lumen Efficiency

    We can make up to 200lm/w for LED light tubes.

    Plenty of options
    Plenty of options

    More than 1,000 variants for different powers, sizes, functions, and requirements.

    High Quality LED Driver

    LED driver is the core for LED tube lights. VST only selects the top class LED power supply with best cost performance.
    Having been producing LED light tubes for 11 years, VST has tested plenty of LED driver suppliers and their products. Then choose the most reliable LED power supply factories to work in long term.
    We can offer isolated, non-isolated, flicker-free LED driver for options. And customize LED power supply if necessary.

    isolated LED driver for tube light
    2835 LED chips

    Leading Brand LED Chips

    LED chip is the key for color quality, such as color rendering index, colour consistency, SDCM, etc.
    VST selects the LED chips from leading brands such as Epistar (world-famous LED chip manufacturer), San’an (the largest LED chip manufacturer in China mainland), etc.
    If you have any special requirement on the LED chip, we can request LED chip supplier to customize for you.

    Fast Heat Dissipation Aluminium Alloy Tube

    Heat is the killer for LED tube light, so heat from LED chip and LED power supply must be dissipated quickly and effectively.
    VST choose the thick aluminium alloy tube with high coefficient of heat conduction to make sure LED chips and LED driver work in a comfortable temperature. Which will secure the lifespan of LED light tube.

    Fast Heat Dissipation Aluminium Alloy Tube
    PC cover

    High Transparency PC Cover

    Optical-grade PC cover to ensure high light emitting rate and uniformity.
    The special material in the PC cover makes sure the light output is even and soft. People won’t see the dots.
    Anti-aging material means no yellowing issue even after years.

    Videos of VST and Satisfying Customers

    led light manufacturer in china
    satisfying customer

    VST has been LED tube light factory for 11 years yet. We work together with hundreds of contractors and wholesalers to complete the lighting projects and expand the market successfully.

    Most of them are satisfied and happy with our products, delivery and services. Then when they need LED tubes, VST is their 1st choice for LED tube suppliers. Check videos about how we handle and produce the products, and what do happy customers say.

    Send us your inquiry and join to be one of the happy customers.

    Some Custom-made LED tube lights

    waterproof LED tube light for mining and fishing

    Special waterproof  treatment and colorful tubes can be used for mining and fishing.

    custom color LED tube for horticulture lighting

    Wavelength combination is tailor-made for grow light.

    Applications for LED Tube Lights

    led tube light for office building lighting

    LED tube lights are an excellent choice for office building lighting, providing bright and uniform lighting that enhances visibility and productivity. They offer long-lasting performance and energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective option for businesses. With their sleek and modern design, LED tube lights can be easily installed in standard fluorescent fixtures, providing a hassle-free retrofitting solution. Upgrade your office building lighting today with LED tube lights for better illumination and energy savings.

    led tube light for supermarket lighting

    LED tube lights are an ideal choice for supermarket lighting, providing bright and even lighting that enhances product visibility and creates a welcoming shopping environment. They offer energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, making them a cost-effective option for supermarkets. With their sleek and modern design, LED tube lights can be easily installed in existing fixtures, providing a hassle-free retrofitting solution. Upgrade your supermarket lighting today with LED tube lights for better illumination, energy savings, and customer satisfaction.

    led tube light for school and classroom lighting

    LED tube lights are a perfect fit for classroom lighting, providing bright and uniform lighting that enhances students’ visibility and learning environment. They offer energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, making them a cost-effective option for educational institutions. With their sleek and modern design, LED tube lights can be easily installed in standard fixtures, providing a hassle-free retrofitting solution. Upgrade your classroom lighting today with LED tube lights for better illumination, energy savings, and academic success.

    LED tube light for warehouse lighting

    LED tube lights are an ideal choice for warehouse lighting, providing bright and uniform lighting that enhances visibility and safety in the workplace. They offer energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, making them a cost-effective option for warehouses. With their durable and sturdy design, LED tube lights can withstand harsh conditions and can be easily installed in high ceilings or racking systems, providing a hassle-free retrofitting solution. Upgrade your warehouse lighting today with LED tube lights for better illumination, energy savings, and productivity.

    led tube light for factory workshop lighting

    LED tube lights are a perfect fit for factory workshop lighting, providing bright and even lighting that enhances visibility and productivity in the workplace. They offer energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, making them a cost-effective option for factories. With their sturdy and durable design, LED tube lights can withstand harsh conditions and can be easily installed in standard fixtures, providing a hassle-free retrofitting solution. Upgrade your factory workshop lighting today with LED tube lights for better illumination, energy savings, and industrial success.

    LED tube light for car parking lot lighting

    LED tube lights are an excellent choice for car parking lot lighting, providing bright and uniform lighting that enhances visibility and safety. They offer energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, making them a cost-effective option for car parking lots. With their sleek and modern design, LED tube lights can be easily installed in standard fixtures, providing a hassle-free retrofitting solution. Upgrade your car parking lot lighting today with LED tube lights for better illumination, energy savings, and customer satisfaction.

    Dialux lighting simulation design planning

    Dialux Lighting Simulation Based on IES Files

    Lighting simulation is important for lighting projects, it makes sure the proper lighting result, also ensure projects are deployed at the lowest budget.

    IES files of LED tube lights are available for your lighting design team.

    If you need us to provide you the lighting design solutions, we can also do it for you.

    Standard Models from LED Tube Light Manufacturer

    Model NO. VST-T8-600-10W VST-T8-900-14W VST-T8-1200-18W VST-T8-1500-22W VST-T8-1800-30W VST-T8-2400-40W
    Watt 10w 14w 18w 22w / 25w 30w 40w
    Size 600mm/2ft 900mm/3ft 1200mm/4ft 1500mm/5ft 1800mm/6ft 2400mm/8ft
    Lumens 1000~1800lm 1400lm~2520lm 1800lm~3240lm 2200lm~4500lm 3000~5400lm 4000~7200lm
    Lumen Efficiency 100lm/w, 120lm/w, 140lm/w, 150lm/w, 160lm/w, 180lm/w for options
    Conventional lamp equivalent 18W/20W
    Fluorescent Tube
    Fluorescent Tube
    Fluorescent Tube
    Fluorescent Tube
    Fluorescent Tube
    Fluorescent Tube
    Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
    PF >0.95
    THD <15%
    Color Temperature 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 5000~5500K, 6000~6500K, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
    CRI CRI>80, CRI>90
    LED Chip  SMD2835
    Materials Aluminium alloy housing + PC cover
    PC cover options Milky/Strip/Transparent
    End cap G13 rotary option, T8-G5, R17D/Fa6/Fa8 single pin
    Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
    IP Grade IP20 / IP65 / IP67
    Lifespan 50,000hrs
    Warranty 3 years / 5 years
    Package Foam+Carton
    Carton Q’ty:30pcs
    40ft HQ:45900
    Carton Q’ty:30pcs
    40ft HQ:32400pcs
    Carton Q’ty:30pcs
    40ft HQ:27000pcs
    Carton Q’ty:30pcs
    40ft HQ:19710pcs
    Carton Q’ty:30pcs
    40ft HQ:16200pcs
    Carton Q’ty:30pcs
    40ft HQ:10800pcs
    Model NO. VST-T5-600-10W VST-T5-900-14W VST-T5-1200-18W VST-T5-1500-24W
    Watt 10w 14w 18w / 22w 24w / 30w
    Size 549mm/24inch/2ft 849mm/36inch/3ft 1149mm/48inch/4ft 1449mm/60inch/5ft
    Lumens 1200~1500lm 1680lm~2100lm 2160lm~3300lm 2880lm~4500lm
    Lumen Efficiency 120lm/w, 140lm/w, 150lm/w for options
    Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
    PF >0.95
    THD <15%
    Color Temperature 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 5000~5500K, 6000~6500K, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
    CRI CRI>80, CRI>90
    LED Chip Epistar SMD2835
    Materials Aluminium alloy housing + PC cover
    PC cover options Milky/Transparent
    End cap G5
    Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
    IP Grade IP20
    Lifespan 50,000hrs
    Warranty 3 years / 5 years
    Package Foam + Carton
    Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
    20ft :10368pcs
    40ft :22032pcs
    40ft HQ :24480pcs
    Foam + Carton
    Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
    20ft :6480pcs
    40ft :15552pcs
    40ft HQ :17280pcs
    Foam + Carton
    Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
    20ft :4464pcs
    40ft :9504pcs
    40ft HQ :10512pcs
    Foam + Carton
    Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
    20ft :4464pcs
    40ft :9504pcs
    40ft HQ :10512pcs
    led tube installation power on one side
    LED Tube Installation Power on One Side
    led tube installation power on two sides
    LED Tube Installation Power on Two Sides
    • Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

      Mr. Freddy Decaigny from Belgium
    • We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, an 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

      Mr. Jamie Sharpe from Ireland

      Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube Lights. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon. VST is their sole T8 LED tube supplier and T5 LED tube supplier in china.

      Mrs. Paola Patrucco from Italy
    1. Where are you located?

    VST is a Shenzhen LED tube light factory which is located in China. The nearby cities are HongKong, Dongguan, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen. This area is an industry cluster for LED lighting industry.

    2. Can I get samples before bulk order?

    Yes, a sample order is welcome. It’s common practice for LED tube wholesalers to deal with LED tube light suppliers.

    3. What is the MOQ for LED light tubes?

    The LED light tubes are manufactured by our own facility, so we can be flexible on order scale.

    For sample orders, even one unit is accepted. For bulk order, we wish to start from 100pcs.

    Your LED tube light wholesale business can benefit from this.


    4. What is the general lead time for production?

    Sample orders normally take 3~5 days, mass production normally take one to four weeks depending on the order scale.

    5. How to arrange shipment and when can I receive my goods?

    For small quantity LED tube lights, we suggest express, it normally takes 5~10 days.

    For hundreds of LED light tubes, air cargo is a good choice. It normally takes 7~10 days. We can send cargo to airport, you do the customs and pickup by yourself. Or you can also request us to handle the local delivery as well, it’s door to door service.

    For thousands of lights, sea cargo is best choice. It normally takes 5~45 days depending on how far you are away from China. Same as air transport, we can ship to the sea port, or offer door to door service for you, with duties paid or unpaid.

    6. What is your warranty policy and how to claim it?

    We offer 2 to 5 years for our LED light tubes depending on your needs.

    When failure happens, you can send us photos of the tubes and videos of the phenomenon, we will send you the replacements with cost on our side.

    7. What is the payment term?

    For sample orders, it’s 100% in advance. You can pay through bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

    For bulk order, it’s 30% in advance as deposit, rest 70% before shipment. Payment through bank transfer.

    8. I don't know how many LED tube lights should I use for my project, can you suggest?

    Yes, as a LED tube light supplier in China, we don’t just supply products, but also provide some services, such as ODM, OEM, and lighting solutions for projects. We can do the lighting simulation by Dialux software and provide you the report. Then you will clearly know how many lights are needed and how to install them. Tell us your project details and we will give you solutions.

    LED Tube Light Manufacturer – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    In search of high-grade LED tube lights, you have landed on an appropriate webpage.

    It is an official page of one of China’s leading tube light manufacturers.

    Here you will find details regarding types of tube lights, their factories, and ways to import.

    Let’s get started to gather useful information.

    1. Why to Choose LED Tube Light Manufacturers in China?

    There are many countries excelling in the field of LED lighting but China is the best pick for my business.


    There are some specific reasons that help China to stand-out among other LED tube light manufacturers. These are:

    Developed Infrastructure

    One of the reasons to choose China as your ultimate business partner is their developed infrastructure.

    Uninterrupted power supply, fast and reliable raw materials suppliers, trustworthy workforce, and quick shipping partners, all these factors make China a best choice.

    Your investments are safe here without the fear of cancelled or delayed orders. Suppliers, wholesalers, and contractors from all over the world trust tube light manufacturers in China.

    High-Grade LED Tube Lights

    Compatible Prices and Fast ROI

    Dealing with a Chinese LED tube light factory facilitates you with 30% less prices. You can get lower LED tube light wholesale price and generate a fast ROI by selling them at good prices in your local market.

    The advantage of low prices is that you can gain high-profit margins. This is the reason wholesalers and distributors from all over the world choose China as their business destination.

    Unique Designs

    The R&D team works effortlessly round the clock to create innovative and original lighting fixtures.

    You can get hundreds of original and creative designs at a Chinese LED tube light manufacturing company.

    Moreover, you can show a sample, give your demands verbally, and get a customized LED tube light of your choice.

    Order Flexibility

    Another facility that a Chinese LED tube light supplier provides you with is the order flexibility.

    You have the choice to order in small quantities or in bulk. You can place an order according to your business requirement and budget.

    Order Flexibility

    High-Grade Raw Material

    Low cost does not mean a compromise on the quality. LED tube light factories in China provide you with high-grade LED tube lights.

    Each component is taken from authentic suppliers. The raw material quality is up to international safety standards is approved by the specified QA/QC team.

    Fast and Reliable Shipping

    You can get your shipments in 30 – 45 days from China. It is a quick manufacturing and delivery time that other countries may not offer you.

    Once you decide to import your LED tube light from China, now is the time to choose an authentic LED tube light manufacturer.

    Read further to know how you can find them!

    2. How Can I Find Authentic LED Tube Light Suppliers in China?

    When it comes to business dealing, you need to deal intelligently. Scammers and fraudsters use tricks to lock up you in their conversations.

    A thorough research can save you from scammers. You can search and compare multiple manufacturers in the following ways:

    • Visit their official websites


    You can choose a web browser like, Yahoo, Google, or Bing. Write the keyword you want to search for, like, T5 LED tube lights.

    You will get hundreds of results related to this keyword. Go through them thoroughly and pick one for your business.

    • Go through their social media websites

    Similarly, developed and authentic LED tube light manufacturers maintain their social media web pages.

    Social media web sites include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and many more. By following these pages you can get notified about the new product launches and upcoming promotional deals of the specific manufacturer.

    • Explore the B2B trading websites

    B2B trading websites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Made-in-China, etc. are the best place for tube light manufacturers.

    Manufacturers from all over the world use these websites to sell their products online. You can read the product specifications to get a better idea about the specific tube light.

    You can find hundreds of brands selling their LED tube lights on these trading websites. It would be best if you compare their specifications, features, and public reviews.

    B2B Trading Websites

    • Visit the industrial clusters and wholesale markets in China

    Another way to find an authentic LED tube light supplier is to arrange a one-to-one meeting.

    You can plan a visit to China. Visit multiple factories see their manufacturing processes, product lists, and raw material they use.

    By comparing the product properties, costs, and lead time you can choose an exemplary LED tube manufacturer.

    Similarly, by visiting the wholesale markets, you can see products from multiple manufacturers.

    In the next question, you can know about the factors you can consider while choosing an LED tube manufacturer for your business.

    3. What Are the Characteristics of an Exemplary LED Tube Light Manufacturing Company?

    When you visit multiple factories, you must know what are the main features you must consider?

    Looking at a factory and watching bright LED lights does not mean it is an authentic factory.

    You must know are they certified?

    Do they serve globally?

    Do they provide you a sample before order confirmation?

    So following are some helpful points you must consider.

    • Business history
    • International clients
    • Certifications
    • Competitive prices
    • Good communication
    • Sample testing

    An exemplary LED tube light manufacturer possesses a remarkable business history. It means that the company has worked hard through ages to serve the world with high-grade LED tube lights.

    The struggles and strategies have led the company to a renowned and well established brand.

    It is the hard work and untiring efforts of the staff that makes the company successful and stand distinguished in front of the world.

    You can judge a company’s repute by looking at their client’s list. A well established company serve not only national but also has numerous international clients.

    It is understandable, if a client is approaching a LED tube manufacturer from overseas, it means the company is providing high-grade tube lights to him.

    An authentic LED tube light factory is awarded with several national and international certifications.


    These certificates show that the manufacturing process and tube lights are up to international standards.

    Clients can buy and sell these tube lights in their local market due to the awarded certifications.

    A bona fide company facilitates you with competitive prices. You can get high quality LED lights in reasonable prices that may bring high profits to you.

    You must never compromise on the quality of the product. Sometimes low prices may lead to low quality tube lights.

    Moreover, an established LED tube manufacturer has an efficient customer services team. You can ask questions regarding your targeted product, customizations, or delivery time anytime from the sales and services department.

    They are available 24/7 and attend your queries contentedly.

    Customer Services Team

    Another way to judge the authenticity of tube light manufacturers is to ask for sample testing before order confirmation.

    It is your right to check the product before purchasing in bulk. Fake suppliers hesitate to provide you with a sample.

    On the other hand, an authentic manufacturer creates similar products as shown in the sample.

    4. Where in China Can I Find Tube Light Factories?

    You can visit China’s southeast coastal region to search for an authentic LED tube light manufacturer.

    All the provinces in the southeast coastal region have numerous LED lighting factories. Make a plan, visit China, and have a look at various LED manufacturing companies.

    The prominent provinces are:

    • Guangdong Province
    • Fujian Province
    • Zhejiang Province

    About 90% of the LED light making business in China is taking place in this area. Each province is known for a specific LED lighting classification.

    As we are concerned with tube light manufacturing companies, you may find them mostly in the province of Guangdong.

    Guangdong, China

    The famous cities of Guangdong that are well known for manufacturing top class LED tube lights are:

    • Guangzhou
    • Shenzhen
    • Foshan

    Guangzhou is also known as Canton. The famous Canton fair takes place in this city. Shenzhen is a hub of LED tube light manufacturing companies.

    VST-Lighting, one of China’s leading LED tube light manufacturing company is located in the industrial cluster of Shenzhen.

    You can visit Shenzhen, Guangdong, and the southeast coastal area to select a manufacturer that best suits you.

    5. How Can I Visit a LED Tube Light Manufacturer?

    Approaching your favorite LED tube manufacturer is possible in three different ways:

    One-to-One Meeting

    You can visit China personally and meet your LED tube light manufacturer. There are specific measures you must take before visiting China.

    • Inform the relative factory about your visit
    • Inform them about the number of people, with you, to visit them
    • Ensure that you tell them about your plan precisely
    • Manage the time and venue of meeting
    • Select a time that best suits both of you
    • Do your homework regarding China’s map, factory’s location, and contact information
    • Arrange your stay and travel guides before starting your journey
    • It would be best if you visit multiple factories during your stay
    • Visiting two factories per day is enough, to avoid stress and get a complete and better idea about the company

    One-to-One Meeting

    Online Meeting

    If due to some reason, you cannot visit China, you can arrange an online meeting. Due to the pandemic, travelling restrictions has made one-to-one meetings a dream.

    To compensate it, you can plan an online business meeting. Talk to the customer services team about your interest. Arrange a suitable time and make a call.

    It will help you to talk conveniently with the administrators about your requirements.

    Hire a Trusted Partner

    A third solution is that you can hire a trusted party as your representative. It might be one person or a group.

    They will visit the factory, see the manufacturing process, and ask all the relative questions on your behalf.

    After that, it is your choice to place the order online or your trusted partner can place the order on spot.

    It leads to our next question.

    6. Does LED Tube Manufacturer Accept Online Orders?

    Yes, why not?

    You can place orders online. VST-Lighting one of China’s leading tube light manufacturers values your time and investments. They even offer LED tube light wholesale price for small quantities orders.

    Nowadays, due to the pandemic situation, most of the orders and business meetings are held online.

    Therefore, for your convenience, we accept online orders if (for some reason) you cannot visit China.

    You can trust VST-Lighting, we serve our online customers with the same honor as the ones who visit us.

    You can contact us through phone calls, through our social media websites, or through email.

    LED Tube Lights

    7. How Many Types of Tube Lights Can I Get from a LED Tube Light Manufacturing Company?

    When it comes to LED tube lights you must consider VST-Lighting as your supplier. VST-Lighting provides you with the following types of LED tube lights:

    If we further classify these lights depending on their features, you can get:

    Emergency LED Tube Light

    All these and many more are available at VST-Lighting. You can also get your customized LED tube lights according to your desire.

    These LED tube lights are available in variable sizes, like:

    Besides these standard sizes, ask VST-Lighting for custom made sizes and we’ll provide you with your required tube lights.

    Customized LED Tube Lights

    8. What Is the LED Tube Light Manufacturing Process?

    An authentic LED tube light manufacturing company precisely creates your LED tube lights. The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

    • Designing
    • Raw material
    • Engineering
    • Assembly
    • Quality control
    • Testing
    • Packaging


    The first step is to design the tube light according to your choice. The size, shape, features, and assembly, everything is designed as stated by you.

    Raw Material

    After designing, the required raw material is gathered from the best suppliers. Depending on your design and features VST-Lighting gathers the components from state’s best raw material suppliers.


    VST-Lighting highly qualified engineers install the sensors properly. They make the connections and wirings precisely so that the lights work adequately at your facility.


    After gathering the required raw material, your LED tube lights are then hand assembled by the trained team of engineers and technicians.

    Every component is precisely assembled and thoroughly inspected before, during, and after assembly.

    LED Tube Lights

    Quality Control

    A team of quality inspectors works side-by-side with the engineers. At every step the quality of your tube lights is checked.

    The manufacturing process doesn’t proceed until the QA/QC team approves the quality. The team ensures that the production is taking place up to international safety standards.

    Your safety is our priority, for this reason, VST-Lighting precisely inspects the quality of your LED tube lights.


    Once the assembly is completed, in the factory workshop, each light is tested separately. Whether it is a standard LED tube light or has some customized features, VST-Lighting checks it thoroughly.


    The tested LED tube lights are then packed with care to avoid damage. Special packaging boxes with inline fomic sheets to prevent the lights from jerks and damages are used.

    You can get your brand’s name imprinted on the LED tube lights (on demand).

    Ready-to-Ship LED Tube Lights

    9. What Benefits Can I Avail by Dealing with a LED Tube Manufacturer?

    Dealing with an LED tube manufacturer is way better than purchasing from a trading company or a retailer.


    Here are certain reasons supporting the statement.

    • Warranty
    • Custom made designs
    • After-sales services


    An LED tube light manufacturing company facilitates you with a specific warranty time. VST-Lighting provides 3 – 7 years of warranty with each LED light.

    In this time you can claim the damages and replace with a similar LED tube light. In this way you investments are safe.

    Custom Made Designs

    A LED tube light manufacturer provides you with the opportunity to get a customized solution for your lighting project.

    You can get a design of your choice, add or replace the features, and change the raw material according to the requirements.

    It is also helpful in managing the budget. By replacing the components or changing the housing and base material you can make a noticeable change in your budget.

    Similarly, by adding some features your budget may also increase. The facility of adding or removing the features is only provided by the manufacturer, a retailer or trading company cannot provide you with custom made designs. You have to buy the standard tube lights they have.

     Custom Made LED Tube Light

    After-Sales Services

    Tube light manufacturers also facilitate you with the after-sales services. You can get help in the calculation of lighting fixtures for your lighting project.

    For example, VST-Lighting assists in the lighting fixtures calculation with the help of DIAlux designing software.

    This facility is not provided by your local market retailers or wholesalers.

    10. Who Is the Best LED Tube Light Manufacturing Company in China?

    In the renowned city of Shenzhen, among many other competitors, VST-Lighting is illuminating the world for the past 11 years.

    High quality raw material used by the trained technician results in ultimate LED tube lights. Highly qualified team of research and development brings innovative and unique designs every now and then.

    You can trust VST-Lighting for providing up-to-date lighting solutions. Several national and international awarded certifications prove that VST-Lighting cares for you, your business, and your safety.

    The quality control team inspects each step from raw material gathering to packaging. You can talk to our customer services team 24/7, ask questions, and get a quote right away.

    Our reliable raw material suppliers and shipping partners ensure on-time and quick delivery. Whether you order in small MOQ or bulk, be positive, VST-Lighting will complete the order on-time.

    LED Tube Light Manufacturer in China

    Our happy and satisfied customers worldwide trust VST-Lighting and place orders repeatedly.

    You can get high-grade LED tube lights in competitive prices. Moreover, you may also enjoy amazing discounts on bulk orders.

    So, what are you waiting for, make a call and plan your order at VST-Lighting?

    11. Does LED Tube Light Manufacturer Accept Small MOQs?

    Yes, this is an amazing opportunity you can avail at VST-Lighting. You don’t have to worry about the quantity.

    Make an order according to your demand and budget. It is helpful for new-to-the-business people.

    Until and unless you set foot in your local market you can place orders in small MOQs. As soon as you develop regular foot traffic, you can place bulk orders.

    VST-Lighting is always at your back, supporting you at every step. So, take a step, trust VST-Lighting, and show the world the power of LED tube lights.

    12. Can I Get Customized Solutions from a LED Tube Light Manufacturing Company?

    LED tube light suppliers in China welcome your demands. You can show samples or give demands verbally VST-Lighting can provide you with an adequate customized solution.

    You can enjoy the flexibility in getting customized features. From sizes to sensor installation, you can customize every feature of your LED tube light.

    Customizations are mainly of three types:

    • Simple customizations

    It includes simple changes like, a change in size or shape.

    • Advanced customizations

    By this we mean, getting customized housings, drivers, sensors, or base.

    • Fully customized

    It means that you get a totally new design for your LED tube light from shape & size to PCB & lumen efficiency.

    Fully Customized LED Tube Light

    The features that you can get customized are:

    • Size
    • Shape
    • Housing
    • CRI
    • Color temperature
    • Lumen efficiency
    • Base
    • Drivers
    • Plug-and-play
    • Retrofitting
    • Sensors
    • RGB
    • Mounting style
    • PCB

    So, you name it and VST-Lighting will customize it according to your demand. Here are some examples of custom-made tube lights by VST-Lighting.

    • Pendant LED tube light

    VST-Lighting can provide you with pendant LED tube lights. Tube lights are usually mounted on walls horizontally or vertically (occasionally).

    But, VST-Lighting can create pendant tube lights to give a trendy look to your facility. These tube lights have specific mounting base to hang.

    You can get these lights in variable sizes.

    • Waterproof LED tube light

    VST-Lighting’s waterproof LED tube lights specifically designed for mining and fishing are a state-of-the-art tube lights.

    • T8 LED tube lights with G5 base

    T8 LED tube lights are available with G13 base. But, you can get your customized bases as per your demand.

    • Custom colored LED tube light

    Besides standard colors, you can get customized color temperatures in you LED tube lights.

    • Multiple tube lights in one fixture

    Another option that you can avail at VST-Lighting is composing, artistically, multiple tube lights in one fixture.

    How about, a fixture with two horizontal and a vertical tube light hanging in your living room?

    Creatively Composed LED Tube Lights

    13. Do Tube Light Manufacturers Make UL Listed Tube Lights?

    Yes, definitely.

    Your safety is VST-Lighting’s priority. All the tube lights we manufacture are UL listed and certified.

    You can use these tube lights in the recommended areas. UL listings are of three types:

    • UL listings for dry locations,
    • For damp locations, and
    • For wet locations

    The advantage of getting UL listed LED tube light is that they are safe to use and certified by the laboratories.

    The UL listed printed on your LED tube light shows that the light is up to international safety standard and is safe for public use.

    The UL listed and certified LED tube lights are checked and inspected by the authorities. They check the compatibility of the wires used with the mentioned volts.

    They appointed officers inspect the lights by themselves and approve the LED tube lights before shipment.

    It is to keep you safe from any misfortune and accident. So always ensure to buy UL listed LED tube lights for your business.

    UL Listed LED Tube Lights

    14. Is It Cost-Effective to Purchase from Tube Light Manufacturers?

    Purchasing from a LED tube light manufacturer is way more cost-effective than your local market wholesaler or retailer.

    Chinese manufacturers sell you the LED tube lights in 30% less rates as compared to trading companies.

    Whether you get standard or customized LED tube lights, you always get a good profit margin.

    Sometimes you need to choose between price and quality. It is a situation when compromising on the quality may lead to getting low quality LED tube lights in low prices.

    LED tube lights have a high upfront cost but with long life span and low maintenance. Scammers may offer you a crazy low led tube light wholesale price, but they might be without warranty, and might wear out soon.

    So, be careful and choose intelligently when it comes to prices.

    15. What Is the Difference between Purchasing from a Retailer and a LED Tube Light Manufacturer?

    Getting LED tube lights from a manufacturer facilitates you in many ways as compared to a retailer. Like:

    • Quantity
    • After-sales services
    • Custom made solutions
    • High profit margins
    • Variety of products
    • High-grade LED lights with consistency


    You can place order in bulks when it comes to tube light manufacturers. On the contrary, an LED tube light retailer may not provide you with huge quantity of LED tube lights at once.

    After-Sales Services

    Your and VST-Lighting’s relationship doesn’t end with the shipment delivery. We are with you throughout your business.


    Tube light manufacturers provide you with after-sales services. Each tube light gets a specific period of warranty.

    In this time, you can claim the damaged or malfunctioned LED tube light. Moreover, VST-Lighting can guide you about the number of lighting fixtures you need for a specific lighting project.

    A LED tube light retailer cannot provide you with these facilities.

    Custom Made Solutions

    Another difference between the two is the provision of custom made LED tube lights. A retailer can provide you with only the standard LED tube lights, whereas, an LED tube manufacturer can fulfil your requirements.

    Trained technicians and qualified engineers design unique designs according to your demands.

    Whether you want to change the size, shape, lumen efficiency, or housing, VST-Lighting can create adequate solutions.

     Customized LED Tube Lighting Solutions

    High Profit Margin

    LED tube light manufacturing companies give you tube lights in compatible prices resulting in fast ROI.

    You can get high profit margins by purchasing from tube light manufacturers. On the other hand, a retailer may not provide you wholesale price for LED tube light .

    Variety of Products

    If you want to choose LED tube lights from a wide range, you better choose LED tube light manufacturers in China.

    A retailer may possess less number of designs in his facility.

    High Grade Tube Lights with Consistency

    Another factor that is differentiable is the quality consistency. An LED tube manufacturer takes care of the quality of LED tube lights.

    For example, VST-Lighting always ensures high quality of LED tube lights. We get the lights listed by various authorities and ensure that these are up to international safety standards.

    On the contrary, a retailer may get LED tube lights from multiple suppliers. Hence, you cannot guaranty same quality for each light.

    16. Who are the Top 20 Best LED Tube Light Manufacturers in China
    1. Winson Lighting Technology Limited

    Locations: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

    Main products: Multifarious LED lights like LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED spotlights, LED high bay lights, T5 LED tube lights, T8 LED tube lights, LED underwater lights, LED flood lights, LED bulbs, LED street lights, LED strip lights, and LED PAR lights.

    Brief Information: “Winson Lighting Technology Limited”, was established in the year 2006 in Shenzhen, China. Since then, with many years of hard work and continuous innovation of products, now they are a reputed LED tube factory that has won the trust of many of its clients, providing Led t5, t8 tubes with superior quality products at a fair cost.

    1. Geram Electric Limited

    Locations: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

    Main products: specialize in T8 LED tube, T5 LED tube, T6 LED tube, T5/T8 integrate LED tube, PIR/Radar LED tube, anti-ultraviolet LED tube, waterproof LED tube, grow LED tube, batten LED tube, RGB LED tube, etc.

    Brief Information: Geram is a leading LED Tube light factory, manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter with about 10 years of experience in production. Their T5 T8 led tube factory covers 20,000 square meters and is well-equipped with about 10 production lines and 5 SMT machines. They attend some lighting fairs every year, such as the Canton lighting fair, Hong Kong lighting fair, American lighting fair, Frankfurt lighting fair, Dubai lighting fair, etc.

    1. KYD Led

    Locations: Gongming, Shenzhen, China

    Main products: commercial LED lighting, office LED lighting, outdoor LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, such as LED panel light, LED shop lights, LED track lighting, T5 LED tube light, T8 LED tube light, LED downlights, LED linear, LED high bay light, LED tri-proof light and LED batten light, outdoor LED flood light, LED under cabinet light, etc.

    Brief Information: Owning T8, T5 led tube factory 5,000m² workshops, a 1,000m² warehouse, 78 skilled production workers, and 10 responsible QC, our led tube light factory in China rigorously implements the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. No matter your order is large or small, T8 LED tube, T5 LED tube, integrated LED tube light, or sensor LED tube light, They offer the most professional LED tube light wholesale at low cost.

    1. MLS Lighting (Forest Lighting)

    Locations: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

    Main products: LED Light source, T5/T8 LED fixtures, LED bulbs

    Brief Information: MLS Lighting Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive LED optoelectronic technology establishment that’s China’s request leader in LED packaging and led tube light supplier.

    The main products are LED light sources, LED optoelectronic bias, and LED lighting institutions. In terms of the total affairs, it leads the Chinese LED tube light wholesale market.

    1. NVC International Holdings Limited

    Locations: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

    Main products: Full range of LED lighting fixtures, especially LED Down Lights, LED Spotlights, LED Strip, LED Track Lights, LED Panels, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Flood Lights.

    Brief Information: NVC Lighting is one of China’s top 3 led tube light wholesale companies and is well-known as a world-class brand. It has regional headquarters in Singapore, and led tube light factory in China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    1. OPPLE Lighting

    Locations: Shanghai, China

    Main products: Full range of LED lighting fixtures, especially LED Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Downlights, LED Strip, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Panels

    Brief Information: OPPLE is a commanding intertwined LED tube light manufacturer in China. their Products range from LED T5, T8, and traditional lighting, lights, and ceiling institutions to electrical appliances. Opple Lighting has a world-leading EMC and Led tube factory. They sales their T5, T8 led tube light wholesale globally.

    1. Zhejiang Yankon Group Co., Ltd

    Locations: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

    Main products: LED bulbs, LED Tubes

    Brief Information: Yankon is one of the major LED tube factories in China and LED tube wholesaler, supplying the world’s top lighting brands and transnational chain retailers. Its products include engineering products and led tube products.

    The major products are LED bulbs and LED tubes. Yankon’s exports are among the top 3 in China in the last several times. The quality of its LED bulb and LED tubes are internationally accredited. They’re led tube light wholesale price so affordable.

    1. Tospo Lighting

    Locations: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

    Main products: LED bulb and tubes, Indoor Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

    Brief Information: Tospo Lighting is with 4 main product portfolios, CFL & LED bulbs, indoor lighting applications, lighting electronics, and outdoor luminaires.

    Because of high-quality products, high integrity, the rapid development of new products, and huge potential, Tospo’s products are selling well around the world and enjoy an excellent reputation. they are one of the best- Led tube wholesaler in china and their T8 LED tube factory is in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

    It achieved the second-highest export value in China’s LED lighting industry in 2019

    1. FSL Lighting

    Locations: Foshan City, Guangdong, China

    Main products: LED Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Filament Bulbs, LED Tubes and Battens

    Brief Information: FSL Lighting was established in 1958, and now has 5 manufacturing led tube factories in China, they produce a series of LED tube lighting products such as led t5 and t8 tubes with high quality and reasonable wholesale prices.

    “FSL” brand is one of the most well-known led tube wholesaler brands in China as well as in the global market, now they are servicing more than 200 customers from 80 countries.

    1. Guangdong PAK Corporation Co. Ltd

    Locations: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China:

    Main products: Full range of LED Lighting products – LED Lamps and Electrical appliance, Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Home Lighting, Outdoor Lighting

    Brief Information: Since its founding in 1991, PAK has grown to become one of the top-led tube lights wholesaler market leaders in providing great energy-saving indoor and outdoor lighting products.

    Today, PAK has expanded into a global led tube supplier of lighting and electrical products, producing more than 2000 types of led tube light such as t5 and t8 over 5 led tube light factory bases in China.

    1. Hangzhou Honyar Electrical Co., Ltd

    Locations: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

    Main products: LED Street Light, LED Module, LED Tunnel Light, LED Flood Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Down Lights.

    Brief Information: Hongyan Electric was born in 1981. Honyar is a professional integrated T5 LED tube factory in China and architectural electrical control systems.

    In 2010, it first recognized that LED tube light is a product of technology, and officially entered the LED lighting industry, taking the lead in proposing the development concept of “smart lighting”, and promoting smart lighting as the core subsystem of smart home, exploring the industrial path of the smart home.

    1. Meka Electric Corporation

    Locations: Shanghai City, China

    Main products: LED Smart Light, LED Highbay, LED Floodlight, LED Street Light, Tri-Proof LED Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, LED Panel Light

    Brief Information: Meka Electric started Lighting began in 1996 and is a research and development, production, sales, and service in one of the integrated lighting enterprises.

    Meka Electric is a professional supplier of LED tube lighting products, and a wholesaler of a full range of LED t5 and t8 lighting products including electronic Controllers, LED bulbs, and LED lighting fixtures. Their led tube light factory in China also T5 LED tube light wholesale worldwide.

    1. TCL Very Lighting Technology

    Locations: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

    Main products: LED Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Strip Lights, LED Down Lights, Outdoor Lightings, LED Battens, LED Fan Lights

    Brief Information: TCL Very Lighting belongs to TCL Corporation, which is the LED tube lighting industry’s leading manufacturer with over 20 years in the lighting industry.

    TCL Very Lighting built the first state-level and CNAS-approved T8 LED tube factory in the year 2006, and has successfully provided led tube lighting products for more than 100,000 applications.

    1. Shenzhen Mason Technologies Co., Ltd

    Locations: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

    Main products: LED Street Lights, LED Tunnel Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED T8 Tubes, LED Chips

    Brief Information: Shenzhen Mason Technologies Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of LED tube lights in China. They are also one of the top suppliers of LED tube lights. Main LED product range consists of street LED lighting, industrial LED tube lighting, and LED T5 commercial lighting.

    Mason offers a guarantee for products with a life expectancy of ≥ 50,000 operating hours, with a time limit of 5 years. They have an LED tube light factory of 61000 square meters and an R&D team with more than 300 professional staff.

    1. Hondo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

    Locations: Shenzhen, China

    Main products:  Our factory provides led plant growing light, t8 led tube light, t5 led tube light,etc

    Brief Information: Shenzhen Hondo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, eye-catching design, quality raw materials, high performance, and a competitive LED tube wholesale price are what every customer wants.

    Hondo Lighting is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of LED tube lighting and a solutions provider of led technology.

    They are strictly complying with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

    1. Xin Guang Yuan (New Lights) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

    Locations: Zhejiang China

    Main products: Led Tube Lights, T5 led, T8 led

    Brief Information: Xin Guang Yuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is one of the best-led tube light manufacturers in China.

    With a large led tube light factory and warehouse established with 20 years of production experience in the lighting industry.

    They are also a leading domestic manufacturer of T5 and T8 LED tube light products. And wholesale Led Tube Lights worldwide.

    They have reliable and cost-competitive high-quality all types LED light products available.

    1. Vorlane

    Locations: Guangzhou, China

    Main products: LED Bulb, LED Downlight, LED Tube Light, LED Flood Light, etc.

    Brief Information: Vorlane is a leading LED tube light factory in China. they offer a wide range of high-quality LED tube lights, from street to industrial lighting. Also, their T5 and T8 led lights are used in a variety of applications around the world.

    Their products are manufactured in China, and they maintain the highest quality and have been certified by international organizations.

    1. Xiamen Yankon IoT Technology Co., Ltd

    Locations: Haicang District, Xiamen, China

    Main products: LED bulb and the LED tube light. LED lighting solutions and smart lighting solutions

    Brief Information: YANKON is a public company listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange ( Stock Code 600261) specializing in the lighting industry since 1975.
    They are one of the major manufacturers of LED tube lights in China.
    Right now, the company wholesales LED tube light around the world.

    1. Haining Xinguangyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

    Locations: Haining City, Zhejiang Province of China

    Main products: LED Tube, LED Bulb, Fluorescent Lamp, LED Light Fixture, LED Panel

    Brief Information: Haining Xinguangyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Haining New Lights, is a professional Led tube lighting product manufacturer founded in 1998 in China.

    with over 500 employees and 15 led tube light factories in China, spread across 35,000m2 of land. In 2020, they produced over 20 million led tube lighting products and made $35 million in sales.

    1. Zhongshan Sheng Wang Lighting

    Locations: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

    Main products: LED lamp, LED tube lamp, LED track lamp, LED light cup, LED fluorescent tube, LED bean and tank lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED street lamp.

    Brief Information: The majority of their business is wholesale LED tube lights in China, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Macao, and other countries and regions. Their main products T8 LED tube light include over 2,000 different Led light product series, including overall home lighting, T5 LED tube commercial lighting, pure copper lighting, and so on. their led tube light wholesale price is good.

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