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10 Years Production Experience And LED Tube Light Supplier

Are you in the market for emergency tube lights, dimmable LED tube lights, LED tube bulbs with the radar sensor, or integrated LED tube lights? VST is your number one LED tube light supplier. With over 10 years of experience in lighting production, we are adept at providing electrical contractors and wholesalers top quality LED tube lights.

As a trusted LED tube light supplier, VST provides your projects or business with a variety of LED tube designs. You can import LED tube lights from China with ease. At VST we manufacture and supply ODM / OEM LED tube light needs.

Contact us today to get high-quality LED lights. If you have any questions, we have a standby customer service to provide you with every necessary detail.

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VST the High-grade LED Tube Supplier Across Borders

One of the key reasons to choose VST is the quality of the raw materials used to produce the LED tubes. Our workforce employs standard procedures in the production process to ensure the LED tubes are properly produced. All variations of LED tube light have the UL marking, and the RoHS and CE certification.

We produce LED tube lights in the likes of; T5, T8, T12, rotatable end cap tube light, waterproof LED tube lights, and other excellent designs of LED tube lights. You are sure to get tube lights with a high CRI of 80+, a beam angle of 270°, and RGB tube lights.

These tube lights are useful in hospital facilities, schools, farm areas, offices, and parking lots. As a T8 LED tube supplier, we can deliver both indoor and outdoor types to you based on demand.

Custom designs are one of the perks of dealing with VST. You can request the supply of custom-made RGB tube lights, custom end caps like T8-G5 pins, and other unique and original designs of LED tube lights. You can share your project design via descriptive text, images, or send a sample. Our R&D team will manufacture and supply you with customized LED tube lights of your choice in hundreds or thousands of units.

T8 LED Tube Light Model Options

Model NO. VST-T8-300-4W VST-T8-450-7W VST-T8-600-10W VST-T8-900-14W VST-T8-1200-18W VST-T8-1500-22W VST-T8-1800-30W VST-T8-2400-40W
Watt 4w 7w 10w 14w 18w 22w / 25w 30w 40w
Size 300mm/2ft 450mm/18inch 600mm/2ft 900mm/3ft 1200mm/4ft 1500mm/5ft 1800mm/6ft 2400mm/8ft
Lumens 500~900lm 700~1000lm 1000~1800lm 1400lm~2520lm 1800lm~3240lm 2200lm~4500lm 3000~5400lm 4000~7200lm
Lumen Efficiency 100lm/w, 120lm/w, 140lm/w, 150lm/w, 160lm/w, 180lm/w for options
Conventional lamp equivalent 8W
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Fluorescent Tube
Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
PF >0.95
THD <15%
Color Temperature 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 5000~5500K, 6000~6500K, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
CRI CRI>80, CRI>90
LED Chip  SMD2835
Materials Aluminium alloy housing + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Strip/Transparent
End cap G13 rotary option, T8-G5, R17D/Fa6/Fa8 single pin
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
IP Grade IP20 / IP65 / IP67
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Warranty 3 years / 5 years
Package Foam+Carton
Carton Q’ty:60pcs
40ft HQ:90900
Carton Q’ty:60pcs
40ft HQ:64800
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:45900
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:32400pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:27000pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:19710pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:16200pcs
Carton Q’ty:30pcs
40ft HQ:10800pcs

T6 T5 LED Tube Light Model Options

Model NO. VST-T5-600-10W VST-T5-900-14W VST-T5-1200-18W VST-T5-1500-24W
Watt 10w 14w 18w / 22w 24w / 30w
Size 549mm/24inch/2ft 849mm/36inch/3ft 1149mm/48inch/4ft 1449mm/60inch/5ft
Lumens 1200~1500lm 1680lm~2100lm 2160lm~3300lm 2880lm~4500lm
Lumen Efficiency 120lm/w, 140lm/w, 150lm/w for options
Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
PF >0.95
THD <15%
Color Temperature 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 5000~5500K, 6000~6500K, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
CRI CRI>80, CRI>90
LED Chip Epistar SMD2835
Materials Aluminium alloy housing + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Transparent
End cap G5
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
IP Grade IP51
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Warranty 3 years / 5 years
Package Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :10368pcs
40ft :22032pcs
40ft HQ :24480pcs
Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :6480pcs
40ft :15552pcs
40ft HQ :17280pcs
Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :4464pcs
40ft :9504pcs
40ft HQ :10512pcs
Foam + Carton
Carton Q’ty:56pcs/carton
20ft :4464pcs
40ft :9504pcs
40ft HQ :10512pcs


LED Tube Installation Power On One Side
LED Tube Installation Power On One Side
LED Tube Installation Power On Two Side
LED Tube Installation Power On Two Side

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

The Most Reliable LED Tube Light Supplier

As a reliable LED tube light supplier in China, VST offers customers from different regions good prices. You can enjoy good ROI by taking advantage of a 30% discount when you make a bulk purchase.

Delivery is another facet that distinguishes us from other LED tube light suppliers. We offer fast, defect-free, and flexible delivery. We beat industry time and deliver to meet your project demand and timeline. We ship all orders fast and ensure our B2B system runs smoothly to benefit you; our customers. You can as well ask for testing of the tube lights. We offer all our clients a 3-5 years warranty on all purchases.

As a LED tube light supplier, VST works to improve the quality of LED chips utilized to increase light output.

Send us an email and include your detailed requirement today!

LED Tube Light Supplier – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Linear lighting fixtures are among the most sleek and bright options when it comes to illuminating an area.

Continue reading and get a clear understanding of an authentic LED tube light supplier in China.

You will find their qualities, customer and after-sales services, and the customization facilities they provide.

Let’s get started!

Table of Content

  1. How a LED Tube Light Supplier in China Is Beneficial for Overseas Clients?
  2. What Are the Qualities of an Authentic LED Tube Light Supplier in China?
  3. Where In China Can I Find the Best T8 LED Tube Suppliers?
  4. How Can I Contact a T5 LED Tube Supplier?
  5. Does LED Tube Supplier Provide Customization Facilities?
  6. How Much Quantity Can I Order from a LED Tube Light Supplier?
  7. What Is the Difference between One-to-One Meeting and Online Meeting with a LED Tube Supplier?
  8. How Much Time Does a LED Tube Light Supplier Take to Manufacture and Deliver Tube Lights?
  9. Who Is the Best T8 LED Tube Supplier in China?
  10. What Other Products Can I Get from a LED Tube Supplier?

1. How a LED Tube Light Supplier in China Is Beneficial for Overseas Clients?

Why shall I go to China if I get LED tube lights in my local market?

It is because, if a retailer or distributor chooses China as his bulk-purchasing destiny, there must be solid reasons behind.

Chinese LED tube light manufacturing and supplying industry offers numerous benefits to you.

Some of these are:

  • Discounted prices
  • Flexibility in orders
  • After-sales services
  • Attractive features
  • Unique and custom-made designs

Discounted Prices

You can get tube lights at very reasonable prices from a LED tube supplier. You can get high quality, long life spans, and increased lumen efficiency, all these and much more in competitive prices.

You can earn good profits by purchasing LED tube lights from a Chinese supplier and selling them in your local market.

Flexibility in Orders

Another benefit that you can avail is the flexibility in order. Depending on your requirement and budget you can choose the quantity of your order.

There are no restrictions about bulk orders or MOQs by LED tube light supplier in China.

After-Sales Services

If you are an overseas customer, your investments are safe with a Chinese LED tube light supplier.

Each LED tube light enjoys a 3 – 7 year warranty period. In case, you find a defected light, you can claim and get a similar light right away.

Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to providing you with top-notch LED tube lights.

Attractive Features

There must be some appropriate reason to find an authentic T8 LED tube supplier in a faraway land. The attractive features that an authentic LED tube supplier adds to the tube lights are one of those attractive reasons.

Some of these features are:

  • Motion sensors
  • Dimmers
  • Color changing options
  • Automatic dimming system
  • Remote controller
  • WiFi connections

Unique and Custom-Made Designs

You can get unique and innovative designs from a Chinese LED tube supplier. A specified team of research and development keeps bringing innovative ideas and designs to the market.

Besides, you can give your own samples and designs. No matter it is a minor customization or a totally new design, an authentic LED tube light manufacturer and supplier like VST-Lighting can manufacture it for you.

Custom-Made LED Tube Lights
Custom-Made LED Tube Lights

2. What Are the Qualities of an Authentic LED Tube Light Supplier in China?

Business needs right decisions at right time. You need to choose an authentic LED tube supplier in order to stay safe from scammers.

For your convenience, here are some factors you must consider to judge the authenticity of the supplier.

These are:

  • Efficient customer service
  • International stable clients
  • Certifies
  • Prices
  • Delivery services
  • Warranty

Efficient Customer Service

An authentic supplier makes you feel free to ask anything you want. You can contact them on phone, one-to-one, or through their official social media website.

You can conveniently visit the factory, see the manufacturing process, and talk to the related staff about your queries.

International Stable Clients

An authentic LED tube supplier serves internationally. Their business history shows that they have numerous happy and stable customers overseas.

It helps you to understand that the supplier supplies quality products, on-time, and in competitive prices.

International Stable Clients
International Stable Clients


Another factor that helps you in making a choice is the certifications. An authentic LED tube light supplier in China possesses national and international certifications.

These certificates are awarded to the companies that manufacture LED tube lights by keeping the safety standards in mind.

For example, VST Lighting possesses numerous certifications, like:

  • CE certified
  • UL certified
  • RoHS
  • GS
  • ETL


An authentic LED tube light supplier in China facilitates you with high-profit margins.


They offer you LED tube lights in 30% less rates. LED tube lights have a high upfront cost as compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

But, their long life spans, low maintenance costs, and efficient working make them cheapest of all.

Delivery Services

Another quality of an authentic supplier is their efficient and on-time consignment delivery. All you need to do is choose the light and place the order.

The LED tube light supplier will do the rest – designing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery at your door step.


Besides high quality LED tube lights, an authentic T5 LED tube supplier gives you a similar sample before order confirmation.

You can check the sample and place an order. You will get the similar LED tube lights as shown in the sample.


The best quality of an authentic supplier is that they make you feel secured. You can purchase in bulks without the fear of malfunctioned LED tube lights.

In case, you find one, within the warranty time, you can get it replaced.

LED Tube Lights
LED Tube Lights

3. Where In China Can I Find the Best T8 LED Tube Suppliers?

90% of the Chinese LED tube light suppliers are in the south east coastal region of China. Three main provinces Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang have the main industrial clusters of LED tube suppliers.

Every province is known for a specific LED light. For example, for decorative lights Guangdong is the best, Fujian province is well known for high end LED bulbs, and Zhejiang province is famous for OEM services.

You can also find LED tube suppliers in Shanghai and Jiangsu. Here you can find low-end LED lights.

You can visit China, meet the suppliers, and choose the one that best suits your business.

Points to Consider

  • Plan a visit
  • Inform the supplier about your visit
  • Set the meeting time in advance
  • Research well about the road maps
  • Arrange your residence and conveyance in advance
  • Jot down the supplier’s contact information and factory address
  • Visit multiple suppliers
  • It would be best to visit 2 facilities per day
  • Note down the questions you want to ask the supplier (to avoid obliviance)

However, in Guangdong province, the city Shenzhen is the hub for high-grade LED tube lights.

VST-Lighting also serves the world from this city. Don’t forget to visit VST-Lighting whenever you visit China.

Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen, China

4. How Can I Contact a T5 LED Tube Supplier?

It is not a difficult task to find and contact a T5 LED tube supplier now-a-days. Official websites and official social media websites contain contact information.

You can contact there and get a quote. There are different ways to contact an LED tube light supplier. Like:

  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Online meeting
  • Other services
  • A trusted friend

However, the recommended way to contact the LED tube supplier is by meeting them face-to-face.

Face-to-Face Meeting

Behind the computers are the friendly and cooperative human beings you must meet in person.

Personal meetings and experiencing the manufacturing process have a very strong impact in business deals.

Among numerous benefits of personal meetings some are:

  • You can negotiate about the designs,
  • rates, and
  • delivery time

In comparison, online dealings do not provide you with such flexibility.

So, if you are planning to purchase LED tube lights, you must visit China and meet the suppliers.

Business Meetings
Business Meetings

Online Meetings

If you can’t go to China due to restricted travelling or some other reason, you can contact them online.

You can arrange a meeting time with the specific LED tube supplier and ask the necessary information you need before confirming the order.

An online business meeting is another good way to communicate your requirements to the specific supplier.

However, it is not equivalent to personal meeting.

Other Services

You can also contact the LED tube light supplier in China by calling them on phone, mobile, or sending a comprehensive email.

Whichever way you choose, trust the authentic T5 LED tube supplier like VST-Lighting that they’ll provide you with high quality tube light.

A Trusted Friend

Another way is to send your representative. You can ask your trusted friend or business partner to visit the facility on your behalf.

In this way the supplier will get to know about your demands and your friend can visit the factory for you.

T5 LED Tube Light
T5 LED Tube Light

Read more to know the difference between online and one-to-one meetings.

5. What Is the Difference between One-to-One Meeting and Online Meeting with a LED Tube Supplier?

There are many differences when you place an online order or visit the factory by yourself. Like:


Attractive websites and arranged online meetings cannot give you a view as clear as a face-to-face meeting can.

You can judge the authenticity by visiting the facility. On the other hand, online meetings can end up dealing with scammers.


When you visit the facility in person you are ensure that the LED tube supplier exist and you are not dealing with a trading company.

Understanding of Manufacturing Process

You can better understand the manufacturing process by visiting the LED tube light supplier. It helps you to figure out the efficiency put to create trendy tube lights for you.

You can examine the raw material and components used to bring out innovative designs.

Online purchasing doesn’t provide you with such facility.

High Grade LED Tube Light
High Grade LED Tube Light

Brand Promotion

When you see the manufacturing process, you understand it thoroughly. It helps you to convince your customers about the high quality of the LED tube lights.

So, a one-to-one meetings help in the promotion of your LED tube lights. In contrast, you cannot confidently convince about the feature of a LED tube light purchased online.

Human Relationship

One-to-one meetings help to develop better human relationships rather than dealing by sitting behind the computers.

In today fast pace life, man-to-man interactions and friendly relationships are eliminating from our lives. We need to promote one-to-one meetings rather than online dealing.

Price and Delivery Time Negotiations

In the friendly environment you can negotiate the prices conveniently. You can ask the LED tube light supplier to deliver your consignment in the desired time.

On the contrary, official online meetings end up on a serious note. You cannot get a fair chance to talk about the negotiations – price or delivery.

Create Your Own Designs

When you see the manufacturing process and understand the assembly process you may get ideas. You can create your own designs.

Watching it may trigger your aesthetics or you may feel the need to make a custom addition.

It lacks in the online purchasing.


By visiting multiple T5 LED tube suppliers you can compare their processes, prices, and services. Comparisons help you to make a decision.

Meeting multiple suppliers online may not clarify the differences as clearly as a personal meeting.

LED Tube Lights with High CRI
LED Tube Lights with High CRI

6. Does LED Tube Supplier Provide Customization Facilities?

Yes, why not!

You can give a sample, drawing, or explain it verbally and the engineering team will design the tube light for you.

There are three types of customizations:

  • Simple – by making simple changes like adding a tweak switch to the light.
  • Advance – making changes in the driver, housing, luminous efficiency, or similar features.
  • Completely new designs – making a unique design just for your business.

An LED tube light supplier in China can customize the following features of your LED tube light:

  • Size
  • Housing
  • CRI
  • Color temperature
  • Driver
  • Lumen efficiency
  • Base
  • Retrofitting
  • Sensors
  • Mounting style
  • Chip board
  • Multiple bulbs in a fixture


All these and much more can be changed and customized according to your desire. Custom made lights bring more foot traffic and make signature style for your business.

For example, everyone sells wall-mounted tube lights, how about selling pendant tube lights?

Pendant LED Tube Lights
Pendant LED Tube Lights

7. How Much Quantity Can I Order from a LED Tube Light Supplier?

LED tube light suppliers facilitate you with the order flexibility. You are not quantity-bound. Order in hundreds, thousands, or more than that it all depends on your budget and will.

Bona fide suppliers like VST-Lighting keep customers in high esteem. Whether you are new to the industry or a well-established wholesaler, VST-Lighting is always at your back.

With small MOQs you can establish your business and develop a good reputation. As soon as the system regulates you can place huge bulky order to satisfy your customers.

Similarly, you are not bound to the design selection. Purchase T5 LED tube light, T8 LED tube light, or customized tube lights in your desired quantities.

T8 LED Tube Light
T8 LED Tube Light

8. How Much Time Does a LED Tube Light Supplier Take to Manufacture and Deliver Tube Lights?

The estimated lead time an authentic T8 LED tube supplier offers, varies between 30 – 45 days. You can conveniently place an order and receive your package in a month or so.

Authentic suppliers have trusted shipping partners. For example, VST-Lighting has long term shipping partners.

They ship the tube lights by VST-Lighting on priority. So, we ensure that you get your lights on-time.

Factors Effecting Delivery Time

However, sometimes (not always) some specific reasons impact on the estimated lead time. These are:

National Holidays

National holidays in China or in your country may affect the estimated delivery time. For example, imagine, the shipment reaches on-time, in your national sea-port, and it is your national holiday.

Understandably, it will get delayed until the transportation reopens after the holiday.

Customized LED Tube Lights

Standard designs don’t need much working. Designs are ready, sizes are mentioned, machines are set, and you get the tube lights in less time.

In comparison, when you give a customized design, engineers at a LED tube light supplier company work on its design.

They gather the raw material and set the machines according to the new custom features.

It takes a little extended time than a standard LED tube light.

Unique LED Tube Lights
Unique LED Tube Lights

Bulk Orders

The quantity definitely affects the lead time. Small orders get ready quickly than huge ones. For example, if you order 1000 LED tube lights they will get ready in less time than 10,000 tube lights.

Pending Orders

Another factor influencing the lead time is the number of orders in pipeline. Sometimes your order gets stuck due to the pending orders.

Authentic LED tube suppliers serve you on the basis of your order serial number. First customers first!

9. Who Is the Best T8 LED Tube Supplier in China?

VST-Lighting is among the best LED tube light suppliers in China. For the past 11 years, in the city of Shenzhen, VST-Lighting is manufacturing high-grade LED tube lights to illuminate the world.

VST-Lighting has got all characteristics that are necessary to declare a company as authentic. Like:

  • International clients
  • Stable relationships
  • Competitive prices
  • Effective services
  • Hard working and qualified employees
  • Certified

Our trusted raw material suppliers ensure that they serve VST-Lighting on priority basis. Excessive raw material in the factory helps the technicians to work non-stop and complete the work on-time.

R&D team works effortlessly to bring new and unique designs. They add trendy features to facilitate you and make innovative designs to decorate your facility.

Along with the R&D team, the hard working technicians work round the clock to assemble the components and make the LED tube lights according to the provided designs.

LED Tube Light Supplier in China
LED Tube Light Supplier in China

Throughout the manufacturing process, the quality control team inspects the procedure. Your safety is prior to VST-Lighting therefore we make sure to follow the safety standards.

This is the reason, all the LED tube lights by VST-Lighting are UL listed and CE certified. You can use these lights in damp, dry, and wet conditions.

Moreover, VST-Lighting provides you with the facility of getting custom made LED tube lights.

VST-Lighting has more than 200 stable clients worldwide. They trust VST-Lighting and grow day by day by selling top quality LED tube lights.

VST-Lighting not only gives you efficient customer services but also facilitates you with attractive after-sales services.

Each light enjoys 3 – 7 years of warranty. It means, your investments are safe with VST-Lighting.

So, don’t delay. Get a quote right now. Grow your business and enjoy the competitive prices at VST-Lighting.

10. What Other Products Can I Get from a LED Tube Supplier?

A well established LED tube supplier like VST-Lighting gives you the facility to purchase more products as well.

VST-Lighting has a vast range of LED lights to offer you. For example, you can get:

LED Stadium Lights
LED Stadium Lights

Custom Made LED Tube Lights

Besides standard products, VST Lighting can manufacture customized designs for you. Especially when it comes to retrofitting, custom designs are the best.

You can complete a renovating project conveniently by getting designs that suit your existing fixtures.

In this way you can save the cost of wiring and complete the project in much low budget.

DIAlux Designing

Another amazing feature that VST-Lighting offers is the designing. In case you are new to the lighting business and don’t know how many lighting bulbs and fixtures you might need for a project, VST-Lighting will help you.

By using DIAlux designing software we can calculate the number of lighting fixtures you need and manufacture accordingly.

So, whatever product you choose, you can calculate the quantity depending on its size, lumen efficiency, and room specifications.

DIAlux Designing Software
DIAlux Designing Software
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