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zofe from vst lighting


Sales & Marketing Director

Have been in LED lighting for 6 years, and my background is technical personnel, like to learn something deeply, so I’m that kind of technical sales&marketing staff. Because of the technical background, I understand, think and speak logically. I like to be direct, honest and loyal, so I do what I say and don’t promise what I can’t do.

Anny from vst lighting


Account Manager

In my world, I always believe that “Strong belief can win the heart of the brave and make them stronger”, whatever in life or work. I like reading,traveling and dancing.I come from a big family. so I can get along well with everyone. I tell myself I must work hard now and hope my parents’ life get better and better before they get old. This is me-Anny.

tony from vst lighting


Account Manager

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I like to challenge myself, and always believe that if we work hard in the right direction, life will be meaningful. In my leisure time, I like to try and find different delicious food, then invite some friends to dring bottles of beer. So when you come to China and want to try Chinese food, speak to me freely.

lisa from vst lighting


Account Manager

No pains,no gains. For work, I will try my best and enjoy it. I like to share my thoughts with my friends and colleagues, and learn from them. In my spare time, I do what I want to do. Play table tennis, go climbing, reading, hang out with my friends.In a word, happiness is my pursuit for my whole life.

sherry from vst lighting


Account Manager

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. I’m an optimistic and confident girl. Whatever I meet ,I will keep confident and try best to slove it. Cause I know efforts will lead to success. In my spare time, I like reading and staying with my family members. Of course, Sometimes I enjoy weekend together with my friends , singing , dancing………

funny from vst lighting


Account Manager

I am Funny, yeah, funny girl like my name. In life, I like making friends that always can make someone happy, also like travelling, movies and food(but don’t like cooking). I take my job seriously and treat my partners frankly at work. I like the word” Try one last time before you quit”. I don’t like give up, but I will fight for the last time as there may have an amazing results.

bonnie from vst lighting


Account Manager

I believe the word “YOU DO THE BEST, GOD WILL DO THE REST!” Work hard, play hard, enjoy life!Whatever the difficulty I meet, my principle is to defeat it. I also look forward to build long term partnership with all my clients based on my honesty and professionalization.