LED light manufacturer in China

Why Choose Driverless LED Light Engines?

  • Directly powered by AC 120V (100~140V) / 220V (200~265V), say goodbye to costly LED driver, much cheaper
  • No need to install the LED power supply separately, increase productivity and save labor cost
  • You can import the AC powered led lights in SKD/CDK to save considerable duties
  • All components are integrated on PCB board (DOB Solutions) and assembled automatically by SMT machines, lower defect rate
  • Save weight and volume due to driverless, lower shipping and storage cost
  • Easy and convenient maintenance, no need to struggle between issues from LED or Driver, just change the whole PCB board.
  • Modular design, simple structure, flexible combinations, easily to make customized solutions
  • Can take ACLED modules separately, or lights in SKD/CKD for in house assembly to save duties, or ready lights


  • Indoor lighting, such as High power downlights, UFO LED highbay lights, High bay light with reflector.
  • Outdoor Lighting, like LED Flood light, LED Street light, Tunnel light, Canopy light, Garden light.
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