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VST provides various types of fluorescent light fixtures for either traditional fluorescent tubes or latest T5 T8 LED tubes.

There are tri-proof version which is IP65 waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion.

There are flat batten lighting fixtures and lighting fixtures with reflectors.

Grille fixtures or fluorescent light fittings with diffusers are also available, welcome to inquiry.

There are:
two foot fixture for single tube (1x14w, 1x18w, 1x24w)
24 inches fittings for twin tubes (2x14w, 2x18w, 2x24w)
4 foot fluorescent light fitting for one tube (1x28w, 1x36w, 1x40w, 1x54w)
4ft double tubes fixture (2x28w, 2x36w, 2x40w, 2x54w)
5ft single tube fluorescent fittings (1x35w, 1x49w 1x58w, 1x80w)
5 foot double fluorescents fittings (2x35w, 2x49w, 2x58w, 2x80w)

Above Fluorescent light fixtures with emergency battery pack are also available.