LED Panel

You will have many choices for led panel light fixture at VST, one of the top led panel light manufacturer in China.

Powerful and efficient, our high-quality LED Panel Lights are the best solution for a perfect light ambiance at any room or compartment. With a great variety of sizes, different lumen efficiency, adjustable color temperature and many more feature our LED Panel Lights are built to meet every client needs!
Our Led Panel lights come in a great variety of sizes and can be installed pretty much everywhere. You can choose between the standard sizes of:
300x300mm (1x1ft) / 600x600mm (2x2ft) / 600x300mm (2x1ft) / 1200x300mm (4x1ft) / 1200x600mm (4x2ft)

As well as, some of our cutout panel models that are designed to fit anywhere that come in sizes of:
75mm / 105mm / 155mm / 205mm /285mm

They are designed to be the perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes in grid ceilings, as their compact and light design and standard size make them really easy to install. They are not the better lighting choice only because of their efficiency and compatibility, LED Panel lights are also way safer. LED light is clean and pure, without any flicker or noise distractions, unlike the fluorescent one which can lead to eye irritation and even sight loss.

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