1x2ft Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

  • Tri proof fluorescent lighting fixtures, means IP65 water / vapor proof, dustproof and corrosion proof
  • High strength, impact resistance and corrosion resistance materials and processing
  • Multiple options on materials, PC cover + ABS / PC / PS casing, most popular is PC+ABS
  • PC materials clips or Stainless steel clips for choice
  • Can work with both T8 and T5 tubes
  • Can accept both LED tube and traditional fluorescent tubes
  • Magnetic and electronic ballasts are available if you need for old fluorescent tubes
  • Easy installation and flexibility, can be surface mounted and suspended
  • Easily open and close the cover, convenient for tubes installation
  • CE & RoHS certificates
  • Free replacements with freight on our side for broken units
  • Sample fee refund policy
  • Any inquiry or complain can be responded in 12 hours
Model NO. VST-TF-1x600L
Tubes 1 x 600mm
LED Tubes or
Fluorescent Tubes
Ballasts No need for LED tubes;
Magnetic or electronic ballast for fluorescent
Size 665*86*90mm
Clips 6pcs PC or stainless steel
Working Voltage AC85~265V/DC 12V 24V
Materials ABS/PC/PS casing + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Strip/Transparent
End cap G13, G5
IP Grade IP65
Warranty 3 years
Certificate CE RoHS
Installation Surface mounted;
Lead Time 10work days for 1000pcs
Package Materials : Inner carton + Outer Carton
Carton size : 71*30*30cm
Carton Capacity : 12pcs/carton
Gross weight : 11kg/carton
20ft container load : 5208pcs
40ft container load : 10668pcs
40ft HQ container load : 12192pcs
  • Parking garages
  • Industrial areas
  • Electric power plant
  • Iron and steel works
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Metallurgy works
  • Ships
  • Basement
  • Different kinds of factories
  • Venue sites
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouse
  • And many

Unveiling the amazing new fluorescent lighting fixtures made up with the IP65 grade material which is impact resistant, corrosion proof and durable to cater your lighting needs. Perfect for places where fluorescent lights need fixtures or covers to be installed. Either you plan to install T8 and T5 tubes at your premises, these fixtures can accommodate almost every type of fluorescent lights within them. In case of LED fluorescent light fixtures, you do not need to accommodate any sort of ballast with these fixtures for illumination. Keeping the needs of our customers in mind, magnetic and electronic ballasts are available for these fixtures if you are planning to replace your old fluorescent tube lights.

With the changing energy demands of every industry, power consumption levels have always been a matter of prime consideration while choosing lights. Using these fixtures with T5 or T8 LED tube lights will be an exceptional combination for saving power and providing safety to lights. These fixtures can either be surface mounted or suspended whatever may be the requirement. You can choose from a multitude of material options available for this product which include PC cover supported with ABS/PC/PS casing so you can get a product customized appropriately for your needs. The cover adds to the safety of the lights inside and is convenient to use. The 6 clips mounted on these LED fluorescent lighting fixtures keeps the tubes sealed perfectly.

We offer a three years warranty on these fixtures with free replacements and freight on our side for broken units. You can also order a sample which will be covered under our sample refund policy. The fluorescent lighting fixtures have been awarded the CE and RoHS certificates for quality which signifies the quality of these fixtures. Ideal for use at places like warehouse, subways, street lighting, construction and petrochemical industries. Moreover, the possibilities of using this product are endless and limited only by your imagination.



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