Best LED Camping Lights Rechargeable Battery Powered by Solar

  • Same shape, same socket as E27 Bulb, so you can install it in existing sockets, powered and charged by AC100~240V
  • Automatically switch to emergency lighting powered by battery when electricity supply is off
  • The bulb can be hanged by a hook starter with ON/OFF switch, you can hange it at anyplace, portable for various locations
  • Even without hook, with your hand touching the E27 lamp base, the camping lights will turn on as well, removing the finger will turn off the lights
  • With 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium battery and super energy efficient LED, the camping lantern can work over 6hrs
  • USB charging for the camping lamp is also available
  • USB port, 5V 0.5A output, you can charge other 5V appliances by this camping tent lights, like cellphones
  • With optional 6V 1.8W Solar Panel, you can charge battery camping lantern at outdoor place

This rechargeable LED camping light is one of the best camping lanterns. It has a big battery so it can work for over 6hrs. With a hook, you can easily hang it in anyplace. With an energy-saving 7W LED bulb which is 60w incandescent lamp equivalent, you will enjoy enough lighting when you are outdoor. USB 5V output means you are not only enjoying the lighting but a power bank to charge your phones which is quite necessary when you are outdoor for a whole day.

Equipped with the solar panel, even without AC power supply,  you can charge it at anyplace with sunlight to make sure you don’t need to worry the power is limited.  The E27 lamp base means the LED camping lantern will work as normal LED bulb even when you are back from outdoor to avoid that in most time is lamp is just sleeping, you are taking full advantage of the LED tent lights.

  • Solar Panel: 6V 1.8W Polycrystalline, size 140*140*17mm with 3m cable
  • LED: 14 LEDs, 7W, output 560lm
  • LED Color: 7000~8000K
  • Bulb Size: D72mm * L154mm
  • Switch: On/Off Starter/ Hand Touching
  • Battery: 3.7v 2600mAh Lithium
  • Input: AC100~240V / DC5V
  • Working Hours: 6hrs
  • Solar Charging Time: 8hrs
  • Household Lighting
  • Office Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Night Market
  • Camping Lighting
  • Portable Lights
  • Phone charger

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