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  • Lightweight interactive LED Eye Lashes : Fun and lashes are combined together, superlight and amazing led shining light to music playing.
  • Eight Flash Effects : Liquid Pour/ Twilight Sparkle/ Hyper Burst/ Knight Riding/ Endless Winks (Slow), Flashing (Fast), Auto Shifting of above 6 modes, Music Sensitive- Blinking with music. Different effects can be changed with just one hit the controller. Dance in the crowds of people’s attention!
  • Interactive : This LED light version false eyelashes can respond to music once you set the mode. Enjoy more fun now when you dance.
  • Five LED Colors : Cool White, Blue, Pinkish purple, Red and Green.
  • Safe to Your Eyesight : No affection on your eyesights, just take it as part of your eyelashes, shining and dancing as normal.
  • CR2032 Battery Powered : The LED eyelashes is powered by 2pcs coin battery( CR2032), similar to those found in watches. Safe, inexpensive, and easily found at most stores, two fresh batteries can last for over 200 hours.
  • Less Than A Minute To Apply : It really takes less than a minute to apply! Use whichever brand lash adhesive you like best. They will stay in place until you take them off. And THEY ARE COMPLETELY REUSABLE!

Fine, Fresh, Fierce – LED false Eye Lashes are the next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics
LED lashes are waterproof, but Do not submerge the controller in water.

One Click Controller programmed with several unique light effects
Simply click the controller to change between the 8 modes and OFF.

Led lashes
Reusable, individually controlled LEDs connected with thin, barely visible wires

1. LED lashes pose little rish of harm. They se a 3V coin battery exactly like those found in most wrist watches and are just as safe.
2. The LEDs used in LED eye lashes do not emit any noticeable heat. Our LED lashes are completely cool to the touch.
3. The LED lashes are weather-resistant. Normal perspiration and weather conditions will not affect its functionality.
4. LED eye lashes do not interfere with vision. Similar to wearing a head-mounted lamp, the light emitted points outward. You will barely notice the light.

It really takes less than a munute to apply! Use whichever brand lash adhesive you like best. They will stay in place until you take them off.

  • Parties
  • Bar
  • Night Club
  • Concert
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Show Activities
  • Sex Club

led lashes Applications

halloween false eyelashes installation

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