LED Linear Fixture 600mm ( 2ft ) 16W / 26W

1.LED Linear Fixture are the ideal solution for traditional fluorescent tubes, which equals an exceptional quality of light, high energy efficiency.

2.The length of the LED Linear Fixture can be customized according to your needs in a variety of sizes and design your favorite style, length 2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft 6ft 8ft are avaliable.

3.Meanwhile, due to the installation of diverse(recessed, surface mounted, suspend), can be applied to different scenes, and easy to install.

4.Famous brands of LED drivers, parts of them are Meanwell, LedFriend/LiFud, and Epistar LED smd2835.

5.Fast delivery, good quality and after service, long lifetime 50000 hours and up to 5 years warranty period.

6.The space is simple but beautiful with LED linear luminaires, widely used in below places.

  • Offices, meeting room
  • Shops, shopping centers and public buildings
  • Supermarkets and warehouse
  • School, libraries and exercise rooms
  • Train station and airport
  • Other leisure place

Housing color of led linear lighting with white, black and silver, which be better integration with the environment.

led linear lighting manufacturer 600mm 2ft

VST Lighting as a LED Linear Fixture manufacturer in China, we focus on high quality, satisfied service for our customers.

led aluminium linear lighting manufacturer in China 600mm 2ft

LED linear luminaires used in shop center.

2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft 8ft led linear light manufacturer in China for office shops

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