Solar Lanterns Hanging Portable Solar Powered LED Lights Indoor Outdoor Phone Charger China Manufacturer

  • Suitable both for home lighting system and camping lights
  • Smart LED indicator for solar charge intensity
  • Maintenance free Lead-Acid battery
  • Compact design,portable , designed for Indoor & Outdoor lighting
  • Solar or AC charging options
  • Ideal for reading, cooking, walking, camping,etc
  • Four meters LED light cable and 2.5 meters solar panel cable

Hanging solar lanterns home kits come with 2×1.7w Poly-crystaline solar panel with extendable 2.5m long cable, then you can install the solar panel on the house roof. The light source is 9pcs LEDs as home lighting and 2pcs LEDs as reading lights, and a 1w / 2w / 3w / 4w LED bulb with up to 300lm. More solar bulbs can be added to the kits. Embedded with a 6v/4500mAh maintenance free Lead-acid battery, with 5 different levels of brightness of the lights, the lighting system can last for minium 15hrs and max 120hrs. An amazing accessory is the 5-in-1 mobile phone charger cables, so that it is able to charge Nokia, MicroUSB, MiniUSB, Samsung and iPhones.

  • Solar Panel: 2pcs x 1.7w polycrystalline with 2.5m cables
  • LEDs: 9pcs as home lighting + 2pcs as reading lights
  • LED Bulb: 1w/2w/3w/4w x 1pcs/2pcs/3pcs… with 4 meters cables
  • Internal Battery : 6v 4500mAh Lead Acid
  • Optional AC adapter : 9.5v/500mA
  • Working hours:
    1) Reading Lights: 155hrs
    2) Low brightness: 55hrs
    3) Medium brightness: 28hrs
    4) High brightness: 18hrs
    5) 1w bulb: 32hrs
    6) 2w bulb: 15hrs
    7) 3w bulb: 10hrs
    8) 4w bulb: 6hrs
  • Household Lighting
  • Camping Lighting
  • Portable Lights
  • Phone charger

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