Solar Lighting System for House Home Kit Portable Phone Charger

  • Completely independent off-grid solar lighting systems, foldable solar panel, and 100Wh Lithium, strong power output
  • Solar panel, Solar System, LED bulbs, Phone Adapters, and Cords are all included
  • Multiple USB output enables 4 or more solar bulbs to work at same time. Ideal for travel and camping
  • 5V 2A is a universal output, can charge different types of electronic products like cellphone, digital devices, powerbanks, fan, shavers, tablet, etc

Household solar lighting system comes with 3×10w Poly-crystalline solar panel with extendable 5 meters long cable, then you can install the solar panel on the house roof. The solar lamps are 2pcs 2w solar light bulbs and 2pcs 3w solar bulb. Embedded with a 7.4v/14Ah (103.6Wh) maintenance-free Lithium battery, you can enjoy the lighting for 5hrs to 14hrs depending on the bulbs you turn on.

Besides that, you can also charge other DC appliances like mobile phones, USB fans, power banks, shavers, tablets. Not limited to home lighting, these kits can also be used for camping, night market, etc. portable scenarios.

  • Solar Panel: Foldable 3pcs x 10V/30W polycrystalline,compact size L360 x W230mm (extend L360 x W690mm), with 5 meters cables
  • Battery: 7.4V 14Ah (103.6Wh) Lithium Battery, compact size L180mm x W110mm x H75mm
  • Solar LED Bulbs: 2pcs x 2w + 2pcs x 3w, all with separate switches
  • Cables: 3 Charging cables for Android and 2 Adapters for Iphone 4&5
  • AC adapter: AC100~240V with DC output 9V 2A
  • USB Outputs: 5 x 5V&2A
  • The Smaller Version solar LED Lighting System for Homes:
    10V 6W Solar Panel + 3.7V 8000mAh Lithium Battery + 2pcs 2w LED bulb + 5V 2A Output
  • Household Lighting
  • Night Market
  • Camping Lighting
  • Portable Lights
  • Phone charger

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