With t8 fixtures moving out of trend, the new choice of consumers is tri proof led lighting technology. People want to reduce the maintenance costs and electricity consumption on their illumination equipment and because of this the tri proof lights have gained a new market. Discussing specifically about this fixture, it has a power output of 60 watts and is an exceptional replacement to 5ft fluorescent light fitting which consumes higher power and requires maintenance and replacement frequently.

This LED fixture has been designed to deliver a higher power output and to deliver that, it houses 360 LED dots which provide a brilliant illumination experience. As an interesting benefit over t8 fixtures, the tri proof LED lighting doesn’t have to be implanted with an external light source such as a fluorescent or LED tube. It contains its own lighting mechanism which in this case is backed up by an epistar LED chip for perfect functionality. With a multitude of variations available for the colour temperature of these tri proof lights, you can use them at different places that require different levels of brightness and illumination.

This product is equivalent to three 54/58 watt fluorescent tubes which will allow the user to save on energy requirements and power costs. The large power output makes it ideal for use at stadiums, subways, metro stations and other places where perfect brightness, quality, and output are of prime and extreme importance. These lights also eliminate the maintenance and usage problems faced with fluorescent tubes as they have an expected lifespan of more than 30000 hours.

With no need to think twice, you can use these lights at your premises to obtain the most optimum output from your lighting equipment and reap the benefits of technology designed for you. We provide a three-year free replacement warranty for this product. These fixtures are CE and RoHS certified so you can use them at any place without any concerns for quality.