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Contemporary solar led flood light manufactured by VST for outdoors use. The flood light solar is engineered to function at a level that supersedes regular outdoor light designs, and to even outperform other LED lights. One of the intriguing capacities of the LED feature is that you can enjoy the large radius of its brightness as it replaces darkness with floods of distinctively bright light. VST strikes out the need to spend endlessly on electricity to power the floodlights. You are sure to benefit maximally from the solar system integrated into the solar-led floodlight. Additionally, VST sought to further make the use of the solar flood lights easy by making the systems simple and straightforward to tweak to users’ tastes and preferences.

VST invites you to take full advantage of these flood light solar as they come in varying degrees of brightness.

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Welcome to the home of large-scale led solar lights production. VST has inputted her years of experience in light system production to manufacture another splendid and superior light source. As the Aluminum alloy material used for the solar powered flood lights indicates quality, you will certainly also appreciate the high-efficiency polysilicon solar panel. We invite wholesalers, contractors, and companies to purchase large quantities of these solar led flood light and enjoy an all-around and uniform quality on all purchases. The meticulous production process also allows you to take advantage of the adjustable angle during installation. Additionally, our team at VST worked hard to ensure the light cables are waterproof since they’ll be used outdoors. And the most valuable part is perhaps the high-quality LED used in the solar powered flood lights which is not just for high brightness but also for optimum performance.

You can use the varying degrees of brightness of these solar motion flood lights to illuminate pathways, parks, and courtyards among other places of applications. The intelligent build of these solar motion flood lights comes with a motion sensor that detects the movement of a body. It’s increasing from 30% to 100% brightness when motion is detected and returns to 30% afterward. Alternatively, the solar motion sensor flood light can be timed to go off automatically and come on without touching it manually.

At VST, our reputation for manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting solar motion sensor floodlight makes this product a good choice for you.

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Model NO. HZ-SFL230-50W HZ-SFL270-100W HZ-SFL310-200W
Usage Garden Garden Garden
Certification CE, RoHS CE, RoHS CE, RoHS
With Light Source With Light Source With Light Source With Light Source
Solar Panel Size 230*350*17mm 290*350*17mm 290*350*17mm
Battery 3.2V/7ah(186580) 3.2V/10ah(1865140) 3.2V/10ah(1865140)
LED Qty 72PCS of SMD 2835 120PCS SMD 2835 120PCS SMD 2835
Working Time 10-12hours 10-12 Hours 10-12 Hours
IP Grade IP65 IP65 IP65
Control Model Light+Remote Control Light+Remote Control Light+Remote Control
Trademark wowsolar wowsolar wowsolar
Specification 210*200*36mm Light body: 270*260*36mm Light body: 270*260*36mm
HS Code 9405409000 9405409000 9405409000
Illumination Time 10-12hours 10-12hours 10-12hours
Charging Time (H) 4 4-6hours 4-6hours
IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP65
Voltage AC80-305V AC 85-265V AC 85-265V
Product Name Solar Light Solar Light Solar Light
Material Die Casting Aluminum Die-Casting Aluminum Die-Casting Aluminum
Solar Panel Power 6V 8watt 6V 12watt 6V 12watt
Power Source Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel
CCT 2700-3000K, 4000K, 6000-7000K 2700-3000K,4000K,6000-7000K 2700-3000K, 4000K, 6000-7000K
Beam Angle 120degree 120 Degree 120 Degree
Master Carton Size 450*420*280mm 450*340*380mm 450*340*380mm
Warranty Two Years Two Years Two Years
Transport Package Color Box Then Mater Carton Color Inner Box, Then Master Carton Color Inner Box, Then Master Carton
Origin Made in China Made in China Made in China

VST: The Reliable and Trusted Solar Floodlight Manufacturer With a Record of Quality Service

Our goal is for you to keep getting industry-leading designs of solar floodlight. As we keep on with the standard established, you can be sure of high-quality products at all times. We strive to give you the best and in the same vein preserve our renowned quality of excellent lighting production.

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Solar Flood Lights – The Complete FAQ Guide


Solar LED Floodlights
Solar LED Floodlights

Solar floodlights are one of the best choices when it comes to outdoor lighting. Because they offer great illumination and don’t always need electricity to function, they’ve become the people’s choice for outdoor security lighting.

However, there are some important informational bits you’d need to arm yourself with to make the best decision when purchasing.

We’ve compiled this info as answers to some of the questions people commonly ask about solar powered flood lights. This is to make it easier for you to find your answers without having to take so much time. So, read on.

But, in the case you don’t find the answer you’re seeking, contact us immediately and we’d be more than happy to provide the answer to any question you might have about solar LED flood lights.

But, in the meantime, let’s go through the questions:

  1. What Are Solar Flood Lights?
  2. How do solar floodlights work?
  3. Are solar flood lights any good?
  4. Where Should You Install Solar Flood Lights?
  5. How to mount the solar floodlight?
  6. Can you mount the solar LED flood light to an existing pole?
  7. What are the benefits/advantages of solar LED flood lights?
  8. What is the best solar flood light?
  9. What is the most powerful solar flood light?
  10. Is it OK to leave solar flood lights on all night?
  11. How To Choose The Best Solar LED Flood Lights
  12. How long do solar flood lights Last?
  13. What are the average specifications of solar flood lights?
  14. What is the life expectancy of the solar flood panel?
  15. What is meant by lumens and wattage in solar flood lights?
  16. How bright should the solar LED flood lights be?
  17. What is the best way to customize your solar flood lights?
  18. Why should you buy solar flood lights?
  19. Are solar flood lights waterproof?
  20. How often will a solar flood light need to be maintained?
  21. Will the solar floodlights work when it is cloudy, rainy, or snowing?
  22. Why does one have to choose solar flood lights rather than regular wired outdoor flood lights?
  23. What kind of maintenance should be done on solar flood lights?
  24. What is a Solar Street Light?
  25. What are the differences between solar street light and solar flood lights?
  26. How long will the solar floodlights stay on each night?
  27. Does a flood light solar fixture need a photocell to operate?
  28. Can you replace an existing fixture with a new solar flood light fixture?
  29. Why do flood lights solar fail?
  30. How effective are solar flood lights?
  31. Can solar flood lights work during the day without you connecting them?
  32. How do solar powered flood lights turn on at night automatically?
  33. How many hours of sunlight do solar flood lights need?
  34. Do solar flood lights need sunlight or just daylight?
  35. Does rain ruin solar outdoor flood lights?
  36. What type of batteries will work with solar powered flood lights?
  37. How long do solar floodlight batteries last?
  38. Do you need to charge the batteries of your solar LED flood lights when they first come in?
  39. Are solar LED flood lights repairable?
  40. What can you do when your solar flood lights are faulty?
  41. How to ensure the solar flood lights you’re purchasing are quality?
  42. How long is the warranty of solar floodlights?
  43. How many watts do you need in a solar flood light?
  44. Can solar outdoor flood lights withstand high winds?
  45. What is the life expectancy of solar LED flood lights?
  46. Where can you get the best solar floodlights?
  47. How many solar floodlights will you need in your space?
  48. Will the solar motion flood lights work if it’s shaded during part of the day?
  49. How does the solar motion sensor flood light work?
  50. Will the solar floodlights dim if the battery storage gets too low?

And, now to the answers…

1. What Are Solar Flood Lights?

Flood lights Solar

Flood lights Solar

Solar flood lights are, as you can see from their name, lighting sources that “flood” a large area or space with intense lighting.

Because of their wide beam, they are usually used outdoors as streetlights, facades, and so on.

Unlike traditional flood light types, they do not binge on your electricity.

They do not even need electricity to function.

All they need is daylight to provide all the lighting you need all day long.

Solar powered flood lights always come with solar panels which absorb energy from the sun and charge the flood light solar batteries.

These batteries serve as the power sources of the solar floodlight. They power the lighting sources to provide a high brilliance that’d easily catch people’s full faces from a distance.

This is why they’re mostly used outdoors as security lighting or by photographers/videographers who need to replicate daylight in their pictures & videos.

2. How Do Solar Floodlights Work?

Gladly, solar floodlights do not need electricity to function.

All they need is adequate sunlight and a great battery to store up energy absorbed from the sun.

So, this is how a solar LED flood light works.

First, it absorbs energy from the sun through what’s called a solar panel.

The solar panel is a set of photovoltaic cells that work in converting the light absorbed from the sun into the electrical current needed for powering the solar flood light source.

Once the sunlight is absorbed and converted into energy, the lighting fixture will then transfer it into a high-capacity rechargeable battery where it would be stored up for use at a later time, especially at night when they’re most needed.

About 95% of solar LED flood lights are programmed with darkness sensors which means they’d immediately come up when they detect darkness, even though they’re enabled with the on/off switch.

3. Are Solar Flood Lights Any Good?

When it comes to outdoor security lighting, solar LED floodlights are one of the best options you can make—if not the best.

Not only do they provide great lighting, but they’re also equipped to detect movements which makes them a fantastic selection for those who’d be willing to tighten up the security in their buildings.

4. Where Should You Install Solar Flood Lights?

Solar LED flood lights InstallationSolar LED flood lights Installation

Solar LED flood lights can be installed anywhere both indoors and outdoors.

But, they’re best used outdoors where their main purpose can be fulfilled.

They must also be installed in a location where their panels can easily absorb sunlight. Not more than an angle of 45° within the reach of the sun.

You might also want to consider their plain visibility too.

solar Flood light in a tennis courtSolar Flood light in a tennis court

Solar motion sensor flood lights need to be installed in places where there are no obstructions so they can easily detect movements within their coverage range.

5. How To Mount The Solar Floodlight?

Solar LED floodlights are not exactly easy to install.

To install them, especially the highly powerful ones, you’d need more than one hand for the job.

You’d also have to consider certain factors before going ahead to mount them in any area of your choice.

First, you must ensure their panels are fitted in a place where they can catch enough sunlight to charge.

Second, you must mount them where there are no obstructions.

This allows them to detect motion easily and set off when intruders start making their way through.

Installation Process

Solar floodlight installation processSolar floodlight installation process

Go through the manufacturer’s manual.

No one can know the best about a product than the manufacturer;

So read the manufacturer’s instructions for precautions, installation processes, and methods, etc. beforehand;

  1. Go ahead to pick a suitable location for the solar panel and the solar led flood light itself if you aren’t going to be installing them together;
  2. Drill holes into the location and fit in the solar panel. Some big solar LED floodlights might require you to drill holes to fit in the installation cages that would carry the lighting source and the panel;
  3. Do the same for the lighting source as well;
  4. Wire the panel to the lighting source. Make sure the lighting system is completely off while you do this;
  5. Once this is done, test your solar flood lights to be sure they’re working.

6. Can You Mount The Solar Led Flood Light To An Existing Pole?

Yes, you can mount your flood lights solar LED on poles of your old floodlights.

It’s even a lot easier and also less expensive to use your old lighting poles.

As long as they’re sturdy enough to carry your new lighting sources and panels, you have nothing to worry about.

7. What Are The Benefits/Advantages Of Solar LED Flood Lights?

If you’re quite familiar with traditional flood lights, you’ll know that solar LED flood lights are a far cry from what floodlight lighting systems used to be before.

  • Conserve Energy

Solar LED flood lights do not need electrical connections to function.

Unlike traditional solar LED flood lights, they also help you to save up on solar energy.

They do not take up too much energy but still provide the intense lighting you might need for your project at night.

  • High Illumination

Even though they do not consume much energy, solar LED flood lights also provide brighter lighting than the most traditional lighting types.

This means you get to save on electricity and enjoy more hours on electricity, too, even with the high brightness you’ll get from these light types

With solar LED flood lights, it’s possible to detect faces from more than 30fts.

Most solar LED flood lights are motion sensor enabled.

This means they can be set off by movements in an area where they have their coverage.

Security-wise, this is a great feature.

It catches intruders off-guard, and this can cause them to immediately stop their mission, whatever it may be, and leave your vicinity.

Motion sensors also help you to save solar energy.

The fact that they only come up anytime they detect heat waves and go off when they don’t ensures you manage the lighting you use in your building.

  • Pairs Well With Other Security Systems To Provide Maximum Security

Solar LED floodlights also work well with other security systems your clients may have installed in their buildings.

When used with a security cam, for example, solar floodlights can reveal faces from afar so that your camera can capture intruders’ faces and store them up for you when you need them.

8. What Is The Best Solar Flood Light?

The best solar LED flood lights are those that are perfect for your space.

These are lighting types that come with all the features you’d need to create the brilliance necessary for keeping intruders away from your environment.

Below are two important factors that usually make solar LED flood light the best for your building space or outdoor area:

  • Purpose/Use: One of the things that make a solar LED flood light the best is the purpose of the lighting.

Where do you intend to use this lighting source and for what purpose?

Using a solar flood light in the wrong space or area might just be a waste of your money, time, and resources.

For most solar LED flood lights, coverage is a highly important factor.

If you’re going to be using the lamp for security purposes, you want to buy a flood light solar with high-intensity lamps that’ll provide the brightness you need to keep your surroundings illuminated and intruders far away from your building.

But, if it’s for aesthetics purposes, you wouldn’t need a lamp with much brightness.

  • Battery Capacity: Another thing is the battery capacity.

The longer your battery lasts, the better for your clients and, most probably, their neighbors if they have one.

This ensures the battery lasts through the night when they’re supposed to be on.

Most lighting products don’t have good batteries.

This means they’re either not meant to be used outdoors or are not of good quality.

So, one way to know the best LED solar floodlights is to confirm if their batteries have a long-lasting capacity.

9. What Is The Most Powerful Solar Flood Light?

The most powerful solar lights are those with the following features:

  • High Output: The most powerful solar floodlights you’ll find are those with high lighting intensity.

Typically, flood lights produce high-intensity lights that’ll serve the whole area they are fitted in.

Solar LED flood lights do the same too, even better, by providing more illumination required than traditional flood lighting systems.

The most powerful solar outdoor floodlights are those with high lumen outputs.

So, you’ll usually find them with lumens properties between 110 lumens per watt to 150LMW.

  • Long-lasting Battery Life: the most powerful solar LED flood lights have long-lasting battery life.

Most powerful solar LED flood lights have battery capacities of 44000mAh.

Which means they could last you up to 12 hours after a single charge.

  • Wide Coverage: Another factor we’d consider about powerful solar powered flood lights is their wide coverage.

Most of the solar LED flood lights you’ll find have 120° beam angles, which means they’ll sweep, to a large extent, any area they’re installed in.

  • More Functions: Powerful solar flood lights have more lighting functions or options than normal.
  • Fast Charging: They also have fast charging. Powerful solar LED flood lights should be able to get fully charged in not less than 6 hours with their exposure to great daylight.

Solar floodlight fast chargingfloodlight fast charging

  • Wider Motion Detection Range: Most powerful solar floodlights are solar motion flood lights, which means they can detect or, better still, sense movements at a close range.

Powerful solar motion flood lights have wider motion detection ranges.

This means they can easily detect unwarranted physical activities from over 200ft.

10. Is It Ok To Leave Solar Flood Lights On All Night?

Absolutely! That’s what they’re meant for anyways. That’s why they’re called security lights.

solar flood lights security light

Solar flood lights security light

Because they provide the needed outdoor lighting you need to keep intruders away from your vicinity.

As long as their batteries are fully charged, solar floodlights should last you throughout the whole night.

11. How To Choose The Best Solar LED Flood Lights

When choosing a Solar LEd flood light to buy for your projects, there are certain things you must consider.

These include the following:

  • Lumens: This is, in very simple words, the measure of brightness emitted from your solar LED flood lights—higher lumen equals brighter light.

Usually, the size of your space determines the amount of lumens you should purchase.

The larger your space size (measured by square foot) the higher the lumens you’ll need to light it up.

For solar outdoor flood light that would be needed to cover a large area, more lumens would be most appropriate.

  • PIR: Or, passive infrared receiver, refers to the ability of the solar motion sensor flood light to get activated when they detect physical movements.
  • Beam angle: Wider beam angles would be best for solar LED flood lights because they’d be required to cover a large area with intense lighting.
  • Colour temperature: Like in other lighting options, color temperature cannot be avoided. This feature is measured from warm light to cool light, solar LED flood lights with warmer color temperatures tend to be more welcoming than cooler white light which are the most ideal option for security lighting.
  • IP65: This feature ensures the solar LED flood lights are tightly protected against water penetration as well as other materials that could find their way into their internal parts and damage the solar floodlight fixture.

12. How Long Do Solar Flood Lights Last?

The batteries in solar LED flood lights typically spend between 3 years to well above 4 years before packing up.

But, the LEDs which provide the lighting you need last up to 10 years before wearing out.

Luckily, these solar parts can be easily replaced. So, you have nothing to worry about in the long run.

13. What Are The Average Specifications Of Solar Flood Lights?

solar flood light outdoorsSolar flood light outdoors

  • Wattage/Lumen: Average wattage range is usually between 40w-400w.

Lumen ranges between 280lm–44,000lm

  • CRI: 80
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Lumens: Color Temperature: 2800K–6500K
  • Ambient Temperature: 50°c–65°C
  • Battery Capacity: 600 mAh–7,000mAh (1-9 years of battery life, depending on how long you use the solar powered flood lights and how often you charge them)
  • IP Ratings: IP44–IP65

14. What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Solar Flood Panel?

Solar LED flood lights panels could last from 10 years to 20 years depending on their exposure to heat, rain, and other environmental factors.

15. What Is Meant By Lumens And Wattage In Solar Flood Lights?

Wattage and lumen are just as important in solar LED flood lights as they are in other lighting types.

They both determine the brightness your lighting fixture produces as well as the power they consume while they run.

Wattage, on one hand, is the measurement of how much solar power your solar flood lights consume to produce light.

Lumen, on the other, is the calculation of the amount of lighting emitted from your lighting sources.

16. How Bright Should The Solar Led Flood Lights Be?

solar powered flood light brightnessSolar flood light outdoors

This is a common question LED flood light suppliers and retailers ask and the truth is we can’t really tell.

How bright your solar LED flood light should be would be determined by the area you’re trying to cover, whether you’re using them indoors or outdoors, or whether you’re using them as security lights or regular lights.

For example, if your client who’s interested in using them outdoors or as security lights, they’d need to go for solar LED flood lights with higher brightness.

17. What Is The Best Way To Customize Your Solar Flood Lights?

There are a few ways you can customize your Solar LED flood lights to make sure they serve you well throughout their lifetime.

First, you have to decide on how long you have to charge. For most Solar LEDs, 5 hours is the average charging time.

However, this varies for different products which is why you need to read your lamp’s manufacturer guide, carefully, for the necessary info.

Second, you also have to decide on how long you would like to have them on.

Most solar LED flood lights can last up to 8 hours after a single charge.

Third, there are some controls you can utilize as well.

The dusk to dawn control helps you to save on energy.

This feature allows your solar LED flood lights to store up energy, come up immediately when it’s dark, and automatically go off again when they sense daylight.

There’s also the motion sensor which detects unwarranted movements within close range.

By default, most lighting options with this control feature are set to come on at dusk and go off at dusk.

18. Why Should You Buy Solar Flood Lights?

There are so many reasons why you should buy solar LED flood lights instead of regular lights. Among these are the following:

  • Flexible Installations: Solar flood lights do not need electrical wiring.

They can be installed anywhere as long as they are within the reach of sun rays.

Unlike many regular lighting, you do not need to undergo strenuous installation processes to be mounted.

  • Free Energy. That’s why they’re solar flood lights anyway!

No need for electricity bills.

They rely on nature, sunlight, to produce the brightest electricity.

  • Easily Movable: Solar outdoor flood lights can be easily installed, dismounted, and reinstalled anywhere you please.

Just make sure they are getting the needed amount of daylight they need to charge.

Renewable/Green Energy: The best thing about using solar powered flood lights is that they do not only help reduce the cost of electricity, they also allow you to contribute to a better and more sustainable environment that is suitable for all.

19. Are Solar Flood Lights Waterproof?

Solar powered flood light IP65Solar powered flood light IP65

Most are.

Because of the materials they’re made of and the locations they’re fixed, solar flood lights have to be waterproof to stand the test of time.

20. How Often Will A Solar Flood Light Need To Be Maintained?

Unlike regular lights that may have to be cleaned only once or twice a year, solar powered flood lights may need to be cleaned and dusted more regularly to keep them in the best shape for long.

Maybe once per month or more to ensure the maximum performance of these solar floodlights.

21. Will The Solar Floodlights Work When It Is Cloudy, Rainy, Or Snowing?

Solar motion sensor in the rainSolar motion sensor in the rain

Yes, they would.

What they need are rays of sunlight. Once they’re getting this and the energy they need from it, they’d work fine.

However, during these periods, their performances will be a bit low, especially during the snowing and cloudy periods when there is hardly any sunlight.

22. Why Does One Have To Choose Solar Flood Lights Rather Than Regular Wired Outdoor Flood Lights?

solar led flood light vs electric flood lightsSolar led flood light vs electric flood lights

Below are the most prominent reasons why using solar powered flood lights rather than regular wired flood lights in your building might be a fantastic idea.

  • Reduced Electricity Bill: you wouldn’t have to spend on electricity when you use solar LED flood lights.
  • Higher Lighting Intensity: their illumination is also brighter than most outdoor flood lights.
  • Improved Security: the brighter the lighting the tighter the security around your area.
  • Ease of Use: These lights also come with amazing control features like motion sensors, dusk to dawn, etc to make for easy operation.

So, if you’re considering replacing your old floodlights with solar LED floodlights, you have more options to do so now.

23. What Kind Of Maintenance Should Be Done On Solar Flood Lights?

You should carry out regular maintenance on your solar floodlights if you want them to last as long they should. Below are some essential maintenance tips you can adopt:

  • Always clean the solar panel.

They accumulate dust and this can hinder the panel from properly absorbing the needed energy to work from the sun;

  • Try to always prune trees or plants nearby.

This ensures your solar panel catches sun rays easily.

It also makes it easier for them to detect unwanted movements if they’re not being blocked by leaves, and whatnots;

  • Clean the fixtures and lighting sources regularly;
  • Regularly check the fixtures for damages.

Since your solar LED floodlights are going to be fitted outdoors, which means more exposure to animals and other things that can damage them, they need to be checked regularly and fixed immediately if any damage occurs;

  • Check your wiring, too.
  • Check your batteries to see their health. This might require you to disassemble or dismantle the solar LED flood light fixture.

24. What Is A Solar Street Light?

solar street lightsSolar street lights

These are solar lighting types that are usually high mounted on streets and pavements to provide lighting to passers-by.

Solar street lights are exactly like solar flood lights.

This is because, like solar LED flood lights, solar street floodlights also possess the dusk to dawn control function.

This is what allows them to come on automatically when they sense darkness and then go off when daylight begins to appear.

25. What Are The Differences Between Solar Street Light And Solar Flood Lights?

There’s no distinct difference between solar street lights and solar flood lights.

They have the same components and perform almost the same function as well.

They can both be used for the same purpose, whether as security or regular lighting, too.

However, their area applications are usually unique. While solar street lights are best used as road lighting, on roadside pavements, community roads, etc., Solar Flood Lights are applied for more complex purposes, like outdoor sporting facilities, construction sites, building facades, and so on.

Solar flood lights are usually not mounted on a raised platform like solar street lights.

Unlike the street lights, they can be fitted virtually anywhere, whether on a wall or your roof.

26. How Long Will The Solar Floodlights Stay On Each Night?

This depends on the battery capacity of your solar LED flood light.

Most solar floodlights can last up to 9 hours so they should be able to stay on throughout the night.

However, some others last only between 4–6 and may only be able to last you that long or a little bit more when they’re fully charged.

27. Does A Flood Light Solar Fixture Need A Photocell To Operate?

Not exactly.

Photocell is an electronic feature in many solar flood lights that makes the dusk to dawn control function possible.

Without the photocell on your solar LED flood lights, your solar fixture will not be able to detect light or darkness or even come on automatically as it should.

You might have to manually put them on and off yourself when darkness and daylight come.

28. Can You Replace An Existing Fixture With A New Solar Flood Light Fixture?

Yes, you can replace your existing fixture with a new solar flood light fixture.

29. How Effective Are Solar Flood Lights?

Solar motion sensor flood lightSolar motion sensor flood light

Highly effective!

Some people believe the technology of solar powered flood lights is yet to be perfected and may not be perfected in the nearest future.

If you’re one of those who’ve adopted this belief, we’d like to let you know it is entirely false.

Solar flood lights are highly effective.

Even better than your traditional flood lighting systems.

Not only would you get to save a lot on the money you spend on electricity, but you’d also be able to enjoy better lighting in your building.

Solar LED flood lights also mark up, to a large extent, the security around you so that you can live without the fear of evil Intruders.

30. Can Solar Flood Lights Work During The Day Without You Connecting Them?

Yes, as long as they’re well charged, they’d work fine.

31. How Do Solar Powered Flood Lights Turn On At Night Automatically?

They rely on either of the following functions to come on without you turning the power switch on or off.

Firstly, there’s something called the “photo eye.”

This is a feature in LED floodlights solars that detect light.

During the day, it keeps the light off.

But, once night falls, the photo eye will sense the darkness and immediately come on.

Secondly, there’s the voltage sensor: this is a sensor in most solar powered flood lights that detects when voltage is being transferred from the solar panel to the solar panel to the solar light battery.

When the solar panel is absorbing sun rays converting and storing up power, the lighting source will not come on, but when the panels stop charging up the battery power, the sensor detects this and immediately powers the lighting source.

In combination with the aforementioned functions, the motion sensor, as its name implies,  senses motion within close range.

This is a wonderful feature if you’re planning to use your own solar powered floodlights for security purposes.

Asides from this, they also provide extended performance when it’s cloudy, snowy, or rainy.

32. How Many Hours Of Sunlight Do Solar Flood Lights Need?

Typically, not less than 8 hours of sunlight to get them charged up!

33. Do Solar Flood Lights Need Direct Sunlight Or Just Daylight?

Generally, solar floodlights rely on sunlight for power

So, you must always feed them with as much sunlight they can get when they can get it.

However, there are days—climates—sunlight can be almost impossible to get.

On these days, your flood lights will not exactly need direct sunlight before they charge up.

They’d however need some form of light to charge up.

And this can be produced with indirect sunlight or with artificial lighting.

34. Does Rain Ruin Solar Outdoor Flood Lights?

Yes, it does. If the solar panels get waterlogged, they become irreparable.

So, if you can get a shade over the panels during rains to safeguard them from getting overly soaked with water.

35. What Type Of Batteries Will Work With Solar Powered Flood Lights?

solar LED flood lights batterySolar LED flood lights battery

Solar powered flood lights make use of 4 different types of batteries.

These include the following:

  • NiMH/NiCAD Battery: this battery type emits low lighting because they’re low-powered.

These battery types are only found in smaller solar powered flood lights.

  • Lead Acid: these battery types usually come in high capacities and they produce brighter lighting than NiMH battery types.
  • Lithium-Ion: this is the most preferred battery type.

Unlike the others, they have higher energies despite their miniature size.

Of course, they are more expensive, but you’ll certainly enjoy their better lighting and longer life cycle.

36. How Long Do Solar Floodlight Batteries Last?

Solar floodlights batteries should last you between 3–4 years.

This could be more with good maintenance and less use.

37. Do You Need To Charge The Batteries Of Your Solar Led Flood Lights When They First Come In?

Yes, it’d be in your best interest to have them charged up first before starting to use them.

Manufacturers and suppliers may have had them charged for you, but it’s better to fully charge them before powering.

38. Are Solar Led Flood Lights Repairable?

Yes, solar LED flood lights are repairable.

But, unfortunately, some parts in floodlights solar can only be replaced, and not repaired.

This is why it’s a good idea for you to always check all the parts of your lamp to be able to fix any problem that might occur beforehand.

39. What Can You Do When Your Solar Flood Lights Are Faulty?

First thing first, try to clean the surface of your panel.

If the problem persists, check your wiring and confirm if the battery is properly fitted.

If after all these you could not still fix the problem, you’d have to dismantle the lamp to confirm the source of the fault.

This means you’d have to disassemble the lamp and scrutinously check what could have gone wrong with it.

40. Why Do Flood Lights Solar Fail?

There are a lot of reasons your flood lights solar could stop working.

Below are some of the commonest ones:

  • Dusty Solar Panel: solar panels accumulate dust over time.

This dust can hinder the panel from absorbing the needed energy from sun rays and this can lead to your flood light solar lamp failure over time.

This is why you need to regularly clean your solar panel.

  • Wrong Panel Positioning: solar lamps, unlike regular light cannot be installed just anywhere.

You need to be sure that, wherever you decide to mount them, they’re getting the adequate sunlight they need to power up your solar powered flood lights properly.

  • Dead Battery: If your solar powered flood light fails, it could be the battery is low or completely bad.

In this case, you’d need to replace the battery with a new and better one.

Faulty Lamps: in other cases, it could be the lighting source themselves, your LED panel is probably faulty and would need repair or replacement.

41. How To Ensure The Solar Flood Lights You’re Purchasing Are Quality?

There are 2 important factors to look out for in floodlight solar lamps to ensure they’re quality:

  • Battery capacity: confirm the capacity of your battery to be sure you’re buying the right product.

Some manufacturers don’t use the right capacity in their descriptions.

So, you might have to check the battery on the fixture to be sure.

  • Materials used in making them: You can also check the materials they’ve been made to be sure they won’t wear out in time.
  • Safety Certification: you can also check the products to see if they’re UL or ETL certified?

This entails they are quality products and that they’re safe for use in any environment.

42. How Long Is The Warranty Of Solar Floodlights?

Warranty periods of Solar floodlight products usually range from 1–4 years, depending on the capacity of the product you purchase.

43. How Many Watts Do You Need In A Solar Flood Light?

This entirely depends on the kind of lighting you need.

Because the more powerful the solar flood light, the higher the wattage measurement.

If you’re using them as street lights or security lights, you’d definitely need them with higher watt measurements.

But, if you’re using them in sporting facilities, facades, etc, you want to go for less wattage measurement.

44. Can Solar Outdoor Flood Lights Withstand High Winds?

Yes, most solar powered floodlights come with sturdy mounting brackets that ensure they don’t fall during high winds.

45. What Is The Life Expectancy Of Solar Led Flood Lights?

Your solar floodlights should last you up to 10 years depending on how well and how often you use them.

However, some parts like the battery, panel, and LEDs might need to be replaced during this period as they may not be able to last as long as the lighting fixtures themselves.

46. Where Can You Get The Best Solar Floodlights?

You can purchase solar floodlights anywhere, but the best solar floodlight product can only be purchased from trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

In case you’re interested and don’t want to fall into the hands of substandard product manufacturers, you can contact us at VST Lighting for proper guidance.

47. How Many Solar Floodlights Will You Need In Your Space?

If you’re going to be using the solar floodlights indoors, you’d need to decide on the number that’d best illuminate the whole of your space.

A few factors come into play when you want to make this decision.

Such factors include:

  • Your space measurement. Best done by Square foot;
  • How bright you want your space to be, which, in turn, would be determined by;
  • The activities done in the space.

Let’s say you’re trying to light up a basketball court, for example, you’d need high brightness for this, and one best way is to buy more brightly lit Solar floodlights.

48. Will The Solar Motion Flood Lights Work If It’s Shaded During Part Of The Day?

Yes, they would.

However, their performances will not be as highly effective as you’d like them to.

49. How Does The Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light Work?

solar motion flood lightSolar motion flood light

In simple words, solar motion flood lights work by detecting or sensing, as your skin would to touch, heat waves emanating from movements.

This feature, in most solar LED flood lights, makes sure any unsolicited movements near the area the lamps are fitted is stopped or caught on camera.

50. Will The Solar Floodlights Dim If The Battery Storage Gets Too Low?

Yes. Their power weakens overtime and one of the ways they show that is by producing less quality lighting than they’d normally produce when properly charged.

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