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T5 light fixtures are alternatives to T8 and T12 considering the commonly used light fixtures. The T5 fixture has been in use for many years. T5 fluorescent light fixtures are common in many facilities but are now being replaced by new T5 LED light fixtures. The T5 light fitting with an LED system has fantastic features that supersede the performance and durability of the T5 fluorescent fixture.

At VST, we manufacture T5 fluorescent light fittings and fixtures for wholesalers and electrical contractors. You can surf our online store to purchase a variety of well manufactured LED fittings and fixtures to replace T5 high output fluorescent light fixtures. This is also applicable to fittings. If you are an electrical contractor working on a project, we offer customized sizes and engravings on the T5 light fixtures.

The production of T5 light fixtures is in thousands of units. This allows you to obtain as much as possible to meet demand as a wholesaler or project requirements as a contractor.

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The Most Reliable and Best Source of T5 light fixtures

T5 LED fixture is fitted with LED technology for better performance. The LED system consumes less energy, allowing users to save on electricity bills. T5 high output fixtures can deliver superb lighting with wide coverage. The beam angle of the T5 LED light fixture is between 120-180° based on the type requested.

The LED technology of the T5 LED tube light fixture is built with safe materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable. This makes the T5 light fixtures suitable for indoor use in residential and commercial settings.

You should also note T5 tube light fitting is durable and come with the fixtures to achieve firmness. When the T5 LED fitting is properly fixed, both hanging T5 light fixture and wall fixed types remain in place without coming apart.

If you are interested in a large-scale purchase of the T5, VST sells the fixtures and fittings in bulk. Contact us today to obtain bulk units of these fixtures for industrial use and small-scale application. To install on a large scale, our team of field engineers is available on request to aid in the installation process to avoid complications.

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Fluorescent Light Fixtures Model Options
Model NO. VST-TF-1x600L VST-TF-2x600L VST-TF-1x1200L VST-TF-2x1200L VST-TF-1x1500L VST-TF-2x1500L
Watt 1x 10w/ 1x 18W 2x 10W /2x 18W 1x 18W / 1x 36W 2x 18W / 2x 36W 1x 25W / 2x 54W 58W 2x 25W / 2x 54W 58W
Size 665*86*90 665*124*90 1265*86*90 665*124*90 1565*86*90 665*124*90
Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
Materials ABS body + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Strip/Transparent
End cap G13, G5, T8-G5, R17D/Fa6/Fa8 single pin
Working Temperature -30℃ ~ +95℃
IP Grade IP20 / IP65 / IP67
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Warranty 5 years
Package Foam+Carton
Carton Q’ty:12pcs
Carton Q’ty:9pcs
Carton Q’ty:9pcs
Carton Q’ty:6pcs
Carton Q’ty:9pcs
Carton Q’ty:6pcs

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

The Best Distributor of T5 LED Tube Light Fixture

VST also manufactures Waterproof T5 light fixtures for outdoor use. By coating the T5 fixture, water splashes are prevented to avoid damage to the lighting fixture.

You can have a warranty of 3-5 years on your purchases. The delivery system is flexible and faster than conventional types. VST works with you to meet the project schedule. Contact us today to get good and market-oriented prices. We also have a team on standby to attend to all your inquiries within one business day.

All T5 fixtures are made of top-quality and high-grade materials. Reach out to VST today!


T5 Light Fixtures – The Complete FAQ Guide

T5 light fixtures
T5 light fixtures

Many don’t know this, but when it comes to lighting for your space, you want to have all the information you need before going ahead to make a purchase.

Apparently, you know this, and this is why you’re here today.

Well, you’ve not wandered far away from home.

You’re just at the right place!

In this guide are all the necessary information you need to know before getting in touch with your T5 LED tube light fixture manufacturer, deciding on the best-suited T5 tube light fitting for your space, and making a payment.

We trust you’ll find answers to the many questions you have to ask.

But, if you don’t, contact us.

We’re always available to provide the needed answers and just in time, for that matter.

Now, let’s get down to business

But, before we do, here are the questions we think you might willing to ask us:

  1. What Is A T5 Light Fixture?
  2. Why Is T5 LED Light Fixture A Better Option To Fluorescent Fixtures?
  3. Can You Use A LED Bulb In T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture?
  4. Does A T5 Tube Light Fitting Need A Starter?
  5. In What Kind Of Environments Do T5 LED Light Fixtures Perform Well?
  6. Are T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Great In Enclosures?
  7. Are There Heavy-duty T5 Light Fixtures?
  8. Can A T5 LED Fixture Be Used With Other Diameters Of Tube Light?
  9. Are T5 Light Fixtures Great As Grow Lights?
  10. Are There LED T5 Batten Fittings?
  11. Are T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Dimmable?
  12. What Lighting Control Features Come With T5 Light Fixtures?
  13. Do I Have To Consider Photometrics When Choosing My LED T5 Light Fixtures?
  14. What Are The Specific Things To Consider Before Buying LED T5 Light Fixtures?
  15. How Long Should A T5 LED Fixture Last?
  16. How Much Electricity Do T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Use?
  17. How Much Can I Get T5 Light Fixtures?
  18. How Are T5 LED Light Fixtures Different From Other Fixture Types?
  19. How Many Hanging T5 Light Fixtures Do I Need In My Space?
  20. What Are The Spacing Requirements For T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture?
  21. How High Should I Mount My T5 Light Fixtures?
  22. How Do You Know When My T5 Fixture is Bad?
  23. How Do You Install A T5 Light Fitting?
  24. How Do You Fix A Tube Light?
  25. How To Properly Maintain Your T5 LED Tube Fixtures?
  26. What Are The Common Problems Of T5 LED Fixture?
  27. How Can You Confirm Your T5 LED Tube Fixtures Are Of Great Quality?
  28. Where, In China, Can You Buy T5 HO Light Fixtures?
  29. What Are The Considerations To Make When Importing T5 LED Tube Fixtures?
  30. How Can I Get My T5 Light Fixtures Shipped To My Location?

1. What Is A T5 Light Fixture?

T5 fixture
T5 fixture

This is a kind of lighting fixture designed to hold T5 lamps, which are five-eighths inch in diameter.

T5, in lighting, is used to represent 2 things.

  • “T,” for the shape of the lamp, which, in this case, is tabular or linear.
  • The number that comes after represents the thickset of the lamp.

In this case, “5” indicates the diameter which is ⅝” as indicated earlier.

In comparison to the other tube light variants, T5 fixtures are smaller and slightly shorter also.

To give you a clearer picture, a T5 bulb is no more than a thumb, which means the fixtures that hold them are also likely to be smaller.

T5 light fixtures are also known to be more energy efficient than their counterparts.

2. Why Is T5 LED Light Fixture A Better Option To Fluorescent Fixtures?

There are a lot of reasons why you should go for a T5 LED fixture rather than a fluorescent one.

Apart from the fact that you enjoy more energy efficiency (which equals reduced electricity consumption), there are also other factors to consider.

These include:

  • Better Lighting: T5 LED fixtures offer better lighting than its traditional counterpart.

The illumination offered is also stabler.

For fluorescent lighting systems, for example, flickering is a permanent bug.

But, in T5 LED tube light fixtures, you don’t experience flickering except you use incompatible fixtures and tubes together.

  • Longer Lifespan: you enjoy longer lifespan too.

T5 LED fittings typically last longer than any fluorescent fixture you’d find.

  • Lower watt to lumens ratio: you get to enjoy a lower watt to lumens ratio.

This means higher brightness with lower energy consumption.

Even some T5 high output fluorescent light fixtures can not be compared with T5 LED fixtures when it comes to light intensity.

  • Noiseless: T5 LED light fixtures do not hum or make annoying sounds like T5 fluorescent fixtures.
  • Reduced heat emission: LED lighting, generally, produces less heat.

They come with highly effective heat sinks that easily dissipate the relatively lower heat given off by your T5 light fixtures.

So, in any space you fit a LED t5 light fixture, you don’t have to worry about heat.

You also don’t have to worry about your lighting systems damaging as a result of heat.

  • Quicker start: T5 fluorescent light fixtures have a slower start.

A surge of energy has to be created first before they can come on.

However, with LED t5 light fixtures, you don’t have this problem.

They need a burst of energy to come on and they start easily almost immediately you put them on.

  • Sturdier build: when you compare T5 light fixtures to their fluorescent counterparts they are a lot stronger.
  • Safer environment for all: LED T5 fixtures are made with less toxic materials unlike fluorescents lamps.

This means you have a safer environment.

They’re especially great in factories, warehouses, etc., where you need to keep the environment clean for the products, goods and workers.

Disposing of these t5 LED light fixtures is also easier as they can be easily recycled into other materials.

3. Can You Use A LED Bulb In T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture?

t5 LED light fixture
t5 LED light fixture

Yes, you can.

The operations of both t5 light fixtures types may be entirely different, but you can interchange them easily.

You only have to conduct some minor rewiring to make sure your old T5 fluorescent fixture can be fit for use.

With anything you decide to do on your old T5 fluorescent light fixtures, you must first understand the operations of both light fixtures.

Fluorescents, for example, make use of ballast as they can be connected to your power source directly.

LEDs, on the other hand, largely depend on their drivers for their operations.

So, to use a LED tube in a T5 fluorescent light fixture, you have to either carry out a ballast bypass or replace your existing T5 fluorescent light fixture ballast with a universal or LED-compatible alternative.

4.  Does A T5 Tube Light Fitting Need A Starter?


As I mentioned earlier, the operations of a typical T5 tube light fitting revolves around a driver which does most of the work of starting the T5 LED fixture and also the lighting sources you use in them.

T5 fluorescent light fittings, on the contrary, have to depend on starters (as well as some other electrical parts in them) to work smoothly.

Fluorescent starters are, according to experts, timed switches that open and close based on the flow of current through them to the lighting sources.

However, some of the modern t5 high output fluorescent light fixtures, you’ll find today don’t make use of starters.

LED T5 light fixtures also do not need them as well.

5.  In What Kind Of Environments Do T5 LED Light Fixtures Perform Well?

T5 LED light fixtures perform well in all environments.

Whether it’s in a residential, industrial or commercial setting, they would perform perfectly.

Some of places they’re commonly used include the following:

6. Are T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Great In Enclosures?

covered T5 fixture
covered T5 fixture

Yes, but not for all T5 Light Fixtures.

It all depends on the particular type of T5 light fixtures you decide to use in enclosures.

For T5 light fixtures that are not enclosure-rated, you want to completely avoid using them in enclosures as they’re not built for them.

So, when buying, check to confirm your T5 light fixtures are enclosure-rated to avoid issues that arise from overheating.

7. Are There Heavy-duty T5  Light Fixtures?

Heavy-duty T5 LED light fixture
Heavy-duty T5 LED light fixture

Yes, there are heavy-duty T5 light fixtures.

These kinds are specifically engineered for use in harsh conditions, so they can be used outdoors in factories and other places where temperature and weather might be a problem.

Heavy-duty T5 light fixtures have IP ratings as high as IP67.

This means they’re waterproof, shatterproof, shockproof, moisture-resistant, etc.

So, if you’re looking for waterproof t5 light fixtures, these are the kind of T5 fixtures to go for.

8. Can A T5 LED Fixture Be Used With Other Diameters Of Tube Light?

No, T5 LED fixtures can only be used with T5 tube lights.

This is because T5 light fixtures are relatively smaller and shorter than T8 and T12 light fixtures.

T8 Fixtures for example can only admit bulbs with 1″ diameter.

T12, on the other hand, can only take bulbs with 1.5″ diameters.

9. How Are T5 LED Light Fixtures Different From Other Fixture Types?

Asides from the significant physical difference mentioned under the previous section, there are also some other distinctive features you might also want to consider.

T5 and all other tube lamps have different lumen output, watt and voltage units.

This means if you have to use the bigger versions with your T5 fixtures, you’d need to think of the compatibility in these bulbs with your T5 fixtures.

10. Are T5 Light Fixtures Great As Grow Lights?

T5 LED grow lamps
T5 LED grow lamps

Yes, they are, with specifically engineered T5 LED grow lamps.

But, you have to note that not all T5 lamps can be used as grow lights.

When considering buying a T5 tube light, you want to consider a specifically engineered one.

This then dictates the kind of T5 light fixture you’d be buying for your plants.

The size of your garden as well as the kind of plant you’re going to grow them with are two other important factors to consider before deciding on a T5 fixture to buy.

11. Are There LED T5 Batten Fittings?

Yes, there are LED T5 batten fittings.

In fact, LED T5 batten fittings are an improvement on the old lighting batten types.

Unlike fluorescent battens, they are less heavy and big.

They’re also slimer, with an interesting minimal design that can fit or blend perfectly into any space you mount them in.

Despite their portable look, LED T5 batten fittings are cleaner and also a lot more stylish.

They have higher IP ratings and generate less heat when compared to the fluorescent T5 batten fittings.

12. Are T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Dimmable?

Well, not exactly.

I’ll explain.

Dimmability is not a feature in T5 fixtures.

It’s rather a feature in T5 LED tube lights. That is, your lighting sources themselves.

However, a larger percentage of T5 light fixtures you’ll find in the market today are equipped with dimmable drivers.

This means they can work perfectly with dimmable T5 light tubes.

So, increasing or decreasing your lamps’ intensity shouldn’t be a problem.

13. What Lighting Control Features Come With T5 Light Fixtures?

  1. Dimmable Driver:

Dimmability function doesn’t exactly come with T5 light fixtures.

Instead, they come with T5 tubes themselves.

What these T5 fixtures have, however, are dimmable drivers which tell that the T5 fixtures support the dimmability function, thereby making it easier and smoother for you to increase or dim the intensity emitted from these lighting sources.

  1. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface):

There must have been a time you thought, “can’t I turn the lighting off in my warehouse (or wherever) all at once from an easily controllable source?”

Well, yes you can and this feature makes it possible.

So, what does this control function allow you to do?

Just what you’ve already imagined.

Control your lighting systems easily from a central system.

DALI allows you to connect and configure your T5 fixture lighting systems together such that they work at the same length.

  1. WiFi Control:

Technology is way more advanced than we actually think.

Today, you can easily tune into any TV station of your choice using your smartphones.

With T5 fixtures, the same applies, by connecting your phone by WiFi to your lighting systems, you can turn the light off and on, dim and increase the intensity of the lamp.

All you just have to do is create a great WiFi connection with your lighting systems (from your phone).

The rest is easy!

  1. Motion Sensor:

With motion sensors in your T5 light fixture lighting systems, your security is more secure.

This control feature carries sensors, or detectors if you please, that catches unnecessary movements in an area they cover.

  1. Occupancy Sensor:

Something exactly like a motion detector is the occupancy sensor.

What this function does, basically, is to detect physical activity in an area they function and come on. Once no activity is detected this sensor immediately tells the light to go off.

This way, you get to reduce energy consumption in your whole building

14. Do I Have To Consider Photometrics When Choosing My LED T5 Light Fixtures?

Not exactly.

A photometric analysis allows you to determine the light levels you’ll need before you make a purchase.

They are a feature in your T5 tubes and not your LED T5 fixtures themselves.

A photometric measure will give you the following:

  • Footcandles,
  • Uniformity
  • Trespass levels
  • Color temperature
  • Lumen output, etc., and allow you to determine the most appropriate lighting for your space.

All these services are what you would consider when purchasing a T5 tube.

So, you wouldn’t exactly need to consider photometrics when choosing a good T5 light fixture.

But, if you’re buying your light fixtures along with the T5 light fixtures, then you might want to carry out a photometric analysis to determine what’s best for your space.

15. What Are The Specific Things To Consider Before Buying LED T5 Light Fixtures?

t5 tube light fitting
t5 tube light fitting

When purchasing a T5 fixture, on the other hand, there are some other factors to consider and these include:

  • Voltage & current: you want to be sure the rate at which current flows and electricity is conducted through your lighting sources are compatible with your T5 fixtures.
  • Wattage: the way your lighting sources consume energy should also be considered.

Would it be too much or too low for your T5 light fixture to handle?

  • Dimmer compatibility: LED light fixtures do not come with the dimmability functions but most of them are usually equipped with a dimmable driver.

This is a confirmation that they support dimmability.

Lamps that do not have a dimmable driver would cause your lighting sources to flicker when you try to dim them.

  • IP rating: whether you’re buying for indoor or outdoor use, you need to confirm the IP rating of your lamp as well, just to make sure they are fit for use
  • Enclosure rating: you don’t want to use a low enclosure-rated fixture in an enclosure.

They can get damaged as a result of overheating.

16. How Long Should A T5 LED Fixture Last?

Like t5 fluorescent fixtures, you can reuse your t5 LED tube light fixture until they finally pack up. And that’s not going to be soon.

Lifespan could last up to 20 years and more depending on how often you use these t5 light fittings sources in your space.

17. How Much Electricity Do T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Use?

Typically LED lighting technologies consume way less, about 70% less energy than fluorescent lighting. .

An 18w T5 LED tube, for example, would do the same job, even more, as a 36w T8 fluorescent light system. That’s a lot less energy for more illumination.

With t5 LED light fixtures, the same energy efficiency also applies and you can save more money in the pocket rather than spend it on electricity for your space.

18. How Much Can I Get T5 Light Fixtures?

Depending on the features that come with the T5 light fixtures, you can get them between $20–$69.

This might seem a lot more expensive than what you’ll normally spend on traditional lighting fixtures, but you’ll be glad you got them in the end.

The energy efficiency, long lifespan and some other factors these t5 LED tube light fixtures carry are the things you’d enjoy most about the light fixtures.

19. How Many Hanging T5 Light Fixtures Do I Need In Your Space?

The number of hanging T5 light fixtures you need in your space can only be determined by a few things:

  • Space size and height: measure your space by square foot to determine the height and space.
  • Lumen output of your T5 LED tubes: how bright is the light produced by your lighting sources?
  • Space interior design and arrangement: whether it’s an old or new building, you want to also consider the design you have in your building.
  • Spacing in between each T5 light fitting: this would, in turn, be determined by the amount of lumens you can have in your space.

We’ll get into more details about the spacing requirements in the next question.

20. What Are The Spacing Requirements For LED T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture?

Choosing the perfect T5 fixture layout for your space needs careful planning.

Figuring spacing requirements for your space might require some math and a bit of measuring but it’d be worth it in the end.

To determine the spacing requirements for T5 light fixtures in your space, a good place to start would be to measure your ceiling height and then divide this by 2.

Whatever you get out of this simple math would be the amount of space you’d give in between your T5 light fixtures.

For example, If the height of your space is 10ft, your spacing requirement would be 5ft.

There are additional considerations too.

These include:

  • The lumen output of your lamps, and
  • The space size as well.

21. How High Should I Mount My T5 Light Fixtures?

hanging T5 light fixtures
hanging T5 light fixtures

This, also, depends on a few factors:

  • The height of your ceiling
  • The size of your space
  • The lumen output of your lighting sources, and
  • Beam angle.

For wall mounted T5 light fixtures, however, a rule of thumb is to keep your T5 fixtures at about 60″ inches from the ground level.

22. How Do You Install A T5 Light Fitting?

Lited t5 tube light fitting
Lited t5 tube light fitting

Contrary to what you might have thought that led you here, T5 light fittings are really easy to install.

There are a few installation methods and you can choose any of them depending on the atmosphere and mood you’re trying to create in your space.

You can mount them directly on the surface of your ceiling or wall, into a surface, or suspend them from the ceiling using NPT, a hook, or chain.

Suspended T5 lighting sources
Suspended T5 lighting sources

For all any of these method, the process is almost the same:

  • Disassemble your T5 fixtures
  • Screw the base to the ceiling, wall, brackets, or hook
  • Hang if you’re using the Suspended method
  • Assemble the other parts
  • Insert your lighting sources

Before doing these, don’t forget:

  • Turn off your power source to avoid shock
  • Make sure you’re using a T5 fixture that’s compatible with your lighting sources
  • Do not fit the lighting tubes before or while installing. Always do this after.

23. How Do You Know When My T5 Fixture is Bad?

Most times, the signs are apparent, and they might not appear until you’ve used them for a long time.

Physically, your T5 light fittings will begin to wear and tear.

Other times, your lighting sources might either stop working, dim or flicker and you’d have to disassemble your T5 light fixture to tell what’s wrong with it before repairs, especially if they use external drivers.

It could also be that you have a disconnection or a wrong wiring connection.

So, you have no other choice than to disassemble the T5 fixture to know what’s wrong.

24. What Are The Common Problems Of T5 LED Fixture?

LED T5 lighting fixture
LED T5 lighting fixture

Some of the commonest problems include the following:

  • Wrong wiring connections
  • Faulty switch.
  • Improper fitting or installations
  • T5 Fixture and tube incompatibility

25. How Do You Fix A Tube Light Fixture?

First, you want to identify where the problem is from.

So, you might have to disassemble your t5 LED tube light fixture.

Once you identified the problem area, check to see if it’s repairable or you’d need a replacement.

If you’d need a replacement, order from your trusted manufacturer or supplier for a replacement and after delivery replace this part carefully.

Assemble your T5 fixture again and test to see if it works.

Don’t forget: turn off your power source before carrying out any repairs.

26. How To Properly Maintain Your T5 LED Tube Fixtures?

T5 LED tubes for the T5 fixtures
T5 LED tubes for the T5 fixtures

Maintenance is very important if you want your T5 LED tube fixtures to last as long as they should.

You need to regularly clean any dust ,and debris that settles on them.

You also need to carry out regular technical inspections to make sure no part of your t5 tube light fitting is in perfect condition.

Check the power switches of the t5 light fitting, the tombstones, the base.., every single part should be properly inspected.

27. How Can You Confirm Your T5 LED Tube Fixtures Are Of Great Quality?

Great quality is a feature many people don’t take their time to confirm in most t5 light fittings.

The focus of most is usually on the price and they end up robbing themselves of using the best quality of t5 LED fixtures because of this.

So, how then can one confirm the quality of a 5 LED fixture is good?

First, by properly inspecting the product yourself.

We’d advise that you go to the manufacturer’s factory to confirm their manufacturing procedures as well as the products they’re using, to be extra sure you’re getting the best T5 fixture quality.

If you can make a physical appearance, send someone or instruct the manufacturer to show you over a live video call while the T5 light fixtures are being tested.

Other things to that tell you a product is genuine include,

  • The certificate/quality markings the products carry
  • The customer reports and reviews about the products

28. Where In China Can You Buy T5 HO Fixtures?

T5 high output fixture
T5 high output fixture

You can get T5 high output fixtures anywhere in China.

China is known for their technological innovations and advances, so you’d definitely find yourself a great T5 HO light fixture from a manufacturer in the country.

But, for the sakes of good quality, you might want to go for products made in the following Chinese provinces:

  • Guangdong
  • Shenzhen
  • Fujian
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangsu

29. What Are The Important Considerations To Make When Importing T5 LED Tube Fixtures?

t5 LED tube light fixture
t5 LED tube light fixture

Before importation do the following:

  • Research your chosen company well; make sure they have been approved by the regulatory bodies to avoid your goods from being returned, worse, confiscated; check the customer reviews on the particular products you purchase;
  • Take your time to investigate and/or inspect how they produce to be sure they’re of great quality; have the T5 light fixtures tested in front of you to make sure you’re making the right decisions;
  • Find out, from your local customs agency and that of the country you’re shipping from, what the importation/exportation requirements are for the particular kind of product you’re importing/exporting;
  • Use shipping channel that’s fast and most convenient for you (we’ll get into details about this in the next question).

30. How Can I Get My T5 Light Fixtures Shipped To My Location?

T5 ho fixture
T5 ho fixture

There are 3 major channels you can use for shipping your T5 light fixtures to your preferred destination:

You can either ship them through a courier service like, UPS, DHL etc.,

You could also get them to your country through the commonest channel, sea cargo.

Alternatively, for faster delivery, taking them through air cargo would also be great.

You can also request your supplier to deliver the T5 light fixtures right to your doorsteps if you please.

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