Types of Commercial Lighting & How to Choose the Best Lighting?

Working at a commercial site or a large warehouse can be very interesting, but can you imagine working there without appropriate Lighting? Yes, you might be able to do that somehow, but it would not be accessible Types of Commercial Lighting as there will be more chances for the products to be damaged, the workers to get injured, and as a result, will cost your workers extra energy and time.

However, with appropriate Commercial Lighting, you can get the work done in less time without any hassle. It will ensure the safety of both people and products to a great extent! Nowadays, various types of commercial Lighting are available, making it easier to opt for what you think is suitable for the workplace.

There are numerous well-grounded lightning types needed in any commercial space. Learn how to choose the best Lighting for your commercial area.

What is Commercial Lighting?

The Lighting used for commercial areas such as stores, offices, government buildings, hospitals, salons, and shopping malls, is called commercial Lighting for all the spaces that do not qualify as residential or manufacturing. Commercial Lighting incorporates all types of lights required in that space to make the space visible and shed light on the particular areas of the store or place.

The initial cost of commercial Lighting is elevated and is high maintenance as compared to any other type. However, it has an extended lifespan, better durability, as well as energy-saving options. It is a one-time investment for a very long period of hassle-free time. Commercial Lighting is a general term that includes illumination for all business workspaces. Parks, streets, bridges, etc. are also attended to as a part of commercial Lighting.

Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting

The sole purpose of commercial Lighting is to invest in the correct type of commercial lighting system to gain as much benefit from it as possible while optimizing the environment as efficient commercial Lighting directs excellent benefit to your business.

Following are a few key factors to be considered while selecting Lighting for commercial purposes:

  • Lighting should be adequate, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.
  • A light that somehow replicates that of natural sunlight.
  • A Lighting that gives out welcoming and safe emotions for both customers and employees.

Commercial Lighting Requirements:

Even tampered Lighting is required for creating a productive and emotionally satisfying work condition in a commercial space. The companies’ main focus in the commercial sector should be to consider appropriate Lighting where the tasks are to be carried out.

A few of the primary Commercial Lighting Requirements are summed up below:

  1. The Lighting should be considered taking into account the amount and Type of work, energy expenditure, and other primary purposes.
  2. As Low Lighting affects the work and activities, Over Lighting is also a similar issue as it makes it quite tough to carry out tasks. To understand lighting requirements correctly, one must understand the relationship between units and lights.
  3. The codes to be followed must be kept in mind while opting for the lighting types for a specific commercial area or space. The control requirements include controlling Lighting depending on the available daylight and/or tenancy. The active technologies have daylight controls that turn the light low or shut it when there is adequate daylight available to carry out the required activities.
  4. While in some other technologies, it may have directed to turn on and off depending on the occupancy of the spaces using ‘occupancy sensors.
  5. The exterior lighting control incorporates shutting off the exterior lights when there is an adequate amount of natural light available that the artificial light is not needed. A great example can be street lights.
  6. Multi-layered lighting control is to have the authority to lower the lighting power by dimming them gradually, dimming by each layer, or layered switching overall the place. It is required for enclosed spaces that are 100 ft² or greater than that. The multi-lighting control can be set up as 30% to 50% illumination power per step.

As per the commands of IECC 2021, the lighting level and power density requirements for different commercial spaces are mentioned below.

Commercial Spaces Type Light Level (lux) Lighting Power Density (watts per SF)
Corridor – General 50 – 100 lux 0.41
Exhibit Spaces 300 – 500 lux 0.31
Offices (lobby) 200 – 300 lux 0.84
Open office space 300 – 500 lux 0.61
Stairway 50 – 100 lux 0.49
Warehouse 300 – 750 lux 1.26
Toilet 100 – 300 lux 0.63
Shopping mall (per shop) 200 – 500 lux 1.05
Library 300 – 500 lux 0.96
Professional Lab 750 – 1200 lux 1.33
Classroom 300 – 500 lux 0.71
Parking 200 – 300 lux 0.65

Benefits of Using Led Lighting for Commercial Properties

LED Lighting is slowly proceeding to become the top selection for household purposes, whereas it has been in the commercial industry for quite some time now. The quality of this technology is improving with time and has now become an excellent option for commercial areas. Business owners keep searching for innovative ideas to enhance their spaces’ efficiency, profit, and functional capacity.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Commercial areas
Benefits of LED Lighting for Commercial areas

 Some of the significant advantages of using LED Lighting are mentioned below:

Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Commercial Properties

Longer lifespans No UV Emissions
Require low voltage Available in different dimensions and powers
Most are Waterproof (High Bay LED) Dust and Explosion-proof
Environmental Friendly Cost Effective
Variety of designs Powerful Illumination

Click on the link below to get to know how LED Lighting in commercial spaces benefits your businesses.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Lighting

A significant part of the marketing strategy is choosing the right type of commercial Lighting. Commercial Lighting is durable and provides Lighting similar to natural light without costing a fortune, which is mandatory in most commercial workspaces. The utmost function of a commercial place is to get the required work done.

Choosing the correct type of commercial Lighting makes it possible to reflect the Type of work carried out in that place. It generates a very comfortable and safe environment for the people working in the space. Adequate Lighting attracts customers to your place’s main sets, setting a comfortable environment and ambiance.

How to choose best Commercial Lighting
How to choose best Commercial Lighting

There are three significant types of Lighting for commercial areas.

Top Types for Commercial Lighting
Top Types for Commercial Lighting

Following are a few tips to help you choose the right type of commercial Lighting for your commercial space.

Light Output appropriate for your commercial space:

The Type of tasks performed in the commercial area is critical to consider. If the people are doing detailed work, the Lighting that supports this category should be selected. The lamps or layering of lights depends on the activities carried out in that space.

Configure the ceiling type:

Some lighting types only fit in specific ceiling designs, so one has to choose wisely. You can also select fixtures that may fit the existing ceiling designs.

Options available for commercial Lighting:

You might do some research to choose the best option for your Lighting. Compare the lighting design ideas with other commercial spaces of the exact nature and find what suits your area best. You may notice the minor use of hanging bulbs and the blending of different lighting types to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Creativity in Lighting enhances customer satisfaction.


Why would you want to apply a fixture that has a short life span? Invest in high-quality and long-lasting lighting fixtures. The manufacturing of the products makes it easier to determine their durability. The lighting company should have a good reputation so you can trust them for quality. Buy the products labeled with an indication that lights fulfill the basic requirements for safety and quality.

Aesthetic value and ambiance:

For commercial space, aesthetics adds an embracing environment. The existing characteristics of the facility are enhanced automatically, leaving a psychologically satisfying effect on the customers. It makes it enjoyable and relaxing for the people who work there too.

  • Reduce the lighting intensity in the lobby areas and corridors and increase it in the work area.
  • Use attractive and decorative light fixtures to enhance your space. Such as for the reception area.
  • Different color frequencies should be used to provide an easing visual experience.
Different Light Intensities
Different Light Intensities

Cost Effective and durability:

The Lighting you choose should be cost-effective and long-lasting. Changing bulbs, that too, in a commercial area is not an easy thing to do and is a safety risk too. If you opt for long-lasting Lighting, the extra cost of maintenance and electrical installation will be cut down. The lowest-priced Lighting for commercial spaces is a Fluorescent bulb, which is the least expensive option and lasts more than ten years.

Key Differences between Commercial and Residential Lighting

The lighting products used in residential and commercial Lighting mostly appear similar; however, they differ due to their respective applications. The design, intensity, purpose, and manufacturing differ. There might only be a slight difference. Depending on the specifications, some lights could be applied in both, i.e. a commercial or residential facility.

Residential Lighting VS Commercial Lighting
Residential Lighting VS Commercial Lighting

A few common differences in types of commercial lighting between both are mentioned below.

factors Commercial Lighting Residential Lighting
Intensity Commercial Lighting requires a higher intensity level of lights as of higher physical interaction between customers and employees. The frequency of Lighting in residential areas is much lower.
operational period Commercial Lighting should be highly durable due to the long working period. The Lighting period is much more flexible than that of commercial spaces.
Design The commercial lighting types should be functional as well as decorative to create an ideal space for work as well as to attract customers. Residential lightings are generally simpler as their only function is to light up the house appropriately for specific amounts of time.
Purpose Illumination is required to carry out work activities in the best possible manner without jeopardizing the health of the workers. Residential Lighting creates an ambient and comfortable environment for the people living there in order to provide a home-like feeling.
cost The commercial spaces are required to look decorative and luxurious while carrying out the essential function of lighting up the space too. The homeowners do not require extra decorations in the lighting fixtures, which makes a difference in cost to a great extent.

Following is the link to a video that describes some major differences between commercial-grade and residential-grade lighting products.


Designing and deciding the correct type of commercial Lighting includes many factors. The tips mentioned above and factors should be kept in mind to do so, to create an easy and smooth experience. It will help you enhance your customer satisfaction as well as maintain the strong visibility of your space. All the factors related to your commercial space should be considered while developing a lighting plan.



    1. Does Commercial Lighting Need to Be RCD Protected?

An RCD is a Residual Circuit Device used for safety purposes, mainly to detect an incoming or underlying error and turn off the electrical supply to the affected circuit. It protects from any electrical shocks or damage to both the users and the circuits. The Level of safety provided by the RCD is far better than any simple fuse or breaker.

A Residual Current Circuit Breaker or Device (RCD)
A Residual Current Circuit Breaker or Device (RCD)

Yes, all the commercial Lighting needs to be RCD Protected. The electrical wiring rules and regulations have made it compulsory for RDCs to be installed in each circuit where any new changes have been made in the electric installations and should be tested regularly to ensure safe and smooth working.

    2. How Much Does It Cost to Install Commercial Lighting

The approximate average cost of installing a light fixture in a commercial setting might fall somewhere between $150 and $900. The exact cost to install Lighting majorly depends on the material, Type, size, and labor. The fixtures vary in price from each other, and so does the amount of Lighting you need to get installed. A few significant factors that affect the total installation cost include:

  • Electrical installation
  • Labor
  • Material or Type of fixture

    3. Where Can I Place Commercial Lighting Bulbs?

Generally, Commercial Lighting bulbs can be placed in any commercial space. They can be placed only as long as they provide the required light intensity and serve the purpose respectively. Commercial lighting bulbs may vary in style, functionality, size, intensity, etc., depending on their Type. The outdoor and indoor commercial lighting bulbs may differ from each other, respectively.

10 Highest Ranked Commercial Lighting Manufacturers located in China

    1. Leboda Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Auto electronic Lighting Manufacturing

Main products: All kinds of LED Lighting, including the ones required for commercial Lighting.

About the company:

Leboda Technology is a Lighting manufacturing company based in China. It is one of the best manufacturers in China for commercial Lighting Purposes. It provides a wide variety of LED street lights, LED Stadium lights, LED Tri-proof lights, And many more. They provide high-quality products to their precious customers all around the world.

    2. Xiamen Topstar Lighting Co., Ltd

Company Type: LED lighting manufacturer

Main products: LED Lighting fixtures especially manufactured for Commercial purposes

About the company:

Topstar Lighting is an endeavor of Xiamen Light Industry Group. They provide the best lighting equipment that is energy-saving. Their products are very durable and safe for commercial applications. Topstar has been a part of the lighting industry for 50+ years now and has the robotic technologies to manufacture the latest products.

    3. Zhangzhou Leedarson Lighting

Company Type: Lighting Manufacturing

Main products: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lightings.

About the company:

Leedarson is a well-known name in the LED commercial lighting industry. It has been the best-LED bulb manufacturer in China for the past four years. The company looks out for any possible changes in the lighting solutions industry around the world and starts working on manufacturing it. The company focuses on energy-saving techniques and introduces bright Lighting, LED lamps, etc.

    4. Winson Lighting Technology Limited

Company Type: LED lighting Manufacturer and supplier

Main products: LED Lighting, including wall lights and bulbs.

About the company:

Winson Lighting Technology has gained popularity for commercial spaces in the LED Lighting industry. They provide superior quality LED Lighting to enhance the workplace. Their customer service is something they focus on very religiously. The lighting products integrate the latest technology.

    5. Guangzhou RC Lighting Company, Ltd

Company Type: Manufacturing and wholesale of lighting products

Main products: LED Lights for Commercial Purposes

About the company:

RC Lighting has been a part of the lighting industry for ten years now and has made its place in the top 10 commercial lighting manufacturers in China. They provide various types of commercial Lighting. Their staff comprises people having expertise in their field. The manufacturing protocols are put first by their highly skilled management. You can get your products customized according to specified requirements for your commercial spaces. They provide 3 to 5 years of warranty RC with bollard lights. You can also pitch your ideas and design requirements to them.

    6. Xiamen Longstar Lighting Company, Ltd

Company Type: Lighting fixtures manufacturing

Main products: LED Lighting, Lighting for commercial use, and other lighting fixtures.

About the company:

The main motive of Xiamen Longstar Lighting Company is to put forward eco-friendly lighting products for their precious customers. They have emphasized keeping up their quality and services by using high-end technologies to serve their customer with the best services. LED Lighting they manufacture is known for its reliability, which is ideal for commercial uses. Due to this very factor, their company is flourishing worldwide with substantial standard products.

    7. NVC Lighting Technology Corporation Ltd

Company Type: Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers

Main products: LED Lighting for indoor as well as outdoor.

About the company:

The team of NVC lighting is very proficient and has innovative ideas for betterment. They generate LED Lighting for commercial purposes while putting forth the safety and longevity of the Lighting. They customize orders according to customer requirements. NVC Lighting is widely spread among Commercial Lighting Manufacturers in China, whereas their factories are also located in the United Kingdom. The team is committed to bringing forth high quality and the latest technology variety for commercial Lighting.

    8. Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co., Ltd

Company Type: Electronic Manufacturing

Main products: LED Lighting Fixtures, LED Filament Bulbs, SMD Lighting.

About the company:

The Zhejiang Kloye Lighting Holdings Company Ltd. has gained quite popularity and attraction due to remarkable quality LED lighting fixtures. LED Lighting is proficient for commercial applications and serves many benefits due to its competence and cost-efficiency. The reliability of these LED Lighting can not be challenged regarding commercial purposes. Their business includes lightings with chip and sensing components, sensors, hybrid integrations, and many other new electronic technologies.

    9. Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Company, Limited

Company Type: Electronic Lighting Manufacturing

Main products: LED Lighting, Smart Lighting, Reflectors, Fire Lamps, T-shape, etc.

About the company:

Yankton is ranked as one of the leading companies in the LED Lighting market and deals majorly with LED lighting solutions. All the products are manufactured, focusing on sustainability and the betterment of the environment. All the customers are delighted, and the products are top-rated.

    10. Opple Lighting Electric Co., Ltd

Company Type: Electrical Manufacturing

Main products: Professional commercial lighting products, Smart Lighting, and several types of LED Lighting

About the company:

Opple Lighting Electric is a top-rated Chinese electric company among the very few. It is spread to more than 70 countries globally with more than 20 years of experience. They have two branches in China, one in Wujiang city, Suzhou, and the other one in Shanghai. Its consistent and high quality has made it a Globally known LED Lighting manufacturer. They have a variety of traditional Lighting for homes too.

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