10 Common Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures


Lighting is a supreme requirement for manufacturing areas, factories, and industrial spaces as it plays a significant role in all the functioning of that place. The industrial lighting market has taken advantage of LED lights since introduced. LED lighting falls into the types of industrial lighting fixtures used widely and adopted all over the industrial market.

The expanding consumers of industrial lighting fixtures demand new and cost-efficient lighting techniques that are well-serving and innovative. Many types of industrial lighting fixtures are highly suitable for all kinds of industrial applications.

Some of the top common types of industrial lighting fixtures used in industrial areas are mentioned below.

1. What Are Industrial Lighting Fixtures?

The lighting fixtures used widely in industrial areas are termed industrial lighting fixtures. There are plenty of types of industrial lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures are designed specially to fulfill the lighting requirements such as intensity and functionality in commercial spaces.

They are typically structured with heavy material due to their placements. Lighting is fundamental to attaining the required aesthetics within a specific place or area. Industrial lighting plays a vital role in performing and executing industrial tasks.

Industrial lighting is generally found in factories, hazardous work areas, and warehouses. If the industrial areas are not well illuminated, it makes it very difficult to carry out work tasks, and numerous risks are exposed too. Without adequate lighting, no industrial processes can be carried out. There is no fixed type or amount of lighting an industrial place should have.

That depends on the industrial space and the styles of industrial lighting fixtures used. However, the industrial lighting fixtures are designed to provide professional lighting solutions and fulfill all the other requirements and circumstances of the industrial area. Most types of industrial lighting fixtures are manufactured by following the design standard that is accepted all around the world.

2. What is the Purpose of Industrial Lighting?

Adequate lighting and an active environment are vital for employees to carry out required functions. Industrial lighting has many purposes, such as;

Safety, Proper illumination, Levels of Productivity, and Cost reduction. Link to the following video as it might be helpful.

Industrial lighting needs to be work oriented to fulfill the tasks during the day and night. There are various types of industrial lighting fixtures available in the market for you to select. All its purposes are fulfilled by choosing the right kind of light for the industrial space. Visual, emotional, and psychological requirements must be satisfied to create a happy and relaxing working environment. The principal purpose, which is accurate, and precise working functions, is achieved if we choose suitable types of industrial lighting fixtures.

The key elements and purposes of focus while selecting industrial lighting are:

  1. Reliability
  2. Adaptability
  3. Efficiency
  4. Productivity

3. Top 10 Common Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

There are plenty of types of industrial lighting fixtures available in the market, varying in intensities, designs, and other factors. Some of the prevalent types of industrial lighting fixtures used widely in industrial applications are mentioned below.

1. Floodlight Fixtures:

The type of industrial lighting fixture essential for all industrial units is floodlight fixtures. Floodlights, as per their name, flood an area with light. By using LED lights, the intensity of the floodlight fixtures increases. These are typically used in areas such as industrial or manufacturing buildings and parking lots. These lights are the types of industrial lighting fixtures that can be manufactured in plenty of shapes and sizes. They are the critical fixtures used in any industrial lighting for landscape lighting, security, and as well as with motion sensors.

If used in landscape lighting, they can be placed by any of the following techniques:

  • Wall grazing: this technique helps highlight textures and patterns such as trunks of the trees, stone walls, etc.
  • Wall washing: this technique is used to spread the light all over large areas.
  • Shadowing: Position the lighting fixture to create a shadow of the object in front of it and depicts it on the wall.

2. Linear strip Light fixtures:

To attain a professional look in the industrial space, linear strip light is the precise type of industrial lighting fixture to serve the required purpose. These smaller fixtures provide a sophisticated and smooth look while illuminating a place. For areas in the industrial building where subtle light is required, LED linear strip lights are used to create a sense of security and ambiance.

Linear Light
Linear Light

3. Task light fixtures:

Task lighting is the most common type of fixture used among industrial and commercial facilities. These lighting fixtures are not manufactured to illuminate wide, large spaces. The purpose of this light fixture is to provide high-functioning light for a particular task. The working areas in the industrial spaces where the workers require lighting to focus on their jobs, these lights are used to provide a concentrated area to get the work done. These industrial lighting fixtures are portable, adjustable, and provide the required amount of light in the desired places to help the workers increase their productivity and quality of work.

Task Light Lamp
Task Light Lamp

4. Recessed light fixtures:

The recessed troffer lighting fixtures consist of LED bulbs or linear tubes replacing the fluorescent bulbs. This type of industrial lighting fixture may be wall-mounted, surface-mounted, or hung with chains in industrial working spaces and buildings. The installation price might be high, but it serves the amount spent by lasting longer than many other types of industrial lighting fixtures. You can also replace the existing fluorescent light with a retrofit that is significantly easier to install but might not last too long.

Recessed Light
Recessed Light

5. High bay light fixtures:

High bay lighting fixtures are applicated to industrial spaces whose height is more than 20 feet from the floor or ground. This type of industrial lighting fixture illuminates a vast, ample room with a high lumen volume to ensure high illumination. Placing these fixtures above the ground fulfills its purpose of pervading the place. These lights are ideal for illuminating horizontal as well as vertical working areas.

High Bay Light
High Bay Light

6. Low bay light fixtures:

If you have an industrial space not ample enough in terms of height and width, this type of industrial lighting fixture is your ultimate option. The commercial and industrial sectors whose a ceiling height is less than 20 feet. In contradistinction to high bay lighting fixtures, these industrial lighting fixtures have a small number of lumens as they do not have to illuminate large, expansive spaces. LED lights are used widely in low-bay lighting fixtures due to their durability, increased demand, cost efficiency, and energy efficiency. These fixtures are also ideal for buildings or warehouses with low ceilings to ensure proper light distribution around the space.

Low Bay Light
Low Bay Light

7. Area Lights fixtures:

This type of industrial lighting fixture is used to illuminate the pathways and parking lots of factories or industrial warehouses. A sense of safety is established around the area due to high illumination to suspect any unwanted movement. These light fixtures give a feeling of relaxation while providing enough light to keep criminals out of the scene. These lighting fixtures can also be mounted on poles heightened between 10 feet to 100 feet to illuminate large spaces with open surroundings. The fixtures are used to light up the dark hallways of the industrial warehouses as well as the work area.

Area Lights
Area Lights

8. Street Lights:

LED streetlights are used widely in parking lots of industrial warehouses. These types of industrial lighting fixtures are also used for pathway lighting, storage areas, and security lighting purposes. They illuminate the outdoor areas of industrial spaces well enough. There is a scarce chance of these light fixtures going bad as they are manufactured to withstand low or unstable voltage and high voltage in power supply. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions while functioning to its total capacity.

A Street Light

9. Wall packs:

Wall packs work great for security purposes. This type of industrial lighting fixture is used in outdoor spaces as its intensity can be controlled. The design is minimal as well as the light output is ideal. The durability of this type of industrial lighting fixture is remarkable due to the die-cast aluminum, and they also withstand harsh weather conditions. Due to all its benefits, these lighting fixtures work great for areas with challenging environments.

A Wallpack
A Wallpack

10. Pendant light fixtures:

The light fixtures used in industrial warehouses provide ample illumination. Pendant light fixtures provide lighting in areas such as alleys of warehouses or plants to provide a modern aesthetic. This type of industrial lighting fixture is highly adaptable and long-lasting. They are ideal for meeting rooms and cabin areas of industrial spaces. The installation of these industrial lighting fixtures is somehow similar to the high bay fixtures. If you are searching for industrial lighting fixtures to fit best on taller walls of your industrial spaces, this should be your ultimate choice.

Pendant Light
Pendant Light

4. Importance of Good Industrial Lighting

The types of industrial lighting fixtures differ from the ones used for home applications due to notable differences among them. The industrial fixtures are of higher voltages, a large number of lumens, high capacity, sturdy, and more extensive. They are applied in garages, factories, warehouses, etc., where the risk of accidents is valid. The safety and productivity of the workers in industrial places are vital and are very much related to good industrial lighting. However, many industrial owners look over the factor of good lighting concerning these factors. Poor lighting exposes the employees to dangerous situations, increasing the risk of accidents.

The main factors of significant importance in industrial lighting are mentioned below to increase the knowledge related to industrial lighting.

5. Reduces the risk of accidents:

The functions carried out in the industrial sites are pretty risky. Loading and shipping, operating machinery,  and other heavy-duty tasks require proper lighting. If by any means the visibility is poor or the lighting is not very adequate according to the environment it should be, it results in accidents. Proper lighting significantly decreases the severe mishaps that might occur just by a bit of distortion. Providing a clearer vision for the workers ensures their safety and increases the level of productivity. However, relentless work sites are still prone to accidents even when equipped with proper lighting. While appropriate lighting remains a very crucial role in the rate of accidents that occur in industrial areas, lack of care and negligence of the workers can also lead to severe injuries.

6. Decreased health-related concerns:

Sufficient industrial lighting means waving off many health-related issues. That otherwise occurs to the people working in industrial regions. Excessive industrial lighting causes extreme strain to the eyes, resulting in loss of sight, anxiety issues, severe headaches, and even insomnia. As work in industrial areas mostly requires good use of eyes. Poor visual performance leads to other psychological factors such as dizziness, distraction, lack of motivation to work, mental strains, etc. Appropriate lighting creates a comfortable environment to work in that too with more efficiency and eliminates most of the health-related concerns.

7. Improved visual experience:

The tasks performed at the industrial facilities require adequate lighting. The duties include shipping, receiving, packing, heavy machinery, operating machinery, and many others. The employees or workers are all working on getting different things done. The processes of these functions are dangerous, requiring high visibility. Workers need appropriate types of industrial lighting fixtures to complete their tasks and get the work done. However, the high illumination does not mean too bright lighting that would not allow them to work correctly or poor lighting. Powerful brightness exposed at once can cause severe damage and sudden blindness. The number and types of industrial lighting fixtures should be enough to create a comfortable illumination.

8. Increased functionality:

All industrial site owners aim to increase productivity and functionality at their workplaces. Employees stay active in a well-lit environment. Poor lighting or dim lights will make them feel lazy and drowsy. The same goes with too bright light; the productivity level decreases in such circumstances as the workers might get headaches or strain their eyes due to the continuous bright light.

9. Enhanced work environment:

Conventional industrial lighting adds value to an otherwise rough place. It makes the environment secure and comfortable enough for the workers to carry out their respective jobs comfortably. Without adequate lighting, the work environment seems boring and out of order. A bad working environment results in the employees complaining about their jobs and productivity, as poor lighting creates adverse psychological effects on people. Improvement in industrial lighting is directly related to increased productivity of the workers.

10. Industrial Lighting Requirements

When we talk about an industrial space, lighting is as vital for mechanical purposes as it is for safety purposes. Adequate and safe lighting protects workers from eye strains, headaches, and other safety hazards. Opting for a suitable type of light from plenty of types of industrial lighting fixtures is very important. An industrial workplace with lighting too little that the place appears dark and the workers cannot carry out their tasks or another work area with too much lighting that blazes and strains the eyes both sound horrifying and uncomfortable situations to be in! That is why lighting requirements are introduced for each space in the industrial workplace, making it easier to achieve the required lighting capacity.

The unit used to measure lighting by the professionals is a Foot-candle. It represents the required optimal lighting in an area of one square foot from a stable lighting origin.

According to the rules, lighting in an industrial area should be even throughout the workplace. It provides a uniform and comfortable environment for the workers to move around without inconvenience. The table below mentions the required lighting measured in foot candles per each area:

Work Area Required illumination in foot-candles
Storage areas, field maintenance sites, waste area, concrete placements, and refueling area Three foot-candles
Construction areas Five foot-candles
Underground workspaces, i.e., shafts and tunnels Five foot-candles
Corridors, pathways, exit areas, warehouses, and indoor spaces Five foot-candles
General Construction Plants and shops Ten foot-candles
Offices, dispensary, and sick rooms 30 foot-candles

11. How to Choose the Best Industrial Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of enhancing the safety and productivity of industrial space. Proper illumination reduces the risk of accidents that might occur if the lighting is too low or too much. Industrial lighting costs a lot of money as the areas are large. The places have expensive installation, and as a result, the fixtures are large or more extraordinary, along with high wattages and lumens, which makes the cost go up par. Efficiency should be of utmost importance, but the types of industrial lighting fixtures must be environmentally friendly, durable, and sturdy enough to work for longer life.

Lighting in Industrial space
Lighting in Industrial space

Due to the adverse LED Technology, lighting has become digital worldwide. LED technology improves industrial lighting fixtures’ efficiency, reliability, and durability. Various types of industrial lighting fixtures are designed to be robust to withstand harsh weather and extreme environments. The desired lighting at an industrial site can be attained only by selecting appropriate types of industrial lighting fixtures.

A few significant factors influence the lighting fixture selection in an industrial space.

  • Quality:

The chief purpose of lighting solutions is to achieve the preferred illumination at an industrial site. The desired results include maximum capacity, high intensity, durability, longevity, safety, and cost-efficient. As a result, they are creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for the employees to carry out their respective tasks. The types of industrial lighting fixtures that will fulfill the purpose and all the required functions should be chosen, respectively. The arrangement of the fixtures should be favorable to the space and people working there, depending on their needs.

  • Environmental factors:

Keeping in view the earth’s environment these days, it is crucial for equipment to be environmentally friendly. Such products reduce the risk of environmental damage. Customers opt for brands and businesses that provide eco-friendly products. Fluorescent bulbs and other standard lights consist of toxic chemicals in great quantity. However, LED lights are recyclable and eco-friendly.

  • Efficiency:

As lighting affects the effectiveness of the people working in an industrial place, so as a result the working capacities are also disrupted if the illumination is full or errors. Lighting that creates an environment to increase the productivity levels of the work without any mistakes is encouraged.

  • Light intensity:

Considering safety, the light should not create too much glare that could affect the vision or health of people working in the industrial place. It could influence the productivity and functioning of the employees, which will result in time-consuming processes and the quality of the work. Such factors, if not taken care of, leave long-lasting impacts. The type of industrial lighting solutions used should be efficient and economical to satisfy the customers’ desired outcomes.

  • Durability:

As the environments are harsh and rough in industrial areas, the lighting fixtures must be made of rigid materials to withstand such circumstances. The reliability of the institutions is one of the most considered factors when choosing from the types of industrial lighting fixtures. LED lighting fixtures are extensively used and required in the industrial light market. The best quality LED should be chosen whose lumens last longer, and the depreciation rate is much lesser than the cheap LED lighting solutions. Also, the warranty period should be kept in mind while choosing the required industrial lighting solutions.

  • Area of application:

The type of lighting fixtures differs due to their structure and design. The bulb used in it might have different frequencies available. The application of each lighting fixture, temperature, environment, and vibration differs. Most fixtures used in industrial spaces are made of sturdy material to withstand harsh environments and rough environments. The lighting should be appropriate for the area of application. Different areas in an industrial site include pathways, parking lots, alleys, underground spaces, work areas, offices, cabins, and many others, depending on the nature of the industrial site.

  • Maintenance:

One should always opt for the types of industrial lighting fixtures that require less to no maintenance. The lighting for industrial zones ought to be enduring, high-strength, and robust. Easy-to-use options are widely adopted in the industrial lighting industry. Using LED fixtures in your industrial applications can bring down the cost and hassle of maintenance. Application of LED Fixtures means no issues changing the lights every few days as LED lights are long-lasting and durable. Most of the industrial market has already shifted to LED technology as it is advanced, cost-efficient, and serves its purpose very reasonably. So maintenance can be ticked off your list if you choose such types of industrial lighting fixtures.

A good lighting selection sets up your industrial space and saves money in the longer run. The industrial owners also need to learn about the amount of lighting they need for the area, the types of industrial lighting fixtures to be placed, how much distance should be between the fixtures and much more technical settlements.

Top 10 Best Industrial LED Light Manufacturers in China

1. NVC Lighting Technology Corporation

Location: Huizhou, Guangdong

Main products: LED Lighting

About the company:

The NVC lighting company is well-found to make LED Lighting for industrial tenacities with advanced designs while focusing on the safety and permanence of the Lighting. They modify orders as per customer constraints.

2. Guangzhou RC Lighting Co., Ltd

Location: Guangdong, China

Main products: LED Lights for industrial applications

About the company:

RC Lighting has been existing in the lighting industry for ten years and has been positioned in the top 10 industrial lighting manufacturers in China. They offer several types of industrial Lighting fixtures.

3. Technon Lighting

Company type: industrial lighting fixtures manufacturing

Main Products: LED Linear lighting, LED display lights, LED spotlights

About the company:

Technon is extensively acknowledged for its resilient beams and diverse technologies.

They also deal with wide-ranging customization as per your requests and functionality.

4. Philips Lighting China

Location: Nanjing, China

Main products: types of Industrial Lighting fixtures, LED lights

About the company:

Philips was founded in 1891, has over ten factories, and is spreading throughout China. They have 60+ offices and almost 20,000 employees.

5. Zhangzhou Leedarson Lighting Company

Location: Xiamen, China

Main products: Industrial Light fixtures

About the company:

Leedarson is a renowned name in the industrial lighting business. It is ranked as the best LED industrial lighting producer in China for the past four years.

6. Xiamen Longstar Lighting Company Ltd

Location:  Xiangan, China

Main products: types of industrial lighting fixtures

About the company:

The key purpose of Xiamen Longstar Lighting Company is to offer energy-efficient lighting fixtures to their precious clients for industrial purposes.

7. Foshan Lighting Company

Location: Foshan, China

Main products: LED bulbs

About the company:

It was established in 1958 and is well known around the international market for its high-quality types of industrial light fixtures that too at ruthless prices.

8. Opple Lighting Electric Co., Ltd

Location: Shanghai, China

Main products: industrial Lighting fixtures

About the company:

Opple Lighting Electric is listed among the finest Chinese lighting companies and spread to over and above 70 countries internationally. Its steady and high quality has made it a Globally recognized LED industrial Lighting company.

9. Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Company, Ltd

Location: Ningbo, China

Main products: LED Lighting Fixtures

About the company:

The Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Company has increased admiration due to significant LED industrial lighting fixtures. LED Lighting is well known for industrial applications and assists countless benefits.

10. Huayi

Location: Zhongshan, China

Main products: Types of industrial lighting fixtures, LED lights

About the company:

Huayi lighting is well known all around china due to its enormous quality LED Lighting solutions for industrial purposes. They focus and invest in research and development of lighting technology.


Compared to any other type of lighting, LED industrial light has the highest energy efficiency, lifespan, sustainability, and quality of light.
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