What is a Corn Light Bulb & How It’s Different From Other Bulbs?


If you ask us what a corn light bulb is, the answer would be this: a corn light bulb is a type of light bulb that looks like an ear of corn. It is designed to give off a lot of light while using very little energy. Corn light bulbs are becoming immensely popular as people look for methods to save money on their energy bills.

They are also environmentally friendly because they produce less pollution than traditional light bulbs. Corn light bulbs come in a variety of sizes and wattages, so you must be able to find one that is perfect for your home.

So, do you want to get every information regarding these bulbs? You have come to the right place! Here, in this blog, you’ll find all answers to your confusion on “what is a corn light bulb and how it’s different from other bulbs.” So, let’s start!

What is a LED Corn Bulb?

LED Corn Bulb
Figure 1 LED Corn Bulb

High-intensity discharge (HID) and SON lamps are being replaced by corn lights, which use less energy. They produce a lot of light using a big arrangement of LEDs on their metal structure. The term “corn lights” refers to how these LEDs are arranged, roughly resembling a corn cob.

You can use them at places that need a lot of light, such as parking lots, football stadiums, and street lights. Contrary to halogen HID and SON lamps, LED corn lights have a wide color spectrum and can efficiently produce a lot of light.

There are two main types of LED corn light bulbs, flat and round. If your clients prefer more focused lighting in their environment, flat/directional corn lights are an excellent choice because they provide powerful lighting at 180 degrees.

Flat LED Corn Light Bulb
Figure 2 Flat LED Corn Light Bulb

If not, rounded corn lights would be fantastic. They offer 360° illumination and are ideal for rooms where larger beams are needed.

Rounded LED Corn Light Bulb
Figure 3 Rounded LED Corn Light Bulb

The corn bulb comes in three different hues. A warm white with a 3000k color temperature is ideally suited for homes, restaurants, and other locations where you want aesthetically pleasing and romantic lighting. White natural light, or 4000k, is frequently used in offices because it closely resembles natural sunshine. The bright white light ideal for vast areas and outdoor settings is 5000k.

The following are its components:

  • Base
  • Housing
  • Heat Sinks
  • Circuit Board
  • LED Panel
  • Optics/Lenses

What Are the Benefits of Corn Light Bulb

The following are some of the advantages of a corn light bulb.

  • A longer 25-year lifespan
  • 75% increased efficiency over high-pressure sodium lamps
  • A more energy-efficient alternative to low-pressure sodium lights than incandescent or metal halide bulbs
  • Brightness will not fade with the use
  • Eco-friendly option
  • More natural light than traditional bulbs
  • Save money in the long run

Key Differences Between Led Corn Bulb Vs. Other Bulbs

There are many key differences between LED corn bulbs and other ones. Down below is a detailed comparison between metal halide and sodium vapor lamps with LED corn light bulbs:

Features LED Corn Light Bulb Metal Halide Sodium Vapor Lamps
Turning On/Off Instantaneous 15-30 minutes to get warm 5–10 minutes
Heat Emission Very little A massive amount (10–15% of the total energy consumed) A massive amount (15% of the total energy consumed)
Average Lifespan 50,000 hours 6,000 to 15,000 hours 18,000 to 24,0000 hours
Ultraviolet Radiations None Yes Very little
Color Temperature 2,700k (very warm) to 6,500k (daylight) 2,700k (very warm) to 20,000k (super daylight) 2,700k (very warm)
Price From £22 From £22 From £22
Energy Rating A+ C B

What Are Led Corn Bulbs Used for?

High-intensity discharge (HID) lights are being replaced by these specific types of LED lighting. They are, therefore, frequently used to illuminate outdoor spaces such as parking lots, walkways, etc.

How to Choose a Corn Light Bulb Supplier?

Choosing a supplier for your corn light bulbs can be tricky- so many factors to consider! But never fear. We’re here to help. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a supplier: quality, variety, price, and customer service.

The following is the detail of each of these factors:

1. Quality Of Corn Light Bulb

When it comes to choosing a corn light bulb supplier, quality should be one of the most important factors to consider. Quality sets excellent suppliers apart from those that are simply average or below. A great way to make sure you get top-notch quality from your corn light bulb supplier is to ask for customer reviews and testimonials.

It will offer you an idea of how past customers have experienced their services in terms of product quality, pricing, delivery time, etc. Additionally, take the time to research the company itself. Look at its website and social media presence and see what type of reputation they have with customers.

2. Credibility

It’s also a good idea to inquire about the manufacturer’s certifications and certifications related to the products themselves. Are these products certified by any industry standard organizations? If so, this indicates that the supplier takes safety seriously and puts out high-quality products that adhere to industry standards.

Similarly, another factor you should take into consideration while choosing a supplier is its after-sales service. Ask around about what kind of support it provides post-purchase in case you need any assistance with installation or repairs down the line.

3. Variety Of Corn Light Bulb

When selecting a corn light bulb supplier, they must consider the variety of products they carry. Variety is important, as it allows you to find the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs. You should be looking for a supplier with a wide range of bulbs in different sizes, shapes, and wattages.

This will ensure that you can find the right bulb for any application or environment. Additionally, having a variety of brands and types available will give you more control over quality and aesthetics.

You will wish to make sure that your supplier offers long-lasting bulbs with superior brightness, color accuracy, and wattage efficiency. The ability to customize lighting fixtures with various configurations is also advantageous. For example, you may want to choose from different color temperatures, such as cool white, warm white, or natural white, for the best possible effect in your space.

Furthermore, many suppliers offer dimmable bulbs, which are perfect for those who want to save energy while creating just the right ambiance in their home or business establishment.

4. Price

Cost should not be your only deciding factor when it comes to purchasing light bulbs from a particular corn light bulb supplier. Make sure their price range isn’t too far from market rate, as this might indicate inferior quality products that won’t last long or may even be hazardous if used incorrectly.

Also, find out if additional services are included in buying from them, such as recycling services for old bulbs and custom product solutions/bundles tailored specifically for you. It could save money in the long run while still ensuring top-notch quality standards are met throughout the process!

5. Customer Service

Customer service is an incredibly important factor to consider. After all, customer service plays a huge role in determining how satisfied you will be with your purchase and the reliability of your supplier. The truth is, no matter how exceptional the product is or how competitively priced it may be, if the company has poor customer service practices, you might as well look elsewhere.

Therefore, when researching potential suppliers for your corn light bulbs, you should pay close attention to their customer service policies and practices.

The first thing to consider is what type of customer support does the supplier offer? Do they have a team of professionals available for direct communication 24/7? Or do they only reply through email during certain hours of the day? Are there any additional services offered, such as troubleshooting assistance or installation help?

It’s also important to check out reviews from other customers and get their opinion on the quality of Customer Service provided by the supplier. Reviews can give you reliable insight into how responsive and helpful a company’s customer services team may be.

6. Longevity

It is also wise to look into the longevity of each bulb type before making your selection. Investing in long-lasting LED corn light bulbs can help you save money on replacement costs over time while providing excellent illumination levels simultaneously. Furthermore, some suppliers offer warranties that assure defects and premature burnouts caused by poor manufacturing quality; this is something else to consider when choosing a corn light bulb supplier.

7. Return Policy

Another factor that can affect your decision when choosing a corn light bulb supplier is their return policy. Is there an easy-to-understand return policy in place that allows customers to easily return items that are not satisfactory? Additionally, what type of warranties are available on products purchased from them?

A good warranty should provide coverage for at least one year or more in order to protect your investment. Finally, do they provide such services if you ever need help with repairs or replacement parts for items bought from them? Having access to these types of services can be invaluable if you need help fixing something that breaks down prematurely.

Top 10 Best LED Corn Bulb Manufacturers in China


Company Type: LED Lighting Manufacturer

Main Products: LED High Bay Lights, LED Tri-Proof Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Tube Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Street Light

Company Details

When GS LIGHT was first established in 2009, they decided to only make the highest-quality LED Lighting products since they knew that quality was more essential than everything else.

Although they are a young firm, they have a superb supply chain, production control system, and quality control system. They have specific experience with industrial lighting goods; the company has been manufacturing LED tube lights for ten years but still regularly works at Dutch customer workshops.

Currently, the manufacturers have three LED lighting factories that they jointly own and operate. These factories have a total of 300 people, including 35 engineers and 18 QC Staff with extensive backgrounds in LED industrial lighting.

2. GERAM Electric Limited

Company Type: LED light supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter

Main Products: RGB LED light, LED flood light, LED street light, LED corn bulb, solar LED light, etc.

Company Details

It is a well-known LED light provider, manufacturer, distributor, and exporter based in Guangdong, China, with nearly ten years of production experience. The facility has roughly 10 production lines and 5 SMT machines, and it has a floor area of 20,000 square meters. The company has recently acquired a number of certificates, including CE, ROHS, EMC, LVD, ERP, IEC, FCC, SAA, ISO900, etc.

GERAM excels at developing, producing, and selling LED light products. More than 50 nations, including the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Ghana, and others, have recently purchased their products. In the past, they have assisted numerous customers in obtaining numerous government contracts and engineering lighting projects.

3. Guangzhou Vorlane Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Type: LED Lights Manufacturers

Main Products: LED Par Light, LED Downlight for India, LED Downlight, LED Flood Light, LED Panel Light, LED Street Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Strip Light, LED Corner Light, LED Bulb, LED Tube Light

Company Details

Vorlane was established in 2014 with the goal of becoming the industry standard for LED lighting. Motivated by the mission, Vorlane began creating and manufacturing lights for domestic usage. Their design concept today is defined by the best light and a timeless, functional design. Since its founding, Vorlane has influenced the design and advancement of LED lighting, and it will do so going forward.

In order to better serve the customers, they are maximizing the benefits of the supply chain by developing strategic relationships with their suppliers. With numerous well-known international brands, Vorlane has now established a long-term partnership.

4. Winson Lighting Technology Limited

Company Type: LED Lights Manufacturers

Main Products: LED Panel Light, LED Tube Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Linear Light, LED Flood Light, LED Street Light, LED Corn Light, LED Street Bulb, LED Down Light, LED Spot Light, LED Corn Bulb Light, LED Track Light, LED Strip Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Par Spotlight, LED Underwater Light, LED Underground Light, LED Wall Wash Light, LED Garden Light, LED Grow Light

Company Details

In Shenzhen, China, “Winson Lighting Technology Limited” was founded in 2006. Since then, with many years of arduous effort and constant product innovation, they have developed into a reputable LED light manufacturer in China, earning the trust of many of its customers by offering them products of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

With so much experience, they have evolved into a famous high-tech company specializing in creating, manufacturing, and marketing solutions for indoor and outdoor LED lighting. They have been successful in establishing high standards for the delivery of LED lights not just locally but also globally in places like Europe, North America, and Australia.

5. GRNLED GREENRIY Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Type: LED Light Manufacturers

Main Products: LED High Bay Lights, Solar Street Light, Magnetic Track Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Track Lighting, LED Down Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Batten Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Linear Lighting, LED Wall Lights,

Company Details

It was established in 2013 and is an expert in developing, manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and selling LED lights. With the help of active R&D departments and highly qualified experts and staff, they ensure that the LED lights they sell are of the highest caliber.

Their plant follows the worldwide social responsibility management system, the 6S production management standard, and its primary goal is to provide high-quality LED bulbs at competitive prices. They abide by the principles of honesty, creativity, and sincere service. They always put the needs of their customers first. Up till now, No commitments have been broken, and no corners have been cut by the company.

6. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Type: LED Light Manufacturers

Main Products: Panel Lights, Downlights, Flood Lights, Filament Bulbs, Deco Bulbs, Spot Lamps, Spotlights

Company Details

Leading lighting business Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry is dedicated to the development and production of LED bulbs. They were established in 1987, and today they are Shanghai’s leading LED bulb exporter. The firm is the LED Bulb Experts with more than 30 years of experience in worldwide lighting.

With the help of their stringent quality control procedures and powerful R&D skills, they are dedicated to offering items of the highest quality. The first business in China to partner strategically with Samsung is WELLMAX.

7. Shenzhen Guanke Technologies Co., Ltd.

Company Type:

Main Products: Led Street Light, Led Garden Light, Led Replacement Bulb, Led Retrofit Kits, Led Post Tops, Led Corn Light Bulb, Led Working Lamp, Led Area Lamp

Company Details

Shenzhen Guanke Technologies Co., Ltd, with an 8,000 square meter factory plant, was founded in 2006 for LED commercial lighting and industrial lighting. The business is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of LED corn lamps, LED road lights, replacement LED bulbs for parking lights, and parking lot lamp posts, thanks to its skilled LED corn lamp factory. Since 2009, China’s leading manufacturer of LED corn lamps has emerged in the form of this company.

With cutting-edge technology, sensible pricing, flawless quality, and thorough after-sales support, they earn respect and gratitude of their consumers. The company pursues customer pleasure while also providing development room for all personnel by adhering to the Policy of “Serve Customers in the Long Term, Continuous Innovation, and Development,”

8. Jiangmen OUYIDA Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Solar Light Manufacturer

Main Products: Corn Light Bulb, Separated Solar Light, Solar Flood Light, All-In-One Solar Light

Company Details

Founded in 2011, Jiangmen OUYIDA Technology co., LTD. An advanced solar photovoltaic system that integrates the development, production, and sales of LEDs and other products.

They have a wealth of experience using LED lighting. The company is a reading provider of solar energy conversion systems and enhances technology-focused businesses, particularly outdoor lighting companies.

9. Lamp Shining Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Type: LED Lighting Manufacturers

Main Products: LED Street Lights, Sports Stadium Lights, High Mast Light, High Bay Light, Wall Pack, Corn Bulbs, Landscape Light, Flood Light

Company Details

Launched in 2010, Lamp Shining Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a strong reputation among its international clientele and specializes in developing, producing, and marketing LED lamps. They have been concentrating on markets in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

They are continuously at the forefront of the market since the firm is always creating innovative LED luminaires to meet the needs of both their clients and the environment. Additionally, their products have passed tests for salt spray, LM78, LM80, LSTMT, TM21, DLC, ETL, TUV, CE, IECEE, CB, and RoHS.

10. Shenzhen Benwei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Type: LED Lighting Product Manufacturers

Main Products: T8 and T5 LED Tube, Poultry LED Light, LED Panel, LED Grow Light, LED Flood Light, Corn Light Bulb

Company Details

Their factory was established in 2010, and they are among the top LED lighting product manufacturers. The company has more than 300 employees with an annual sale of around $60 million. Their research and development team is top-notch and the equipment and machines they use always deliver high-end lights and bulbs.

North America, South America, and Europe are their main markets. The firm offers OEM & ODM, after-sales service, and guaranteed products.

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