Top LED Strip Light Manufacturer in China Focus on COB LED Strip Light

VST leads in custom length LED strip lights. As one of the earliest LED strip lighting suppliers in China, we offer SMD and COB LED strip lights at any length. Our key strengths:

  • 12 years dedicated to LED strip lights gives deep expertise.
  • A large facility and staff produce 2M meters of custom LED strip lighting monthly.
  • Automated processes allow high quality at scale. We ensure the finest LED strip lighting supplies.
  • 12 tests and strict QA. We only supply LED strip lighting we’re proud of.
  • 12+ series and 600+ models. Custom LED strip lights are made to order.
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    Custom LED Strip Lighting Supplies - LED Strip Company for Contractors and Wholesalers

    Welcome to VST Lighting, a leading LED strip light company supplying LED strip lighting solutions. We primarily serve electrical contractors, wholesalers, and custom product manufacturers.

    As an LED strip lighting supplier, we have over 600 standard options for your projects. We also provide fully customized LED strip lighting supplies, custom length, LED color, PCB width, lumens, power, controls, wiring, and more to your needs.

    As an LED strip factory focused on distribution, we offer OEM services to help brand and package products for your business. Flexible minimums, fast turnaround, and competitive pricing.

    For custom LED strip lighting applications, describe your concept, and we’ll make it a reality. We produce both OEM and ODM LED strip lighting supplies tailored to your exact requirements.

    VST Lighting is your premier source for custom length LED strip lights, stock products, or complete custom LED strip lighting solutions. As an experienced LED strip lights manufacturer, we have the technical capabilities and production capacities to serve both large volume and highly specialized needs with a commitment to quality, service, and value.

    What is COB LED strip light?

    COB LED strip light is the latest type of LED light strip which is made by COB (chip on board) technology. COB means LED die are encapsulated on the circuit board (PCB) directly. The phosphor is also evenly pasted on PCB board on top of LED chip. Which makes the light output of COB LED strip is dots-free.

    While by the last generation SMD LED strip light, you can obviously see the LED dots and dark points.

    COB VS SMD LED Strip Light comparison

    Not many LED strip manufacturers can produce COB LED light strips by far as the production needs lots of automatic equipment which means heavy investments.

    Main Advantages of COB LED Light Strips

    1. Totally dots-free

    The major complaint of traditional SMD LED light strips are the obvious light and dark dots. COB LED strip has hundreds of LED chips per meter (min. 320 to max 896 chips), plus the integrated phosphor, the light output is totally dots-free, even and smooth.

    2. Higher lumen output

    The highest density SMD LED light strip comes with maybe just 144LEDs/meter, while the lowest density COB LED strips doubles the chip quantity. Plus is chip is pasted on PCB directly, rather than in a plastic holder, the beam angle 180° rather than 120° for SMD. This makes COB strips much brighter with same power.

    3. More flexible

    COB strip has more flexibility than SMD strip for tiny size of the diodes and the uniform distribution of the weight.
    The super flexibility will enable you to install the strips to more tight locations and turn the corners more easily.

    4. Better quality

    COB LED strip light is born to be more stable than SMD one as less components are used for the products, such as the gold wire. Less components means less chance to have problems.
    Plus there are so many chips in one meter, even one or few LEDs are dead, the dark is not obvious at all.

    5. Less heat and more energy efficient

    LED chips are mounted on PCB directly so heat is transmitted more quickly and efficient. With higher lumen efficiency, you can get same lumen with lower energy consumption.

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    COB LED Strip Lights By Series

    Starter Series
    • 336pcs, 504pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 12V / 24V Versions
    • PCB width 8mm
    • 8w/m, 12w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Best Sell Series
    • 320pcs, 528pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 12V / 24V Versions
    • PCB width 8mm
    • 8w/m, 10w/m, 15w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Standard Series
    • 420pcs, 480pcs, 640pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 12V / 24V Versions
    • PCB width 8mm, 10mm
    • 10w/m, 16w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Constant Current Series
    • Constant-Current triode embedded insure perfect brightness consistency from start to end
    • 336pcs, 420pcs, 528pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 12V / 24V Versions
    • PCB width 5mm, 8mm, 10mm
    • 4w/m, 8w/m, 10w/m, 15w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Ultra Slim Series
    • Ultra slim 4.5mm width, suitable for more applications
    • 480pcs, 528pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 12V / 24V Versions
    • PCB width 4.5mm, 5mm
    • 5w/m, 6w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Mini Cut Series
    • 7.58mm, 11.36mm, 12.5mm mini cutting, suitable for more precise applications
    • 320pcs, 528pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 5V / 12V / 24V Versions
    • PCB width 10mm
    • 5w/m, 6w/m, 10w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Dual White Series
    • Dual white design, changing color temperature between 2700K and 6500K
    • 560pcs, 640pcs, 672pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 24V Version
    • PCB width 10mm
    • 8w/m, 16w/m; 7w/m, 14w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    RGB Series
    • RGB changing color, compatible with most controllers on the market
    • 756pcs, 840pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 24V Version
    • PCB width 10mm
    • 5w/m R/G/B, 15w/m White color
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    RGBW Series
    • RGB changing color, compatible with most controllers on the market
    • 896pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 24V Version
    • PCB width 12mm
    • 4w/m R/G/B/W, 16w/m RGBW
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    Programmable Series
    • WS2811 programmable chip in circuit, 28 pixels per meter
    • 336pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • 12V 24V Version
    • PCB width 10mm
    • 6w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate
    AC Series
    • AC10~120V, AC220~240V input
    • 320pcs independent LED chips per meter, one fail chip doesn’t affect others
    • Red, Green, Blue, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
    • PCB width 8mm
    • 6w/m
    • IP20, IP65, IP67 waterproof rate

    LED Light Strips By Chip Type (12)

    Product Feature Box

    dot free LED strip
    Dot Free

    The biggest advantage of COB LED strip light is dot less. People won’t see the light spark or dark points at all.

    mini cutting 7.58mm
    Mini Cutting

    The shortest cutting length for our COB strips is 7.58mm, suitable for more precise applications.

    ultra slim
    Ultra Slim

    The narrowest strip light is as slim as 4.5mm. This allows you to handle more applications.

    led strip light in stock
    Regular Stock

    We keep some regular stocks for hot-selling models, so you get immediate delivery when placing order.

    Carefully Selected Flexible PCB

    VST chooses PCBs carefully – the sole heat managers for most COB LED strip lighting.
    For years, we’ve tested many PCBs, sticking with premium suppliers.  We use efficient 2oz PCBs and customize 3-4oz PCBs or UL PCBs for you.
    We’ll recommend standard or custom PCBs for your LED strip lighting supplies or custom length LED strip lights. PCBs seriously influence performance, lifetime, and safety.
    Inferior PCBs damage efficacy, lifespan, and reputation in LED strip. We guarantee enduring products thanks to superior materials like proper PCBs.

    flexible pcb for cob strip light
    led chip on cob strip light

    Top Class LED chip

    LED chip is the vital for the quality of COB LED light strips. Top quality LED chip means super low failure rate, excellent color quality, consistency of color all the time and high CRI.
    We only use the top class LED chip brand such as Epistar – the worldfamous chip company, San’an – the first-class and biggest LED chip manufacturer.
    You can even request us to customize the characteristic for the LED chip for you.
    We’ll recommend the ideal chips for your LED strip lighting supplies and build custom length LED strip lights tailored to you.

    Versatile Connectors and Plugs

    COB LED strip lights have very wide applications in different fields. Hence request multiple types of connectors and plugs.
    You can find any type of connectors such as strip-to-strip connector without wires, L, T, and X connectors. And unlimited types of plugs like 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin or some DC, AC plugs for your specific applications.

    led strip light connectors and plugs

    LED Strip Light Manufacturer Company and Production Videos

    COB LED strip light manufacturer 2022
    COB LED strip light production process

    VST’s manufacturing facilities for LED strip lights are made of 12,000㎡ workshop, 200 skillful workers, 11x SMT production lines and 8x COB production lines. Which insures the production capacity of 2 million meters per month.

    Product quality is the life of VST, 12 types of quality tests are applied during the production process. They are: thermal shock test, lighting cycle test, storage test, parametric test, shake test, rolling test, twisting test, pulling test, UV weathering test, salt spray test, thermal test and aging test.

    You can always trust VST as we have been LED strip light company for 11 years yet.

    Companion Aluminum Profiles and LED Drivers

    aluminum profiles for LED strip lights

    Our joint venture aluminum profile manufacturer produces more than 600+ different models which can cover all your needs for linear lighting projects.

    No need to search further about this, contact us to request the catalog. You will find all there with cost advantages.

    led drivers for led light strips

    Our partnered LED driver factory is good at producing LED power supplies for LED light strips. And provides 3+ years warranty for the LED driver.

    No matter you are looking for 5v, 12v, 24v or other voltage and current options, constant voltage or constant current. You will get the solutions from us.

    Applications Scenarios for LED Strip Light

    LED Strip Lights for Home Decorations

    More and more consumers want to create an immersive environment for their homes. COB LED light strip is a good choice in this case due to the flexibility on installation, consumers can easily install the strips as their wish.

    LED light strips for Night Clubs

    Vivid lighting effect is a must for night clubs, so RGB LED strip lights are necessary. If budget allowed, addressable LED light strips are recommended because club owners can frequently change the lighting effects.

    COB LED light strips for landscape lighting

    Attractive landscape lighting help gather people around. Programmable LED strip lights help the outdoor landscape lighting outstanding because the lighting styles will be versatile.

    RGB Light Strips as Backlight

    The compact size of LED light strips makes it suitable for backlight, people can install the lights in even very tight space.

    LED light strips for Bars

    A good soft lighting design will make people feel comfortable and relaxed when they go to bars. RGBW LED light strips can definitely help bars achieve this due to the flexibility on designs.

    Customized LED Light Strips for DIYers

    More and more DIYers and gamers want to add fancy lighting effects to their equipments. East to customize LED light strips can fit this need easily.

    LED Strip Lighting Kits

    LED strip lighting kits are designed for those uses who don’t want to spend too much time on complicated installations. The plug and play design let the users just need to paste the strips on the surface. Remote controllers or smart APP let the users get their desired lighting effects easily.

    COB LED Strip Light Family

    12 standard series, Total more than 600 models and counting.

    VST developed 12 series COB light strips as standard options depending on the demand from market and customers, you should be able to find the ideal one for your applications. If you have any special request or want to customize some parameters, our strong R&D team will support your business.

    Technical Specifications for COB LED Light Strips

    Specifications for COB LED Strip Lights

    • “I bought lots of strip lights from VST and they never make me disappoint. They can always help me solve the problems. They are my sole led strip light supplier in China.”

      Christian Lade, Germany
    • “I’m an electrical contractor from Belgium. I worked with many led strip light companies yet, I recommend VST.”

      Kristof Visbach, Belgium
    • “I do LED strip wholesale business in New York. VST helps me expand my brand, I’m happy with the cooperation.”

      David Thomas
    1. Are you manufacturer or trade company?

    Yes, we are LED strip light manufacturer in China for 11 years yet.

    2. What is warranty period for your LED light strips?

    We have different levels quality products. We offer minimum one year and max five years warranty for our LED strip light.

    3. What is the warranty policy details?

    When products are broken after you receive the goods, or products fail during operation, you can send us the photos and videos for the problematic LED strips. If it is confirmed that it’s VST’s responsibility, we will send you replacements at our costs.

    4. Can I order samples before bulk order? Can I get them freely?

    Yes sample orders are welcome. And actually it’s necessary to test samples before bulk order. For regular customers, we can offer free samples as support.

    5. What is your production time for sample and bulk order?

    Our lead time is one of the soonest among LED strip light manufacturers.

    For standard LED light strips, samples can be sent within 5 days. Lead time for mass production depends on the quantity, but normally within two weeks.

    For custom LED strip light, it may take one to two weeks depending on the complexity.

    6. How do you arrange the shipment? For samples and bulk order.

    We send samples to you by express, which will take about 7 days until you receive them.

    For bulk order, express shipment, air transport or sea freight can all be applied depending the quantities, urgency and your budget. Air transport normally takes 7 days to worldwide from China. Sea transport takes 5~35 days depending on the distance between you can China. Shipped by train is also an option for European customers.

    7. What is your payment term?

    For sample orders, payment is 100% in advance by T/T, Paypal or Western Union.

    For mass production order, payment term is 30% in advance as deposit and balance 70% before shipment, by T/T.

    8. Can I request ODM, OEM services from you?

    Yes you can request us to customize LED strip lights as per your needs. We are experienced led strip light supplier on this.

    You can also request us to produce the LED light strips according to your requirements, we can put your branding information on products and package. We can help you customized the private label LED strip lighting kits.

    LED Strip Light FAQ Guide

    LED strip light is a technical product. When considering application and installation, there are lots of factors which need to be considered.

    In this FAQ guide, we will explore some key factors to consider when you need to use or buy LED light strips.

    1. What are AC powered and DC powered LED strips?

    AC = Alternating Current which is the common power we are using in our homes and working spaces. And it’s different by countries.
    AC powered LED strip means that the strip can be powered by AC power source directly.
    DC = Direct Current which is normally low voltage such as 5v, 12v, 24v, 36v or 48v. Most LED light strips are the market are DC powered. Since the common power is AC, we need a transformer, also called adapter, to convert the AC power to DC then supplied to strips.

    2. What are constant current and constant voltage LED light strips?

    Constant current means the current is constant but voltage may change during operation.
    Constant voltage means voltage is constant but current may change during operations.
    Most LED strips are constant voltage.

    3. What is color temperature and what should I choose?

    Color temperature is a metric to measure the color of light, unit is Kelvin (K). Warm color normally means 2700~3200K, neutral/commercial color normally means 4000~4500K, Daylight color is 5500K, Cold/Cool white is 6000~6500K.
    So if you need some warm feeling in your space, you should use warm white. For commercial space, it’s common to use 4000~5000K color. Choose cool white if you want fresh feeling.

    4. What is CRI and how to choose the right one?

    CRI = Color Rendering Index, abbreviated to Ra as well. It measures how the color looks close to the true color when compared with sunlight. Higher Ra means the light can reflect the better color accurancy, means better light quality.
    In most case, Ra80 is enough. Ra90 is required for some applications which need high color accurancy such as food industry, photography lighting, etc.

    5. What is minimum cut pitch for LED strips?

    LED strip lights normally come in the package of 5 meters per roll. You normally need to cut it for your specific project, but you can’t cut it randomly because it will break the circuit then lights won’t work anymore. The minimum cut pitch means the minimum distance you can cut but won’t break the circuit. For example, if the minimum cut pitch is 25mm, it means you can cut the strip every 25mm.

    6. Who are the top 20 best LED strip light manufacturers in China?
    1. Elstar LED

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: SMD LED strip lights, LED neon lights.
    Brief introduction: Elstar Ltd is founded in 2009, vision of the company is to provide good cost-performance LED strip lighting solutions. They mainly export LED strip lighting to Europe and North America.

    2. LEDYi

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: LED strip light, especially the color changing LED light strips, LED bar and Neon Flex.
    Brief introduction: LEDYi LED strip light  company started from 2011, initially produce T8 LED tube, LED panel light and downlight. At end of 2012, started to produce LED strip lights. By 2020, their employee counts 150 and annual sales over 15 million USD.

    3. VST Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED neon flex, linear LED light and LED aluminum profiles.
    Brief introduction: VST is one of the earliest and biggest LED strip factories in China. Evolving from SMD LED strip light, they are now expanding very fast on COB LED light strips. Equiped with 11x SMT production lines and 8x COB LED production lies, they are able to deliver 2 million meters LED strip products to worldwide.

    4. Hanron Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: Flexible LED strip lights, LED neon flex and special lighting strips.
    Brief introduction: Hanron is one of leading LED strip suppliers which is founded in 2010. The company has more than 100 employees include 10 R&D engineers. Their products are mainly used in automotive, clothing, catering, shopping malls, star hotels and home decorations.

    5. Tyria Light

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED neon flex and LED panel lights.
    Brief introduction: Tyria started the business in 2012 which is dedicated to manufacturing LED light strips, neon flex LED and LED linear light for architectural lighting solutions. Factory area 11,000 square meters include 5,000 square meters dust-free workshop. 200 employees include 20 as technical engineers.

    6. Vorlane

    Location: Zhuhai, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED bulb, LED tube light, LED downlight
    Brief introduction: With new era of revolution for LED lighting industry, Vorlane was founded in 2014 with the mission to be the benchmark of LED ligh industry. Driven by the mission, Vorlane started developing and producing lights for residential uses.

    7. R&C Lighting

    Location: Jiangmen, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED linear lighting
    Brief introduction: RC lighting is an ISO9001 certified LED strip light factory in China since 2013. The company’s core values are perfection, quality and sustainability. Their products are CE, RoHS and UL/ETL certified.

    8. Lightstec

    Location: Zhongshan, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED linear lights, LED aluminum profiles.
    Brief introduction: Lightstec was a LED strip factory starting from 2008. In 2013 they moved the factory facilities to Zhongshan. In order to deliver good performance and reliable quality to market, they keep optimizing the manufacturing process.

    9. Shenzhen Copin Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: LED strip light, Rigid bar lights and Light strip kits.
    Brief introduction: Established in 2012, Copin specializes in manufacturing of LED strip lights and rigid light bars. The company is equiped with world-wide automation facilities,like ASM Die Bonder, ASM wire bonder, Speed3000 si- Dispensing machine, fully-automatic sealant applicator and Sorting Machine to enhance productive ability and quality management.

    10. Colors

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED neon flex, linear LED light.
    Brief introduction: Huacai Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd, branded as COLORS, was cooperated in 2008 which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED linear lighting. Colors stick to independent R&D, they have built a well managed product development system, quality control system and supply chain system.

    11. IILEDING Lighting

    Location: Shanghai, China
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED magnetic retrofit kit, LED high bay, LED vapor tight light
    Brief introduction: IILEDING lighting focus on North America market. Most products have UL/ETL, DLC and Energy Star approvals. The manufacturing plant is located in Jiangsu province.

    12. Ledmy

    Location: Shenzhen, China
    Main products: Flexible LED strip lights, Neon Flex Strips, Flexible wall washer
    Brief introduction: Established in 2009, Ledmy is now a comprehensive LED strip company which can do all parts on the value chain. Which include R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and services. With 10,000 square meters workshop and 400 employees, plus the automatic production lines. Their products have been delivered to more than 50 countries.

    13. Yoshiny Lighting

    Location: Jiangmen
    Main products: AC LED strip lights, DC LED strip lights, LED neon flex, LED wall washer, LED string lights
    Brief introduction: Started the business from 2004, Yoshiny was the only LED strip manufacturer which focus on AC SMD LED strip lights. Then they expanded to DC version, LED neon flex and wall LED lamp. They have 6 automatic production lines and daily production capacity is 70,000 meters.

    14. Panera lighting

    Location: Ningbo
    Main products: Neon strip light, LED strip light, aluminum profiles for LED
    Brief introduction: Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, Panera lighting is a professional LED strip supplier. They are good at customized LED strip lighting. Providing dedicated lighting system to meet personalized needs of customers to create true value for clients.

    15. Aura LED Lighting

    Location: Ningbo & Shenzhen
    Main products: LED strip, Strip connectors
    Brief introduction: Aura LED lighting focus on LED strip light wholesale business. They have 2 manufacturing sites, one in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, and the other in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

    16. Ginde Star

    Location: Dongguan
    Main products: LED neon flex, LED strip light
    Brief introduction: The Ginde Star story started from 2013, they are a dedicated LED strip light factory on flexible types. They have comprehensive capabilities of ODM, OEM, tooling and full range of product categories.

    17. CL Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen
    Main products: Smart LED strips kit, Smart LED ambient light, Smart LED controllers
    Brief introduction: CL Lighting is a member of banqcn Group. They specialize in R&D, production and sales of smart LED strip lighting kit, smart ambient lighting and smart LED controllers. The major markets are Europe, North America and Australia.

    18. SDIP Light

    Location: Dongguan
    Main products: Addressable LED strip light, programmable rigid pixel bar, programmable LED neon flex, addressable LED string light, customized lighting project
    Brief introduction: SDIP Light foucses on addressable lighting solutions. They don’t just sell programmable lighting products, they have engineers to help customer design and customize the projects and products, debugging the complete lighting systems. If you need LED strip light customization, they are good choice.

    19.Guangzhou Inled Lighting

    Location: Guangzhou
    Main products: LED strip lights
    Brief introduction: Guangzhou Linong Lighting (inLED Lighting) was founded in 1997. They do research and development, production, LED strip light wholesale and service. The company follows the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, known as ‘Guangzhou Innovative Enterprise’, ‘Academician Workstation’, ‘Guangzhou Famous Trademark’.

    20. Relight technology

    Location: Shenzhen
    Main products: LED strip lights, LED modules
    Brief introduction: Relight technology is a diversified LED strip light supplier and providing comprehensive linear lighting solutions to global market. The company’s main market is Australia, Europe, Russia and USA.

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