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T8 light fixtures are among the various T-series of lighting. The T8 fixture comes in various sizes; 4ft, 5ft, and other sizes. T8 light fixtures are universal. T8 fluorescent light fixtures can also function as T8 LED fixtures of similar size.

If you are a wholesaler or electrical contractor, you can purchase T8 LED light fixtures in any size and quantity desired. There are various wattage capacity T8 fluorescent fixtures replaceable by LED technology based on the area of use.

You can buy in large numbers from 100 to 1000 and more. Customization of the T8 fixture is also possible as desired.

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In offices, supermarkets, and parking lots, T8 LED light fixtures to function perfectly, producing an ambient glow of light with a 180° beam angle and a daylight color tone. It however appears in various color tones with a varying glow. Each T8 fixture has a CRI of 80+. These T8 light-fitting bright bulbs can brighten a space and make objects reflect accurate color — this makes it especially useful in supermarkets.

For top-notch clarity, the T8 fixture is available in 2700k, 4100k, 5000k and 6000k. Based on your choice, you can acquire any of the color tones. The T8 bulb fixture distribution is even and no flickers occur. The T8 lamp fixture turns on instantly and is resistant to shock.

You must note that the heat dissipation technology of the T8 LED tube light fixtures prevents excessive heating. It helps to avoid possible reduced performance. Added to the heat dissipation technology, the T8 tube light fixture contains no Mercury or other harmful materials, making it safe for indoor use in residential spaces, as well as commercial spaces like malls. The LED system in T8 light fixtures helps to save up to 60% on energy use and does not emit UV light.

The T8 light fixtures have up to 50,000 hours runtime with no need for maintenance. It’s long-lasting, durable, and remains bright throughout its lifetime.

Reach out to us at VST to obtain LED-ready T8 fixtures. VST offers good prices and has a team of engineers for large-scale T8 LED light fittings.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures Model Options
Model NO. VST-TF-1x600L VST-TF-2x600L VST-TF-1x1200L VST-TF-2x1200L VST-TF-1x1500L VST-TF-2x1500L
Watt 1x 10w/ 1x 18W 2x 10W /2x 18W 1x 18W / 1x 36W 2x 18W / 2x 36W 1x 25W / 2x 54W 58W 2x 25W / 2x 54W 58W
Size 665*86*90 665*124*90 1265*86*90 665*124*90 1565*86*90 665*124*90
Working Voltage AC85~265V, AC100~277V / 347V, AC200~240V, DC12V, DC24V; 50/60Hz
Materials ABS body + PC cover
PC cover options Milky/Strip/Transparent
End cap G13, G5, T8-G5, R17D/Fa6/Fa8 single pin
Working Temperature -30℃ ~ +95℃
IP Grade IP20 / IP65 / IP67
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Warranty 5 years
Package Foam+Carton
Carton Q’ty:12pcs
Carton Q’ty:9pcs
Carton Q’ty:9pcs
Carton Q’ty:6pcs
Carton Q’ty:9pcs
Carton Q’ty:6pcs

Knowing as friends since 2010, we are always working together. Just like what he says in the video, “from 60,000pcs I only had a few breakdown which were directly, immediately replaced”. There are still tens of spare drivers we sent to him in case of breakdown in their warehouse because they don’t need them at all.

We know each other in late 2013, right after testing for 4pcs samples, a 800pcs order is placed and the collaboration keeps going well. We do a big project together but due to the agreement, we can’t say more details here.

Their company is an electrical contractor, doing many projects. We started to work together since 2013. Continuous purchasing LED products from us like 2G11 and T8 LED Tube. Now trying our LED Flood Light and Street Light, believe to expand cooperation soon.

Industry Leading Manufacturer of T8 LED Light Fittings

As you look to buy T8 fluorescent fitting in bulk, you will have access to a fast and flexible delivery service. Our delivery beats the average industry timeline and is flexible to help you meet your project schedule.

VST invites you as a wholesaler or electrical contractor to make purchases and enjoy the warranty offers. On all your bulk orders, a warranty of 3-5 years is offered.

Each T8 tube fitting is UL listed and certified by the RoHS and CE. If you have questions, our team is always on standby to respond to requests.

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T8 Light Fixtures – The Complete FAQ Guide

T8 fluorescent light fixture
T8 fluorescent light fixture

The importance of lighting in any space cannot be over-emphasized. One of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance your space style or redefine its ambiance is T8 light fixtures.

But, to get the best of lighting, you must understand the nitty-gritty of it all.

This is why, in this FAQ guide, you will learn all you need to know about buying, fixing, and maintaining your T8 lighting fixtures.

However, if you have other questions aside from those in this guide, you can contact our support team and we’ll respond to you almost immediately.

Below are the questions we think you’re seeking answers to:

1.  What Are T8 Light Fixtures?

For those who don’t know, a T8 Lighting fixture is a special part of the lighting system that’s attached firmly to the ceiling or wall and accompanied by a bulb and other useful elements.

They are energy-efficient than other light fixtures and are popularly used in various spaces ranging from schools to offices, gyms, basements, etc.

An already installed T8 fluorescent light fixture
An already installed T8 fluorescent light fixture

2. What Are The Various Types Of T8 Light Fittings And T8 Light Fixtures?

T8 Light fixtures are usually categorized based on shapes, length, wattage, and other special properties.

T8 light fixtures come in different lengths that you can measure in inches or feet and these range from 18 to 48 inches.

3. Can Other Tube Types Fit Into T8 Light Fixtures?

People are accustomed to the old use of fluorescent lighting which has over the years been credited for its energy and cost-efficiency.

However, the T8 LED lighting has proved to be more efficient with several advantages over its fluorescent counterpart.

Do not panic.

If you have fluorescent lighting in your home, you can easily switch.

This conversion is easy because an LED tube can fit in any T8 fluorescent light fixture.

You can easily convert your old fluorescent tubes to an LED tube by bypassing the ballast or retrofitting the tube.

T8 light fixtures can use both fluorescents or LED tubes.

The latter supersedes the former in several dimensions.

First, it does not contain mercury which you can dim.

Furthermore, LED light fixtures do not offer multi-directional light that can cause loss of light in a fixture or other places and it works perfectly well with different control systems.

4. Can T8 Light Fixtures Be Used In Industrial Areas?

T8 lights for industrial settings.
T8 lights for industrial settings.

Yes, they can.

Lighting is important in industrial areas as much as it is in other sectors of life.

Proper installation of light fixtures is inimical to good lighting and it transcends mere purchase of a light bulb.

T8 light fixtures include fluorescent tube lights and LED light fittings, both of which have been tested and approved for use in different industrial areas.

The best type of lighting, however, is the T8 LED light fixture because it contains no chemical (Mercury).

A T8 light fixture uses ballasts that are known for their functional characteristics and are essential to construction projects.

Moreover, they are highly efficient and, also, they last longer.

5. What Are The Major Forms Of Applications For T8 Fixtures In Lighting A Room?

T8 Fixtures can be used for different purposes.

Asides from the fact that T8 light fixtures are the channel through which electricity needed to power a bulb is passed, they also allow for activities to hold day and night.

T8 light fixtures, in a way, help in enhancing a room’s décor.

The lighting of a room can either be ornamental, ambient, accent, and task layers.

A T8 fixture can be customized to fit in different locations and set at proper intervals on the wall or the ceilings depending on how you want to use them.

In some cases, the arrangement of these T8 light fixtures helps to create an atmosphere that incites different moods

In other cases, T8 bulbs are particularly set to provide safety in difficult-to-see situations.

When lighting is used in a place, it is preferable when it is in layers.

It is usually impossible to depend on a single form of light fixtures to completely illuminate a space and that’s where T8 fixtures come in.

6. What Is The Most Special Thing About T8 Led Fixture?

For so long, people have shown a preference for fluorescent lighting and readily depended on it.

However, the performance of the LED lighting fixtures doubles, greatly surpassing the former.

They are more energy-efficient without any addition of mercury or ballasts.

Another spectacular thing about this efficient device is the fact that it is cost-efficient.

You can get access to a lot of lighting benefits without having to break the bank.

7.  What Are The Advantages Of T8 LED Light Fixtures Over Their Fluorescent Counterparts?

LED T8 Light Fixtures
LED T8 Light Fixtures

You must have been wondering why a lot of contractors are now tilting towards T8 LED tube lighting.

The answer is simple: the amazing benefits you stand to gain.

The advantages of a T8 LED light fixtures over their fluorescent counterparts include:

  • LED has a directed light source

Unlike the fluorescent light that produces light in a 360-degree pattern, a T8 LED replacement bulb supplies light at a 110-degree pattern and does not consume the available light.

However, the former is brighter.

Typically, a LED bulb uses less wattage.

When used with T8, it uses less wattage.

That’s about 50 percent more efficiency when compared to fluorescent light fixtures.

  • It uses energy to generate light

The common lighting source is prone to heat.

A T8 fluorescent also uses this and therefore, loses favor with its members/components.

The alternative lighting source is energy and this is what is used by LED fixtures.

  • LEDs have a longer lifespan

Generally, LEDs last longer than fluorescent bulbs.

A T8 fluorescent light bulb usually does not last beyond 14,400 hours while an LED replacement bulb can last up to 50,000 hours.

  • It contains no mercury

Mercury is part and parcel of fluorescent lighting which is toxic to the environment.

  • It does not emit UV

Another reason you should probably choose a T8 LED fixture over others is that it does not emit any UV rays.

UV is the major cause of eye strain and fatigue in a lighted space.

  • It supplies not less than 70 percent more lighting

The T8 bulb operates with a beam degree of 360 and lets out the light from either its top or side.

On the other hand, all light generated in a T8 LED bulb is focused in the same area and this doesn’t make for great lighting in your space.

8. How To Clean And Maintain T8 Light Fixtures?

Maintenance is a key factor in elongating the duration or lifespan of any gadget or tool.

This is why we must take care of our T8 light fixtures.

Before each cleaning, turn your lighting power supply off.

The first rule is to never put a ceiling fixture in a dishwasher.

Instead, carefully detach the fixture cover, remove any dirt and debris that would have settled on it using a dry cloth.

Do not wash in a sink filled with soapy water or cleaning.

Always run regular checkups, as you would as a person for health purposes, on your T8 light fixtures as well.

Open LED T8 Light Fixtures
Open LED T8 Light Fixtures

9. How To Install A Led-ready T8 Fixture?

Disabled T8 LED Fixtures
Disabled T8 LED Fixtures

Installation is not hard with the T8 fixture and it can be fixed with basic knowledge of wiring.

One of the added advantages of a LED-ready T8 fixture is its easy installation.

The product usually includes 4 sockets and pre-wiring which makes it pretty easy and faster for your installation.

The standard T8 light bulb has different lengths; the smaller the size, the easier the installation process would be;

The installation procedure is as follows:

  • Locate where the power is derived from.
  • Detach current LED ready T8 fixture
  • Use a circuit tester to test the wires before removing them. Once the wires are out, the fixtures can be removed too.
  • Ascertain the position of the new T8 fixture with a marker
  • Use a screwdriver to press the knockout point until you can grasp it with a plier; rock it until it breaks into proper sizes.
  • Mount the T8 fixture and do the wiring according to the Manufacturer’s choice.
  • Fixed the cover and turn on the power

If you have issues at any point, it’d be best to contact a technician.

10. How Long Does It Take To Install A T8 Bulb Fixture?

It does not take much time to install a T8 bulb fixture.

Installation is usually universal for most products but we strongly advise that you religiously follow the product instructions from the manufacturer.

There should be no more than six to seven basic instructions.

This process is even made faster when you have all the tools needed for installation readily available.

11. How High Should LED T8 Light Fixtures Go?

There are certain things you must consider before deciding on the height of your LED T8 Light Fixtures.

These include the following:

  • The space of your space. How high or how large is your space?

Make your measurements and calculate by square foot.

  • The amount of space you want to leave in between your LED T8 light fixtures.

This, in turn, is also determined by the number of T8 light fixtures you’re using.

  • Finally, you also have to consider the existing design you currently have in your space to make up your mind about these lighting fixtures.

Once you have these, the rest would be so easy.

12. What Is The Most Suitable Place To Install T8 LED Fixtures?

T8 LED fixtures are good options for large space lighting such as warehouse applications and office lighting and are useful for parabolic and indirect lighting sources.

Storage spaces, fabrication floors, and mechanic workshops are examples of places where they operate effectively because of the presence of climate control and regular ceiling heights.

In all, they are the best options for any commercial or industrial—closed or open—space.

13. What Makes The T8 Led Light Fittings More Energy Efficient Than Other T8 Light Fittings?

T8 LED light fittings are more energy-efficient than other T8 light fittings as a result of the fact that LEDs can convert 70% of their energy or electricity to lights through their high lumen output.

One, it improves their efficiency which is thirty percent higher than regular lighting options while The latter converts most of its energy to heat thereby leaving little to lighting.

14. What Is The Best Replacement For T8 Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

The above question is an important one that many are confused about.

As each day goes by, people begin to realize the fact that there is a better alternative to T8 fluorescent light fixtures.

Originally, people were content with using T8 fluorescent lights because of the purpose it serves.

It has one of the best quality outputs and a good lifespan.

But, despite its advantages over halogen and incandescent light fixtures, a new player has appeared in the commercial lighting space and this player—which, in this case, are T8 LED light fittings—now offers better features than all the old lighting sources combined.

15. How Do The T8 Light Fixtures Enhance The Lighting Of A Room?

Decorative LED T8 Light Fixtures
Decorative LED T8 Light Fixtures

Lighting is one of the greatest tools that can be utilized in changing the ambiance of a room or space.

Nowadays, there is a rapid growth of industrial and commercial establishments, hence, the increasing demand for T8 light fixtures to enhance the lighting of different kinds of space.

Good lighting has both psychological and physiological effects. For instance, in a space such as the supermarkets, where you need to appeal to customer’s emotions you need great light, and such is the case in other settings as well.

T8 light fixtures, for example, can help flatten the color outlook in your office area and better enrich the visual accuracy of objects under it.

In other settings, It can also help brighten or tone down color depending on your choice of hues.

The truth is: emotions are felt strongly under bright light—just the sufficient amount needed in a particular space.

You don’t want to go higher than the standard level or below it, as this might affect the activity you perform in your space.

16. How Is T8 Light Fixture Different From Other Types Of Light Fixtures?

Different light fixtures range in sizes, lengths, and other special characteristics. There is a T5 light fixture, a T8 fixture, T12 fixture among other types of light fixtures.

The difference in all of these fixtures is evident in the diameter length.

The “T” signifies the shape; that is, they are tubular while the number that follows is the diameter of the lamp.

For instance, a T8 light fixture is eight-eighth of an inch, and a T12 is twelve-eighth of an inch or sometimes, divided into one-and-one-half inches.

However, both T8 and T12 light fixtures can use the same luminaires because they share a medium bi-pin base.

Please note that the tube light and ballasts used in T5 and T8 light fixtures have greater energy efficiency than their T12 counterparts.

17. How Do T8 Light Fittings Work?

LED T8 Light Fitting with LED tubes
LED T8 Light Fitting with LED tubes

T8 light fittings are designed to hold any T8 tube light fitting with a diameter of one inch and supply a way to channel electricity flow from the light source to the lamps.

First, when you switch on the light, the power current travels through to the fixture through the prong on the left side.

The power then moves through the ballast, initial lamp filament, closed starter up to another lamp filament, and leaves through the prong on the right side.

The starter transfers some electricity to initiate lighting when the tube light element is ionized.

18. Can A T8 Bulb Fixture Be Grounded?

Yes, it can be grounded. Often in the case of T8 fluorescent light fixtures, grounding is essential for appropriate operation and adequate safety.

The grounding provides solutions to problems arising from high currents.

If your fluorescent fixtures come with grounding tools, you can easily ground them by yourself.

To the ground, simply wind the wires (it may be silver or copper) from the T8 fixtures around the screws. Then, connect to the wires that lead to the power supply in your space.

19. What Are Ballasts For In T8 LED Tube Light Fixtures?

Electrical ballasts
Electrical ballasts

Ballasts are not needed in LED light fixtures even though they form an essential part of any T8 fluorescent light fitting

Ballasts, in fluorescent lamps, are used to control the current flow in such fixtures.

It allows the lamp to receive adequate voltage for proper lighting function and also prevents the fixture from blowing out as a result of excessive current caused by a high voltage connection.

In short, ballasts ensure stability and consistency in electricity flow.

When you use them with T8 LED light fittings, they also perform the same job.

20. How To Tell If A T8 LED Light Fitting Is Bad?

T8 LED Tubes For use in T8 Fixtures
T8 LED Tubes For use in T8 Fixtures

Generally, LEDs are fast replacing tube lights and old incandescent bulbs.

They are super-efficient and have increased brightness levels with a longer lifespan.

Nonetheless, like everything else, there are some common issues associated with LED light fittings as well.

When you notice one or more of these issues, it is an indicator that it is bad or going bad. They include:

  • Consistent flickering of light

One of the issues is the random flickering of light usually caused by low wattage or poor capacitors.

When this happens it could only mean 3 things:

  1. Your Lighting sources and T8 LED light fixtures are incompatible,
  2. You have a wiring problem, and
  3. Your T8 LED bulb has a driver problem.
  • Unpleasant sound coming from the fixture

When the circuit is overloaded, the LED may produce a buzzing sound but if it is invaded by a high voltage, the sound resembles humming; occurring as a result of vibration coming from the electronic parts.

  • Increased brightness level

The brightness of your light fixture has a regulated level but sometimes exceeds the point and becomes too bright.

This means the wattage it is receiving passes beyond the requirements.

If your bulb can be dimmed, install a switch for easy control of the brightness.

  • Dimmed light

A dimmed light can be very frustrating because then it would serve less purpose.

One of the reasons for a dimmed LED light is when it has been used for too long.

21. What Type Of Damage Can Happen To T8 Tube Light Fixtures?

T8 LED Tubes installed with LED tubes
T8 LED Tubes installed with LED tubes

A few damages that could happen to your fixtures include:

  • Bad wiring connection could cause it to explode or burn your LED tubes
  • Faulty dimmable driver;
  • In the case you’re using a ballast, choke, starter, or external driver, these could also be faulty.

So, you see why you need to carry out regular technical inspections to see how your T8 lamp fixtures are doing?

22. How To Repair T8 Lamp Fixtures?

To repair a T8 lamp fixture, you, first of all, have to turn off the circuit to shut off power to the fixture.

After doing this, you will need to access the inner parts of the fixture itself which means you’d have to remove the diffuser and tubes.

To remove the diffuser, you need to lightly press the sides and the clips should come off.

The tubes would be removed by gently twisting the pins out of their sockets.

The sockets will also need to be detached by unscrewing them from the fixture.

The socket is removed to give access to the wires that are attached to them.

Then, the faulty part of the fixture can be located and in certain scenarios removed and replaced by a new one that can be gotten from any hardware store.

Be sure to reassemble the whole lamp properly after repair.

23. Are Old T8 Lamp Fixtures Useful?

Full T8 LED fittings replacement
Full T8 LED fittings replacement

An old T8 lamp fixture is always useful regardless of how aged the T8 lamp fixture is.

A slightly old T8 lamp fixture can be reused later.

Parts of the fixture can be used to replace spoilt parts of another T8 fixture.

A very old T8 lamp fixture can be scraped or recycled to be used for other efficient environmental purposes.

24. How Does The T8 Tube Fitting Impact The Temperature Of A Room?

Full T8 LED fittings
Full T8 LED fittings

The T8 tube fitting does not impact the temperature of a room.

They do not cause any noticeable increase or decrease in a room’s temperature.

The T8 tube gives off less heat relative to other types of tubes and bulbs making it very good for use in industrial areas where the temperature is usually delicate.

The T8 tube fixture is very energy-efficient making it produce 75% less heat compared to other tubes or bulbs.

25. Is It Possible To Use A Dimmer With T8 Light Fixtures?

Yes, it is possible to use a dimmer with T8 light fixtures but you cannot use the dimmer with standard ballast.

Ballast is what provides and regulates the current that powers the lamp.

Standard ballast cannot maintain the degree of heat needed to provide the wanted voltage to create the perfect variation of light.

For this reason, special dimmable ballast is needed; otherwise, the dimmer won’t work on the T8 light.

The special dimmable ballast can be purchased and fixed into the T8 light fixtures.

The fixing should be done by a technician as there are other factors like getting the suitable dimmable ballast, dimmer switch, and wires that go into making sure it works perfectly.

26. What Are The Things To Consider When Purchasing T8 Tube Fittings?

Full T8 LED fittings waterproof
Full T8 LED fittings waterproof

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing T8 tube fittings.

The first is the room or space the tube is to stay in.

You should answer questions like,

“Is there enough space for the tube?”

“will it be close to any form of harm or damage?”

Or “will the tube be in my room, office, hallway, garden, etc?”

You should also consider the lumens, that is, how bright do you want them to be?

The T8 tube also comes in different colors so the desired color should also be considered, taking into consideration all of these factors will help you pick and purchase the best T8 tube for your desired need.

27. What Essential Things Should You Know Before Importing Led T8 Tube Fittings?

When deciding to import T8 tube fittings, you should know the specifics of the LED t8 tube you want.

That is the shape, voltage, color, etc.

This will help you to pick the perfect T8 tube.

Then, you will need to know the best brand to import from.

You need to know the channel of importation of your tubes to know how fast your delivery will be.

This is to be sure that the T8 tubes meet your own expected and needed time.

You should also know if the T8 tubes are packaged properly. This is to prevent damage and to avoid any kind of loss.

28. How Can I Make The Most Of Your T8 Tube Lighting Fixture?

T8 LED fittings in use indoor
T8 LED fittings in use indoor

Making the most out of your T8 tube lighting is very necessary.

To do this, you must have purchased the desired T8 tube so it can give you the right feel.

You can also get the special dimmable ballast to be able to dim it.

You can also totally enjoy it without dimming it, letting it light up the space or room.

The T8 tube can also be used to maintain cooling temperatures as they do not give off a noticeable degree of heat.

29. Where In China Can You Find The Best T8 Light Fixtures?

China has a lot of brands and stores that sell quality T8 light fixtures which makes it difficult to find the best you can work with.

This is why you need to conduct your research and work with suppliers like VST Lighting to ease your search for the best market to buy from.

30. What Should You Consider When Bringing In T8 Light Fixtures?

T8 LED light fittings
T8 LED light fittings

When bringing in T8 light fixtures, you should consider the space where the T8 is supposed to stay.

If the space is not suitable for mounting the T8 fixture, the light shouldn’t be hung.

You should also consider if it is enough to brighten up the whole space or if you will need more fixtures.

You also consider whether you want your tube or bulb to help increase the temperature of the room.

The T8 regulates temperature so you should look into your temperature needs before bringing the T8 light fixtures in.

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